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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Terrible service, the worst service I have ever received in my life, (restaurant, shopping, vacation booking, etc.), the only reason I am giving them 1 star is because I am not able to give them 0. I booked a trip for two airplane tickets at $133.80 each + tax, and a car rental without insurance. I later checked my bank statement and found out that I was charged $257 per ticket, and the car insurance price of $35 was added, and was charged two days after I submitted the request. I never got an initial itinerary number, and after a couple of weeks of emails, no response. I searched their website for a phone number to call and they do not offer that, you have to put in an email and phone number and wait until they call you back. Personally, I would rather wait on hold because I at least know that I am in line waiting to speak to someone. After a couple of weeks of no responses, finally came across a phone number to call. When my fiance' was finally able to talk to someone, their reasoning to getting charged the $257 per ticket is that when my account got charged, two days later, the price had gone up for those tickets and that is the price that we have to pay. After my fiance' was on the phone with three different representatives for over an hour long, nothing was resolved. They said that we could not get a refund for the plane tickets, only a credit for a future flight but we could get a refund for the car rental. We could have gotten a full refund had we canceled the trip within 24 hours of booking, although the account didn't get charged until two days after.

Overall the worst service I have ever received and I definitely will never use this website again and I strongly advise everyone else do the same.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/06/2014:
I suggest calling your credit card company and disputing the charges.
Greg on 02/06/2014:
Agree - call your CC company. I do not know if you did this, but you should always check the airline's website before you go to a 3rd party vendor. (Also, rental car sites). I have only once found an airfare cheaper with a 3rd party vendor than going through an airline's site.

Good luck.
ticia232 on 02/07/2014:
I agree with calling CC because you should have been charged for the airline as soon as you booked it. But did you give in your car insurance info to prove to they would cover the rental car if anything happened to it? If not that was what the holdup was and why I no longer get both in the same online transaction (even though I opted for the insurance). The rental company needed a scan of my husband's license and when we got it to them the price of the ticket had gone up. I thought that we were purchasing everything on different terms (one the tickets, the other the rental car.) I have not bought a bundle from anywhere (except for my triple play, phone, tv, internet).
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Worst Customer Service and System
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I made a Cancun reservation for 3. They charged airline tickets twice which is $1711 each time.

I called and spoke to American Airlines and AMEX and confirmed that they charged twice and only Expedia can reverse this reservation because they made it.

I spoke with 13 Expedia representatives and supervisors. Non of these people helped me and kept saying they did not charge on my credit card. I replied "Wow, you did not charge and I still have itinerary. Then, it is free vacation?" and he said "Congratulation!" and showed me attitude. Since he could not find the transaction with my credit card number, he told me to call banker to check. Why I need to call my credit card company and whether I paid with right credit card?

Anyway, I called AMEX and we did conference call and confirmed that my credit card was right and they charged twice. Then, Expedia representative hung up.
What a nice service???? Both of AMEX representative and I was shocked.

Anyway, I'm still calling to Expedia and on hold over 6 hours.

Finally, The supervisor, Chris told me that they made only 3 tickets on the system and I begged her to go to www.aa.com and check how much they charged. I told her "please' 3 times and she replied that ever she wants to say and hung up.

I called American Airline again and explained what they did and how much I tried to fix. After the representative heard my story and sympathized me, she decided to call Expedia and confirmed there's 6 fright tickets were purchased.
After AA representative explained and hung up, Expedia representative turned back to the way they were. She refused what they double-charged and kept telling me that they charged only 3 tickets on her system.

Now, I called my credit card company and disputed charges.
That was the only way I could resolve the issue.

Expedia should issue a trouble ticket and tried to find why this happened.

Damn Expedia. What a nice company!!!
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Terrible and Rude and Incompetent Service to Change Dates on Tickets
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51

I have had one of the most terrible and worst service experiences ever.

I called about my itinerary to make a simple date change to my tickets Tokyo to London with Aeroflot from 25 July to 24 July. They are fully changeable (Date change with no fee D/Z) business class fares.

I called at about 1AM Tokyo time on July 14th. When I first called I was on hold for more than 30 minutes. Then an agent answered me and took about 20 minutes and then said I will be connected to a supervisor. The supervisor said they must contact the airline. Then my call was dropped (I did not hang up).

I called back and was put onto another operator. This operator was on the phone with me for 60 minutes and still could not change my tickets. The operator said to wait until the service desk calls me. After another wait, the service desk called me and said the flight did not have seats any more at my fare to change. However there definitely were seats earlier when I called. I also checked while I was on the call on-line using ExpertFlyer to confirm there were enough Z fares during the long call. Basically because all the Expedia agents took so incredibly long and keep passing me from one agent to another the seats were not available by the end of the three hour call.

