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No service, hours of wasted time
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I have been a customer of Esurance for almost 9 years without a single accident, moving violation, or anything. This last time my insurance was up for payment I forgot to switch my auto billing card which had expired. Well, no big deal, I just paid with Paypal... or so I thought!

I printed off my cards and thought I had insurance until I logged into my account 2 months later. Guess what? the payment failed because of a $.44 discrepancy in a Paypal account. So, I called up Paypal and they said they paid Esurance. I called Esurance and they said they never got paid. All I know is I paid over $220 for my policy which was gone from Paypal and NO INSURANCE with Esurance. After 9 years of service (I did switch the type of policy about 6 months ago) Esurance wanted ME to pay for another policy! Can you believe that! I said no way, called Progressive and now I'm insured. BUT I HAD NO INSURANCE without any notice from Esurance even though my cards were printable and the money was gone!

Now, after spending hours on the phone sorting this stupid thing out I get this message:

Dear tXXXXX,
Policy Number: XXXXXXXX

You have an outstanding balance of $218.90. Even though your policy is no longer active, this balance is still due for the time you had coverage.
We will attempt to charge the PayPal account you have on file with us again on 09/06/2010 for this amount.
To review, save, or print your invoice:
Log into your account using your email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, we can email it to you.
Click the "ID Cards & Policy Docs" tab.
If you don't already have a copy, you'll need to download Adobe Reader, available free.
If you have any questions, please call our customer service center at
1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262). We're here for you 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
The Esurance "Customer Service" Team

So if you want this kind of Customer Service go with Esurance. NO INSURANCE, NO SERVICE, and A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY!
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Major Rip Off!!!
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Esurance is a major rip off. My husbands car was stolen from our apartments, (a gated community) Esurance did nothing. Nothing at all. They refused to pay a single dime. They treated him as though he had stolen his own car!

