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Scam and Poor Customer Service
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KENNETT SQUARE, PENNSYLVANIA -- In November on 2004 my husband and I contracted Duracoat America to coat the outside of our home with an elastic polymer blend of paint. This paint has a 25 year warranty and will eliminate the need to paint for many years. The salesman showed us photographs of other homes and how the original paint was stripped, scrapped, and power washed off, and sanded the existing exterior. The crew came in and power washed the exterior, but skipped the other steps. When I returned home that night, the home had been covered with the coating, but none of the other steps as outlined in their agreement had been done. The results was painted over cracked and peeling paint that looks like alligator skin. We also contracted them to redo our roof. The roof job was not completed, flashing was not correctly installed and we experienced an ice dam over top of our front door and were unable to get out of the house. When we contacted them, the general manager told my husband how he could fix the problem himself! Because of the ice dam the porch roof leaked and the interior porch roof buckled. It took several months for them to replace the porch ceiling, but they eventually did. However in the process, they peeled some of the paint off the porch railing and didn't fix the roof with the incorrectly installed flashing. When the weather turns bad again, it's going to buckle the ceiling again. We had water run down inside the columns of our porch which caused them to crack going up the sides of the columns. It's been over a year and we are still not getting Duracoat to fix the problems we have. We have never received our warranty for the 25 year paint, because we want to put in a claim on it. The crew that did our job rushed the work, did shoddy work and do not follow up with what they say they are going to do. The general manager has started another business called Everlasting Exteriors and operating under a new company. He even has the gall to say on his website that he values honesty and you can trust him. It makes me sick. We have called, left voicemails, emails and nothing is getting done with our house. We have copies of his recorded voicemails claiming that he will have such and such fixed by a certain time, and that date came and went. Whatever you do, don't hire this company to do anything on your home. Not even put up your mailbox. Too bad the choices for this review do not include all of the above and I would have picked that as the basis of my review. This company is horrible. Porch roof still not painted as of 6/6/2007.
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miketech on 01/17/2006:
I'm totally embarased to admit the same thing happened to me. You got it much worse and I do feel for you. The companies that sell that stuff have it down to a science. Sell sell sell, do shoddy work, take the money, close the company which was incorp then start a new one. So sad. Mine was $10,000 for a paint job. Bet yours was more :(
Ms.Consumer on 01/17/2006:
:-( Why can't people just do honest work for the pay?
miketech on 01/18/2006:
I don't know.
ajk3 on 08/03/2006:
we hired the same company. they did the same to us and got 26,000 off us.we are sick over it.we are sueing,but that could take years if any thing ever does happen.my historic house was ruined and left unfinished
Sherry1009 on 06/06/2007:
As you can read from my posting, I was a bit ticked that day. It was after several frustrating attempts to get our home fixed. Today is 6/6/2007 and we contacted the GM's cell phone yesterday. He actually answered it and "promised" yet again to have a crew come out and finish painting the porch ceiling. I'm not holding my breath and when the time comes and goes, I'll post that review here too.
Pamela Z on 09/26/2013:
Can someone provide an update - are all Duracoat contractors like this - or were you just unfortunate to have been in touch with this one? My sympathies - I hired a paving contractor to do my driveway years ago who showed up drunk and called me at all hours of the night and threatened me because I wouldn't pay him the other 1/2 of the agreed price until the job was done. If you have a happy ending to this story, please provide it.
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