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Don't Expect Issue Resolution & Watch Out for Unauthorized Card Charges
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have an Expedia travel coupon for a $50 discount. 1st problem - online system wasn't working to process for my booking. I called Expedia to book my room. The man from India (**) ran the information and told me my hotel room would be 59 dollars with the discount and took my credit card information. He then put me on hold to get me a confirmation. 20 min later he said his computer was frozen and to hold. For the next 50 minutes this continued with him checking back periodically. Then he hung up and called back.

He told me next that the coupon system at Expedia wasn't working. Therefore my card was charged for the full reservation amount but Expedia would credit 50 off my card. (This went from 11 P.M. to 12:20 A. M.). He then transferred me to someone who asked to take my reservation. I was in bed by then and was not happy. She then transferred me to a supervisor (**/also India) who explained to me once again they would refund me the $50 if I booked the reservation. I asked how long until the card was refunded - 2 weeks! I told him I would not book then. He told me my card was already charged the full amount and it would be two weeks to credit my card.

I HAD NOT authorized AT ANY TIME this charge. When I told him this was unacceptable he argued and said "obviously you authorized the $109 or we wouldn't have your credit card number." I explained I authorized $59. I cancelled the reservation.

Went on my bank today and find 13 authorizations on my credit card from Expedia! I called to speak to a manager but you must go through the system. So I started with ** (India) who when I tried to explain what had happened she interrupted immediately and said "we have solved this by crediting your card. There is nothing else to do." I asked to speak to a Manager.

I received ** (American) in the corporate office. He explained that they had put a credit toward my card and therefore the issue was resolved. I asked if they do anything for customer satisfaction, take responsibility or at least apologize for the horrible experience I had. No. He said it was the representative who had screwed up, not Expedia. I asked if they stand behind what their representative does - NO. I asked if they do anything to appease or assist customers who have had a horrible experience. - NO. I asked if there was a way to cash out my
Expedia credits as I NEVER WANT TO USE THEM AGAIN. NO.

All in all Expedia charged my card for an amount that was not authorized. Spent over 2 hours on the phone on the first day (And 45 minutes the 2nd in trying to talk to a manager). And now have 13 authorizations on my card with still no hotel. EXPEDIA IS THE WORST AND HAS NO APOLOGIES OR QUALMS ABOUT HOW CUSTOMERS ARE TREATED!

Expedia Made Me Pay for Hotel They Had Not Booked Will Not Refund the Money
By -

I have booked an hotel in South India via Expedia. When I arrived at the hotel, they did not have any booking at my name. However they had free rooms so I stayed there and had to pay the hotel room directly. They told me they would not take any money from Expedia.

When I cam back home, I discovered that Expedia charged the rooms on my credit card. I called their incompetent and unprofessional customer service to ask for the refund. First call, the person hanged up on me, while transferring me to another person. Second call, the person was totally incompetent. She tried to call the hotel in India while I was on hold. She tried for at least 15 min, coming back to me several time, asking ME the hotel telephone number as the number she had done not work. It appeared at the end it was simply because she did not how to dial an international phone number.

Due to the time difference with India, she told me that she would have to call them back later. I asked her to keep me informed by email. Of course she did not, and later I learnt she just blatantly lied to me as it seems that Expedia employees are not allowed to call abroad when the customer is not on the line. So she could not take care of my problem later as she had told me.

During the third call, the lady was more competent as she managed to reach the hotel, but as it was the night time in India the manager was not there. So she told me I would have to call back another time, and during this call she would call the hotel again to speak to the manager. I explained that was impossible as I am in Europe, she is somewhere in America and the hotel is in India. So it is very difficult to find the proper time to call, and I am not going to wake up at four am just for that.

I asked to speak to her supervisor. After a long wait I spoke with the so-called supervisor who told me he was taking care of my complaint personally. That he will call the hotel directly and let me know... Of course, more than one week after, I still heard nothing from them. I had told them I could prove I paid directly the hotel, but they just seem not interested..

