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Worst Customer Service in History
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Rating: 1/51

AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK -- This will be somewhat long but if anyone reading this is going to use it to base their decision to book with Expedia please be patient. The first thing I want to say is that I'm someone who travels a fair amount of time. I consider that taking at least 3 trips a year through flight to both domestic and international locations. I've been doing this since 2010. I have booked all of my flights through Expedia. The reason for this is because I find their website to be very easy to navigate and great prices.

I have to commend them on having an amazing website with a very easy interface. One would think that with such a great website that their human interaction is just as good. I want to say this without any exaggeration at all, as I know many people exaggerate when writing reviews. Expedia has THE WORST customer service out of any company I have ever dealt with. That of course is a personal opinion but let me give some personal background.

I've work in customer service for several years and as a professional, trained, created, and ran an entire customer service department for a call center on two different fronts. Both internally as well as outsourced. I felt I did that with at an extremely high level so when I deal with other customer service departments for other businesses I give them the benefit of the doubt and try to make their jobs as easy as possible since I know the ins and outs of the business.

The sad thing is with Expedia, I truly believe that 90% of the agents are either incompetent, which I know can be awfully mean to say, or they have 5 minutes of training and then are expected to handle live customers. I've had 3 absolutely awful experiences where on the 3rd I had a friend of mine on 3-way just to witness how bad they are so we could laugh after. The #1 question anyone could ask is "If they're that bad why continue to book through them?" Fair question so here are the answers.

I don't need to rely on their customer service to complete my bookings. If I've taken 20 trips I've probably spoken to their customer service 4 times. As I mentioned before the website and prices are excellent. I'm a huge fan of rewards points and I earned several through my years of booking with them. After this last interaction I'm going to redeem my rewards points and never booking with them again. So let's get to it.

I'm going to Israel for Good Friday to have an amazing religious experience. In doing that, I wanted to book a tour that takes me through Jerusalem and Bethlehem. There are several that Expedia offers and the one in particular I wanted to book says it's going to one of the sites I really want to go to, the Wailing Wall. The thing is, the main description says that's one of the sites you get to go to but in the detailed description it says you only see it from a distance. So my one and only question for Expedia is do I actually get to go to the Wailing Wall or do I see it from a distance.

I call Expedia and it literally takes about 3 minutes to speak to someone. I tell them the tour I want and then my question. The person I speak with tells me that they need to transfer me to customer service. OK fine. I'm then transferred and have to wait 20 minutes to speak to someone. Finally I get someone. She says her name and asks me for my name and how she can help me. I tell her and then out comes the question.

Me: I'm trying to book a tour and had a question about it. It's the Full Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. It says in the description that I go to the Wailing Wall but it also says I just view it from a distance.
Representative: Is this the Rome tour?
Me: No. I said Jerusalem and Bethlehem. This is a tour in Israel. It's called the Full Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

I hear her typing and then reading very silently. This let's me know she's simply looking at the website. She has the same exact access I have. I could literally help her with her next customer if they had a question the same way she's helping me. I'm on hold for about 3 minutes.

Representative: OK Sir, is this the Full Day Rome tour with entrance to the Coliseum??
Me: ....... Ma'am. Can you please get me someone who can help me. I've been on the phone for 40 minutes. Maybe it's just been 13 with you but it's been a total of 40.

I got off the phone with a slight headache.

Was promised a refund but the LIED
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Rating: 1/51

I had a death in the family and had to book a flight ASAP using Expedia. I booked a round-trip ticket from Miami to Montreal March 17 in the am returning that same evening just enough time to go to the funeral. I made the reservation March 15 at 9 pm, but I never received the immediate confirmation, which I always do, so I went to bed. I woke at 3 am and tried to check in for the flight or choose my seat, I do not recall. When I finally received the confirmation I realized what the problem was. I booked the ticket departing Montreal to Miami, so the opposite considering I was in Miami.

Please keep in mind that this was just 6 hours after I booked my ticket. I called Expedia at 3:30 am because I was sure that they would refund or credit me the ticket. I am a long time customer of Expedia and spend at least $10000 a year with them so I was very confident. Wow was I mistaken.

The initial call didn't take very long as they would only give me a credit on a FUTURE travel because they would not change the routing of the ticket. They said it HAS to be the same ticket so Montreal Miami round-trip. I told her about the death in the family and she said to send the death certificate. I told her there was no way that I would ask my brother in law who just lost his son for a death certificate and that I would just pay the penalty. Very simply no penalty they said I had to buy a ticket all over and that they would credit me the 2100$ for future travel. Being that it was 4 am at that point I dropped it and went to bed.