When I said I have waited three hours. Because the Expedia operators took so long then the seat was not available at the end. He did not even apologize, and simply said the standard line about airline policies.

After three hours on the phone from 1am to 4am in the morning in Tokyo I was so upset and frustrated and worse, that the operator did not try to apologize properly.

I am very upset and disappointed. I bought full fare business class tickets and have spent many thousands of dollars over the years on Expedia.

This morning I called to Expedia and asked to speak to a manager. I voiced my complaint and was simply told to wait to speak to a manager again. I was told to speak to a manager called Barbera. But after again a 30 minute wait the call was dropped instead of transferred! It was incredibly frustrating.

This is one of the worst customer service I ever had. I have also spent more than $100 USD on international calls today for this matter to call from Japan, and no result.

I want proper and formal compensation and an apology from Expedia.
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User Replies:
TomSF on 07/14/2013:
This is one of the reasons you should book directly with the airline.
trmn8r on 07/14/2013:
I honestly have no idea how any of these third party companies stay in business. Same as Dell, I guess - there are always new customers coming along.
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Trying to cheat me out of my refund
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I scheduled a flight and hotel with Expedia in May 2012. By late May I realized that I couldn't use the reservation that I had scheduled through Expedia and so I cancelled it. Rather than immediately issuing me a refund, the employees at the call center in India proceeded to require me to go through some completely unnecessary steps. I repeatedly called them (using the office phone, as I didn't have one at the time) and through long wait times and dropped calls, nothing came of it. Then when I was able to get through, I found out the amount that I was owed (about $411), but again through disconnects and dropped calls, my refund was never issued. I then called again and found that the employees instead of using my email address, which Expedia had, they had closed my file completely, so no one could help me. Again, instead of being apologetic about the whole affair and issuing a refund the legal team for Expedia demanded that I sign a “Motion to Dismiss With Prejudice,” which means that if I don’t get my money I would have no legal recourse to get my refund. So, I obviously won’t sign such a document. They then dropped that requirement and asked that I lie to the court and say that the matter has been settled BEFORE they’d send me my money. I took them to small claims/conciliation court and won my case--STILL no refund! And guess what?!? They didn't require me to talk with them on the phone to get the money that the court had ordered!

Expedia is also hoping that you won't know how the law works. You are allowed to recover not only the cost of the resrevation, but also the filing fee with the court AND costs; for instance, to notify Expedia of the lawsuit you have have them served, which means that you have to send a copy of the suit to the server and use a money order to pay the server--so you have the cost of the server, the money order fee and postage. When you are in conciliation or small claims court, make sure that the judge/referee awards you all of those costs.

Expedia is hoping that you'll find the work and expense of getting your money back to be just too much--and then they get to keep your money! DON'T LET THEM!

If you take your case to conciliation or small claims court and you win, but not all your costs as you are allowed to claim, check to see if you can appeal to District Court.
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Don't Book With Expedia. They Hold Money for Services Not Provided!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA -- If you book through Expedia, and there is any problem at all with your transaction, you will have a hold on your account for the amount of the transaction even though it did not go through. DO NOT try again!!! You will end up with multiple holds on your account. I tried to book a flight on June 4th. I chose the flight, gave the credit card information, chose seats and then Expedia said the flight was unavailable and to try again. As they had already taken my credit card info, I DID NOT try again. Instead, I called the airline directly (spoke with a real person) who had the flight I had just looked at on Expedia for the same exact price and there were seats available.

I booked through the airline. I then looked at my bank account and found a pending charge from Expedia for $584.20. Thank God I did not try again! I called Expedia who told me the hold would be dropped in 24 hours. It didn't. According to my bank, it will drop tomorrow, June 7th. How can they even hold money for a service that they aren't providing? They can temporarily tie up your money because of problems they are having with their website. Never again will I use them. Book through an actual person at the airlines.
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/07/2012:
Thank you for your review which once again reminds me why I book directly!
Janet Lee on 08/19/2012:
This same situation happened to me on Friday. I wish I had read these reviews before I used Expedia. Never again. They need to be investigated.
Billiejeanb on 02/28/2013:
I also wish I would have seen this. I have to postpone my trip because my internet is spotty and now Expedia is holding all my cash. If anything I learned not to try for last minute deals.
Almir on 06/06/2013:
Used Expidia before with no problems. There is serious issue with their booking site now. Advertised one price and while going through booking process and submitting my credit card info they hiked price. Never completed reservation after several attempts. There was 17 charges on my credit card made by Expidia. Spent hours with their Customer Service Department to be told they will issue refunds within 48 hours. Huge inconvenience and waste of time.
Julia on 09/28/2013:
sometimes this error happens due to credit cards errors, credit cards do not match the website, however this is not an amount they are holding, it's an amount hold inside your credit card and they did not take it.
The thing is taking an authorization is the step before being charged, as long as it is still held in your credit card so they did not take it, but the reservation didn't go through. Most probably authorization drop within 72 hours.
Sandy on 02/18/2014:
Very upset. I've booked through Expedia for over 10 years. I just had the same thing happen to me and now I am $150 overcharged by my bank the bank would not refund all of it and Expedia says they can't do anything. I will call them again
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Disappointed Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I booked flight tickets for my friends from Expedia.com. I put first name as last name and last name as first name. I found the error and called Expedia.com customer service. Below is my experience:
1. Representative tried to contact with airline to fix the issue and could not find the airline help person, then she created a ticket and said her manager would deal with airline for the change. the process would take 24 to 72 hours.