The amount is not a lot, only $136. So it seems that Expedia prefers to lose one long time customer, (I had bought many plane tickets and booked hotel during the last few years), just for $136.... Fair enough. It is now decided I will never use Expedia again. The customer service is a shame and I cannot stand that employees deliberately lie to you, just to get rid of you.

Another point, I am also starting to warn all the persons I know, friends, family colleagues against using Expedia. There are many other websites out there, and I am sure service cannot be as bad as with Expedia. Reputation is hard to build but can be blown very fast........

Very Poor Service in Reservations
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISIANA -- My mother died and I used Expedia to book a room near funeral home. Expedia agent billed my card and gave me confirmation number, but no email confirmation. When I got to the hotel, they said no reservation received and charged me again. I called Expedia when both charges hit my account. The agent refused confirmation number until I insisted, then put me on hold permanently. The next day, I was told I would have to call the hotel to get their approval before refund can happen. First and last Expedia booking and $14 more through Expedia.

Expedia Sucks and Will Not Accept Any Responsibilities!!!!
By -

On 7/5 I booked a hotel through Expedia's 800 number for arrival on 7/6. The agent assured me she had me set up for 2 double beds because I was traveling with my wife and our 2 teenage kids. Upon arrival to the hotel I was informed they only had a king bed available, doesn't really work for 4 people (especially with 2 teenage kids). I called Expedia and requested to refund the whole deal. They informed me that the hotel would have to charge us for 1 day and could refund the other days.

I let them know that was unacceptable and I wanted everything to be refunded, I wasn't paying for a room that I couldn't utilize. After 48 minutes and speaking with a manager, I was informed there was nothing they could do (nothing at all, no compensation or any offer to help resolve the issue and still wanted to charge me for one night and refund the rest). I went down to the front desk and spoke with the manager at the hotel. She said that Expedia should take care of it, that if they would refund everything to me, they had no problem with that.

I asked if they could take care of it and she said no, because she doesn't even have my credit card info or even know how I paid, because I paid Expedia and Expedia pays them. She said she has no way of refunding it that it would have to go through Expedia, what she said made sense. I called Expedia back again and spoke w/ another mgr, after 15 more minutes on the phone I finally was able to get my full refund. Over an hour on the phone, just to get my money back because they messed up.

The hotel said that this happens a lot with Expedia, that Expedia can't promise a specific room type (King, 2 double, etc.), because it all depends on availability. She said that Expedia does this a lot and it really causes them and their customers a lot of problems. Bottom line, DON'T EVER BOOK A HOTEL THROUGH EXPEDIA!!!

Hotel Didn't Have Their Lights On
By -

777 FLAGLER DR, WEST, SUITE 800, FLORIDA -- I went through Hotel Planner which is owned by Expedia for a reservation at a Comfort Inn in Winston-Salem, NC. I thought I was getting a discounted price by going through them. I agreed to pay $79.99/night. I reserved two king handicap accessible rooms and paid in advance. Upon arrival, I discovered that rooms were going for $55. I asked for the rate to be adjusted. I was told I could get that rate for Friday only and that my rate would be $63 the other nights. I agreed.

Unfortunately, Hotel Planner never sent my need for accessible rooms to the hotel so they were not prepared to support that need. We were given one but then there was a problem and we had to be moved to another room. Saturday night, there was an accident and the lights went out. No showers, no room service, no breakfast, no safety, no security, once you left the room you were OUT. The hotel went out of their way to meet customer needs.

They agreed to comp my stay for Sunday night if I wanted. I agreed since the alternative was to move to another hotel. At the end of the stay I was expected to sign a blank form (Expedia's rules) which I refused to do. I was unable to get a zeroed out receipt because that goes to Expedia as their credit card is used to pay for the room. The end result was I never got reimbursed for the difference in rate OR comped for the night. I'm sure Expedia got theirs as the hotel manager said he adjusted their bill. No one in Hotel Planner or Expedia or their management firm has even been kind enough to answer my calls or letters much less address this problem.

