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No Flight, Expedia Took Money Anyway
Posted by Mrsalicea on 01/18/2014
BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Tried to book flight, Expedia could not verify my card (airline had no problem) I exit Expedia.com, the next day I have charges on my card from Expedia but no reservations.....?? called Expedia they told me they made a mistake but couldn't do anything until they spoke to my bank. still waiting for the return of my money. Took $$ quickly - return $$ not so quick. Will never use Expedia again, such a hassle, waste of time

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I Was Kept on Hold for Over 50 Min Just to Resend an Email.
Posted by Meganschellenger on 01/08/2014
I called to have them resend my confirmation email and they guy I spoke to kept putting me on hold. He had me on hold for over 50 minutes total. I know he was putting me on hold to talk to his friends near him because he forgot to push the mute button and I heard their conversation. I don't appreciate him keeping me on hold so he can talk to his friends, and it shouldn't take almost an hour to resend an email.
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Switcheroo: Booked 2 Doubles/given 3 Per Bed
Posted by Reneeburtonladue on 12/27/2013
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I made a reservation for 3 using Expedia. I was supposed to get 2 double beds, but when I checked in they, by their own admission, had overbooked. The lady at the desk apologized and told me that all they had were king sized beds. When I decided to check into another hotel where I wouldn't have to pay to share a bed with my teenager and my "jackie-chan-wild-sleeping-son," Expedia refused to refund my money. I ended up paying for two hotel rooms that night and I am not very happy about that. Unless you're okay with sleeping 3 per bed, don't use Expedia to make hotel reservations!!! Even if they initially tell you that they will give you 2 beds, they have the power to renege on their part of the agreement and take your money!
rip off!! Unfair!! Ridiculous people per bed calculation formula!!!!
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Free Cancelation Policy Not Honored
Posted by Mohammad121 on 12/23/2013
I used Expedia.com for years, not any more. For the Christmas eve made a reservation in a hotel in San Diego. Expedia advertised free cancelation policy. When I decided to cancel 3 days advance and my refund came to zero. So called Expedia customer service. She was nice but after contacting the hotel she said she can not Refund my money because hotel will not refund the Expedia. So basically Expedia says We Do not charge for cancelation but if the hotel policy is not to return money We can not refund you. But remember Expedia advertises on the same hotel free cancelation policy. That is false advertisement.

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Awful Service
Posted by KITSACY on 12/02/2013
NEWARK, CALIFORNIA -- Here is my story of a rental car that I booked through Expedia. I believe that it is very important to check the customer service like Orbitz is doing prior to put them in your list as clients. (Itin# 166302805558)

It is the first time that I am using Advantage Rent a Car and for sure the last time. From the beginning the reservation went wrong by not specifying where the offices are, not at the airport but at a hotel that you have to use the shuttle. Upon my arrival there were two gentlemen at the desk, I was dealing with the agent Donald. From the beginning he was pushy about the full coverage insurance and the gas, he was not trying to sell he was demanding to sell. I was using my debit card, and he told me that they would do credit check because it is their policy and they would take $350 deposit. I had just left a car in NY that I had rented from All Rental Car and two weeks prior had rented again from Enterprise Paramus New Jersey as I am here often on business and that was not the case with both locations. I asked to talk to a manager.

A “gentleman” showed up who told me “Madame do you see the sign?” pointing at the Advantage sign, “this company said that the customers who use debit card will have to go under a credit check and deposit $350, now listen there are other 8 car rental locations at the Newark Airport”. I was so surprised by his behavior could not believe it, I asked his name and he said “Joel you spell it J-O-E-L”. Obviously that “manager” did not even think of giving a business card or a last name.

After that he disappeared back to his office. Meantime the system was down and it took almost 30 minutes for the procedure to finish, the two gentlemen Donald and the other young man on the counter were putting efforts to excuse themselves about the system by joking around which was very silly. After my encounter with the “manager”, agent Donald started asking about my first name and laughing about it because it is hard to pronounce which was rather offensive . After that agent Donald asked me to sign the car inspection while still at the office without bothering doing a walkthrough with me around the car, I was so surprised but did not want to stay there anymore.

On my way out after signing everything he run after me to make sure that he gave me the car that I asked for, what if it was not the right car, I would have to do all this all over again? I am in the customer service industry as well and travel a lot, I was under the impression that by trying a different company it would be a good experience, Advantage provided the worst experience I ever had as a customer at Rental Car Services. I am sure that it is not the company but those that you put to represent it….. could not be worse, I cannot complain too much about the agent when his manager himself has worse attitude. It is my first day I have rented the car and honestly do not even want to go back to that location to return it!

It is too bad I have taken so much of my time to write such an awful experience instead of being happy by customer service and saying to everyone to hear it……
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Expedia Provides a Horrible Customer Experience
Posted by Jonjolson on 11/12/2013
I was booking flight online through Expedia when I noticed a warning that only two tickets remained for my chosen flights. I also noticed a number for Expedia, so I called it to ask if my wife and I would be able to sit together on our flights. Instead of answering my question (btw, they referred me to Delta to get the answer), the Expedia representative spent about 20 minutes with me taking down all of my information so she could set me up with an Expedia account. I assume she must get compensated based on how many accounts she sets up and how many flights she books. When she got done, she quoted me a rate that was $72 higher than the one I found online. Her delay in answering my question resulted in a rate increase. I wasn't very happy about that, but to make matters worse she grilled me about changing my flights, changing my travel dates, etc. to the point where I got concerned that she would proceed to screw up my itinerary altogether.

