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Excell XR2625 Pressure Washer Pump Failure
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I bought this DeVilbiss-manufactured unit at Home Depot last year, figuring that the Honda motor was a quality unit and would give me years of service. Well the motor runs fine, but the pump failed with less than 10 hours of use on it. At first it would refuse to develop any pressure unless I gripped and released the trigger several times, then shortly after that there was a clunk and the engine stalled and water started pouring out of the casing. Unable to find the receipt, I called the number listed on the unit and after spending 10 minutes wandering through the automated menus I got the address for the nearest service center 45 minutes away.

Naturally they were only open M-F so I took an afternoon off work and drove all the way out there only to find they don't handle those units but gave me the address to another place which turned out to be closed. Disgusted, I shoved the unit in the garage. Winter was coming and I had other things to focus on. Recently I dragged it out, warranty expired of course. Removed the cover and found the pump casting is broken and mangled in multiple places, pump is completely toast. A bit of investigation reveals a LOT of people who are having this same pump fail, to the extent that it took me some time to find somewhere that sells the upgraded pump unit.

$200 later I'm very much hoping I get more than 10 hours out of this new pump! I almost just scrapped the whole unit but it's nearly brand new! Lesson learned here is read the reviews first and don't buy junk. This exact unit I found is sold under a bunch of different brand names but it's the same garbage in all of them. Also save the receipt, there's a good chance you'll need it!

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