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I just wanted to write a little note as to what happened to me on Sat Feb 23/08 at Etobicoke General Hospital. I went in because I was feeling sharp pains in my chest area. everything was fine they put me into "fast track" as I'm sitting there I see people who have come after me getting helped before myself. As the chest pains became more serious I have spoken to a very nice gentleman who said " are you OK" if your condition is getting worse please see the nurse. As I walked up to the nurses station to ask how much longer it would be after sitting in a waiting room on the floor for 2 hours with chest pains I will add. she said " I don't know". She was a Chinese lady and her name began with a "M". She was extremely rude. I'm not sure but when they get interviewed for the position or even apply online I always see one quality that is requires must have good customer service and sympathetic to a patients needs and they are in a state of need. Anyway she said I'm waiting for a bed I said I don't need a bed my chest pains are getting worse how was I supposed to know if I was having a heart attack or not. Anyway 3 hrs later they call me in the nurse who took me in was also very rude and told me not to use that language. I'm sorry but I did not swear at her and when I confronted her she just said lay here. It has also been brought to my knowledge that 3 people have already died this year from not being seen quick enough I know that our health care sucks but it does not make it any better were the nurses are rude and inconsiderate to peoples needs.

I know that other people can get out of hand but in my case all I kept thinking was I was going to die after being there for 3 hrs and I have not died yet I just wanted to go home. I just had a really bad experience and the nurses are so un-helpful and I believe that need training in customer service. I know that you probably won't even care about my complaint but when someone as kind hearted as myself gets treated like that it should not go unannounced. I just hope we can improve the customer service in the hospitals.
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sarahnkrystal on 02/24/2008:
They take minor patients in order they come, more serious cases get to go first. I went to the hospital because I was several months pregnant with a high fever, cough and the inability to catch my breath. I waited in the waiting room for 2 hours gasping for breath. The people who went before me. A bee sting allergy, a sliced open foot that was pouring blood, and a likely appendectomy. I didn't complain a single time.
I also saw a ton of people yelling at the nurses and reception ladies, because everybody thinks their problems are the worst. One of them was a lady who had poison ivy.
The problem with today's nurses and doctors in emergency facilities are the people who go there for unnecessary reasons. Did you primary care physician tell you to go to the hospital?
fascismsux on 02/24/2008:
Well , ya got to deal with the resources you have and waiting for medical attention is just a fact of life if the ratio of resources(trained professionals and equipment and facilities etc) VS (the number of ppl needing attention) is outa whack.
The main reason this ratio is outa whack is cuz americans would rather buy bombs to bomb ppl than to buy bricks and mortar and medical equipment and train medical ppl.!!
old fart on 02/24/2008:
Fascism... can you imagine the improvements in the healthcare system we could have if the money spent on the Iraq insanity were devoted medical research, hospitals and drug research..??
fascismsux on 02/24/2008:
old fart-Well that's what I just said , pretty much. But things are more complex than they seem , cuz our economy is so based on militarism that changing from that model to a civilised one would require REVOLUTION and have repercussions throughout the global economy , mostly for the good of humankind but it would be a tuff transition domestically. We have an all-or-nothing Imperial system cuz our leaders are psychopaths and our citizens are sheeple !
old fart on 02/24/2008:
Fascism... that is precisely why I have such a dim view of the future..political thieves and "sheeple" seem to be the norm... I don't know how old you are but if you're in you're 20's or 30's I do not envy you...
fascismsux on 02/24/2008:
old fart- you ever read Joe Bageant .com ?
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