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Total Ripoff
Posted by Rosina229 on 04/22/2013
CANCUN AIRPORT -- I booked through Europcar 3 months in advance online because their prices were very reasonable. We go to Mexico on a regular basis and thought we would try another company. That was our first mistake! The confirmation included a picture of the car we would be renting and even listed the car as a 5 passenger. Upon arrival we were shown a hatchback 4 passenger car even though we had a confirmation for a 5 passenger car. We tried to reason with them but they would not even listen to reason .When we asked them what an upgrade would cost they really tried to "sock it to us" with an outrageous price because they thought we had no other choices.

We walked across the street to Thrifty and got a better deal and better car and was in and out of the car rental in under 20 minutes.

I hope a million people read this email and avoid renting with Europcar!

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Posted by BigAl on 2013-04-22:
I like it when consumers vote with their feet.
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-04-22:
BigAl> Best answer!

Rosina229> Glad to see you didn't let them push you around or coerce you into a deal you weren't comfortable with!
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Europcar Are Cheats
Posted by Keatingp.ug on 07/09/2012
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA -- We were on holiday in Capetown South Africa over Easter 2012. We finished a great holiday there until we dealt with Europcar's post-rental billing service.

While renting a Europcar sedan (which in itself was fine), we had a flat tire. Nothing spectacular, just a slow leak that we took to a service station when we saw it was somewhat deflated, and had the service station staff replace it with the spare. We advised Europcar on returnign the vehicle that this had happened and that the tyre was stowed back in the car trunk. They indicated that this was no problem.

Several week's later, Europcar South Africa then notified us that they needed to make a charge to our credit card for 'damage'. They had decided to buy an entirely new tyre for themselves owing to a slow leak puncture and charged some $300 for it.

We wrote back promptly and asked for more explanation before they made any charge, and asked how this could be? They have not replied but have charged the card. In repeated follow up messages to the company we have had no reply at all, and no explanation how a puncture results in the purchase of a brand new tyre for themselves.

This is outrageous service and communication from a global company. We intend to pursue this to senior levels in the company and to ensure that every review website we can find is notified of how poor this company is at customer service and in making very fishy charges to customer's cards.

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Posted by onlooker on 2012-07-09:
Have you informed your credit card company to challenge the charge? Keep writing to the car company, to corporate headquarters etc., if you push hard enough and long enough you may prevail.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-09:
If a puncture is not in the meaty part of the tread, it may not be repairable.

That said, you are at the mercy of their honesty. Your honesty in reporting the flat is commendable, but may have cost you some money here. Tough situation.
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Late Return Fee Rip Off
Posted by Martinh135 on 03/20/2012
I was charged a late reurn fee in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia).

The car was due back at 11.30 AM. I can prove I caught a plane at 11.20 AM. They say it was not returned until 4.30 PM, by which time I was at home about 2000km away.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-20:
Did you get a receipt when you returned the car? It's been years since I rented a car, but my memory is I always checked in with the rental agency upon return to do at least an odometer and gas level check.
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Credit Card Fraud
Posted by Amd213587 on 10/13/2011
I rented a car from Europcar in Italy (Catania) in June. I have now had charges on my credit card in September and October which are completely bogus. I think someone is running a credit card fraud scam out of their Catania office.

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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-10-13:
Have you contacted the company to ask them to remove the charges? Or have you refuted the charges with your card? either should get their attention.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-13:
Kris10 has given a good suggestion. Have the charges reversed.
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-10-13:
I would never rent from Europcar after seeing the 1,000's of complaints all of the web on them. As stated above, just dispute the charges before your window to do so closes.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-10-13:
Are the charges on your bill actually from Europcar Italia, or another company?
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Europcar - scam artists across multiple countries
Posted by Hmog84 on 08/02/2011
WESTLINK BUSINESS PARK, CLONDRINAGH, LIMERICK, IRE -- I recently rented a car through carhire3000.com. The booking was meant to be with Thrifty but they were booked out so I was passed over to Europcar. I had already paid the booking in full online.

