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Poor Customer Service / Overcharged Invoice
Posted by Bart.t on 05/29/2009
LONDON -- I rent a car from Europcar over a bank holiday early this month (2-4 May 2009). After one week of returning the car I realized overcharge on my credit card bill (over 100% more). They charged one more day because the officer was too busy to retrieve my key on the first thing in the morning after bank holiday. I mean the car is parked in the garage but they log my key in at 5pm the next day (the key was deposit inside the mailbox early evening previous day)

I called the customer service up and log the report. And they gave me an investigation number. After one week didn't hear from them again I called up again. The officer seem pretty blur about what's going on so I explained the whole situation again. They said it would take 1-3 days to investigate and they will get back to me.

After 3 day didn't hear from them, I called again. and same situation, I have to explain everything. I told the customer service about my frustration of not getting any result, the officer said he will call back within the day, but no promise. As expected there are no call.

And today the 3rd day I call up again, (realizing there is not user-friendly link to write a customer inquiry email on their website. Probably they get a lot of complaints due to poor service/ overcharge customers), they said they need four more days to investigate starting from my last call. I told them that I call 2 weeks ago, the officer insist there is no record of previous log report.

Up to this point I was really disappointed by the customer services (and make an effort to register and write my frustration down), not mentioning the other terrible stories I read on the forums and other about Europcar.

This is probably the first and last time I am going to rent a car from this freaky company. Not to mention there is no GPS rental when I pick up the car (which is such a basic requirement nowadays)

Get your car rental elsewhere from bigger names, maybe you won't have to queue an hour even if you book your car online. And maybe you don't have to bear the poor customer service manner on the other line.

The slightest bright side of the story is that my frustration is recorded on the customer service line "for future training purposes", which is absolutely required.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-29:
I suggest that you inform your credit card company about this so that the overcharge can be put into dispute.
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Europcar = credit card fraud
Posted by Arbiter on 03/05/2011
Europcar is basically an enormous credit card fraud scheme, covering as a car rental company.

I too have had a horrible experience with them and I am taking legal action (not just threatening with it). Feel free to join me if you were treated the same way.(see below).
My story (Perth, Australia):
Rented a car that had a scratch on the rear bumper when I got it (clearly marked on the rental agreement form as 'DAMAGE OUT'). Returned it in the exact same condition, but the airport desked was unmanned. Same scratch was marked as 'new damage' by some lazy employee afterwards. My card is now charged with 3023 euros (yes: three thousand!!!!!) For a stupid 5cm scratch that was already there!?!? I've explained their mistake to them numerous times. No reply to my many emails, needless to say. They just take your money and then ignore you.

Look around on the internet and you will find nothing but horror stories of people being charged ridiculous amounts from their credit cards for impossible claims by Europcar.

If you wish to help me put an end to these practices, you can contact me at: europcarjustice@gmail.com

I will be collecting all your stories, contact the press and if you are interested, my lawyer can prepare an international class action lawsuit. This is criminal behaviour and it has to be stopped.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-05:
Go to http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/142 and report this.
Europcar has a pretty poor reputation so they'll probably be familiar with them.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-03-05:
Good link, Alain - yeah, there's a lot of eurocar complints on this site. They seem kind of shady.
Posted by James livingstone on 2013-08-12:
Hired a car through economy bookings traveled from the states to Scotland was told by the Europcar agent at Glasgow Airport Economy Bookings did not issue voucher number even though the confirmation voucher displays paid in full Europcars took my credit number for a deposit now I have been charged again by Europcars
Posted by kringle1 on 2013-08-12:
Go to tripadvisor.com and look at "Europcar rental review" in the London Forum
Posted by J on 2013-12-22:
My credit card has just been shut down after a series of fraudulent charges. One of them was from Europcar France. Was looking for info about the company when I stumbled onto your review.

I'm wondering why the rental company would have even allowed my card to be used! I'm living in the states and clearly this person would have had a different driver license and address etc. How could have the fraud slipped by them? Probably because they don't care.

