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Another Scam From Europcar!!
Posted by on
BRISBANE AIRPORT -- My recent experience with this car rental company...

I have booked & used the car over the weekend 6-9 March 2009 in Brisbane. I have picked it up at the airport on Friday 6 March ’09 and was given a condition report which had a couple of scratches mentioned in the Existing Damage section. I’ve noticed both scratches before driving the car and even pointed out one of them (a big scratch with peeled paint on the front bumper) to my partner who was travelling with me at that time. Knowing that the scratches were mentioned in the report, I took-off without the 2nd thought.

When returning the car on Monday 9 March 2009, I was pointed out to that front bumper scratch by the car inspector. I told him that it was in the condition report before I’ve picked up the car. His reply was that it’s a ‘REAR BUMPER’ scratch and not ‘FRONT BUMPER’ scratch that was in the condition report. Only then I have realized that I didn't pay any attention to the location of the mentioned scratches (‘front’ / ‘rear’) when checking out the car before driving it. When examined the rear bumper, there were NO any scratches found on it. I told the car inspector that it must had been a mistake when someone at the office was entering a description for the current scratches and that the scratch was already on the bumper before the car was used by myself (another person has witnessed it). He took the paperwork to the office and passed it on to the clerk who advised me that this would be checked and I would be notified in case of any problems.

I didn’t hear from Europcar and 2 days later realized that I’ve been charged the amount of $516.14 on 11/3/09 for something I have not done. That was without any prior advice, notification or discussion with myself which I believe was rather unprofessional.

Contacted the manager & spoke with Customer Relationship Officer - lead to absolutely nothing. Apparently, they told me that there WAS a scratch on the REAR bumper previously but it has been fixed but not updated in the system and therefore it was still appearing on the condition report. They told me that they called me (a lie!) but my phone was switched-off (it never is!); they also told me that they'd send me an receipt for the "damage" found for the amount charged ($516) - never got one!.. Briefly, they told me that it was my fault not to declare the damage before I drove the car and everything after - it's my responsibility!!!

Never again myself or anyone of my colleagues and friends would rent with Europcar!! By scammingly collecting my $516, they have lost instantly quite a lot of customers for years to come!!! I've been told a few stories about Europcar in particular but now I'm convinced that they are just a bunch of people who wouldn't give a toss about their customers and good customer service!! Don't use them or... abuse them if you can!!!

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/20/2009:
Dispute the fraudulent damage fee with your credit card company. You partner can serve as a witness that the damage was pre-existing.
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Foreigner's Beware
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCOTLAND -- I rented through an affiliate of Europcar, Alamo, this spring [2014]. We picked up in Edinburgh and returned in Glasgow. We took pictures of the car and all the rest. No problems. Car was good, clean, etc.,

However, as soon as we got home I checked my bank account. I noticed a charge from Europcar [not Alamo, like the first charge] for nearly double the original! I called and then emailed Alamo to try to get an explanation. Nobody there knew why Europcar charged me. I tried to call Europcar, but was put on hold, transferred from person to person, etc., and never got an answer.

Then I contested the charge with my bank. The representative at the bank said Europcar claimed they were never paid by Alamo. I said that was not my problem because I clearly paid Alamo and it appeared on my statement. So the bank issued me my money back.

Then I got an email from Europcar stating that there was damage done to the car while I had rented it. I strongly denied this and had pictures to prove my innocence. They in turn provided pictures that were so low quality which were undated and unmarked. They could have been taken any time and any where. They stated I damaged a mirror casing and took a picture of the back of the car [not the mirror casing]. They stated I damaged a tire and took a picture of some tire with a nick in it- but it could have been any tire taken anywhere at anytime.

They stole nearly $400 from me for these bogus charges!

I called my bank back and they said, “We have no jurisdiction over foreign companies… They know this and these cases happen quite frequently…”

Foreigners beware!
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Europcar Stansted Review
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
STANSTED -- Do not be sucked in by a price of Europcar 'too good to be true'. Europcar policy is to rent out cheap and later charge your credit card for phantom services. Please read on.

