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Negative Expedia Experience
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Rating: 1/51

N/A -- As an infrequent but long time user of Expedia, I have always had a pleasant experience with their services. However, my most recent trip to Cancun, Mexico is a shining example of how one simply cannot trust this company. Expedia has a very convenient and (usually) accurate option to search for deals on all-inclusive vacation packages. Using this option my spouse and I recently booked a 10 night stay at the Marriott Casa Magna in Cancun. The price for the whole package was very reasonable due to, I suspect, the fact that this was the off-season for travel to Cancun.

The flight was reasonable and upon arrival to the hotel, we learned – to our surprise – that there is no “All-Inclusive” option at this particular establishment. We immediately called Expedia and after three hours of being put on hold, bounced around, dropped we finally talked to a Customer Service Representative. After explaining the situation to the CSR and his supervisor, it was agreed that Expedia had made a mistake and would reimburse us for any food or beverages we ordered from the hotel during our stay (we were to treat this stay as an all-inclusive).

As neither of us are big drinkers nor big eaters, we averaged about 2 meals and 2 drinks per day each. At the end of the trip we had incurred $921 (CAD) in additional charges for food and beverages. Considering that the stay was for 10 days and there were 2 of us, that works out to $46/day each for food and drinks. I think this is a very reasonable amount.

When we returned home after the trip, we emailed Expedia a copy of the receipt showing the breakdown of the $921 in extra expenses incurred because of the “All-Inclusive” mistake. Then after spending over seven hours on the phone with them over the next two weeks they only agreed to reimburse us for $300 of it. Without giving us any reasons, they threatened that it was to be $300 or nothing.

In then end I'm glad that they only “stole” $621. Reading some other peoples' reviews of Expedia's services have shown me that it could have been a far, far worse experience costing me far more money. Needless to say I will never book another flight/hotel/vacation with Expedia ever again. I sincerely hope that people react to this kind of business practice and join me in boycotting Expedia.

TLDNR: Do not use Expedia as you will have to pay for any mistake that they make – they will not do the reasonable thing of reimbursing you.

Bad Experience
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Rating: 1/51

I am extremely disappointed in my experience with Expedia and its customer service. After calling no less than 5 times and being hung up on/disconnected each time after relaying my issue, it seems that the hang up treatment is an intentional ploy to not deal with the issue. Finally, after waiting on hold for upwards of an hour on my 6th attempt, I was able to finally speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was rude, her accent was so heavy it was difficult to understand, and she was unwilling to make a minor issue right.

Here is the issue: I booked a trip from San Diego to Cabo from December 29 - January 2. Flight was on Spirit Airlines and the hotel was the Hyatt Ziva. The recent hurricane in Cabo affected the hotel. The Hyatt Ziva is closed until April. So I needed a new hotel. I called Expedia and explained the situation and booked the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. No change to the flight on Spirit Airlines.

I was told that the refund on my initial purchase left the flight at $1776.60. My new hotel was $3484.24 for a total trip cost of $5,260.84. All seemed ok, until I looked at the Expedia site and, on the same date I booked, the exact same flight and hotel is priced at $4908.00.

Either I wasn't refunded enough from the first booking or I was overcharged for the second booking. Regardless, I am due a credit of $352.84. I am still doing a package, why would I pay more for the exact same hotel and flight than what is listed on the Expedia site? I simply have substituted hotels in my package due to the unforeseen event of the hotel closure due to the hurricane.

Nonetheless, Expedia is refusing to credit back the $352.84. They can't give a rational explanation for why I should be charged more than it costs on the website, but Wendy the supervisor is refusing to budge. I will never use Expedia again and I would not recommend anyone else use the site either. So disappointing.

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Rating: 1/51

Terrible service. The worst service I have ever received in my life, (restaurant, shopping, vacation booking, etc.). The only reason I am giving them 1 star is because I am not able to give them 0. I booked a trip for two airplane tickets at $133.80 each + tax, and a car rental without insurance. I later checked my bank statement and found out that I was charged $257 per ticket, and the car insurance price of $35 was added, and was charged two days after I submitted the request.