Europcar offers no phone number, no easy way to contact them. I was hoping to get some info from them to help track down the person who stole my card but it looks like a dead end.
Posted by Michael Casey on 2014-02-01:
Yes! I agree Europcar all went to the same school , I am battling the same extra charge from them
At Cape Town SA !
It was a fantastic place until we return the car at the airport .
Upon returning to Canada we received an extra bill for scratches!!!
Beware of renting from Europcar!!!
Posted by John on 2014-02-11:
Unfortunately, I'm dealing with the same problem now, too. I rented a car from them in Milan last August. There was significant damage to the right side of the car near the front wheel well and a small scratch along the moulding on the rear door. They claimed the little scratch was "new damage" when I returned the car and insisted that I complete their "accident report". I wrote that I caused no damage to their car. They charged my credit card more than $500 U.S. My card backed me up and refused to pay the fraudulent charge. Now, they are sending me letters threatening to sue me if I don't pay them. I think I'll be contacting a lawyer.
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Europcar drives your credit card up without permission
Posted by Boodiebooboo on 12/24/2009
FRANCE -- We hired a Kangoo "passenger van" through Carhire3000. On arriving at Europcar Carcassonne airport we were allocated a Peugeot 3008 car instead. However, not told, just allowed to walk around the car park with keys for 15minutes looking for a Kangoo. Complained it wasn't similar to a van for carrying our luggage. Staff not interested or sorry. Returned the car on time but could not find any staff to check the fuel or condition of the car. After 20minutes found a young man who wanted to retain the keys the office staff had previously asked for. Told the office staff keys had been retained! Went back 2 hours later as a child's seat belt had been left in the car. Told car now out again and belt must have been thrown out. Next credit card statement showed an extra days hire debited. Fuel charged for along with a service charge for topping up the car. Complained by many unanswered emails to France for over 5 weeks - no reply of any kind. Contacted Europcar UK who eventually agreed with France the extra days hire was a mistake and refunded the charge and the 2 fuel charges. Then on the next credit card statement 25euros deducted!!
After a month of asking what is was for Europcar said it was related to a motoring offence reported by the "Local Authority." Europcar UK indicated it was to deal with the report but could not tell me what offence had been committed. To-date 3 months after the alleged motoring offence we have not yet been contacted by any "local Authority" to pay the fixed penalty or fine! We have asked what the offence was and who the "local authority" is who asked Europcar for details. Well surprise surprise we are having a problem finding out about the offence and the Authority.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-24:
You gave them permission by signing the rental agreement. I know it sucks but you agreed to it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-25:
The charge was likely a speeding fine or something like a red light infringement. These cameras are everywhere in Europe. They would have tracked the number of the vehicle and sent the statement with the charge to the rental company who would pay the fine and then charge you for it. I agree with you that you should get a copy of the statement that the authority sent to Europcar. You should challenge the charge with your credit card company and ask them to refuse to pay it unless you are presented with a copy of the statement from the authority.
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What A Shame
Posted by Kejla on 03/05/2008
Rented the a/m vehicle via auto europe uk and paid full rental in advance for 4 days.

At the Stansted station I paid for a full tank of fuel and extra insurance to remove all excess.

Before leaving their office I was made to leave a thumb print which my solicitor advises is highly irregular and will be investigating what course of action we can take.

On collection at Stansted airport I discovered that the first vehicle (also a kia) had a malfunction light flashing. The vehicle was changed to a different one .

On Sunday 02/03/08 I was involved in an accident at around 09.00 A.M. And rac advised that the car could not be driven and arranged for a recovery truck to take the car to the nearest Europcar station being bristol airport.

I phoned the Europcar desk at bristol airport and the person on duty advised that no replacement vehicle was available before 14.00.Hrs. At the earliest.

I advised that this was not acceptable being 5 hours after the accident. I advised that I was ready to accept a smaller car temporarily. Europcar however said that nothing was available as the key to the office at their station had been taken away by the employee on duty on the previous shift and they had no access to the office in which all car rental keys were kept.

I advised that this was not acceptable and to speak to a person of higher authority as I was on the last day of a family holiday with a party of 6 pax including a 5 year old and had planned a day in surrey at thorpe park ( 250 kms away) with pre-paid tickets costing gbp 102 in total.

Europcar put me on hold (for a good 20 minutes) and finally confirmed that a replacement car (7 seater) would be ready and waiting at bristol airport on my arrival there with the rac recovery truck & damaged vehicle.