In January 2014 Momondo provided the most convenient rent-a-car at Stansted and we booked via CarTrawler for 2 days a car with Europcar. CarTrawler offered for € 6.90 per day an insurance to cover the GBP 1,000 own risk Europcar applies. Collecting the car at Europcar Stansted we were offered the same extra insurance for GBP 30 per day. We felt for a rent of less than 40 hours we could do without the extra cover. What a mistake!
We drove the car carefully, no damage whatsoever and returned the car at 23:45 PM at Stansted. Notwithstanding Europcar claim to be open till 01:00 AM, the Europcar desk was closed. We had to leave the car keys at the key return box. We didn’t realize that now we were a Europcar hostage. A day late our credit card was charged for an extra GBP 92.
We should be happy we were not ripped off for a larger amount. Endless calls with the service dept finally revealed that Europcar proclaims we had returned the car with a scratch. A true lie that brings Europcar money they miss by renting out cheap and not selling you an insurance that costs more than the rental price.
Europcar is a rent-a-car company definitely to be avoided.
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Total Ripoff
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CANCUN AIRPORT -- I booked through Europcar 3 months in advance online because their prices were very reasonable. We go to Mexico on a regular basis and thought we would try another company. That was our first mistake! The confirmation included a picture of the car we would be renting and even listed the car as a 5 passenger. Upon arrival we were shown a hatchback 4 passenger car even though we had a confirmation for a 5 passenger car. We tried to reason with them but they would not even listen to reason .When we asked them what an upgrade would cost they really tried to "sock it to us" with an outrageous price because they thought we had no other choices.

We walked across the street to Thrifty and got a better deal and better car and was in and out of the car rental in under 20 minutes.

I hope a million people read this email and avoid renting with Europcar!
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User Replies:
BigAl on 04/22/2013:
I like it when consumers vote with their feet.
JAKFK on 04/22/2013:
BigAl> Best answer!

Rosina229> Glad to see you didn't let them push you around or coerce you into a deal you weren't comfortable with!
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Charge for fueling
Posted by on
This summer my wife and I rented a car from Europcar France; we picked the car up in Caen and dropped it off in Rennes. This is the second time we've had trouble with Europcar France. Anyway, when we picked the car up we at first agreed to bring the car back full of gas then changed our minds and the agent agreed to change the contract (which she didn't do) This has caused us all kinds of headaches!! We dropped the car off in Rennes and the Europcar agent said everything was in order, no problems. We had brought the car back empty as we thot we had prepaid for fuel. Next thing we know, we get a bill from Europcar for not only the fuel but also an extra charge of $50 euros for refueling charge. What a joke!! Anyway, we tried unsuccessfully to resolve this with Europcar on several occasions. The problem is they have a lot of good rental agents but they also have some agents who don't want to be bothered and just want you out of their office, such was the case at the Europcar Caen office. I hope to never go back there!!
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Excess Refueling charge and bad customer service
Posted by on
CAPE TOWN -- I rented an economy-class car in Cape Town South Africa. When I booked in the agency, I asked if I had to refuel the tank when bringing it back and was told they would take care of it. Having rented cars before with various companies, I inquired wether this service was included in the amount I was paying or considered as free, and was told that no I wouldn't be charged for that.
I brought the car back, with not even a quarter of the tank empty for the 400km we had done with it.
When I received the invoice, a charge of over 200Rand has been taken for refuelling. I called the customer service to complain and received the answer that I should have known they would charge me for the refuelling as per my previous experiences in renting cars, making me sound like a fool who misunderstood what I was told when I specifically double-checked that particular point. The customer service then forwarded me the following, titled FYI:

From: Customer Service
To: - Cape Town

Hi P.

Please can you assist here, this client was told that she will not be liable to pay for the fuel, client asked we said no charged, I did the whole explanation, she has rented before and knows how the processes work but this person told her she does not have to pay for fuel, I find this hard to believe. How can we resolve this there is no RA scanned.

Please advise.

Dear C.

I can assure you that this did not take place, our employee who checked out the customer has been with us for many years and would never have said anything like this.

