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No service, hours of wasted time
By -

I have been a customer of Esurance for almost 9 years without a single accident, moving violation, or anything. This last time my insurance was up for payment I forgot to switch my auto billing card which had expired. Well, no big deal, I just paid with Paypal... or so I thought!

I printed off my cards and thought I had insurance until I logged into my account 2 months later. Guess what? the payment failed because of a $.44 discrepancy in a Paypal account. So, I called up Paypal and they said they paid Esurance. I called Esurance and they said they never got paid. All I know is I paid over $220 for my policy which was gone from Paypal and NO INSURANCE with Esurance. After 9 years of service (I did switch the type of policy about 6 months ago) Esurance wanted ME to pay for another policy! Can you believe that! I said no way, called Progressive and now I'm insured. BUT I HAD NO INSURANCE without any notice from Esurance even though my cards were printable and the money was gone!

Now, after spending hours on the phone sorting this stupid thing out I get this message:

Dear tXXXXX,
Policy Number: XXXXXXXX

You have an outstanding balance of $218.90. Even though your policy is no longer active, this balance is still due for the time you had coverage.
We will attempt to charge the PayPal account you have on file with us again on 09/06/2010 for this amount.
To review, save, or print your invoice:
Log into your account using your email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, we can email it to you.
Click the "ID Cards & Policy Docs" tab.
If you don't already have a copy, you'll need to download Adobe Reader, available free.
If you have any questions, please call our customer service center at
1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262). We're here for you 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
The Esurance "Customer Service" Team

So if you want this kind of Customer Service go with Esurance. NO INSURANCE, NO SERVICE, and A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY!

Major Rip Off!!!
By -

Esurance is a major rip off. My husbands car was stolen from our apartments, (a gated community) Esurance did nothing. Nothing at all. They refused to pay a single dime. They treated him as though he had stolen his own car!

They should be shut down for fraud! I will be dropping Esurance asap.

Esurance Scam
By -

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Senior Esurance employees scan the internet for negative comments about "their" company. These as usually full-blown zealots that will tell the public anything to protect Esurance. I know this because I used to sit by three different zealots in the 2 years I was there. Allow me to run the scam outline by you again and explain. You take out an Esurance policy. You're required to present proof of prior insurance to Esurance - so you send it. But alas...your proof of prior insurance doesn't get processed. So the company computer rerates you for a higher amount. (The amount assessed for someone who has no history of prior insurance). And then the computer takes out a huge amount from your account to make up the difference for the rerate. You find out from your bank or cc company that a huge amount was taken from your account, and you hit the ceiling. You then call in very mad.
Is this illegal? No...but just barely. Because if you're aware that the money was taken out of your account, and you're willing to call in - Esurance might take care of the problem. Keep in mind that a significant percentage of people won't notice or call in, or want to fight it, so Esurance keeps the extra money after the rerate. (Which is a lot - taken times the total number of customers that don't call). So even if you should make the call to customer service. They tell you that the Processing Dept. checks Proof of Prior Insurance emails and letters in the order they're received, and they'll notify you when the correction is made. During the same time YOUR background can be further investigated to see if you have any speeding tickets, accidents, etc. that could lead to a justified increase. (So they can keep part the money taken from your account the second time). These games go on and on. All legal - but not the way I would want to treat people.
Then there's the issue of fees. The fees are outrageous, and the system programmers have found cleaver ways of making the fees, and other , less obvious to find for people that aren't very observant.
Want to hear more stories? Let me cut to the chase. Don't give Esurance your card number. Go elsewhere. Because if you don't. I'll be here to say - I told you.

Esurance Claim
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- An Esurance customer collided into my vehicle about a month ago. I was very disappointed in Esurance's lack of quality in regards to car rental processes. Although I didn't expect to get a vehicle that would replace mine in value, I would have expected to get something that would pay for a vehicle that didn't remind me of the 1970's, pre-automatic anything. Aside from that, I was angry that I would have to sign contracts (which they said was no responsibility of theirs) with the rental company and pay for my own deposit. After communicating my disgust about the poor process, I was told that in the State of Texas, they weren't even required to provide a car. If they so decided, they could give me BUS MONEY and be protected. So for all who are looking for a reputable auto insurance, Esurance is not someone to be proud of.

Insurance Rate and credit score
By -

98003, WASHINGTON -- I got an email alert that my account will be charged around $100 because of change in credit score. My credit score was around 680 last year and went UP to 700 this year in all three. No response from them. And it cannot be changed! They are nice when buy. And afterwards, You are always in the receiving end. Unreasonable changes.

Esurance Rip Off
By -

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Once you give them your card number, there's a good change their system will take out more money than you were quoted. Or they'll re-rate you for a higher amount. In any event, many people learn the hard way. Go with the another company.

Rate increase !!!
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- I received a nice low quote, purchased a 6 month policy (paid in full). and in 10 days received an email of a $239.00 increase in which was told It will be auto deducted from the card on file.
They said some info on the application was a little different then my prior insurance???? I asked to explain, and was told they were not sure? huh ???

They play dirty pool (so to speak).

Beware Steep Premium Increase
By -

My Esurance premium went up almost $200 after the first 6 months with no claims or tickets. Esurance's explanation was it was because they had a "rate review" and increased their rates. Only they refused to send any documentation of their review. Don't get sucked in by the initial low rate promise. Even if you have a clean driving record your rate will go up. Esurance is an E-rip-off!

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