I never got an initial itinerary number, and after a couple of weeks of emails, no response. I searched their website for a phone number to call and they do not offer that, you have to put in an email and phone number and wait until they call you back. Personally, I would rather wait on hold because I at least know that I am in line waiting to speak to someone.

After a couple of weeks of no responses, finally came across a phone number to call. When my fiance was finally able to talk to someone, their reasoning to getting charged the $257 per ticket is that when my account got charged. Two days later, the price had gone up for those tickets and that is the price that we have to pay.

After my fiance was on the phone with three different representatives for over an hour long, nothing was resolved. They said that we could not get a refund for the plane tickets, only a credit for a future flight but we could get a refund for the car rental. We could have gotten a full refund had we canceled the trip within 24 hours of booking, although the account didn't get charged until two days after. Overall the worst service I have ever received and I definitely will never use this website again and I strongly advise everyone else do the same.

Worst Customer Service and System
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Rating: 1/51

I made a Cancun reservation for 3. They charged airline tickets twice which are $1711 each time. I called and spoke to American Airlines and AMEX and confirmed that they charged twice and only Expedia can reverse this reservation because they made it.

I spoke with 13 Expedia representatives and supervisors. None of these people helped me and kept saying they did not charge on my credit card. I replied "Wow, you did not charge and I still have itinerary. Then, it is free vacation?" and he said "Congratulations!" and showed me attitude. Since he could not find the transaction with my credit card number, he told me to call banker to check. Why I need to call my credit card company and whether I paid with right credit card?

Anyway, I called AMEX and we did conference call and confirmed that my credit card was right and they charged twice. Then, Expedia representative hung up. What a nice service??? Both of AMEX representative and I was shocked. Anyway, I'm still calling to Expedia and on hold over 6 hours. Finally, The supervisor, ** told me that they made only 3 tickets on the system and I begged her to go to and check how much they charged. I told her "please" 3 times and she replied that ever she wants to say and hung up.

I called American Airline again and explained what they did and how much I tried to fix. After the representative heard my story and sympathized me, she decided to call Expedia and confirmed there's 6 flight tickets were purchased.

After AA representative explained and hung up, Expedia representative turned back to the way they were. She refused what they double-charged and kept telling me that they charged only 3 tickets on her system. Now, I called my credit card company and disputed charges. That was the only way I could resolve the issue. Expedia should issue a trouble ticket and tried to find why this happened. Damn Expedia. What a nice company!!!

Expedia: Losing Faith in Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Expedia: Losing Faith in Customer Relations. Today after an hour of arguing and being placed on hold I gave up. Tomorrow would have been one month of attempting to attain compensation for faulty information that will put me out at least a stack of cash.

For the past month I have been told repeatedly that this situation is my fault however, today I was told that the situation is my fault because I did not know that in some cases Expedia customer service representatives tell customers things to make them happy. Translation: a representative lied to me to make me happy?

I was also told that the only compensation the company could give me was a $50 voucher for a hotel (no flights). Unfortunately, that voucher would mean using Expedia again for something I don't usually use a third party to book. No Thanks. I was told over 72 hours ago that within the next 72 hours I would receive a callback concerning multiple ongoing inquires pertaining to my flight change. I have also been told the following:

* It is possible to only take only the second leg of my flight however I would not be refunded. (This e-mail prompted me to buy tickets to stay in Europe and not take the first leg of my flight). ** 6/3 via e-mail.

* That the airlines were the ones that were charging Expedia to change the tickets --** 6/20. (After calling the airlines I was told Expedia was the only one who could change a booking).

* I could change my reservation for a fee and would be able to conference call with the third booking party -** 6/21 (This never happened even when I called at the time we discussed on the phone).