PS. The $63 rate was what Expedia paid when I paid them $80. The ONLY comment made by customer service at Expedia was that someone at the chain was going to answer for this as they are not allowed to tell us what the rate Expedia paid is. No one worried about my being cheated but that their secret was out about how much they made on the deal. The hotel mgr comped Expedia for the night lost, you'd think I'd get at least that, but no, Expedia has my money and are keeping it.

Horrible Experience
By -

I booked a double non-smoking room through Expedia. When I arrived at the hotel at about 8:30pm they checked me in and when I walked into the room I realized I was in a smoking room. I called to the front desk and they said they had overbooked and they had no more non-smoking rooms and she offered me a non-smoking king with a roll away bed. I immediately called Expedia to notify them of the problem only to be placed on and off hold for almost two hours.

Then I finally got a lady who said she would rebook us into a hotel that's close by and there would be no extra charge and to hold again while she called the hotel and book the room only for me to be disconnected. I waited because they asked me for my phone number so they could contact me only for no one to call me back.

So I called only to be placed on hold another thirty minutes and I had to explain the situation all over again and be transferred again and the rudest lady jumps on the phone and says "why are you calling? We called the hotel you're already checked in. We have no record of anyone saying they will rebook you so we can't help you". I was trying to explain to the lady and she hung up on me.

I called again and now it's midnight. I sitting in a restaurant with my husband and two children because we were hoping to get into another hotel that could accommodate us only for me to call and ask for the supervisor who gets on the phone and say "I can't help you because it is after midnight and we can't go back to any reservation once the day has changed". She did offer my money back that I had paid Expedia and said you will be responsible for paying the hotel if you stay so basically they did nothing.

So my family of four are all sleeping in a king size bed together for the night because they couldn't do their jobs. I WILL NEVER BOOK THROUGH EXPEDIA AGAIN. ANYONE LOOKING TO BOOK THROUGH THEM BEWARE IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG YOUR SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expedia Lies and You Pay for It
By -

Expedia and the Hyatt Hotel are in bed together and are DANGEROUS. Not as Advertised. We booked our blanket vacation pkg. through Expedia (falsely advertised the Hotel, amenities & charges). Expedia refuses to discuss it with me. I have telephoned them five times, and they refuse to discuss this with me. Expedia abandoned us at the Airport & refused our pre-paid rental car. The 2 room suite we had pre-paid for, didn'€™t€™ exist. Hyatt squished us into a tiny, dirty shack (supposed to have 4 queen sized beds).

Hyatt & Expedia have a contract. Both over charged us with double and triple charges. Expedia charged us 1st with their huge and embellished blanket package & 2nd charged us with itemized on Credit Card. Hotel charged us a third time. End of stay, 2 Hotel managers imprisoned us for 8 hrs. & demanded +++ money. Refused to show us bill (Embellished bill: $2.99 for turning on free TV, $16.99 for free swim etc.). Falsely advertised spa prices by charging us 100% for spa services. Hotel refused extra blankets, pillows, towels & bottled water. Hotel concierge assistance charged us third time for already pre-paid tickets.

Expedia sent us to wrong hotel. Had to take two cabs to arrive at the Hyatt. Arrived in AM. Hotel charged us anyway. Put us into a tiny, dirty hovel. Expedia left us hanging and wouldn't even speak to us. Took off a little money for not providing us with our pre-paid car and then, in addition to their over charging me they added the car rental charge. After leaving hotel room 1st day, someone broke into room safe & stole all of our cash. Both Hotel and Expedia refuses to make right. Rooms weren't as advertised.

Hyatt put us in hovels needing repairs: small, 0 cushions on patio furniture, dirty walls, worn out carpet, bad odor. We're charged for amenity of free breakfast. *Due to (1) wonderful hotel manager, we were given a comp & upgraded room.* Hotel charged us for it anyway. We were moved 3 times & each room was in need of repair. We never ended up in the room we had pre-paid for. Charges from Expedia doubled from beginning to the final bill on my Credit Card.