They should be shut down for fraud! I will be dropping Esurance asap.
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saj80 on 07/27/2009:
Thanks for all the yelling! Seriously, a few questions: when did this alleged event occur, what response did Esurance give you, is Esurance still investigating? Depending on the timeline, you may need to request assistance via your state's insurance commission, but if Esurance is investigating the claim, it may take some time to resolve.
Anonymous on 07/27/2009:
This might be why I don't buy insurance from cartoon characters or reptiles.
skelly39 on 07/27/2009:
Does he have comp coverage? You need to fill in a few more blanks before people can offer you advice.
laklisa on 07/27/2009:
( waiting for the fun fact by MRM...)
MRM on 07/27/2009:
Did you know: Esurance commercials are animated, and feature a pink-haired female spy named Erin Esurance, who poses as an auto-insurance agent. The character was created by Kristen Brewe, the director of brand and public relations for Esurance, and designed by artist Phil Robinson. She is voiced by Mo Mellady. The commercials are animated by W!LDBRAIN and the Ghostbot animation firms using Adobe Flash. The goal was to juxtapose a widely disliked business, insurance, with a popular superhero archetype. The character was also used on an episode of Who Wants to be a Superhero?. If you don't know, now you know!
GenuineNerd on 07/27/2009:
I would suggest dropping eSurance and getting coverage from a local agent via a reputable company once eSurance settles your claim. With a local agent, you have someone local to discuss your insurance needs, rather than to go to a website or an 800 number. Complaining to your state's insurance board or attorney general will help too, if you have problems with eSurance and their claims handling.
Ebonie on 07/28/2009:
Sorry about the all caps. We both have full coverage, ha has additional coverage for the item in and on his car. The investigation is over. he did not get anything, not even a rental. We gave them all the information they requested from the police report to the car keys and even his phone records. We are both changing insurance very soon. I would rather pay more money and know in case anything happens I eill be alright.
skelly39 on 07/28/2009:
They have to have a good case against him for that denial to be upheld. I would contact your state dept of insurance ASAP.
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Esurance Scam
Posted by on
SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Senior Esurance employees scan the internet for negative comments about "their" company. These as usually full-blown zealots that will tell the public anything to protect Esurance. I know this because I used to sit by three different zealots in the 2 years I was there. Allow me to run the scam outline by you again and explain. You take out an Esurance policy. You're required to present proof of prior insurance to Esurance - so you send it. But alas...your proof of prior insurance doesn't get processed. So the company computer rerates you for a higher amount. (The amount assessed for someone who has no history of prior insurance). And then the computer takes out a huge amount from your account to make up the difference for the rerate. You find out from your bank or cc company that a huge amount was taken from your account, and you hit the ceiling. You then call in very mad.
Is this illegal? No...but just barely. Because if you're aware that the money was taken out of your account, and you're willing to call in - Esurance might take care of the problem. Keep in mind that a significant percentage of people won't notice or call in, or want to fight it, so Esurance keeps the extra money after the rerate. (Which is a lot - taken times the total number of customers that don't call). So even if you should make the call to customer service. They tell you that the Processing Dept. checks Proof of Prior Insurance emails and letters in the order they're received, and they'll notify you when the correction is made. During the same time YOUR background can be further investigated to see if you have any speeding tickets, accidents, etc. that could lead to a justified increase. (So they can keep part the money taken from your account the second time). These games go on and on. All legal - but not the way I would want to treat people.
Then there's the issue of fees. The fees are outrageous, and the system programmers have found cleaver ways of making the fees, and other , less obvious to find for people that aren't very observant.
Want to hear more stories? Let me cut to the chase. Don't give Esurance your card number. Go elsewhere. Because if you don't. I'll be here to say - I told you.
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Ponie on 02/08/2007:
I've never worked with Essurance, so can't comment on their MO. However, I take exception to your statement 'a significant percentage of people won't notice.' Whaatt?? I can tell you right down to the penny how much should be or is deducted from my accounts. If there are people out there who pay so little attention to their $$$--they deserve to be overcharged or ripped off.
Ponie on 02/08/2007:
Now here's proof I've never dealt with Esurance. I don't even know how to type the name properly! :(
dfields on 02/12/2007:
I totally disagree with you Ponie. people who do not watch their money closely, DO NOT DESERVE TO BE RIPPED OFF! there are a lot of mentally disabled and seniors (my grandparents) who's mind has slowed with age.

at the very least, consumers do need to be careful. I fear growing old because of companies such as this one!
illuminatus on 02/12/2007:
"I take exception to your statement 'a significant percentage of people won't notice.' Whaatt?? I can tell you right down to the penny how much should be or is deducted from my accounts. If there are people out there who pay so little attention to their $$$--they deserve to be overcharged or ripped off."