We all ( 5 adults + 1 child) arrived in the recovery truck at bristol airport Europcar desk at around 10:15 hrs.

On arrival at the Europcar desk and after filling in all papers relating to the accident I was advised by the Europcar duty clerk (the same person who I spoke to on the phone) that the replacement car was not yet ready as it was being washed and would be ready in a few minutes.

A good 30 to 45 minutes later the car was nowhere to be seen. The Europcar clerk said they were now checking the mileage of the damaged car. Meanwhile he was joined by the duty clerk from the national car rental desk who confirmed the car would be available within the next few minutes.

30 Or so minutes later and no sign of the replacement car , a female employ (dressed in civilian clothes) turned up and was seen handing the keys of the Europcar office to the duty clerk and she told him “ you f-----g a------e did you have to wake me up after such a heavy night” to this the Europcar clerk, the national clerk and the female employ started laughing etc. The Europcar clerk also told her that “he were hoping for a peaceful Sunday and then “this guy had to screw it all up.”

The Europcar employee then went into the now open office and retrieved a number of wooden boxes with contract pouches and keys etc.

On seeing this I remonstrated with the Europcar employee and told him in no uncertain manner and in fact in a high voice and maybe not exactly using proper language that I would not accept being taken for a ride and that the story of the car being washed was a pack of lies and the real problem was the missing keys.

Suddenly the lady on duty at the avis desk started shouting and saying that I was disgusting and I should address my wife in that manner . I told her to mind her own business to which she replied that it was her business and to go back home. I told her that shortly before she was seen taking the mickey out of an old gentleman who was trying to obtain a better car rental rate. She objected to this but a number of people in the building said it was true and that her behaviour was shameful. She then shut up and did not intervene again.

The national clerk then said that they would not be replacing the car . This was confirmed by the Europcar clerk. I am aware that Europcar, national & avis form part of the same group.

I said I was going to contact Europcar customer service but they would not provide a telephone number.

I got even more excited and so did the other members of my family with the 5 year old literally terrified.

I told the family to move out of the building and I joined them.

Once outside my wife told me that a lady (kim) on duty at hertz had approached her and told her that she had called the police and that we were absolutely right and the behaviour etc. Of the Europcar,national & avis personnel was not on and Europcar were having problems all morning with the key problem. She said she and her colleague at hertz were shocked with their behaviour. She also said she would do her best to provide us with a car.

The police turned up after a few minutes, by which time I was very emotional and asked me for my version of events.

One of the officers then asked me to stay outside with my family and the other officer whilst he spoke to the Europcar clerk inside.

Kim from hertz was asked to go outside to give her version of the incident to the officer who remained outside. Which she did.

Having spoken to the Europcar clerk the first officer came outside again and the second officer advised him that kim’s (from hertz )version agreed word for word with my version.

The first officer advised that Europcar had given a totally different version and were adamant in not providing a replacement car. He advised that he could do nothing about this.

I asked him to accompany me to europe car to close the contract which he did.

I advised Europcar that I was being deprived of a vehicle 1 day early (having paid for a 4 day rental in advance through you+ 1 day full insurance to remove all excess charges paid on collection.) And that the damaged vehicle was returned with a tank 0.75 Full of diesel for which I opted to pay for a full tank on collection.

The clerk advised that all these charges would be refunded and credited to my credit card account. When asked for a hard copy of the closed contract the reply was “ not possible as we have problems in our system” this to the amazement of both myself and the police officer.

The officer advised that he could do nothing further at that time. He accompanied me to the hertz desk and waited with me and my family till hertz (kim) provided us with a family car to resume our holiday. Before parting he advised kim that he would be back later to speak to her again about the whole matter and see what further action he could take.

Please note that for the replacement car I was billed gbp.298 (Including full insurance) for a 2 day rental as by then the time was Sunday 13.00 Hrs.And as originally planned I was to return the car to luton on Monday at 15.30 Hrs.