When I finally got to the top of the queue with Europcar I was asked if I wanted additional insurance. I said no, I had paid already and was in a hurry to get away as I'd been queueing so long. The girl insisted that it was €21 a day, and otherwise they'd take a deposit of about €1000 that if you even got a scratch you wouldn't get back. It was a very thinnly veiled threat so I took the insurance as I wouldn't trust them not to charge me.

Anyway, got back to London and found I'd a bill for £110. I had already paid £53 in advance so I should only have had to pay an additional €42 (about £36) for the insurance. I emailed Europcar to query the charges and was emailed back a breakdown of charges of tolls, fuel and tax. I was also told I'd be refunded €20 for fuel - I wonder if I would have got this if I hadn't emailed? I doubt it.

Anyway a few days later another £10 went out of my account. I emailed again and asked for the refund and was told these were toll charges, even though this had been given in the first breakdown, and it would not be refunded. The tolls are for passing the eToll on the M50 twice - max cost of €3 if you're not registered (I assume Europcar are register so likely to be €2). I have been charged €20 by Europcar for these tolls when at worst it should only be €10, at best it should only be €4. Complete scam artists.

In a completely unrelated note I've been charged £20 by Europcar in South Africa in July. I rented a car with them last October, but this charge showed up in July. I have emailed twice to say this is a fraud case or a mistake and to please refund, but have had no reply. DO NOT LET EUROPCAR KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS! I don't know how to get this money back from them.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-08-02:
I hope you have challenged the South African charges via your bank. Judging from previous reviews of Europcar, you'll be fortunate to see any money refunded to you short of hiring a barrister. They seem a bit disreputable, to say the least.
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Blacklisted by Europcar in Bordoux for recieving a poor service
Posted by Sarah Wong on 03/14/2011
BORDEAUX -- Last year we rented a car in Bordeaux, France. When we arrived they were very short stuffed, taking over 45min to get us a car. When they brought us a child seat, despite the fact that we specified that we
wanted a superfix (considered as a safe seat in the UK), they brought a very old style seat. It was impossible to fix and unsafe for our child. When we asked for another seat, they refused to bring it. After spending almost 3 hours in the airport and complaining to supervisors, all of whom were rude and unhelpful, even though they saw that we had a 2 years old child with us, who was very hot and tired, we finally got a marginally better seat (at least we could attach it to our car).

We sent a written letter of complaint on our arrival to the UK, but heard nothing and had no time to chase.

We rented a car in Switzerland this year, which happened to be from Europcar. When we turned up to pick it up, we were refused, as apparently Europcar blacklisted us. This resulted in us spending money on two more taxi rides and wasting 2 hours of our holidays and having to rent from another rental company.

We have no idea how in the eyes of consumer law it is possible when a company takes our money, provides unsafe and unfriendly service, and then blacklists us!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-14:
How was the other rental agency?
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Bogus charges!
Posted by RenaRain on 03/02/2011

I regretted not renting from Avis instead!

1. I had rented from europcar from the airport 31 Dec 2011- 4 Jan and dropped off at Europcar Dandenong. Paid the toll through the phone and now, I received a letter saying I did not pay the citylink toll charge. Got proof for that in my credit card bill!! Have yet to call to clarify the charge as I just received the letter today.

2. Second time, I rented and extended the rental from Europcar Dandenong for 11 - 18 Jan. Upon return on 18 Jan at the airport, the guy who checked the car for mileage and petrol tank, said all was OK!
I got a shock when I was charged by Europcar Dandenong for AUD$39.51 on 19 Jan.... Called Europcar Dandenong to clarify. Debbie, who spoke to me on the phone, claimed that I was charged for 1/8 unfilled petrol! I practically lost my temper when I told her I had MADE SURE petrol was filled up upon return as I was well aware of the exorbitant charges I would incur. I had even gone an extra mile to wash and vacuum the car!
I did mention that from the nearest petrol station to the drop off area, she must be crazy to expect a full to the brim petrol tank!!
Anyway when demanded for her to send me a letter or invoice as a document/notification of charge, til now nothing has been sent! Emailed her to send to me again and still silence!
Just because it is in the terms and conditions that they can charge us for all these it does not mean that they can do that without notifying us. They should provide proof of these claims instead!

