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Specific Seats Selected Are Only requests...not Guaranteed
Posted by Jeff_l on 04/18/2014
Be forewarned. I have used Expedia for many, many years, but I have finally had it. I booked return flights from LAX to Portland for my wife and 2 kids under age 7. I picked the flights, because Expedia specifically had the seat finder, so that I could pick specific available seats, which I did. It ends up that is complete false advertising. Because Expedia is an agency, anything you input, seat, food..etc. is only considered a request and the operating airline can completely refuse to honor it like they did with me. Next time even if it is a bit more expensive, if all legs of trip are with one airline, I will book directly through the airline website.
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Posted by Peter on 2014-04-19:
I always book directly with the airlines and have only once found a cheaper price through an online 3rd party. Even the airlines can switch seats or change equipment that has different seating but (it is supposed to be a secret) the airlines, hotels, etc do treat 'cheap' (read online agency bookings) passengers as steerage class.
Posted by rbjr on 2014-04-22:
I've worked for an airline and a travel agency. Seats selections are only requests even if you book directly with the airline.
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Worst Customer Service in History
Posted by M_burgess47 on 04/08/2014
AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK -- This will be somewhat long but if anyone reading this is going to use it to base their decision to book with Expedia please be patient.

The first thing I want to say is that I'm someone who travels a fair amount of time. I consider that taking at least 3 trips a year through flight to both domestic and international locations. I've been doing this since 2010. I have booked all of my flights through Expedia. The reason for this is because I find their website to be very easy to navigate and great prices. I have to commend them on having an amazing website with a very easy interface. One would think that with such a great website that their human interaction is just as good. I want to say this without any exaggeration at all, as I know many people exaggerate when writing reviews. Expedia has THEE WORST customer service out of any company I have ever dealt with.

That of course is a personal opinion but let me give some personal background. I've work in customer service for several years and as a professional, trained, created, and ran an entire customer service department for a call center on two different fronts. Both internally as well as outsourced. I felt I did that with at an extremely high level so when I deal with other customer service departments for other businesses I give them the benefit of the doubt and try to make their jobs as easy as possible since I know the ins and outs of the business. The sad thing is with Expedia, I truly believe that 90% of the agents are either incompetent, which I know can be awfully mean to say, or they have 5 minutes of training and then are expected to handle live customers. I've had 3 absolutely awful experiences where on the 3rd I had a friend of mine on 3-way just to witness how bad they are so we could laugh after. The #1 question anyone could ask is "If they're that bad why continue to book through them?" Fair question so here are the answers.

#1. I don't need to rely on their customer service to complete my bookings. If I've taken 20 trips I've probably spoken to their customer service 4 times.

#2. As I mentioned before the website and prices are excellent.

#3. I'm a huge fan of rewards points and I earned several through my years of booking with them.

After this last interaction I'm going to redeem my rewards points and never booking with them again. So let's get to it.

I'm going to Israel for Good Friday to have an amazing religious experience. In doing that, I wanted to book a tour that takes me through Jerusalem and Bethlehem. There are several that Expedia offers and the one in particular I wanted to book says it's going to one of the sites I really want to go to, the Wailing Wall. The thing is, the main description says that's one of the sites you get to go to but in the detailed description it says you only see it from a distance. So my one and only question for Expedia is do I actually get to go to the Wailing Wall or do I see it from a distance.

I call Expedia and it literally takes about 3 minutes to speak to someone. I tell them the tour I want and then my question. The person I speak with tells me that they need to transfer me to customer service. Ok fine. I'm then transferred and have to wait 20 minutes to speak to someone. Finally I get someone. She says her name and asks me for my name and how she can help me. I tell her and then out comes the question.

Me: I'm trying to book a tour and had a question about it. Can I give you the name of the tour so you can look it up?
Representative: Yes Sir. That's fine.
Me: It's the Full Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. It says in the description that I go to the Wailing Wall but it also says I just view it from a distance.
Representative: Ummm, can you hold on for a second sir...............................(about 1 minute and a half passes)..............Is this the Rome tour?
Me: I"m sorry?
Representative: Is this the Rome tour sir?
Me: Did you say Rome?
Representative: Yes sir.
Me: No. I said Jerusalem and Bethlehem. This is a tour in Israel. It's called the Full Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
Representative: Oh ok. I'm sorry about that. Hold on one moment.
I hear her typing and then reading very silently. This let's me know she's simply looking at the website. She has the same exact access I have. I could literally help her with her next customer if they had a question the same way she's helping me. I'm on hold for about 3 minutes.
Representative: Ok Sir, is this the Full Day Rome tour with entrance to the Coliseum??
Me:..........................................................................................................................................................Ma'am. Can you please get me someone who can help me. I've been on the phone for 40 minutes.
Representative: I see 13 on my phone.
Me: Ma'am, I've been on the phone for 40 minutes. Maybe it's just been 13 with you but it's been a total of 40.
Representative: Oh. Because I see 13. Hold on please and let me transfer you to someone who can help you.
Me: (Click)