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Posted by Ghirl1967 on 2008-06-13:
I wouldn't now touch europcar with a barge pole, they are a disgrace, as for their comments to you about you going home is shameful. Next time come to Glasgow and hire from arnoldclark.com we now hire from them or hertz and they are both great with excellent customer service
Posted by jess aus on 2009-12-03:
Sheisters! I prepaid everything before my trip, right down to $0 excess and 2 nd driver. They gave away our car and we had no choice but to upgrade, pay for a 2nd driver, a full tank of full which depleted to half a tank in 8kms, city fees were charged to our account even though we paid the council directly over the phone. Whole experience cost us close to $1000 extra. Dont go there!
Posted by Peters on 2011-06-18:
Europcar Birmingham Airport complaint

They take over 200 reservations but only have around 60 cars available, there so greedy it's unbelieable. I arrived and they had no cars. The manager did not make things better. I feel sorry for the people who work for him. He talks to his staff like s**t.

Stay away from Europcar especially Birmingham Airport Eurocar sucks.
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Rip Off Fuel Charge - Never give them Credit Card
Posted by Anthony18 on 09/08/2007
UK -- I used a lot of hire cars over the years and have learnt that it's always best to pay by cheque or cash. Never pay by credit card. The hire companies simply load on additional charges at a later date.
Europcar in Spain (Gerona) refused to accept an American Express travelers cheque, so against my better judgment I paid by credit card. Surprise surprise, two weeks later I've just received an invoice in the post for an excess fuel charge billed immediately against my credit card.

They claim to have delivered the car with a full tank of fuel. I wisely took a digital 'photo of the instrument panel on receipt of the car showing both mileage and a fuel tank only 3/4 full. Since I don't want hassle on my holiday I returned the car with a full tank.

If I can find my Spanish receipts for fuel I'll be threatening legal action in the UK against these rip-off merchants.

Learn from my bad experience dear reader. Always avoid giving car hire companies your credit card details, and cross EuroCRAP off any list of car hire companies you're considering.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-08:
Your lucky they are not saying you put a scratch on their car, that would have cost you an easy additional EU$1500.00.
Posted by leopard on 2007-09-18:
no matter where you rent a car from, you will have to put down a cc. pretty much all rental companies do not accept cash or check up front, because that makes you a huge theft risk. the cc gives the company the security they need to ensure that you will return their car to them.
Posted by Ghirl1967 on 2007-11-19:
"If I can find my Spanish receipts for fuel I'll be threatening legal action in the UK against these rip-off merchants"

Good luck with that, we've been trying since July, we got the BVRLA involved, guess who's side they took?
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Europ car excels at shirking responsibility
Posted by White Sox 2005 on 11/09/2007
I secured a car in Ireland through Europcar at Dublin Airport for my 3 weeks stay in Ireland with family in early July 2007. Europcar provided me with a Nissan Tiida. The car, with regard to size and handling, was as I expected. I encountered difficulty with the lights once I needed them three days into my trip. At this point I was in the rough rugged terrain of County Donegal which is largely rural, with winding narrow and hilly streets and minimally lit. I spent the majority of my stay there.

The lights on my Tiida malfunctioned and did not project onto the street properly causing travel to be quite hazardous for myself and family during the night hours and obviously compromising our safety. My family (uncles, aunts, cousins) live in County Donegal, Ireland and with their help we learned the car had been previously damaged and "repaired" with the lights set back, hence the poor projection.

I did not try to contact Europcar to exchange cars, since the closest location near my stay was over a 5 hour drive round trip and not on my vacation agenda. When I contacted Europcar about this matter upon my return to the US, they of course found the car in complete working order. The Dublin Airport, where I returned the the car, of course, in no way mirrors County Donegal streets! I brought that to their attention and they didn't want to listen. Their response was that "I should have exchanged the car if the lights were not working properly".

My question then was why should I have to be inconvenienced on my trip due to their gross negligence with not providing me with the product they had stated/promised. Europcar had no response. I agree, I could have driven into Derry (2 1/2 hrs each way), but again, that was my time and shouldn't my time be of some value as in monetary compensation? I posed that question to Europcar and of course no response. Beware of Europcar in Ireland...they have high expectations for the consumer, but not of themselves!