Response: Ponie many of the Customer Service Reps that I used to work with believe that stupid customers deserve to get ripped off. Those Reps will do anything to keep their $12 per hour jobs. The management in Frisco can predict what percentage of people will allow themselves to be ripped off, that's why they make so much profit. Some people notice when more money is taken out of their accounts, and some don't. Out of the total number that call Customer Service, the company computer will give a controversial reason for the increased premium and many customers will buy the story. It's a legal bait and switch, and Esurance is good at it. Ponie, don't learn the hard way.
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Esurance Claim
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- An Esurance customer collided into my vehicle about a month ago. I was very disappointed in Esurance’s lack of quality in regards to car rental processes. Although I didn't expect to get a vehicle that would replace mine in value, I would have expected to get something that would pay for a vehicle that didn't remind me of the 1970's, pre-automatic anything. Aside from that, I was angry that I would have to sign contracts (which they said was no responsibility of theirs) with the rental company and pay for my own deposit. After communicating my disgust about the poor process, I was told that in the State of Texas, they weren't even required to provide a car. If they so decided, they could give me BUS MONEY and be protected. So for all who are looking for a reputable auto insurance, Esurance is not someone to be proud of.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 07/22/2006:
You need to get your own insurance company involved and let the fight this fight for you. Their adjuster is going to try to get out of this as cheaply as possible - I can't speak for Texas, but I would think any court would find that if someone damaged your car they are responsible to repair the damage and provide a reasonable replacement while yours is out of service.
glc on 07/22/2006: Texas if the driver who hit you was carrying liability insurance, and the accident was deemed to be his fault, HIS company must pay for or reimburse you (minimal daily amount) for rental costs while your vehicle is being repaired, or in the case if it's totaled, until you receive a settlement check. The rental need only be a "replacement" vehicle, which means it has to have 4 wheels, an engine & brakes. (sometimes you can "barter" with the Insurance company if you have special needs I.e. a very "large" person)The company that actually rents the vehicle has nothing to do with the insurance company. (some Insurance carriers may have "working relationships" with rental companies) So, if the rental company asks you for a CC for a deposit, that is YOUR responsibility. And of course, you have to sign a contract with the rental company. If you have collision on YOUR auto policy you can claim what is known as "first party", have your company pay to fix your vehicle (minus the deductible) and pay for rental (if you are carrying rental reimbursement as a coverage on YOUR policy)and then your company can subrogate to get their costs and your deductible back. As far as specific Texas laws:
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Insurance Rate and credit score
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98003, WASHINGTON -- I got an email alert that my account will be charged around $100 because of change in credit score. My credit score was around 680 last year and went UP to 700 this year in all three. No response from them. And it cannot be changed! They are nice when buy. And afterwards, You are always in the receiving end. Unreasonable changes.
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Anonymous on 11/29/2007:
Wow, typically your insurance rates go up when your credit score drops. Personal experience I find essurance one of the most expensive insurance brokers out there. You may want to shop around. Good Luck
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Esurance Rip Off
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SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Once you give them your card number, there's a good change their system will take out more money than you were quoted. Or they'll re-rate you for a higher amount. In any event, many people learn the hard way. Go with the another company.
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Rate increase !!!
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DAYTON, OHIO -- I received a nice low quote, purchased a 6 month policy (paid in full). and in 10 days received an email of a $239.00 increase in which was told It will be auto deducted from the card on file.
They said some info on the application was a little different then my prior insurance???? I asked to explain, and was told they were not sure? huh ???