2. I received an email after 2 days of 1st talk with Expedia.com representative I was asked to call back. I called back, the reason they called is because they want to confirm the person's info to be changed. (What a basic skill it was missed to create customer service ticket! I waited for days then they need confirm what to be changed!) The representative tried to contact with airline again but could not. so the same ticket was updated and I was told that manager would deal with it within Another 24 to 72 hours.

3. I waited another 72 hours, no email, no any contact, so I called Expedia.com customer service again. The 3rd representative tried to contact airline again but did not succeed. Then she told me, they sent notification to airline for the change. when traveler check-in at time to travel, airline will fix the problem.

Every time, when I called, they tried to show me that they really did great job (calling airline, manager involving) to help me out. I felt that only thing they did was to send notification to airline and then that was done. After 3rd time worked with Expedia.com customer service, I did not trust them anymore, I call airline service line. Very friendly airline service person helped me out. I can talk to airline customer service but Expedia can not. what is joke they claimed what they tried.

Another bad experience is 2 of 3 customer representative I talked with has very strong accent and it's not easy to communicate with them.

I am very disappointed for the way Expedia services their customer. I really hesitate to use Expedia again.

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User Replies:
dan gordon on 04/01/2012:
you didn't need to change anything. Since your name is the same the order listed makes little difference.
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Bad Service After Booking Air Ticket
Posted by on
DOVER, DELAWARE -- My father passed away on 11/15/2011. I book my ticket through Expedia going from jfk dt 11/16/2011 to Bombay and coming back on 11/27/2011.

When I cancel my return flight due to funeral process gulf air charge me
$ 197.00 Try to call from Bombay to Expedia 1800 number have to wait more than 30/40 minutes no one answer, try to talk to gulf air personal in their office they don't want to listen to any thing in Bombay office, if have to change ticket date they will just charge.

Secondly from jfk to London flight we specially order Indian non veg food but in American airline they don't had veg food at all.? Our total trip travel time was 30hrs from jfk to London-behrin-Bombay.

Same thing with gulf air too don't know what kind of food they were giving
but in short when we complain the same to gulf air they said they carry only this food?

And air line don't provide any extra water for waiting period of more than 4 hrs. They only provide any food if hold is for more than 12 hrs.

So my friend brother and sister please make sure before booking through Expedia please check that they give right cont info and tel no in case of problem like me what happened.

Also when I came back I lost my baggage till now have not received the same call Expedia to complain for the same and the representative told me they can't do any thing about this issue is with airline have to talk to them I came back to usa on sat 12/03/2011.Lodge complain to American airline. Call them on 12/04/2011.The operator told me that I am supposed to come in Air France where ticket was booked for aa. And surprising that I had 2 bags and I got 1 at the time of arrival and 2 one is still missing.

The funny thing is operator don't look into any problem and just without looking any problem give answer which has no value. Don't know how airline company appoint this kind of staff.
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/07/2011:
Since Expedia, the third party contractor, bought the space from the airlines and then resold the tickets to you, they are are the customer in the eyes of the airlines. That doesn't give the airlines a lot of incentive to work with you. I assume you've filed a report with the airline about your missing luggage. Hopefully, they'll find it. Regardless, you can file an official complaint at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml and http://airconsumer.ost.dot.gov/problems.htm
If nothing else, this will add to a data base that people can look at when they chose an airline.
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Expedia hides info, won't admit mistakes, doesn't give refunds
Posted by on
My wife books a flight through Expedia. She finds out that there's a cheaper flight online. When she calls within 24hrs, they tell her that they will cancel the older tickets, and apply the new one. After a month, it didn't seem like they had refunded the older tickets. We then find out, after months of fighting with Expedia, Delta and the bank, that she was given misinformation from Expedia.