They shirked responsibility every chance they had with me. They did very well at taking my money though.
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Posted by runaway on 2007-11-09:
Am I reading this right? You had problems with the lights on your rental vehicle, made the decision not to exchange it, didn't bother to contact the company regarding it until you returned to the US, and then you wanted money for your time? Nice.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-11-10:
Derry is a nice place. You could have made an half day excursion there.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-10:
runaway...took the words right out of my mouth!!
Posted by White Sox 2005 on 2007-11-10:
You "kinda" read it right. I accepted my responsibility in this matter (not driving and exchanging the car). When I pushed Europcar for theirs, as in IF I did return the car and wasted part of my trip to a place (Derry) I've been to and have no desire to return, due to their inadequate vehicle, well, they showed me they had none. Just trying to help out consumers here and to say "beware" with Europcar. They are good at blaming, that's all.
Posted by Ghirl1967 on 2007-11-19:
Don't talk to me about europcar Dublin, they are the biggest cheats and liars i've ever came across, (seperate post) their HO isn't any help either
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Europcar Stansted Review
Posted by M28288 on 02/19/2014
STANSTED -- Do not be sucked in by a price of Europcar 'too good to be true'. Europcar policy is to rent out cheap and later charge your credit card for phantom services. Please read on.

In January 2014 Momondo provided the most convenient rent-a-car at Stansted and we booked via CarTrawler for 2 days a car with Europcar. CarTrawler offered for € 6.90 per day an insurance to cover the GBP 1,000 own risk Europcar applies. Collecting the car at Europcar Stansted we were offered the same extra insurance for GBP 30 per day. We felt for a rent of less than 40 hours we could do without the extra cover. What a mistake!
We drove the car carefully, no damage whatsoever and returned the car at 23:45 PM at Stansted. Notwithstanding Europcar claim to be open till 01:00 AM, the Europcar desk was closed. We had to leave the car keys at the key return box. We didn’t realize that now we were a Europcar hostage. A day late our credit card was charged for an extra GBP 92.
We should be happy we were not ripped off for a larger amount. Endless calls with the service dept finally revealed that Europcar proclaims we had returned the car with a scratch. A true lie that brings Europcar money they miss by renting out cheap and not selling you an insurance that costs more than the rental price.
Europcar is a rent-a-car company definitely to be avoided.
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Car Rental SCAM!
Posted by Mr.hwang88 on 10/26/2013
Our family travel abroad every year. We planned to visit Western Australia in September. My daughter rented a 12 seater from Europcar via Rentalcars.com. She paid the full rent and the excess damage insurance fee to Rentalcars.com one month ahead, in August. We were advised to get our vehicle at Europcar's counter at Perth Airport. We arrived on time as our agreement indicated. First, the lady of Europcar told us the 12 seater was damaged. She could offer an 8 seater or 2 small cars. Considering the road risks, gas bills, and other problems, we prefer to travel in one vehicle. So we went to the parking lot to check if the luggage capacity was enough for us (we were a group of 8). Then we decided to hold some bags on our laps to take that 8 seater. As to the price difference, the lady said "NO REFUND". That meant, we paid more money for a cheaper vehicle! OK, our family group included three generations -- I and my wife were around 75 and my youngest granddaughter was not 5 yet. We were tired and we just wanted to hit the road ASAP.

We accepted the unfair condition just because we really wanted a vehicle. Then, when we showed our domestic driving license and the international driving permit for the usual procedure of renting a vehicle overseas, we were asked to show the English translation of our domestic driving license. We had traveled so many countries, it was not the first time for us to travel in Western Australia, and we were a returning customer of Europcar...We'd never been challenged with this issue. The international driving permit has the English translation of our Taiwan driving license in it. The international driving permit was issued according to our Taiwan driving license by our government. It was impossible for us to produce the English translation of the driving license with notarization at Perth Airport! That lady insisted the third document no matter how hard we tried to explain. As a result, we had to give up our booking and turned to the next counter, Hertz, to rent a vehicle for moving on. Out of our surprise, we got the exactly the same vehicle with 2/3 price of the bill my daughter paid to Rentalcars.com. Besides, we weren't asked for the English translation. Just in a few minutes, we got our vehicle!

