Etobicoke General Hospital

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Etobicoke General Hospital
101 Humber College Blvd.
Etobicoke Ontario M9V 1R8
416-494-2120 (ph)
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I just wanted to write a little note as to what happened to me on Sat Feb 23/08 at Etobicoke General Hospital. I went in because I was feeling sharp pains in my chest area. everything was fine they put me into "fast track" as I'm sitting there I see people who have come after me getting helped before myself. As the chest pains became more serious I have spoken to a very nice gentleman who said " are you OK" if your condition is getting worse please see the nurse. As I walked up to the nurses station to ask how much longer it would be after sitting in a waiting room on the floor for 2 hours with chest pains I will add. she said " I don't know". She was a Chinese lady and her name began with a "M". She was extremely rude. I'm not sure but when they get interviewed for the position or even apply online I always see one quality that is requires must have good customer service and sympathetic to a patients needs and they are in a state of need. Anyway she said I'm waiting for a bed I said I don't need a bed my chest pains are getting worse how was I supposed to know if I was having a heart attack or not. Anyway 3 hrs later they call me in the nurse who took me in was also very rude and told me not to use that language. I'm sorry but I did not swear at her and when I confronted her she just said lay here. It has also been brought to my knowledge that 3 people have already died this year from not being seen quick enough I know that our health care sucks but it does not make it any better were the nurses are rude and inconsiderate to peoples needs.

I know that other people can get out of hand but in my case all I kept thinking was I was going to die after being there for 3 hrs and I have not died yet I just wanted to go home. I just had a really bad experience and the nurses are so un-helpful and I believe that need training in customer service. I know that you probably won't even care about my complaint but when someone as kind hearted as myself gets treated like that it should not go unannounced. I just hope we can improve the customer service in the hospitals.

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