Executive Cellular Phones Inc.

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Executive Cellular Phones Inc.
68 Veronica Avenue, Suite 9
Somerset, NJ 08873
732-545-5004 Ext. 3 (ph)
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Can you return a cell phone if it doesn't meet your needs?
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STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- On October 6, 2009 I called customer service to report that my phone 848 219 7956 was not working and was told to have the sim chip replaced at no charge at a T-Mobile location. I went to Executive Cellular Phone Inc. kiosk in Menlo Part on 10/10 to have this done. Instead of just replacing the clip as I requested I was given, at no charge two (2) phones and was told that if I didn't like them I could return them within 12 days with no penalty. The next day 10/11 I tried to return the phones and was told that I could not do this. I requested that my original phone be returned with a replaced chip or at least in its original condition. This they would not do this. I left this Kiosk with neither my phone nor the replacement phones. Does the vendor have a obligation to return a cell phone if it does not meet your needs?

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