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Not Worth The Time or Money!
Posted by Jg80slady on 06/29/2010
FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I made the mistake of walking into the Ethan Allen in Fredericksburg, Va last September. I immediately fell in love with several items there. After convincing my husband that purchasing from them would be worth it, as per their ads, their furniture is of excellent quality and made to last. We placed the order and were told a short time later that our order-a couch, a coffee table, a side table, and two accent chairs, was due to arrive in October. In the meantime, we sold our existing couch and chairs expecting that our furniture would be in shortly. Afterwards, we were contacted and told that only the two tables would be arriving in October. Inconvenient to say the least but we accepted it and waited anxiously. Then we received another call and were told that the delivery had been pushed back to November. This was beginning to become a hassle. The tables were finally delivered. I love them, but after not even a year and a strict hands off policy to everyone, they are already scratched up. The slightest bit of dust on them scratches them up. Worth the 2500 that we spent on them...ABSOLUTELY NOT! We received another call from our designer Meghan advising that our order had been pushed back yet again and wouldn't be due to arrive until early December. We started to worry as we were hosting Christmas for family and might not have anything to sit on. The accent chairs that we had ordered finally came in but had some nicks and marks(looked like grease) all over the leather cushions. They also smelled terrible. I thought that maybe it was just the smell of the leather and would fade eventually, but it didn't. My whole family suffered from headaches and sore throats the whole time they were in the house. It was Dec. and cold and we had to keep the windows open for as long as we could stand it because the smell was so bad. I noted my complaints on the delivery sheet as instructed and was then contacted by a tech(thank goodness he's from a third party company) who had to come out and check out the chairs. Unfortunately he stays quite busy and it took a while before he was able to come out. After being in the house with the chairs for a short while, he complained of a sore throat and said that the chairs had a definite smell to them. He advised Ethan Allen that the chairs needed to be redone. Despite the smell issue, they took a couple of weeks before coming out to pick up the chairs. In the meantime, our designer contacted us and said that the couch wouldn't be arriving until after Christmas now. Great..we were without a couch or the chairs now. I contacted my designer and asked if we could get some loaner chairs since we had nothing to sit on. I was told that Ethan Allen doesn't do that but that she would double check for me. I never heard anything back from her on it and contact with her in the future would be few and far between. A while later, I received a call from Ethan Allen stating that they were going to redeliver the chairs as they had determined that it was just a leather smell. I told them that if they tried to redeliver that I would just refuse them. The people at the warehouse had set the chairs out in the open and couldn't smell what both I and the tech had smelled. Fortunately, a supervisor put the chairs in an enclosed room and realized that there was a problem. We were told that they would redo the chairs. In the meantime, Ethan Allen's delivery service showed up at my house with a couch...a huge hideous couch. Thinking that they were supposed to be delivering my couch, I declined the delivery. I later found out that the couch was a loaner that they had sent out that no one had contacted me about. With all the issues and the lack of contact with our designer, I decided to make a visit to the manager of Ethan Allen. I spoke with a Design Mgr named Angela whom I thought had some understanding of the issues and frustration at hand. After all the issues, I did feel that we deserved some compensation from them. Angela did call her corporate office and was able to get us a 200 discount of the couch that we had purchased. Not to knock 200, money is money, but after all the issues that we already had, 200 seemed kind of like a slap in the face. Tired of all the issues, I told Angela that we would be very upset if the couch came out with issues as well. She advised me that she would have a tech go out and check the couch over before it was ever delivered so that there wouldn't be any further issues. Ha! The couch was finally delivered after Christmas and it too had issues...marks on it and pulls in the fabric. Overall it just looked like they had used some leftover bad pieces of fabric to make the couch. After waiting again, the tech came out again. He was able to work his magic on all but one spot but by that time I was too frustrated to deal with it anymore. A while later we were contacted and told that corporate still hadn't made a decision on whether or not to redo the chairs. We had been told by our designer that they were going to but then they weren't sure if they had an issue with the leather or what. We received no further contact until much later when corporate had finally decided that they would go ahead and replace the chairs. I spoke with our designer and asked if they could put a rush on the chairs. I was told they would. Months later it was extremely obvious that they had done a "rush job". The tech came out again and was appalled at what he saw. There were nicks everywhere, marks on the leather, bad staining and markers were used to try and cover the bad stain job, the nail head trim was crooked, and the list goes on and on. These were not cheap chairs. These were 2000/pc chairs...from Ethan Allen. Definitely expected better. So, those chairs(that were delivered back at the end of March) are still in our house and we had heard nothing from our designer until a couple of weeks ago when she contacted me to say that the chairs would be delivered some time in July. So, what do you think the odds are that they will come out looking like they should? After a long and ridiculous process that was much much more tedious than I can possibly write here, this basically sums it all up...the design associate that we worked with gave me almost the same exact layout/design that I had come up with myself. The contact was the worst, although I can't be too mad at the design assoc. because how many times can you call a customer and keep saying I'm sorry without it getting old for both parties involved. The customer service overall is lousy and the furniture is definitely Not Worth The Time or Money. Take your money elsewhere and you are guaranteed to get better customer service and better quality.
P.S. I was cleaning the furniture one day and noticed that some of it is stamped made in China..how's that for "American made" furniture. Also, Ethan Allen states in its ads that they don't do "sales" that way the customer doesn't have to wonder if what they are buying is going to go down in price..the couch that we bought was just advertised on sale for 400 less than what we paid for it! What a shame as I really loved many of the pieces and would probably have been a devoted Ethan Allen customer for many years to come.

A disillusioned customer

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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-29:
Ethan Allen is my favorite furniture store, but I haven't been in one or purchased anything from them in years. It sounds like they are no longer living up to their fine reputation. That's really a shame. It was one of the few places to get quality furniture in styles that I like. If I ever do buy from them again, I will do so with extreme caution.
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2010-06-30:
My mother loved Ethan Allen furniture so what she would do is to get the catalog, then my father would duplicate the piece. He was amazing at building and refinishing furniture. I'm in the process of refinishing some cabinets and sure wish he were still alive to give advice!!
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-06-30:
It's a shame it's come to this. Ethan Allen at one time was a well respected company. If something was purchased from them the quality was assured. Expensive, yes but it was an investment. Rather than buying cheaper furniture and replacing every few years buy something that lasted.

Most of what I've bought was the wooden furniture, although they also had a marvelous selection of fabrics for custom orders, window coverings or reupholstering existing pieces. I don't mind paying the price but don't deliver a piece of junk and think I'll be satisfied with it.

Nice review and alert for others.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-30:
I was never able to choose a cable company wherever I lived. If I wanted cable service, I had no choice. I can choose all my other utility services, except cable. That's why I consider it a monopoly. And to make matters worse, there is no choice of programming. They give and take as they please and just keep raising the bill. It really makes a person feel helpless.
Posted by Charlie on 2013-09-14:
I am going through a nightmare now with Ethan Allen- worst experience I have ever had . Buying furniture has turned into a negative life experince. I am 55 years ond and have purchased furniture from several stores and have NEVER experienced anything like this!!! Think twice before you purchase because the delivery is not what you think it will be.
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