They say they had refunded the first ticket purchased, which apparently they did, but neglected to tell us that we were manipulated into buying a mysterious third ticket. At no time were we ever told or wanted to buy another flight that we wouldn't be using, and couldn't use. It was from one day to the next in less than 24 hours, requiring us to somehow magically teleport back home, be on time for this mysterious flight. Silly. But there it was. Turns out, the website allowed us to double purchase, and through the generous help of a sneaky agent, got us to get tickets through both our own account and through a guest account. It wasn't something that we were aware of, and also they didn't tell us about until 4 months later.

And the mistakes continued. They booked our 1 year old daughter as a 4 year old, creating yet another comedy of errors. They blamed us, but when my wife pulled up the information, found that she had typed in her birthday perfectly.

Expedia wouldn't budge. They would not refund our tickets, and they would not admit to their mistakes. They kept pinning the errors on Delta, us, and even our bank. Oh, and the tickets that were supposed to be cheaper on the website? They weren't. The agent made a mistake and it turned out the tickets were exactly the same price.

After calling, asking for supervisors and being a squeaky wheel, they wanted to give us a partial credit to use their service, which was almost half of what the amount was. But it was very restrictive, and would only be good for the next several months. In order to use it, we would have to use it quickly, & we would still have to pay them. Sneaky, and certainly not good enough.

So to sum it up: They made a mistake on pricing, they neglected to tell us that we had "accidentally" purchased separate tickets with the help of one of their sales techs, they added years to my young daughter, they squarely pointed a finger at Delta saying it was their fault, then they didn't want to refund us, instead giving us a partial credit to use their services only in a very restrictive manner.

You know what Expedia? Stay classy. You can keep the money you stole from me. Because from this day on, every opportunity I get and for the rest of your company's life, I will live so that I can tell my friends, families, neighbors, strangers, community & social gatherings, Facebook, blogs, & everything else I can think of on how you really deal with customers. I bet you will lose the money you kept from me many, many times over. Judging from the mountain of people who are dissatisfied with your service, your days as a company are numbered.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/08/2010:
The more I hear about Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc., the more I am aware that is best to make reservations with the airlines/hotels directly. The only time these third-party booking companies may work is for a last minute reservation for a weekend. Otherwise, I've heard enough to convince me that there is really no savings to speak of.
saj80 on 09/08/2010:
The time to research prices is before booking, not after. While I agree 100% with singsing, when a consumer makes a reservation prior to checking prices, it's their fault.
Anonymous on 09/08/2010:
saj, I think the point is Expedia advertises that if you call within 24 hours of making your reservation and find a cheaper price, they will refund the difference. Sounds like they screwed up on that promise. I would always research before too, but maybe they actually thought Expedia would live up to their promise.
IhateExpedia on 09/08/2010:
Believe me, we did research prices before booking. But when we spotted the better price and called, we were even told that it was perfectly fine to get the new price, especially since the lower price was from Expedia themselves! But as you've read, the lower price was an error, even the sales tech didn't catch it.
getoverit on 09/15/2010:
You definitely can save money with Expedia, as compared to booking stuff directly. But there's no guarantee you will, unless you make the comparisons. But I would make the comparisons first, book the deal, then forget about it.

I went to the Expedia website, read the "Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions", and now I have a headache.

But that doesn't alter the fact that the PO went through quite a real nightmare. I've been through much the same with conventional travel agents, too.
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Expedia.com Has Nightmarishly Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Expedia has the worst customer service imaginable -- in fact, I would never have imagined that customer service could be so bad before dealing with Expedia.

In short, dealing with Expedia is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!!

Here's what I experienced when trying to book a Legoland “Expedia Extras” deal on July 13, 2009. The following offer came up when I was booking a San Diego hotel reservation:

"Buy Adult 2-day LEGOLAND/SEA LIFE Park Hopper Ticket, get Child 2-day Hopper ticket FREE. This offer is effective for admission on the Two Day Hopper ticket from 7/1/09 - 9/30/09, with a discount on additional child tickets when you book by 7/31/09. Must purchase LEGOLAND® + SEA LIFE˙ Park 2-Day Combo Ticket on the Customize Your Trip page to qualify."

I completed my hotel reservation, but I was never taken to the “Customize Your Trip” page to get the Legoland offer. So I called Expedia’s customer service number.

This was the beginning of a total of six hours of phone calls to Expedia, by myself and by management and staff of the hotel I booked through Expedia, who also tried to help.