Finally, after nearly having to hang up on her, I ended the call and booked online myself. Based on my experience with the Expedia rep, I was concerned about Expedia's ability to get my trip booked correctly, and I opted to select the travel insurance for another $45. But, after thinking about it for about an hour, I got progressively ticked off about paying $117 extra between the increased airfare and travel insurance. That was roughly 12% of the total online package price. So I called back to attempt to at least cancel the $45 insurance plan. I got the door closed on me at every turn. What a tacky approach to doing business. Never again.
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King Size Disappointment
Posted by Richardbmiller1977 on 11/12/2013
TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- We reserved a king size room, but after a 6 hour drive, the West Beach Resort Holiday Inn in Traverse City MI did not hold our room, even though we paid for it a month in advance. We pleaded with them to give us the room that we paid for, but they said they could not help us. We called Expedia, through which we booked the reservation, but their customer service said that they could not help us either. We ended up staying in a less comfortable room for the price we paid for a king size room. Do not stay at the West Beach Resort Holiday Inn Traverse City, and do NOT book with Expedia.
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Expedia System Changed Reservation Date
Posted by Tony_allen on 11/02/2013
Booked a room in the afternoon for that very evening with a departure date of the next day. There is no chance whatsoever the wrong dates were selected on my end and this is the first weekend of the month. The dates selected on the site were apparent and obvious.

Saw that my reservation confirmation came across email. thought nothing of it. Went to the hotel and the reservation was not found in the hotel system. I retrieved my computer and she saw the header of the email and she said " oh, you booked with Expedia, I'll bet they changed the date. This happens all the time. Closer review of the email confirmed this. Expedia would not cancel and refund the payment.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-11-04:
More than likely you chose the wrong date as computer systems don't just change dates on a reservation (even if the hotel clerk thinks it does). Closer review of the email just confirmed what you actually booked instead of what you think you booked.
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Expedia Worst Customer Service and Scam Policy!
Posted by Srehaimy on 09/21/2013
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Booked 2 return overseas tickets online with Expedia. They added a package insurance of $88.00. I called next day to cancel the insurance the answer was no way to cancel, it is the policy, tried to explain to every one I talked to that the insurance is optional and it has nothing to do with the ticket fare or the booking but the answer was one, sorry bad luck no way to opt out either you cancel your flight or live with the charge.

One of the supervisors tested the idea to cancel flight and do new booking without insurance the fare came back even higher. I am very disappointed from the insurance scam and the stupidity in dealing with frequent fliers.

One more thing you need to know about customer service at Expedia if you need to contact them, you will talk first to someone probably from India, then move you to another supervisor also in India, then if you are lucky you speak to Nicole in Expedia corporate in the US and none of all was helpful and of course you need to do that in a weekend to have enough time for the call.

Bad experience overall
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Posted by Pete on 2013-09-22:
The sites precheck the insurance box so you have to uncheck to avoid insurance.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-09-22:
You have to be very careful and proof-read the entire page before you click "book it" or similar. Otherwise, many sites like to pre-check these add-ons like insurance in the hope that the customer doesn't notice---as I assume you did. Then, of course they make it impossible to correct after the fact. Best bet is to never book anything with Expedia, Orbitz, etc. They all appear to be extremely difficult to deal with and will scam you if at all possible. All airlines have websites. Use them, not Expedia, etc. This is how we learn.
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Worst Customer Service and System
Posted by Jjiwoong on 08/13/2013
I made a Cancun reservation for 3. They charged airline tickets twice which is $1711 each time.

I called and spoke to American Airlines and AMEX and confirmed that they charged twice and only Expedia can reverse this reservation because they made it.

I spoke with 13 Expedia representatives and supervisors. Non of these people helped me and kept saying they did not charge on my credit card. I replied "Wow, you did not charge and I still have itinerary. Then, it is free vacation?" and he said "Congratulation!" and showed me attitude. Since he could not find the transaction with my credit card number, he told me to call banker to check. Why I need to call my credit card company and whether I paid with right credit card?

Anyways, I called AMEX and we did conference call and confirmed that my credit card was right and they charged twice. Then, Expedia representative hung up.
What a nice service???? Both of AMEX representative and I was shocked.

Anyways, I'm still calling to Expedia and on hold over 6 hours.

Finally, The supervisor, Chris told me that they made only 3 tickets on the system and I begged her to go to www.aa.com and check how much they charged. I told her "please' 3 times and she replied that ever she wants to say and hung up.

I called American Airline again and explained what they did and how much I tried to fix. After the representative heard my story and sympathized me, she decided to call Expedia and confirmed there's 6 fright tickets were purchased.
After AA representative explained and hung up, Expedia representative turned back to the way they were. She refused what they double-charged and kept telling me that they charged only 3 tickets on her system.

Now, I called my credit card company and disputed charges.
That was the only way I could resolve the issue.

Expedia should issue a trouble ticket and tried to find why this happened.

Damn Expedia. What a nice company!!!
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