I got off the phone with a slight headache.
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Was promised a refund but the LIED
Posted by Zantout on 03/30/2014
I had a death in the family and had to book a flight ASAP using Expedia. I booked a round-trip ticket from Miami to Montreal March 17 in the am returning that same evening just enough time to go to the funeral. I made the reservation March 15 at 9 pm, but I never received the immediate confirmation, which I always do, so I went to bed. I woke at 3 am and tried to check in for the flight or choose my seat, I do not recall. When I finally received the confirmation I realized what the problem was. I booked the ticket departing Montreal to Miami, so the opposite considering I was in Miami.

Please keep in mind that this was just 6 hours after I booked my ticket. I called Expedia at 3:30 am because I was sure that they would refund or credit me the ticket. I am a long time customer of Expedia and spend at least $10000 a year with them so I was very confident. Wow was I mistaken. The initial call didn’t take very long as they would only give me a credit on a FUTURE travel because they would not change the routing of the ticket. They said it HAS to be the same ticket so Montreal Miami round-trip. I told her about the death in the family and she said to send the death certificate. I told her there was no way that I would ask my brother in law who just lost his son for a death certificate and that I would just pay the penalty. Very simply no penalty they said I had to buy a ticket all over and that they would credit be the 2100 $ for future travel. Being that it was 4 am at that point I dropped it and went to bed. When I woke up I called my travel agent and told her what happened. She said what they did was completely illegal and that I could use the credit towards any destination. I took her advice and called them. After a one-hour wait time and back and forth with the agent he finally agreed to give me a full refund and said that the email confirmation would be in my inbox shortly. He also said that it would take 3 to 5 business days for the credit to appear to my bank. One week went by and no email. I checked my credit card statement and sure enough a charge of $2,159.19 CAD
was processed. I called Expedia to make an official complaint on March 24 th and they told me that the phone conversations had to be reviewed and that they would get back to me in 72 hours. Five days went by with no call back so I called them once again to speak to another supervisor and this is what they replied to me.

“Dear Rani Zantout, Kindly note that this E-mail is a reply to your escalation request about cancelling your American Airlines ticket. Kindly note that we listened to your call with our agent and here is what we found: - Agent contacted her help desk and was advised ticket is non-refundable only eligible for future travel credit with American Airlines. - Agent went for the extra mile and called the Airlines directly to get you an exception but was advised the same. Only exception is that they can waive the change fees in case there is a death certificate. - Agent in the end advised you the option for the future travel credit in which you agreed about. She processed cancellation and sent you the confirmation E-mail. We understand that you claimed that you called again in the same day and was advised with a refund, however we tried to locate such a call but was not able to find any record, plus no record of any agent accessed your account on the same date and no documentation found. So we are quite sure that the was no call initiated to Expedia for TD on this day except your call with the agent above. Final resolution is that we were not able to find any agent error from our end. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Our Customer Support Representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for choosing Expedia For TD.”

I mean more unethical than that I have never seen. To go as far as to claim that I made up a one hour conversation with one of their reps is just disgusting!!!

Can you help me

Warmest regards
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Left To Hang In The Wind
Posted by I5098 on 03/18/2014
SEATTLE -- Expedia exploited the situation they created for me and charged me for a ticket I had already paid for. So I had to pay an extra $3000 or be stranded in the Far East for days.

I have never experienced such a useless and unhelpful group of people. I cannot put this too strongly: Do not use this company unless your travel needs are short and uncomplicated. For example, a short trip on a bus might be something they could deal with. The carrier airline that Expedia used for my tickets was SAS and they were extremely honest with me about my chances of getting any help from Expedia, and they were absolutely correct.

