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Everest Software, Inc.
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- After spending $8,000 a year for tech support from Everest gross negligence on the part of tech support personnel cost our business to be closed for 3 days and an outlay on approx $10,000 for an emergency purchase of a new server and for emergency software and hardware support over and above the cost of the faulty supposed tech support from Everest Software Inc. Everest is not taking responsibility for the fiasco. My new account representative at Everest Matthew is refusing to return my phone calls. The new CEO talks the talk about customer satisfaction but refuses to walk the walk when her employees commit malpractice. We performed a major upgrade with direct involvement and planning by Everest personnel over many months of planning and discussion and remote access to our Windows 2000 server. Everest personnel blamed the failure of the initial attempts at upgrading to the new software on our Windows 2000 server on lack of sufficient memory space. This even though we were using less than 50% of the available space. Everest supposed experts at Everest Tech support directed us that we need 2/3’s free space to successfully execute the upgrade. We totally rebuilt our Windows 2000 server raid array at great expense of time and effort with 5 new hard drives. When we attempted to run the upgrade a second time and after 24 hours of struggling with the problems along with Everest Tech Support personnel the whole time we found out during a shift change at Everest that the new version of their software would not work on a Windows 2000 server. No one at Everest had ever communicated that fact to us before. This information was not published. Everest personnel had been working on our server remotely for many months analyzing our problems never ever mentioning anything about the software not designed to work on a Windows 2000 server. Having had the whole books4cars company shut down already for more than a day we had to procure on an emergency basis a new server and new Windows 2003 software and spend another two days building the new server, loading the new software, and upgrading our database in order to be back in business. If the supposed tech support experts at Everest would have publicized or notified us of the fact that their new software was incompatible with Window 2000 server we would not have had to waste the time and money under their direction in rebuilding our Windows 2000 server with all new hard drives. Had Everest acted responsibly we could have planned ahead and procured new hardware and software using best procurement practices to find best supply and price. Had Everest acted responsibly we would not have had to have our business shut down for three days. We were served with a new tech support bill of $5,000 for the coming year. We asked for one year of free tech support in compensation for our losses. We felt that requesting a $5,000 non-monetary compensation for a $10,000 monetary loss we very reasonable on our part. Everest responded with an offer of 15 months of tech support for the price of 12 months. Such an offer represents an $1,250 non monetary deferred compensation for a $10,000 loss. We feel this is an insufficient offer of compensation. Everest Software Inc. has shut off our tech support. Everest Software Inc. has changed our account representative We have tried to contact our new account representative with three calls and an e-mail over several weeks with no response from the new account representative We are forced to lodge this complaint since we are not satisfied with the service and response from Everest Software Inc, to our attempts at resolving this problem to our satisfaction.
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Critical_level2 on 01/05/2010:
I work in the IT department at my work and know how frustrating a server crash/bad upgrade can be. Sounds to me like someone dropped the ball on their end by not checking compatibility of the software. I have idiots like that at my work also and they do not realize one simple mistake can cause a hell of a lot of grief and delays. My suggestion would be to find a different company for tech support. The way the market is today, I am sure many other companies would be more than willing to step up and provide tech support.
mrcl500 on 06/17/2010:
We have been using Everest for many years and suffered through their early releases that had bug upon bug upon bug. We too have found them to be incompetent in many areas and would jump at the chance to dump them.
Your experience sounds very typical to me and not surprising.
DidaxEd on 03/17/2011:
Yes, we have used Everest since 2005 and in the past three years they have provided no service to us. We do not think they are in business anymore.
ATC on 08/14/2012:
We have been using Everest since 2006. We have similar complaints to the others users here (unethical business practices, bait and switch maintenance agreements, software that does not work, etc.) and would recommend avoiding Everest at all costs.
Sailorman on 06/28/2013:
I am convinced that Versata, the company that now owns Everest, is doing the minimum possible to continue to extract large support fees from their customer base. They have no real concern about actually improving or maintaining the software. The incompetence, and lack of responsiveness, are of truly monumental proportions. We will be changing software as soon as we are able.
Jess on 03/29/2014:
We have also been using Everest since 2005. My issue is that our maintenance agreement has been going by thousands every time we renew. Then come to find out that they have an auto renewal on their maintenance contract and can charge what ever they choose. We will be switching software as soon as we are able as well.
Michelle on 04/18/2014:
We have used Everest since 2005. It was a great product at one time. Support is a joke, but the latest upgrade is a joke. Key functionality of the software is broken and almost unusable. I would consider a class-action lawsuit. This company has no intention of delivering a quality product and only "extorting" revenues. The CEO is the most vacuous person I've ever heard speak.
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Extortion to Encourage Service Contracts
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VANCOUVER, CANADA -- I too, have a bad taste in my mouth with this company. When I originally paid over $20,000 for my software, I purchased a feature called "forms design" which I used to customize the on screen look of their software to my company. In my initial conversation with my sales rep, I ask "what are the ongoing costs of service" and was told basically that it wasn't necessary, but many "economical" plans would be available. During my first service contract which cost over $2200 for the year, I not only never accessed their support, but showed them several small features their software lacked and my solutions to solving those issues.

When I upgraded my version to the new 5 release, I chose to not have any further support for my "forms design" as I had done all the designing I needed and would no longer use that feature.

When I ugraded all my previously created forms were gone!!! Their contention was that I didn't buy support for forms.... my contention was that I initially paid $700 for the forms feature to design and KEEP those forms..... I understand that if I needed support for them that wasn't there, but I had paid for those forms and they should have still been there after the upgrade. I could go on and on about the way in which this company spoke to me (suffice it to say, if I spoke to one of my customers in that way, I wouldn't need Everest or any other software!!!). Their new "customer focused" president wasn't much better. They essentially told me that without purchasing a support contract, they wanted nothing to do with me.