They play dirty pool (so to speak).
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Anonymous on 07/16/2006:
Sounds like maybe they discovered something that you did not tell them about? Is your driving record less than perfect? Insurance companies will do that. If they discover an undisclosed violation, they will increase the rates, or sometimes cancel the policy altogether.
glc on 07/16/2006:
It's called material misrepresentation. Any violations or accidents usually within the last 36-39 months, may come up on reports run by the insurance company, and if you did not disclose all, an increase or a cancellation, as Miantani stated above, can ensue. In some states, insurance companies also use credit reports for possible rate increases or cancellations on new business.
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Beware Steep Premium Increase
Posted by on
My Esurance premium went up almost $200 after the first 6 months with no claims or tickets. Esurance's explanation was it was because they had a "rate review" and increased their rates. Only they refused to send any documentation of their review. Don't get sucked in by the initial low rate promise. Even if you have a clean driving record your rate will go up. Esurance is an E-rip-off!
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Anonymous on 03/22/2004:
"Rate Reviews" are generally the companies entire portfolio and your record is just a small potion of that portfolio. The insurance industry has been taking a severe beating the last 3 years and yes rates are going to everywhere (I.e. Home, health, auto etc.) to cover losses. Now think about that the next time you see a lawyer advertising and think somewhere somehow we all end up paying for it.
Anonymous on 03/22/2004:
sanford31031 on 03/22/2004:
dealer: LWR makes no sense, he never has and never will. He pretends to know a lot about nothing.....He is probably one of the many uninsured motorists out there, dodging the law when he can.....another reason why insurance rates are getting ridiculous.
dvsmadcow on 03/27/2004:
the best thing to do before switching to an insurance company is to do your homework. I recommend to all potential policyholders is am best is the oldest, and most respected, insurance rating company. they will give your current, or any prospective insurance company, a grade from a++ (the best you can get) to an f. the grades represent the financial strength and ability to pay on claims. basically, if your company (or the company you are interested in joining) is rated less than an a, I advise you steer clear of them. after you do your research, call geico (I had to do this plug, I'm an agent with them!!)!!!
cyren_v on 03/27/2004:
Rate review would just be a general review of the information on your policy to confirm everything is being rated correctly for the term/time period you're in. Most people request them to be done when there's been an increase in premium from one 6 month term to the next. If they raise you're rates its filed with the state you reside in. All this information is public and can be requested from the department of insurance.. if you want to read through a document that's about 1500+ pages long. You'll find out the percentage of increases and what coverages they apply to. Hey maybe there's even decreases to certain coverages. If you're given a general answer email them. They're an online company right? I'm sure they have a feedback email too. Why don't you bend their ear.
melissa.messner.ni1q on 03/30/2004:
Unfortunately, rate increases are inevitable, no matter what insurance company you are with. I am a licensed insurance agent in Michigan, and have had to handle many complaints about rate increases at renewal time. The best advice I can give you is to call and speak with your agent directly--don't use the 1-800 number your insurance company provides. Many times your agent is able to make suggestions to lower your premium that the customer service reps at the 1-800 lines aren't aware of. And just remember-insurance for your auto is a necessity, don't take the risk of driving without.
Anonymous on 03/30/2004:
Good Post, Melissa
melissa.messner.ni1q on 04/02/2004:
Aw shucks Dealer...thanks. :) I do try.
PeskyKittyButt on 07/08/2004:
Yes, rate reviews are common. This is apt to happen.
Goodpasture on 02/09/2005:
I got lured into insurance too. I have read many complaints on the web and although I didn't give them the time to drill me out of my hard earned money, I did get zapped with a $50 fee for cancelling my policy. They have no customer service and they do start out really low and work their way up very quickly right off the bat. I hope this pulls up every time someone types in Esurance insurance in google and I hope Esurance insurance at the very least loses $50 for me and hopefully goes out of business and then realizes that it takes more than just paperwork to make a company run and succeed. My 3 cents!!!
Legend of Josh on 05/29/2006:
These "rate reviews" are inescapable. State Farm, GMAC, GEICO, etc. - all on average once or twice a year, will have rate revisions per state they write business in. This is beyond common practice. You want to scream and Shout about your rate going up when you've had no accidents or tickets, however you fail to realize it's more than just your driving record that goes into these "rate reviews". It's your credit score (yes, your credit score), territory (area you reside), along with many other factors. Your driving record is only a small piece to a large puzzle. So often, the public swears on the book of God that nerds with glasses at insurance companies sit behind desk and think if we catch this customer now, in 6 months we'll raise their rate 33% and then laugh hysterically like a mad scientist. Totally not the case.
Anonymous on 03/10/2009:
I agree! They kept getting higher and higher for me too! I switched to Progressive and saved over 400 every six months. Esurance is HORRIBLE!
Douglas on 05/24/2011:
I was so happy with Esurance for almost a year, four car and the premium was about $2065 (around $182 per month)for six months. Out of the blue I got an E-mail saying next payment $504. I called them and the answer that they gave me its that they were doing an Estate Increase premium in order for them to have money in the bank for any claims. WHAT A RIP OFF.
Jim on 10/29/2013:
Got my renewal from them today. They tried to take my rate from $843 to $6255 because I was driving about 10k more miles a year (my driving record is, and has been totally clean). The biggest rate increase was them taking my collision from around $200 for six months to $4100 for six months. I drive a 7 year old Corolla with 136k miles on it, and a blue book value of ~$4500. Once you figure in the deductible, they wanted more in premium than they would have had to pay out if I totaled the car. Needless to say, I dropped them.
at on 03/04/2014:
I will not switch based on these complaints
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