When I woke up I called my travel agent and told her what happened. She said what they did was completely illegal and that I could use the credit towards any destination. I took her advice and called them. After a one-hour wait time and back and forth with the agent he finally agreed to give me a full refund and said that the email confirmation would be in my inbox shortly. He also said that it would take 3 to 5 business days for the credit to appear to my bank.

One week went by and no email. I checked my credit card statement and sure enough a charge of $2,159.19 CAD was processed. I called Expedia to make an official complaint on March 24th and they told me that the phone conversations had to be reviewed and that they would get back to me in 72 hours. Five days went by with no call back so I called them once again to speak to another supervisor. ** I mean more unethical than that I have never seen. To go as far as to claim that I made up a one hour conversation with one of their reps is just disgusting!! Can you help me?

Awful Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, CALIFORNIA -- Here is my story of a rental car that I booked through Expedia. I believe that it is very important to check the customer service like Orbitz is doing prior to put them in your list as clients. (Itin# **). It is the first time that I am using Advantage Rent a Car and for sure the last time. From the beginning the reservation went wrong by not specifying where the offices are, not at the airport but at a hotel that you have to use the shuttle.

Upon my arrival there were two gentlemen at the desk, I was dealing with the agent **. From the beginning he was pushy about the full coverage insurance and the gas. He was not trying to sell. He was demanding to sell. I was using my debit card, and he told me that they would do credit check because it is their policy and they would take $350 deposit. I had just left a car in NY that I had rented from All Rental Car and two weeks prior had rented again from Enterprise Paramus New Jersey as I am here often on business and that was not the case with both locations. I asked to talk to a manager.

A “gentleman” showed up who told me “Madame do you see the sign?” pointing at the Advantage sign, “this company said that the customers who use debit card will have to go under a credit check and deposit $350. Now listen there are other 8 car rental locations at the Newark Airport.” I was so surprised by his behavior. Could not believe it. I asked his name and he said “** you spell it”. Obviously that “manager” did not even think of giving a business card or a last name.

After that he disappeared back to his office. Meantime the system was down and it took almost 30 minutes for the procedure to finish. The two gentlemen ** and the other young man on the counter were putting efforts to excuse themselves about the system by joking around which was very silly. After my encounter with the “manager”, agent ** started asking about my first name and laughing about it because it is hard to pronounce which was rather offensive. After that agent ** asked me to sign the car inspection while still at the office without bothering doing a walk through with me around the car. I was so surprised but did not want to stay there anymore.

On my way out after signing everything he run after me to make sure that he gave me the car that I asked for. What if it was not the right car, I would have to do all this all over again? I am in the customer service industry as well and travel a lot. I was under the impression that by trying a different company it would be a good experience. Advantage provided the worst experience I ever had as a customer at Rental Car Services. I am sure that it is not the company but those that you put to represent it...

Could not be worse. I cannot complain too much about the agent when his manager himself has worse attitude. It is my first day I have rented the car and honestly do not even want to go back to that location to return it! It is too bad I have taken so much of my time to write such an awful experience instead of being happy by customer service and saying to everyone to hear it...

Expedia Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

My first experience booking an entire vacation with Expedia will absolutely be my last. I have spent over $6700 with them in booking a vacation to Atlantis and they screwed up the entire reservation so many times, and given me bad information, like I don't need passports for my young children. Now, I have to pay expedited fees to get passports in time and I may be in trouble. It took me 7 phone calls after my initial booking to get my trip booked from Denver to Nassau, and a hotel stay. They would not get me flight seats and said I had to take it up with the airline.

The representative who booked my Atlantis hotel reservation told me we could have 2 adults and 3 small children in one hotel room there, and when we called them for other details, they said we could not and that they no longer had any other rooms available, so essentially we had no place to stay, but flights paid for. I then spoke with their customer service department (again!) and we were on the phone for over 5 hours, trying to get their mistake figured out, and get flight seats so our small children were guaranteed to sit with us. They eventually had to move us off property to the only thing they could find, a 1 bedroom villa for more money and not as we wanted.

They are the worst travel advisors I have ever dealt with and I will absolutely warn anyone I know never to use them. It has been a horrible experience and I am still dealing with the repercussions of their lack of attention to detail as I rush to a passport office and hope I can get passports in time for an April travel date.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a 5-night cruise with Carnival Cruise Line through Expedia on Dec. 22 for a surprise Christmas gift for my wife. Somehow we were double charged and my bank notified me immediately so I was able to contact Expedia hoping to get the charge taken off as fast as it went on but that did not happen. I was assured the charges would be reversed before they cleared the bank and that too did not happen.