I have replied once again highlighting the fact that this was not what I had been told, and still haven't heard back from them.
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Europcar - Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Without a doubt, the worst customer service (or lack thereof) we have ever encountered. Only wish we had read previous reviews prior to using this company. We travelled from Australia to NZ and rented a car from Europcar Auckland in March this year. While touring the North Island our trip went without a hitch until another vehicle collided with our car (while parked in a shopping center carpark). The other party admitted fault and supplied all relevant details. Relatively minor panel damage was sustained but we contacted Europcar to report the incident and pass on the details as per our obligations. We can only assume that we were put through to a call center, as the operator was apparently unable to locate us on her map, and had to consult a supervisor for assistance.
We were eventually advised to take the car to the 'nearest' depot some 194km away in Hamilton, for assessment. As this incident took place at around 4pm on a Saturday afternoon we attempted to explain, at length, the logistics of this exercise, given that we were already booked into our accommodation at our present location on the Coromandel Peninsula.

We finally convinced the operator that it would perhaps make more sense to present the car for inspection in Wellington on completion of our trip.
On returning the car to the Wellington ferry terminal as per our contract conditions, we finally managed to convince someone to attend the unmanned booth around 5pm (after two hours, several telephone calls and declining to relocate to Wellington Airport)

The car was inspected and we were then charged an additional $1125 to cover the scratch to the door and were advised that we would be contacted in due course once the claim to the third party had been finallised.

Several e-mails, receipted with 'out-of-office replies' and nearly six month's later, we are still unable to ascertain whether the claim has even been lodged and are still waiting for confirmation and/or reimbursement. We have however, since been informed that these things can sometimes take months to reconcile and that yet another representative would now be handling this claim and will contact us with an update. Needless to say, we are still waiting for this information.

It seems that despite even responding to Europcars' internet customer feedback facility (again, no response) delaying tactics are the preferred method of dealing with such issues. Or perhaps overseas travellers are deemed a lesser threat in these situations once on the plane home. One can only wonder... Seriously, avoid this company at all costs.
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Thieves at Europcar Madrid Atocha Station!
Posted by on
CAMPO DE LAS NACIONES, MADRID, SPAIN -- Beware Europcar Atocha Station office!!

Yes, it's very central. But avoid Europcar's Atocha Station office at all costs if you want to have any hope of recovering anything you might have left behind. When we returned our rental car a few weeks ago, I had a bad stomach virus and felt like I'd been run over by one of the big Toro Osborne cutouts you see along Spanish highways. Frankly, my main interest was finding the nearest toilet, so I forgot that I'd left our 400 dollar camera under the passenger seat. We realized we'd left the camera about a half-hour later in a taxi driving along Gran Via. We told the cabbie to turn around, but at that exact moment, the police were putting up barricades to block traffic heading back to Atocha because of some kind of demonstration. They routed all traffic down the smallest of side streets, which meant we weren't able to get back to the station for another hour. And guess what! By the time we returned, the car was supposedly already washed, vacuumed and rented to another customer... and the camera was gone. In fact, not surprisingly, they denied the possibility of there ever having BEEN a camera in the car. When we filed a claim with the police, the cop told us unprompted "I don't know about the U. S., I've never been there. But in Britain, this never would have happened. They'd be too afraid of losing their jobs. At these rental car offices here, there's no accountability." A few days ago, Europcar's legally required response arrived in the mail. It basically reminded us that the contract stipulates that Europcar has no responsibility for items left behind and that a review of the car had been conducted in our presence (not true; the review only included a check of the mileage and whether there were any new scratches, not a check under the seats). Fair enough. I was an idiot. A sick idiot, but an idiot. However, customers also should be able to have a reasonable expectation that, even so, they'll be able to recover anything left behind... I know of plenty of cases where people have. So Europcar, you've just permanently lost a customer worth more to you than a 400 dollar camera.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 07/03/2010:
It may have been the next customer. You left the camera, they didn't hold you up and take it. Take it as a lesson learned. Basically you're saying that you won't use a rental car company anymore because YOU left something in their car.
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Europcar...the great car rental disaster
Posted by on
GOD ONLY KNOW, KANSAS -- I had two problems with Europcar in 2009 and 2010.

First problem: When renting in Catania, Sicily, the gas tank was given to me on "empty" when we picked up the car. When I said to the lady at the Europcar office that they are required to give it to me "full", she said not to worry; simply return it empty and she will mark the rental sheet to reflect that it was given to me that way. The Europocar Rental agent lied. She marked the rental form, I delivered it close to empty and then Europcar charged me in Palermo, where it was returned, for a full tank that they bought for the vehicle. LESSON: Never take a car from Europcar without a full tank of gas, no matter what they tell you...they are liars.