Expedia lied about what had happened and then tried to cover it up by forcing me to buy a new ticket. And that is just part of a long and horrible story. Go direct to the airline if you are traveling internationally, avoid these people.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-19:
I don't know about other people, but I can't act on a complaint where someone says "Don't use company X - I got burnt" but doesn't tell what actually happened. You are alleging mistreatment, but without details I can't independently confirm for myself that you were wronged, and if so how badly.
Posted by Ralph on 2014-03-20:
Agree with Paul. What happened?
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-03-21:
There's always two sides to a story. Having in the past worked at both a travel agency and and airline, I've noticed that it is the customer who is usually wrong with these types of situation.
Posted by Iwa Tulip on 2014-03-21:
The review process expressly asks reviewers to be succinct. But if you want the whole story here it is and please, try to make the fair play reasonable guy thing not so obvious for what it is: playing back any negative comments for pay.
My wife bought me a couple of tickets from Expedia one from Richmond VA to London in the UK and the other from London to Krabi in Thailand. The first ticket was premium class and the second was business class. I normally buy direct from the airline sites but in this case my wife wanted the expedia points and the price difference was small for the business class section but it did not matter. I was the one flying, she reserved the tickets.
The e-tickets and confirmations all worked out and I set off for England, and then 8 days later for Thailand. When I was in Krabi I had a request to take part in a Bangkok meeting. I looked at the Expedia rules on ticket changes, possible but they charge a penalty that is raised by the airlines, apparently even for business class tickets. I rang expedia, explained I needed to get to Bangkok two days earlier and then fly on to London as booked on the 19th March at 0025 in the morning. It was a difficult call, it took about 40 minutes but in the end the expedia rep who was in the Phillipines, confirmed the change, confirmed that my return flight was now from Bangkok and that the penalty for the change was $322 which I paid by credit card over the phone. Later that day I received an email confirming the change and my expedia ticket on the web stated NOW RETURNING FROM BANGKOK.
When I arrived at Krabi air port to take my flight to Bangkok I was told I did not have a ticket to travel to Bangkok. Nothing was recorded in the computer. I showed them the email but they said it made no difference, there was no ticket in the system. Since I was travelling with a local Thai official he offered to fix the problem. We went to the ticket office of SAS's partner in Thailand, (Royal Thai) and were met with great courtesy and confusion. Yes, they understood I had a confirmation but this was from Expedia, they had nothing from SAS requiring a ticket change or re-issue. This was on a Sunday the SAS office in Europe were closed and they have no 24 hour support so the people in the ticket office had no solution. I had to buy the last (economy) ticket on the plane and fly to Bangkok to fix it there. To help me they provided me with a complete printout of all transactions to do with my SAS London-Krabi-London ticket from Amadeus/Zeus systems, receipts and a lot of apologies.
I arrived in Bangkok and rang Expedia, in all about 11 times and spent a total of nearly 13 hours on the phone with them over the next two days. At first they assured me on Sunday that everything was fine, my ticket was valid from Bangkok to London on Wednesday at 12.25 in the morning, SAS flight no problem. On Monday I rang SAS in Stockholm. They said that Expedia had used the wrong entry protocols on the ticket re-issue request. There was no ticket for me in their system and the only way to solve the problem was to talk to Expedia. For Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon I was ringing Expedia about once an hour. Several people shared the conversations listening on the speaker phone and all were amazed at the inability of the Expedia staff to solve the problem. I had one simple question: Would my ticket be valid on Wednesday morning for the Bangkok - London journey. Out of 7 staff and 3 supervisors only one actually told the truth or did anything to solve the problem. Her name was Kiri and I spoke to her Tuesday 18th for about 2 hours in the afternoon 8 hours before my flight departed.
She told me that my ticket was cancelled because I had already flown to Bangkok and my journey was booked from Krabi - London - Bangkok. I told her that I had paid the $323 penalty and re-booked the Krabi - Bangkok but despite a confirmation no ticket had been issued. In addition all her colleagues had said to me, in front of witnesses that the ticket was now from Bangkok - London as per the original, in fact on the Expedia site the confirmation clearly stated that it was from Bangkok to London. Kiri then told me that this was not true. There never had been a change confirmation, I had cancelled my Expedia booking by flying to Bangkok and they could not be responsible for the onward journey. There never had been any re-issue or change of tickets and the ticket I had was worthless. All she could do to help was to reserve a new business class ticket for London from Bangkok but there was only one left so if I gave my credit card details she might be able to hold it until she had a decision from Expedia head office.
When I arrived to check in at Bangkok airport the SAS manager was called because I was trying to check in on my original ticket confirmation number. She explained that this ticket was valid but had not been confirmed by Expedia as paid for ("O" status). However a new ticket had been purchased by Expedia for $3000 in my name and I could use that. When I checked my credit card account it stated that 1850 English pounds had been taken by SAS about 4 hours ago, about when I had been talking to the Kiri lady about getting Expedia to revalidate the ticket I had paid for. The SAS manager was extremely apologetic
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Posted by Imaballa34 on 02/05/2014
Terrible service, the worst service I have ever received in my life, (restaurant, shopping, vacation booking, etc.), the only reason I am giving them 1 star is because I am not able to give them 0. I booked a trip for two airplane tickets at $133.80 each + tax, and a car rental without insurance. I later checked my bank statement and found out that I was charged $257 per ticket, and the car insurance price of $35 was added, and was charged two days after I submitted the request. I never got an initial itinerary number, and after a couple of weeks of emails, no response. I searched their website for a phone number to call and they do not offer that, you have to put in an email and phone number and wait until they call you back. Personally, I would rather wait on hold because I at least know that I am in line waiting to speak to someone. After a couple of weeks of no responses, finally came across a phone number to call. When my fiance' was finally able to talk to someone, their reasoning to getting charged the $257 per ticket is that when my account got charged, two days later, the price had gone up for those tickets and that is the price that we have to pay. After my fiance' was on the phone with three different representatives for over an hour long, nothing was resolved. They said that we could not get a refund for the plane tickets, only a credit for a future flight but we could get a refund for the car rental. We could have gotten a full refund had we canceled the trip within 24 hours of booking, although the account didn't get charged until two days after.