On Dec. 24 the charge went through my bank and cleaned out my account on Christmas Eve. When I called Expedia they said there was nothing they could do and when I suggested that they give me some kind of compensation for what had happened the representative said that she would not authorize any money on this issue. I was not nasty but clearly upset and she said to me, that it does not affect her, she would be getting off soon finishing up her shopping and enjoy the Holiday. This only made this worse for the fact I no longer had money in my account to do the same.

I then called Carnival and my bank and after a great time on the phone fixed it on my own. I at that time called an Expedia supervisor to lodge a complaint. She was very nice and researched it but made no effort to do anything to compensate. I was not asking for a lot just something to let me know they were sorry for what happened and wanted my return business.

My conclusion is this: There is no benefit to book with Expedia, they are not cheaper, they do not stand up for their customers, they do not back their promises and they do not care if you do business with them again.

Took My Money but Did Not Book Disneyland Tickets
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- Just took my kids to Disneyland. Booked the trip on Expedia (first time) including three - 4 day Disneyland Park Hopper passes ($900). Got to park the first day (July 25) and they had no record of the tickets being reserved (even though I had the vouchers printed off from Expedia & my ID). Spent about 30 minutes at the ticket booth. Disneyland was nice enough to give us complimentary passes for one day but said I needed to call Expedia and have them put my reservation into their system.

While my kids went on rides without me I spent over TWO HOURS on the phone with Expedia (which by the way it's SUPER loud in Disneyland so very hard to hear & talk to a person with a thick accent). When all was said and done, Expedia said they would send a fax to Disney showing that I had the reservations and an email to me confirming and would send me a $50 voucher for my inconvenience.

After a couple hours I dragged my family back to the Disney ticket booth where they still had not received anything from Expedia but after another half hour of standing there talking to a manager, Disney gave us the rest of our Park Hopper passes. Disney never received a fax from Expedia but lucky for us Disney honored my vouchers.

It has now been 8 days since I spent over 3 hours dealing with that crap at the Happiest Place on Earth and I have NEVER received an email OR a $50 voucher from Expedia (but plenty of their email advertisements). Oh and by the way. The ground transportation I had from airport to hotel ALSO had no record of us in their system, but luckily I called them beforehand to confirm and they put us in their system.

UPDATE: After numerous emails back & forth with their customer service dept. I called Expedia yesterday to get some kind of compensation for the inconvenience. On hold for 1 hour & told I would receive a credit to my credit card within 5 days. Got an email from Expedia tonight saying that Disney denied my request for a refund, therefore the case is closed. I never wanted a refund from Disney! They probably never even received the $900 Expedia charged me. What a joke. Do NOT book with Expedia if you want your trip to go smoothly.

How Expedia Charged Our Card 3 Times $3920 With No Booked Flight! A Total of Nearly $11000!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Stay away from Expedia. I tried booking an international flight and ended up with no booked flight and a pending balance of nearly $8000 on our credit card. The travel agent was 'helping' book the flight and processed the amount of $3920 three times instead of one. The first two transactions are now pending. The agent thought that the card did not go through so she kept on reprocessing until the transaction declined the third time!!!! What happened to our flight? That was not even booked!!

I spend 7 to 8 hours on the phone yesterday trying to call the call center several times, talking to different people each time as I was disconnected many times. My credit card co said that Expedia has to call their merchant department, confirm the charges and have them reimburse us. Most Expedia employees that I talked to deny those charges and won't call my credit card co. Even though I conference both Expedia and Amex in that did not solve the issue.

So today is Saturday I have to drop a lot of things on my schedule and make calls to both Expedia and Amex. This disrupted my husband's schedule. This is a horrible mess. Expedia agents are simply not properly trained in handling reservations and charging credit cards. They simply do not know what they are doing. They should make sure that their employees adhere to a certain protocol and not disconnect the customer when they mess up a booking and the charges associated with it. They need to have a decent level of training.

Also be aware that their travel agents refuse to provide their employee ID so they can't be tracked down. And by the way I had to reserve by phone because I had problems booking the flight online. Frankly, too many issues with this company. We still have to get those charges reimbursed. Also also a few days prior I booked a flight and after I paid for it I realized that the agent put the wrong return date in the reservation. That cost about $3780 that we had to cancel but the amount was still posted on the credit card as of yesterday... So nearly $11000 in charges to be reversed!!!!!! And no reservation.

Misleading Company That Steals Customers' Money
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Rating: 1/51

Long, long story short: after trying to cancel a flight within 24 of making the reservation with Expedia, they never issued a refund and we never received a confirmation email. When we called the company to check that our flights had been canceled, they said they had no record of the cancellation because we did not cancel it properly through their very misleading phone system which tells you to simply "Hang up" if they verified your flight.