Second problem: I reserved a car this spring (Feb, 2010) to be picked up in Nice at the airport...or so I thought. I never received a confirmation from Europcar (they never email you one, like they promise). Some time later, I wondered if my rental had gone through, so I checked the Europcar website (which is a disaster to work with) and didn't find a rental in my name. So, at the suggestion of a friend, I booked a car the SIXT Car Rental, who were wonderful (the opposite of Europcar). Thinking that I now had the car I would need in August, I was surprised to get a bill from Europcar on my MasterCard for a pre-paid rental for the same date. But, I thought, it was probably my fault and tried to make inquiries to cancel it with Europcar; willing to pay the 5% Europcar cancellation fee. It was impossible to contact Europcar on their website. Europcar's website is a disaster and only permits you to rent cars; not to change your rental, cancel reservation or speak with anyone. Beware, this is some kind of gimmick. Rent from someone other than Europcar and you'll save yourself headaches in the process. It took me more than 10 hours writing emails to Europcar to every possible email address that I could make invent. Finally, an email that I sent addressed to was answered and they promised to cancel my reservation...we'll see if they do. My advice is to avoid renting from Europcar and try the new SIXT Car Rental agency that can be found online. So far, my expeience with SIXT Car Rental is far superior to my horrible experience with Europcar Car Rental and the SIXT Car Rental prices are lower than Europcar Car Rental. Also, don't avoid the tried and true American car rental agencies such as Hertz, Budget or Avis, as they can't be any worse than Europcar and they have offices in the US with a phone number and "real people" with whom you can speak. You can't say that for Europcar.
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User Replies:
nottasanta on 08/23/2010:
We also encountered big problems two times with Europcar in Sicily: this year 2010, we hired for three days in Augusta near Catane (Sicily Rent Car, agency of Europcar). Gas tank on reception at the hotel was 1/3 empty and there was nobody to fill out the check-in form, we left it at the hotel (nobody for the checkout) with a full and got an invoice for 4 days and not 3 and were charged a full of gas. Impossible to join any Europcar customer service, it doesn't exist and I think they just don't mind about insatisfied customers ... So here we are, shut up and pay, thanks Europcar ...
In 2008, we booked our rental on the Europcar internet site to take the car at Europcar Cefalù. Problem : The man was unfriendly and wouldn't accept the prices of our booking document, he tried to sell it twice the internet price. After long discussions (when there is a problem, they forget their English and speak italian) about prices and insurances we finally refused, and just passing the door he came to see us and told us he would accept. However, we paid more than indicated on the Europcar site. On 2009, we went to Hertz in the center of Cefalù, they were very friendly and the transaction was very smooth and not expensive.
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Do not Rent from Europcar EVER
Posted by on

1. This company is dishonest and will rip you off
2. They have NO customer service
3. Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with

With the volcano grounding all air flight I rented a car in Frankfurt to Madrid. I was off for a 24 hour drive with the GPS and a Germany map as my only guide. All was well until in the middle of France when I stopped for gas the car would not restart. I had three people try and dial the emergency number with NO success. I had the gas station call a mechanic who got the car started. He also tried to call the number, but did not get through. I paid so I could get out of there but when I arrived in Madrid not only were the people completely rude they would not reimburse the repair cost to me because I did not call the number. I said the number did not work and they said that was my problem. They told me if I wanted to talk to anyone I had to get back in the car and drive to another terminal they would not even tell me how to drive there. This after driving 24 hours already.

My second experience with this company was in Spain again where I rented another vehicle. They had nothing available but their expensive cars and they did not provide me with insurance. WARNING, if you do not get the insurance they WILL find a way to charge for damages when you turn in the car. At the return the guy had to use a soapy sponge to make the damage show up. I paid extra to have this car in regular parking and it was never left on the street and nothing happened when I was driving it basically looked like someone rubbed their luggage against the car. I think the guy did this to the vehicle after I walked away to go to the office. They said this was damage and I needed to pay 350 Euro extra.

Never deal with this company. I feel they are dishonest and unhelpful. STAY AWAY
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/09/2010:
I've looked at your review and glanced at some of the past Europcar reviews. All of this is sufficient warning for me not to try my luck with them.
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