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Never again!!!
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I returned to after years of complaint free shopping. I hate to have to warn consumers but something has dramatically changed about the way they do business. I ordered some stereo equipment for my boat on 2/22. I immediately received a confirmation email assuring that my product would ship within 24-48 hours. That 48 hours came and went as did many more 48 hour periods. I finally received a shipping confirmation on March 1st but after confirming with UPS discovered that they had not yet handed anything to the drivers. Many emails were sent. Boilerplate emails were received and they have no toll free number that I could find. I finally received the products on March 8 some TWO WEEKS after the order. Have yet to receive an email, apology or anything. There's too many companies out there begging for business to be treated like this.
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Anonymous on 03/08/2010:
You don't understand the concept of electronic postage or shipping. If you print you print your postage online, and use the USPS, then they DO NOT scan the bar code UNTIL it is DELIVERED. The message will always read 'we have been notified' yada yada.

You also do not mention what carrier service was used nor the method of delivery. 24-48 hours means it will be handed off to a shipper. If you order near the weekend, your package may not actually move from the shipper until the following Monday. Then you have transit time, and depending on carrier and class of mail determines how fast it moves in the system.

You also forget that there has been snow butt deep in many parts of the country that is also a contributing factor. NO service is guaranteed EXCEPT Express. 2 weeks from order to delivery is fast and reasonable in my opinion. Your complaint is without merit.
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Avoid These Scoundrels!
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- ETRONICS are total liars! They advertised the Weber Genesis EP-320 on for a great price. I was skeptical and so I reviewed their reviews (most were glowing - which now seems rather suspect) and examined their profile both on the WWW and at Their profile on Amazon claims that they can offer low prices because they "take Advantage of every discount and special purchase opportunity possible. Our purchasing agents always negotiate with our suppliers to get the Lowest possible prices, and we pass the savings on to you." This is, just like most of their reviews, a total fabrication! They fraudulently misrepresented that they had this grill available, confirmed the purchase of it, and then tried to cancel it some 4-5 days later on the grounds that they had just realized that it was b-stock quality and could not be sold in that condition. Worst of all, they contacted me and pretended to be representatives from Totally underhanded! What they don't know is that I called Etronics 800# and they confirmed that they had the grills in stock and ready to ship (of course at a higher price).

Also, their website ( indicates that they still have these grills. It is amazing that they refuse to honor their sale and violated Amazon's merchant rules. Worst yet, despite informing Amazon about this and providing them with screen shots of the confirmed purchase and that it was in stock, has done nothing to reel these jokers in.
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Stay Away
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Liars. I tried to buy a Samsung 46" TV. Website said it was in stock and ready to ship. Two days after ordering I called customer service and was told the item was there and ready to be shipped. I called two days later and they said the item was on back order. I called four days later and was told that the supplier ran out of TVs but they were getting more. I called five days later to cancel the order and was rudely told that the order was cancelled the day before.

I will be reporting these bunko artists to the consumer protection groups.
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Deceptive return policy
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I received an item as a gift which I could not use. The gift was purchased weeks before my birthday causing return to be 45 days. I read their return policy, so I was expecting the RMA to be declined. I was surprised when it was approved with the only mention in the RMA of a restocking fee referring to the condition of the product. The product was sealed and the box was in perfect condition, so I went ahead and spent $15 to return the product. I then received an email that I was being charged 15% restocking fee.

Online chat with agent said the reason for the restocking fee was the shipping manager inspected the product and said the product was opened and looked used. The box was sealed with manufacturer's original seal.

In telephone conversation with customer service I was advised it was because the purchase was over 30 days ago. Why is the only mention of a 15% restocking fee referring to the condition?

I read their policies carefully. I would have kept the product and not spent another $15 shipping to return it if I knew about the restocking fee. I spent over an hour on the phone and chat with zero satisfaction.

Apparently, they charge a 15% restocking fee, regardless, even though their written policies say it's only dependent upon the condition.

No one should do business with a company that relies on deception to make a profit.
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User Replies:
MRM on 09/05/2007:
I, for one, am a satisfied customer of I have bought 2 car stereos to put in my Jeep and they work very well and the price is unbelievable low compared to my local retail stores.
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
You can always sell it on eBay.
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
You can't sell your soul on eBay. I know, I tried and they suspended my account. You also can't sell admittance into heaven, positive energy or cracklings from Buddha. The final straw was my offer of free porno tapes all the consumer had to do was pay the $9.99 postage and handling. That one got my account canceled. I pretty much hate eBAy. Those buffoons don't know how to think *outside* the box and punish those who do.
DebtorBasher on 09/05/2007:
Actually, you CAN sell your soul on Ebay…some guy did and it made the news. Details when I get home!
...Now stop giving me homework to do!
Anonymous on 09/06/2007:
Not if you are married. Your soul automatically becomes the property of your wife.

"The Simpsons"
Treehouse of Horror IV
Episode Number: 86 Season Num: 5

Homer ate the forbidden doughnut and forfeit his soul to the Devil Flanders.
Anonymous on 09/06/2007:
HJB,My soul was already sold before I got married.
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Where is my repaired unit?
Posted on
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- In late June of 2001 I purchased a stereo unit from you. It worked for about two months then stopped working so I asked you what I needed to do and eventually you provided a repair authorization number and address to ship it. The package with the unit arrived on November 26th and was signed for by you (used UPS to ship it) and to date I have yet to see my unit.

Around mid-January you stopped responding to my e-mails so I called and on 2/2 was told 'it shipped three weeks ago'. I sent a follow-up via e-mail on 2/20/02 which was never responded to, so I am at a bit of a loss. Since tracking is a standard or no cost option for almost any shipping option I am assuming you lost my unit and never actually shipped it or they would be able to track it and would have responded to my e-mails.

I have spent considerable dollars online and at your store.
To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

My unit returned repaired, a new unit or a full refund plus shipping costs.

Thank you for your time.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/07/2002: has a 30 day return policy, the customer requested that we repair his defective unit AFTER the 30 days and the customer did not have the BOX of the original unit, so we could not even send it back to the manufacturer , However told the customer that we will have the unit REPAIRED for him, (just like the manufacturer would have done) However repair service takes time and it was told to the customer to which he agreed when he return the unit

The funny part is that the very same day the Customer wrote this review.... His repaired unit arrived at his doorstep
1. 1Z R25 A25 03 8603 401 9
Delivered on: Mar 20, 2002 1:44 P.M.
Delivered to: SAN FRANCISCO, is here for the all our customer with the very best service before and AFTER the sale, and will do everything to make our customers to at most satisfied we possible can .. Shop at Etronics and see for yourself
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