My sweet memories of Melbourne has been tarnished by this experience. I have spent nearly $2000 and yet they have the cheek to charge additional bogus charges!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-03:
Looking at the previous Europcar reviews, your experience is apparently typical for Europcar customers. If you paid by credit card, dispute their charges immediately.
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Worst car rental company ever
Posted by Flatout on 02/20/2011
This car rental experience was probably one of the worst experience of my life. I reserved the car via europcar website for 8:00 A.M. on the 1st of February 2011. First of all, your website stated that your rental station was located in a hotel which is called Paradisius in Puerto Morellos. I couldn't find this hotel on Google map, so I asked several taxi drivers to find out that the Paridisius was now called the Saphir and in fact, it was located outside Puerto Morellos. I found out that there was a closer office. So I went to that office, It was now 9 a. m.. At the office, I asked if I could if the get the car there since it was closer to where I was staying. The clerk was really nice and told me that there was no problem that I just had to comeback an our later and the car would be there. So I came back an hour later (around 10 a. m.) and then, the clerk told me that there was a problem with Europcar system at the Paradisius (Saphir) and that I had to wait for another hour to get the car. So I waited, and waited, and waited, to finally get the car around 13h30. A car that was not the one I originally asked for and was supposed to be an upgrade (yeah, right!). Then came the time to sign the contract, again there was a problem, the price was not not the one I booked for. It was almost the double! The clerk tried to fix the problem with the reservation center but both were helpless. I was so mad and didn't want to lose more time than I already had that I took the car and left. As I was getting on the highway, I noticed that the left tie-rod end was so worn out that I could hear it flapping when hitting bumps or holes. In fact it was so worn out that the car was pulling radically to the right when I had to brake hard. I had so much trouble getting the car that I didn't want to get in the trouble of changing for another car. I have worked for few years in the car rental business in Canada, so believe me, I know how it works and I know that this kind of situation is unacceptable. In the end, I lost half a day of my 7 days vacation in Mexico and end up with a barely undriveable car. So if you ask me, from what I have seen Europcar is the worst rental company ever.

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Charge for fueling
Posted by BobZero on 02/01/2011
This summer my wife and I rented a car from Europcar France; we picked the car up in Caen and dropped it off in Rennes. This is the second time we've had trouble with Europcar France. Anyway, when we picked the car up we at first agreed to bring the car back full of gas then changed our minds and the agent agreed to change the contract (which she didn't do) This has caused us all kinds of headaches!! We dropped the car off in Rennes and the Europcar agent said everything was in order, no problems. We had brought the car back empty as we thot we had prepaid for fuel. Next thing we know, we get a bill from Europcar for not only the fuel but also an extra charge of $50 euros for refueling charge. What a joke!! Anyway, we tried unsuccessfully to resolve this with Europcar on several occasions. The problem is they have a lot of good rental agents but they also have some agents who don't want to be bothered and just want you out of their office, such was the case at the Europcar Caen office. I hope to never go back there!!
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Europcar Wellington, NZ Credit Card Scam
Posted by Dr. Brody on 01/29/2011
NEW ZEALAND -- Although the clerk at the desk was a little gruff and unwelcoming, we did get the car we reserved and were on our way. In Napier, the car was vandalized, and a complete police investigation & report were filed. Upon return to Europcar in Wellington, they asasessed the damage (which took quite a long time with three staff that obviously did not know the procedure), and a complete claim was filed, a contract sign, and damages paid for. Two months later I get a mysterious $1,300 (USD) charge from Europcar Christchurch with no e-mail explaining anything about the charge. I contacted my bank, who said the charge to their system included no explanation of the charges, and had no routing numbers of any kind so it could not be investigated by my bank, but they put a claim against Europcar. I have been completely lost in the Europcar internet maze, and no e-mail messages have been answered. I've had even poorer luck with their voicemail system, which seems designed to discourage any customer assistance of any kind. Obviously, I will not rent from Eurpcar again, but in many of the complaints I've seen, many others have been victims of Europcar's unexplained and unwarranted charges.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-31:
The bank must be investigating something if they've put a claim against Europcar.
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