Our beautiful "œcomp suite"€ had two rooms, but it had a patio wall that was broken away from the wall (dangerous). Our bill was paid! Last day, 2 hotel managers held us prisoners x 8 hrs. demanding more money. After arriving home, manager telephoned me demanding I pay this embellished bill again. "€œAsked me to send him the money directly, and keep it between the two of us". Refuse to give us bill stating that it was a breach of confidentiality with Expedia.

The Worst Travel Company in Canada
By -

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA -- Two years ago, my husband and I attempted to book a trip to Barbados with Had I known that this site existed then, I would have submitted this review much sooner. We were told that the hotel we book, The Blue Orchid was full and that we needed to book a new hotel.

Later, we were contacted and told that they would book us there, but to a superior room and our cost. As a former travel agent, I found this odd. Usually when a lead in room rate is full, you receive an automatic upgrade at not cost to the consumer. To make an extremely long and painful story short, they basically took our information, "booked" the trip and then told us the entire hotel was booked and that we would have to go elsewhere.

However, they took our deposit via credit card and told us that the remainder of the payment was due, even though they could not provide a hotel for us. This was an IT issue, but these geniuses at in Kitchener, said they could not fix it.

Also, each time we phoned them, we were put on hold for an average of 45 minutes per call. Each time we asked for a supervisor, he was "unavailable". We were then told that our supervisor no longer worked at Given our length of time on the phone with these people I could see that they had time to hire and fire an entirely new team.

WE also had to phone our hotel in Barbados ourselves, as Expedia was either unwilling or unavailable to do so. They also outsource their work to a company in Florida and we began to receive annoying phone calls and emails from Florida telling us that our payment for the now non-existent trip was due.

After three weeks of this insanity, I contacted the customer Service person at in Washington state, who, after four more phone calls and numerous emails fixed it. She offered us a $1000.00 rebate on our trip, which we had booked with another company. Do not use this company. Their customer service is non-existent and they have the worst communication skills I have ever encountered.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

INTERNET -- Expedia's customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I am sure they are probably getting sick of seeing my name, and I don't really care. They and the hotel screwed me over and I won't go quietly. I booked using their "unpublished rates" which until now never had done me wrong.

When my husband and I arrived at the Monumental Movieland in Orlando our room smelled like mold. It had broken things throughout the room and the room itself was disgusting. We decided we couldn't stay there and stayed in the room long enough to book somewhere else for the duration of our stay in Orlando. We called Expedia and they refused to refund our money. I wrote several e-mails to them all of which were responded to with wrong information, and I wrote several complaints on their Facebook wall.

Finally I was contacted by their "tier 3 customer service agent". What a joke. I was actually told they won't refund my money because I didn't call them or try to resolve the matter prior to checking out of the hotel. They think that the issues could have been fixed. REALLY, this is what I was told, after reading the description of the room above how many of you would actually have wanted to switch to a different room inside the hotel?

I will never use this site again and I hope others will save their money and go to one of their competitors that actually have a customer service worth a **. If anyone would like more specific details please feel free to send me a personal message at **. I have no problem spreading the word about what an awful customer service Expedia has.

Awful in Every Way
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Rating: 1/51

Awful in every way. THEIR RATES ARE HIGHER THAN THE TRUE COST! I booked a hotel that had 2.5 stars at $46.00 per night. Upon arrival the hotel was beyond unbearable. It shouldn't of even received a single star. So beware of false portrayals of hotels. Based on the fact that I specified a non-smoking room without bugs and received a room that reeked of smoke and had bugs in the bathroom, I checked in for about 15 min and then quickly checked back out. I then requested a refund.

After 2 phone calls and 4 agents I got my refund but it was only for $31 a night which apparently is the true rate for this nasty hotel. I also got the $9 car insurance which come to find out the rental car agency knew nothing about and doesn't honor outside insurance anyway. I had to fight for that refund as well. I also found out at the car check out counter that Expedia over charged me $11 a day on the car rental. So I could have saved money simply by booking each item myself and would've saved some aggravation.

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