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Cash Scam
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I received a letter in the mail saying I won 1,615,810.00 Euros, that I was one of seventeen winners from the Euromillions Lottery International In conjunction with the International Lotto Commission. The letter said their bank was holding my money and waiting for me to claim it. The letter had a telephone and fax number to go with it. I sent the bank a fax with my phone number and info to send the check. A guy from the bank called me the next day from Spain saying I won $2,233,380.32 dollers in us money, but before they could send out the check I would have to wire them $1,615 dollars.

I told him to send the check first and then I would send him the money. He could not do that and hung up the phone. They can send me a letter in the mail, but they can't mail me a check.

Total Scam.
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