* I can not change my reservation at all and will get a call back within 72 hours to talk about compensation for hours on the phone and miss information from Expedia --** 6/25. (I NEVER received this call back after waiting almost a week).

* My case had been moved to high priority and I would receive a call back in 24 hours. (This never happened either).

This serves as a written record of the slew of misinformation I was fed. Apparently customer service agents at Expedia and Expedia UK are taught to appease customers by telling blatant lies or to hang up if they do not know what to do. When I finally talked to someone who could give me a straight answer (Either buy a 1,400 pound one way ticket or revert to your former plan eating whatever cost I put into the other tickets).

And P. S. there is NOTHING Expedia will do to compensate you for the money and time they have put you out) there was nothing I could do. Why would a company lead me in circles by telling me I could have conference calls and that they were looking into my case when that is all they needed to do? I talked to as many supervisors as I could and was told different things by each. I will never use Expedia again.

Expedia: Deception, Stupidity and the Philippines
By -

I went on a trip to Las Vegas with some buddies from work. A friend's wife booked the trip through Expedia on their credit card and we all forked over the cash. There were seven of us leaving from the East Coast to Vegas and we were staying at the MGM Grand.

We had booked two rooms for the seven of us. Each room had the usual two beds and we were told one room would have 2 extra pullout beds and the other room would have 1 extra bed to solve the problem of having an odd number of people (7).

We land in Vegas and go to check in. The front desk clerk explains they only can have one pullout bed per room due to Las Vegas fire codes and that Expedia was aware of it. So basically one of us is screwed. I call Expedia and explained what happened. To basically sum up the 45 min conversation with the customer service **, I was told that I can either sleep on the floor or in one of the other beds with one of the other guys. I didn't go to Vegas to sleep with another guy.

The MGM Grand manager was very nice but explained to me when you use a middleman type of company to book a trip, there is nothing really the hotel can do for you, it's Expedia's job to deal with it. All he said he could do is give the odd man out another room for a good deal. But a room was paid for already, not a spot on the floor.

Being from New York I ended up stealing another pullout bed from a room down the hall while the lady was cleaning it. I guess Vegas still isn't ready for the East Coast people yet. Both our rooms managed to complain to the front desk for the 5 days we were there and we scammed free meals for each of the nights.

Now a week later and back home. I called Expedia back and explained my story to customer service. They offered no help and probably had the IQ of a houseplant. The man told me they can't book a trip to Vegas and have 4 beds in one room due to the fire code. I gave him the itinerary number and said look they did book one. He transferred me to another genius and I had to start all over and explain everything to this mastermind.

I asked why did they book a trip, take our money and then offer no resolution to the problem in knowing that you cannot have 2 pullout beds in one room. And why was I told to sleep on the floor or in another bed with a guy by one of their representatives? No answer.

I hung up and called back and I pretended to book a trip to Vegas. I told them it's a seven person trip and we want to stay at the MGM Grand. I want 4 people in one room with 2 pullout beds and 3 people in the other with 1 pullout bed. "No problem sir, we can do that".

I told the representative I want to reserve this trip and call my friends and give them the price and then call back to pay for it. She had no problem with that, she was more than happy to take $3200 from me knowing that you can only have 1 pullout bed in each room and that when we actually get there one of us is screwed.

I called them back and asked to speak to a supervisor. I eventually got someone claiming to be one and explained to him the entire situation and about the trip I just booked. He was so stupid or just pretended to be that I had to explain it all over again to him. He said he was going to transfer me over to customer care. I thought that's who I was already talked to. I was transferred and the ringing of the line was a weird ring and didn't sound right. I was waiting to get hung up on.

A woman answered the phone and I could barely hear her. She had a thick accent and could not understand a word I said. I explained to her I was transferred to her and told her the whole story. She couldn't comprehend anything I said to her. She told me she was sorry and she was tired and that she had been working all day. It was 10:30 am where I was and the customer service hero from before told me he was in Florida so I assumed so was this rocket scientist. I asked her was she located and her answer was... Manila, Philippines. So Expedia outsources to other countries just like AOL does. I basically told her where to go and what do with it when she gets there and hung up.