To cut a VERY long story short, I basically had to pay a further $700 to get "my forms" back and was told and sent an email to the effect that if I wanted to get support in the future, I would basically have to pay "a lot of money" to be re-instated, if they even chose to do so.

I feel like I have been held to ransom by this corporation and the way in which they reacted to my problem was completely unprofessional. I now backup all my data on a separate computer in the event that one day, my Everest Software mysteriously "dies".

While I don't have specific complaints with the software, I feel ripped off by this company and would never deal with them again.
Caveat Emptor!!

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User Replies:
Alain on 04/08/2011:
Since Everest International is out of Australia, I'll take a guess that you're in BC, so perhaps http://www.consumerprotectionbc.ca may be of some help to you.
Do on 04/13/2012:
Everest software not only took $20k from me without ever providing a working system, they are now trying to sue me for breach of contract three years after they told me if I didn't try and get my money back they would end our relationship. Don't work with this company they are a scam!
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Everest Software Does Not Deliver Services Purchased
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We have been a user of Everest Software since 2005. The company was originally held by the small group of inventors but is now part of Versata, which seems to be a German company that holds a number of small software companies. Our company faithfully paid all maintenance bills and demanded very little support. When it was time to upgrade to a new version in 2009, we paid the upgrade fee as well as paid for customizations to be done to our new version. Then for over 18 months, nothing happened. There were occasional emails from random staff, but all the people we knew there previously were laid off. At one point we watched a Webinar from the new president of Everest, Danielle Roylston, where existing Everest customers were characterized as "excess baggage". While we were not being provided the upgrade and customization we paid for (by charge card!) we were hounded by anonymous emails threatening to cut off support if we did not pay the new (much higher) yearly maintenance fee. Our costs went from $8,000 to $20,000 per year with no additional benefit. We requested in writing, by email, and by phone, a meeting with a customer service representative which we never got. Finally, Everest cut us off from all access to "support" (a laughable new website). We are currently installing Microsoft Dynamics GP and preparing a lawsuit against Versata/Everest for failure to deliver those services for which we paid. A visit to the everest website has many broken links and does not even provide a contact capability.
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User Replies:
azRider on 03/17/2011:
shameful. you go get em, not sure Microsoft's product will do the job if you need customization. you might want to check out Oracles ERP products that are easier to customize and has a wide range of support from both Oracle and non-oracle consultants. good luck on that suit and if you paid by company charge card can you get the credit card company to challenge it?
Jessica on 03/31/2014:
We have had Everest since 2005. The current maintenance agreement has gone up 4 times since we started using them. They provide no way to get service other than email. My advice, use another software!!!
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Everest Software Refuses to Refund Money for Product Not Purchased
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Everest's Ecommerce system was advertised and sold to us as being out,
available and ready to use shortly after we purchased Everest's software.
Not only was it delayed by many, many months but it was misrepresented as
being customizable in a way that Everest's salespeople later admitted they
did not realize it was not.

At every step of the way, we have indicated to Everest that we were
interested in the core product and that we knew we would have to heavily
augment the product to make it usable for us.

After Everest was purchased by Versata, Everest's policies constricted such
that a maintenance plan was now required for any type of service. Refusal
to pay the new maintenance plan fees meant that all of our previously
purchased support was void and could not be refunded. Furthermore, the
hosting we had planned to do with Everest had a contract that stated it
included support and now that was rescinded and we were told we would have
to pay the additional maintenance fees in order even to have basic hosting
support (being able to call them when the website was down, etc.). This was
a direct violation of the contract we had and we were not even made aware of
it. Our contract effectively changed with no written notification

We approached Everest for a refund of the unused ECommerce system ($8500)
and the unused and unusable service/support hours for site implementation
($3840). They said they had a no refund policy. They said that since they
had already received payment in full from the leasing company we were
dealing with the leasing company now and there was nothing they could do for

I won't even get into the fact that it sometimes took their support staff
days to answer questions and they routinely still could not answer our
questions when they did finally get back to us. Our people had to do
everything on their own re: set up and implementation and that was with the
hours we did use from the so-called support contract.

We have been and continue to be willing to pay for the software components
we did purchase and are using and apparently that is not good enough for
Everest which is frustrating, disappointing and unethical. Be very careful
in dealing with this company.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/11/2010:
If you didn't get what you paid for, dispute it with your credit card. Why wait months to take care of this? It is YOUR money.
dancorcal on 03/29/2010:
We are having the same problem. We were promised a lot during the purchase process and paid for custom work that depended on their release of .net within their estore platform. This was 2 years ago, and they have still not released it. We have tried to use the funds in other ways, but were not allowed. They will also not give us a refund on the monies even though it can't be used the way it was intended due to their failure to deliver the product promised. All they want is another 10K for maintenance on a system they can't fix. They are incompetent programmers, and run a very shady business. Run from this company and their software!
mrcl500 on 06/17/2010:
We dealt with Everest when they were based in Virgina and have been a long time user.. maybe 8 years. They sucked before they were purchased and it looks like they are even worse since they were purchased. They recently informed us that our maintaince expired but never sent us a renewal invoice or an email until AFTER the fact and now want us to repay all license fees and pay penalties. I say SCREW them!! They have a lot of nerve. I have a consutant working on importing my database into a different program. I noticed that their BBB rating is an F. http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/computer-software-publishers-and-developers/everest-software-in-austin-tx-90073927

This makes perfect sense. An "F" is what they deserve.
DidaxEd on 03/17/2011:
We can find no evidence that Everest exists as a company. They did not deliver services for which we paid in advance. Their website has many broken links. If you are considering an ERP system, do not be fooled by their web presence. They caused us thousands of dollars in lost investment.
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