The main problem is that the customer service phone staff seem to be making up information as they go along. Over the course of these multiple phone calls, I received a plethora of different answers as to why I could not access this offer, most of which contradicted each other or the text of the offer above. Here is a summary of the explanations I received over the course of these numerous phone calls:

• “This offer has expired.” (Me: “but it says it doesn’t expire until July 31.” Agent: “We haven’t updated our web page yet.”)

• “The hotel has decided to discontinue this offer.”

• “Legoland has decided to discontinue this offer.”

• “I don’t see any such offer anywhere on our site.” (Two different agents told me this.)

• “You have to cancel your hotel reservation and re-book it again for a later date to be eligible for this offer.”

• “You have to book this offer at the same time you make your hotel reservation – it cannot be booked separately.”

• “You can get this offer by visiting the ‘Activities’ tab, it does not have to be booked in conjunction with a hotel.”

• “You have to visit Legoland on the same date as your hotel check-in date.”

• “This offer is only available with a two-day advance purchase.”

• “This offer is only available with a five-day advance purchase.”

• “There is no reason why you should not be eligible for this offer, and I will transfer you to customer service.” (I was then disconnected after a 20-minute hold.)

• “You are not eligible for this offer because it only applies to children ages two and under.” (Two different agents told me this, even though the page says ages 0-12.)

The only reason I was finally able to get the promised offer was through the combined efforts of the hotel management and the Legoland Guest Services office – because both knew that Expedia’s incompetence might reflect poorly on them. Ironically, the only party that never came through was Expedia – and it was their offer that created this problem in the first place.
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User Replies:
Eloise on 07/18/2009:
It was a free trip they couldn't do it. What did this cost you? Nothing!
godofwar on 07/18/2009:
was the booking for the same day? because with Expedia, same-day booking will not have you through the activities or "customize your trip" page. if it was not the same day, you definitely have skipped the "customize your trip" page; and there is no way for you to go back and add that ticket to the itinerary. the agent who said it should have been booked together with the hotel was right. the offer is not available anymore after completing the booking for the hotel, if you skipped it. don't blame somebody for something that may be your own mistake.
godofwar on 07/18/2009:
and by the way, I did see that "customize your trip page" when I went through the booking process. it did say that the child who gets free tickets should be 12 years old and below. and then again, you should have picked it along the way as there is no way to add it later. I do agree with you that some of their agents can be a bit dumb. I verified that some promotional offers can just pop up on the website without the agents, even supervisors, being informed or educated about it. I used to hate Expedia myself, but after I have learned to be in sync with how their system worked, I have had no problems since then.
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Bad manners
Posted by on
UK -- I tried to change my return flight back to london to an earlier date whilst I was still in Istanbul. I tried to click on the link in the email they sent me but for some reason it didn't work. I tried to log into my account but I had forgotton my password, so I clicked the 'forgot password' button but nothing happened and I didn't receive an email sending me a new password. Great...now I had to call the 0871 number...using my UK simcard which will probably cost me about 3 quid a minute. So I phone the 0871 number but the number is not in use! After hours of not knowing what to do my friend suggested I go on a website that gives alternative numbers, I went on it and found an 0207 number for Expedia which I called.

The lady who answered sounded stoned. I couldn't understand a word she said and every time I asked her to repeat herself, she would reply in the same tired manner...just louder. She told me that to change my return flight there would be a charge of 50 quid, plus an extra fee if my seat class was different. I argued that in my itinery it said 30 quid. She just continued with 'no it's 50' Then I asked about this 'class change' and did it mean if there were no more seats in economy would I have to pay more for business etc. She said no, it meant if my seat number was L12 and there were no more seats in L and I had to change to another letter, that would be an extra fee! I couldn't believe it! I asked to speak to the supervisor and she told me to hold, at that point the phone went dead.

I phoned back again, yet another woman with the same kind of accent where all the words merge together and I couldn't understand a thing. She continuously talked over me then told me to not talk over her! Went through the whole conversation again, asked to speak to someone, she says 'you're speaking to me' urm....obviously I meant the supervisor. She says he's on the phone, I said I'll hold and asked the supervisors name, she says 'I'm not allowed to say'...I don't want his bank details! Just a first name will do! I was put on hold for another 10 minutes, at that point I hung up as I had already spent an hour calling them...from Istanbul, and it was clear the supervisor was not going to come to the phone!

Is this supposed to be customer service? They couldn't even explain to me why the email said 30 quid when really it was 50, and when I asked to speak to someone who could explain it to me, they didn't seem too happy about that! What a shame, I used to do a lot of business with Expedia.co.uk but after experiencing their customer service, I doubt I will use them again.
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