Overall the worst service I have ever received and I definitely will never use this website again and I strongly advise everyone else do the same.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-02-06:
I suggest calling your credit card company and disputing the charges.
Posted by Greg on 2014-02-06:
Agree - call your CC company. I do not know if you did this, but you should always check the airline's website before you go to a 3rd party vendor. (Also, rental car sites). I have only once found an airfare cheaper with a 3rd party vendor than going through an airline's site.

Good luck.
Posted by ticia232 on 2014-02-07:
I agree with calling CC because you should have been charged for the airline as soon as you booked it. But did you give in your car insurance info to prove to they would cover the rental car if anything happened to it? If not that was what the holdup was and why I no longer get both in the same online transaction (even though I opted for the insurance). The rental company needed a scan of my husband's license and when we got it to them the price of the ticket had gone up. I thought that we were purchasing everything on different terms (one the tickets, the other the rental car.) I have not bought a bundle from anywhere (except for my triple play, phone, tv, internet).
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You Will Be Left Stranded Somewhere!
Posted by Finlay_david on 01/19/2014
Any one using Expedia at this point is taking a serious risk. I won't even go into the litany of problems with their "customer service", except that it will entail hours on hold being transferred from Asian call center representative to the next until you are told that there is nothing they can do. Their computer system and customer service is so convoluted and outsourced that it is no where near capable of the tasks. You will be left high and dry.
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No Flight, Expedia Took Money Anyway
Posted by Mrsalicea on 01/18/2014
BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Tried to book flight, Expedia could not verify my card (airline had no problem) I exit Expedia.com, the next day I have charges on my card from Expedia but no reservations.....?? called Expedia they told me they made a mistake but couldn't do anything until they spoke to my bank. still waiting for the return of my money. Took $$ quickly - return $$ not so quick. Will never use Expedia again, such a hassle, waste of time
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I Was Kept on Hold for Over 50 Min Just to Resend an Email.
Posted by Meganschellenger on 01/08/2014
I called to have them resend my confirmation email and they guy I spoke to kept putting me on hold. He had me on hold for over 50 minutes total. I know he was putting me on hold to talk to his friends near him because he forgot to push the mute button and I heard their conversation. I don't appreciate him keeping me on hold so he can talk to his friends, and it shouldn't take almost an hour to resend an email.
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Switcheroo: Booked 2 Doubles/given 3 Per Bed
Posted by Reneeburtonladue on 12/27/2013
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I made a reservation for 3 using Expedia. I was supposed to get 2 double beds, but when I checked in they, by their own admission, had overbooked. The lady at the desk apologized and told me that all they had were king sized beds. When I decided to check into another hotel where I wouldn't have to pay to share a bed with my teenager and my "jackie-chan-wild-sleeping-son," Expedia refused to refund my money. I ended up paying for two hotel rooms that night and I am not very happy about that. Unless you're okay with sleeping 3 per bed, don't use Expedia to make hotel reservations!!! Even if they initially tell you that they will give you 2 beds, they have the power to renege on their part of the agreement and take your money!
rip off!! Unfair!! Ridiculous people per bed calculation formula!!!!
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Free Cancelation Policy Not Honored
Posted by Mohammad121 on 12/23/2013
I used Expedia.com for years, not any more. For the Christmas eve made a reservation in a hotel in San Diego. Expedia advertised free cancelation policy. When I decided to cancel 3 days advance and my refund came to zero. So called Expedia customer service. She was nice but after contacting the hotel she said she can not Refund my money because hotel will not refund the Expedia. So basically Expedia says We Do not charge for cancelation but if the hotel policy is not to return money We can not refund you. But remember Expedia advertises on the same hotel free cancelation policy. That is false advertisement.
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