My daughter contacted Rentalcars.com for their non-fulfillment. The answer was the cancellation fee was the full payment my daughter paid in August. Think of this: we didn't use the car or the insurance for a second, why we should pay all these? They said, according to their Terms & Conditions, the cancellation is only accepted with refund when you notify them 48 hours before the picking-up time, AND the renter should prepare the valid driving license.

My daughter is still contacting with Rentalcars.com and Europcar. Because the truth was Europcar didn't fulfill the agreement, how could we predict the issue 48hrs ahead? AND, according to the Transport Department of Western Australia and the T&C of Europcar, there's no regulation says the English translation is mandatory. There's a regulation says the driver needs the domestic driving license and the international driving permit OR the English translation of the driving license.

Both companies ignore my daughter's complaint. My daughter's bank started to contact Rentalcars.com because the bank had paid Rentalcarscom already. Then, Rrentalcars.com email my daughter and said they closed the file, so my daughter's bank won't have the solution.

What a fraud it is!!! Please avoid using these fraud companies.

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Posted by Paul on 2013-10-26:
Thanks for the warning. What an ugly experience - they could not even present the vehicle that you requested, yet held you to every bit of fine print.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-26:
If you feel it is fraud, then file a charge back with your credit card company. Be prepared for these sleaze companies to prove you agreed to all of their terms and conditions. You will need something to prove they are the ones that violated the terms that you agreed too.
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Europcar provided me a dangerous car and cost me £1000
Posted by Rhyannonhanbury on 09/30/2013

Europcar in Spain provided me with a dodgy car with a worn out clutch on the verge of failing, the clutch burnt out after just 90 minutes of hiring it as they failed to checked or service the car properly. The car was dangerous which I would soon find out, the clutch failed whilst on a hill and would not go into first or second gear. It started rolling backwards down the hill with passengers in it so I had to push harder than normal on the clutch to stop us rolling off the hill and it burnt out. We had to jump out then and there, there was nothing more we could do.

Instead of rectifying the situation they shouted at me before even inspecting the car and gave me a bill of £1000. They ruined my holiday, the following 2 months were absolute hell trying to get this unfair situation resolved to no success. It was really upsetting and I've tried everything to stop them just taking my money but as it was booked in Spain there is nothing I can do, it is under Spanish law and would be very expensive to fight. I have tried the ECRCS and other companies out there to resolve disputes but after battling for months it is pointless, the whole situation is hugely unfair. I had even paid extra for full insurance which turns out does not cover clutches or brakes. On top of it all they even charged me for a day's rental and 150 euros admin charge!!! Would you believe...just crazy.

The big man wins.


EUROPCAR CASE NUMBER - 6026377744. (Ref Nr 4680020-1)
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-01:
Have you contacted your bank to see if the credit card charge can be disputed?
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Bait and switch tactic : avoid with all costs. Overcharges with no explanation
Posted by Anonimu72 on 06/21/2013
JOHANNESBURG, SA, OREGON -- I booked a rental online for South Africa and paid ahead of time $370. On the reservation it says that the price includes Taxes, &Unlimited Miles and excludes CDW (collision damage waiver) ,PAI (Passenger Accident Insurance) and theft insurance. Again stated black on white at the time of reservation.

When I got to South Africa (Johannesburg airport) and pick up the car I mention at least 3 times to the Europcar representative that I don’t need any CDW, PAI or theft since my credit card used for reservation covers that . I stated also that I don’t want to see any other charges that those made at the time of reservation and he confirmed that, as long as the car is returned with a full tank of gas and in good condition. That indeed happened; they inspected the car and said that everything is fine. Now try to imagine my surprise after returning home (US) when I see an additional charge of about $320. I tried contacting them but with no success. For instance the e-mailbox for South Africa does not accept e-mails.

Needless to say that I never received an invoice for the additional $320;it just showed up on my bank account. May guess is that they charge for anything they could. These people are thieves and here I’m referring in particular for the South African branch inside Johannesburg airport+ Europcar website. I don’t like to generalize but judging by the volume of complains, the issue seems a lot more wide-spread. I will never rent a car from them and advise other people looking for a car rental to avoid them like plague.

Never come across a company that will tell you one thing online and charge you almost double in the end, since they have your credit card and they can. Caveat emptor!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-22:
File a fraud complaint with your bank and have the charges reversed.
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