In total, I was on the phone with Expedia for over 4.5 hours (most of which was spent on hold) changing my flights, speaking with different managers, supervisors etc. each of which had a condescending attitude. In the end, I still had to pay the change of flight fee, despite the fact that the flaws in their system are what caused the confusion in the first place. In this process I was told all of the following by different employees: my flight could be changed for a $200 fee per ticket with no change in the price of the ticket, we could not change the ticket at all, that the fee would be over $700 dollars and that the fee would be $200 with a change in rate.

Finally, when we made our change we asked them to send us a receipt confirming the price of the change. We were told "no", but upon asking multiple times, they were able to send us a confirmation of the money that they had charged to our credit card. Why this is not standard procedure only further confirms that this company intends to mess with their clients.

Honestly, I feel as though this company does everything they can to mislead their customers, keep them on hold for as long as possible to wear them down as not to fight their rules, and confuse them with differences in prices. If you use this company please do so cautiously and get EVERYTHING in writing.

Changed Our Room!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Last night we booked a vacation package through (room + flight). We selected our room and thought we had a great deal. This morning we realized the room was wrong. I spent 7 hours on the phone with Expedia representatives. I was hung up on 8-12 different times. I was on hold for hours at a time, and I have the phone records to prove it. I was told by 2 different guys that there was an issue with the site - when you select your room and book everything... then the room actually changes on you. Thus, it was not our fault.

These 2 guys said they would make the switch and not charge us for it. However, I got disconnected from these guys. I had to keep calling. Eventually I was sent to corporate. These guys were the most unprofessional and rude! One guy tried to help but wasn't sure what he could do. He was still confused on what I was saying. I was then sent to his supervisor, **.

** spent an hour telling me how this was my fault and there was nothing he could do. ** had said he would cancel the reservation and give me $200 for my time, but he was still going to transfer me to help answer my questions on how this could happen. ** said we did not deserve compensation, and he would "honor the reps offer and give us the $200 if we ONLY kept the booking."

That was not ** words, but he said he did not like dealing with people that complain and didn't see any reason to do anything. His argument is that it is entirely our fault. He was very rude and disrespectful with the fact he could do stuff but didn't want to. This was our honeymoon we had to cancel, and I have never dealt with such unprofessional and rude employees. He didn't even act like I was a person.

I work 12-hour shifts and deal with customers all day. I understand people who complain, but there is a professional way to deal with things. I was also told there was no one else I could ask about this. He also did nothing to change the booking error! Had I not noticed it, I would have gone on my honeymoon being put in the wrong location at this resort all together. Since no one seemed to care, I can only imagine how many other people they are charging the expensive rooms and downgrading them without anyone noticing. This is the perfect way for them to make money!

Negative Expedia Experience
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Rating: 1/51

N/A -- As an infrequent but long time user of Expedia, I have always had a pleasant experience with their services. However, my most recent trip to Cancun, Mexico is a shining example of how one simply cannot trust this company. Expedia has a very convenient and (usually) accurate option to search for deals on all-inclusive vacation packages. Using this option my spouse and I recently booked a 10 night stay at the Marriott Casa Magna in Cancun. The price for the whole package was very reasonable due to, I suspect, the fact that this was the off-season for travel to Cancun.

The flight was reasonable and upon arrival to the hotel, we learned – to our surprise – that there is no “All-Inclusive” option at this particular establishment. We immediately called Expedia and after three hours of being put on hold, bounced around, dropped we finally talked to a Customer Service Representative. After explaining the situation to the CSR and his supervisor, it was agreed that Expedia had made a mistake and would reimburse us for any food or beverages we ordered from the hotel during our stay (we were to treat this stay as an all-inclusive).

As neither of us are big drinkers nor big eaters, we averaged about 2 meals and 2 drinks per day each. At the end of the trip we had incurred $921 (CAD) in additional charges for food and beverages. Considering that the stay was for 10 days and there were 2 of us, that works out to $46/day each for food and drinks. I think this is a very reasonable amount.

When we returned home after the trip, we emailed Expedia a copy of the receipt showing the breakdown of the $921 in extra expenses incurred because of the “All-Inclusive” mistake. Then after spending over seven hours on the phone with them over the next two weeks they only agreed to reimburse us for $300 of it. Without giving us any reasons, they threatened that it was to be $300 or nothing.

In then end I'm glad that they only “stole” $621. Reading some other peoples' reviews of Expedia's services have shown me that it could have been a far, far worse experience costing me far more money. Needless to say I will never book another flight/hotel/vacation with Expedia ever again. I sincerely hope that people react to this kind of business practice and join me in boycotting Expedia.

TLDNR: Do not use Expedia as you will have to pay for any mistake that they make – they will not do the reasonable thing of reimbursing you.

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