I did some investigating online that day and tracked down the company that owns Expedia. They are called Expedia Inc. They own other companies and are located in Washington state. I called them and got some secretary and explained to her what happened. She couldn't believe it. She transferred me to a gentleman and I talked to him for a bit. I think he was in Investor Relations or something more because when I gave him my full name he read back to me all the names of the people on the trip. He wasn't some schmuck that I have been dealing with since this all started.

He told me he was sorry and I explained to him I will never use Expedia again due to this experience. He credited the money back of all the people who stayed in my room for the cost of the hotel. We had to still pay for airfare which was fine. I said my thanks and within 2 weeks my friend got some money back and gave it back to us.

I will never use any booking company again. You can get better deals through the actual hotel itself and through the airlines. And if there is ever a problem, the hotel or airline has to fix it. When a middleman such as Expedia,, Orbitz or anyone pretending to be a real company screws up, they don't have to do anything to fix it. They just tell you to sleep on the floor on your vacation or transfer you to the other side of the world and forget about you all for your hard earned money.

Rewards Program Would Rather Lose a Customer Than Help
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Rating: 2/51

Expedia Customer Service is anything but. I have been trying for 3 weeks to work with them about correcting a mistake I made on their rewards program. I redeemed points for a coupon for a VIP access hotel and they will not help me in anyway to correct the problem. I asked for a switch to their "regular" hotel coupon which is the same points value. It took me YEARS to get enough points for any kind of reward since the minimum is 3500 points to get even a $25 hotel coupon. I can't believe they would rather lose a customer than help make the exchange. I will be finding some other booking system from here on out.

Charged My Credit Cards for Rooms Not Available
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Rating: 1/51

Called Expedia to book two rooms at a hotel in Florence, Italy. After taking all my information and charging my credit card, I was informed only one room was available. I told the representative we needed two rooms and to cancel my order. She transferred me to a representative who would take care of it. After being on hold for 30 min, I was told that my "refundable' room would be refunded, but that it could take weeks.

If the rooms were not available, the order should not have been processed. Any online retailer will let you know if merchandise is available prior to placing an order. Does Expedia not have the capability to do this? Never use Expedia I learned my lesson.

False Price Match
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Rating: 1/51

After being guaranteed a price match over the phone with two separate reps, I decided to move forward with the booking. My company uses Egencia, so I thought Expedia (same umbrella) would be reputable. I did exactly as the sales agent told me and took a screen shot of the ORBITZ lower price and added that into my submission for the price match guarantee and then confirmed my nonrefundable booking over the phone with a nice gentlemen.

Later that day I received an email stating my "price match" was denied because that rate was no longer on ORBITZ. Never was I told that price had to stay up for a prolonged period of time... I was just told it needed to be that lower price when I booked and guaranteed I would get the lower price along with $50 GC. So as you might imagine I was a bit shocked to see DENIED to something I thought was a done deal.

I tried calling and was passed around to numerous people who couldn't help me for over an hour. Then finally I received a manager, who advised he couldn't assist and the price match team wasn't able to be reached by phone. I would have to submit an email to them and just wait for them to get back to me.

What a bait and switch tactic... get you to confirm a nonrefundable ticket with promises and then make it impossible to get in touch with anyone in regards to your refund. Needless to say I will never use this company again.

Expedia Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

I had a return ticket from Norway to Angola and I needed to change the return date. I had paid $500 extra for the ticket so that it was changeable for a fee. After calling Expedia for 4 days in a row being on the phone with them for 1 hour at the time to try to change the ticket they told me "sorry" it can not be done even though it was written on the ticket that it was changeable.

In the end I had to buy a new ticket costing me $2000. The "we are so sorry" from Expedia is really offensive since in the end it was I as a customer that took a huge loss and the cost for Expedia was zero. I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

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