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Disappointed Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I booked flight tickets for my friends from Expedia.com. I put first name as last name and last name as first name. I found the error and called Expedia.com customer service. Below is my experience.

Representative tried to contact with airline to fix the issue and could not find the airline help person, then she created a ticket and said her manager would deal with airline for the change. The process would take 24 to 72 hours. I received an email after 2 days of 1st talk with Expedia.com representative I was asked to call back. I called back. The reason they called is because they want to confirm the person's info to be changed. (What a basic skill it was missed to create customer service ticket! I waited for days then they need confirm what to be changed!)

The representative tried to contact with airline again but could not. So the same ticket was updated and I was told that manager would deal with it within Another 24 to 72 hours. I waited another 72 hours, no email, no any contact, so I called Expedia.com customer service again. The 3rd representative tried to contact airline again but did not succeed. Then she told me, they sent notification to airline for the change. When traveler check-in at time to travel, airline will fix the problem.

Every time, when I called, they tried to show me that they really did great job (calling airline, manager involving) to help me out. I felt that only thing they did was to send notification to airline and then that was done. After 3rd time worked with Expedia.com customer service, I did not trust them anymore, I call airline service line. Very friendly airline service person helped me out. I can talk to airline customer service but Expedia can not. What is joke they claimed that they tried.

Another bad experience is 2 of 3 customer representative I talked with has very strong accent and it's not easy to communicate with them. I am very disappointed for the way Expedia services their customer. I really hesitate to use Expedia again.

Expedia hides info, won't admit mistakes, doesn't give refunds
By -

My wife books a flight through Expedia. She finds out that there's a cheaper flight online. When she calls within 24hrs, they tell her that they will cancel the older tickets, and apply the new one. After a month, it didn't seem like they had refunded the older tickets. We then find out, after months of fighting with Expedia, Delta and the bank, that she was given misinformation from Expedia.

They say they had refunded the first ticket purchased, which apparently they did, but neglected to tell us that we were manipulated into buying a mysterious third ticket. At no time were we ever told or wanted to buy another flight that we wouldn't be using, and couldn't use. It was from one day to the next in less than 24 hours, requiring us to somehow magically teleport back home, be on time for this mysterious flight.

Silly. But there it was. Turns out, the website allowed us to double purchase, and through the generous help of a sneaky agent, got us to get tickets through both our own account and through a guest account. It wasn't something that we were aware of, and also they didn't tell us about until 4 months later. And the mistakes continued. They booked our 1 year old daughter as a 4 year old, creating yet another comedy of errors. They blamed us, but when my wife pulled up the information, found that she had typed in her birthday perfectly.

Expedia wouldn't budge. They would not refund our tickets, and they would not admit to their mistakes. They kept pinning the errors on Delta, us, and even our bank. Oh, and the tickets that were supposed to be cheaper on the website? They weren't. The agent made a mistake and it turned out the tickets were exactly the same price.

After calling, asking for supervisors and being a squeaky wheel, they wanted to give us a partial credit to use their service, which was almost half of what the amount was. But it was very restrictive, and would only be good for the next several months. In order to use it, we would have to use it quickly, & we would still have to pay them. Sneaky, and certainly not good enough.

So to sum it up: They made a mistake on pricing, they neglected to tell us that we had "accidentally" purchased separate tickets with the help of one of their sales techs, they added years to my young daughter, they squarely pointed a finger at Delta saying it was their fault, then they didn't want to refund us, instead giving us a partial credit to use their services only in a very restrictive manner.

You know what Expedia? Stay classy. You can keep the money you stole from me. Because from this day on, every opportunity I get and for the rest of your company's life, I will live so that I can tell my friends, families, neighbors, strangers, community & social gatherings, Facebook, blogs, & everything else I can think of on how you really deal with customers. I bet you will lose the money you kept from me many, many times over. Judging from the mountain of people who are dissatisfied with your service, your days as a company are numbered.

Expedia.com Has Nightmarishly Horrible Customer Service
By -

Expedia has the worst customer service imaginable -- in fact I would never have imagined that customer service could be so bad before dealing with Expedia. In short, dealing with Expedia is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!! Here's what I experienced when trying to book a Legoland “Expedia Extras” deal on July 13, 2009. The following offer came up when I was booking a San Diego hotel reservation:

"Buy Adult 2-day LEGOLAND/SEA LIFE Park Hopper Ticket, get Child 2-day Hopper ticket FREE. This offer is effective for admission on the Two Day Hopper ticket from 7/1/09 - 9/30/09, with a discount on additional child tickets when you book by 7/31/09. Must purchase LEGOLAND® + SEA LIFE˙ Park 2-Day Combo Ticket on the Customize Your Trip page to qualify."

I completed my hotel reservation, but I was never taken to the “Customize Your Trip” page to get the Legoland offer. So I called Expedia's customer service number. This was the beginning of a total of six hours of phone calls to Expedia, by myself and by management and staff of the hotel I booked through Expedia, who also tried to help.

The main problem is that the customer service phone staff seem to be making up information as they go along. Over the course of these multiple phone calls, I received a plethora of different answers as to why I could not access this offer, most of which contradicted each other or the text of the offer above. Here is a summary of the explanations I received over the course of these numerous phone calls:

“This offer has expired.” (Me: “but it says it doesn't expire until July 31." Agent: “We haven't updated our web page yet.”) “The hotel has decided to discontinue this offer.” “Legoland has decided to discontinue this offer.” “I don't see any such offer anywhere on our site.” (Two different agents told me this). “You have to cancel your hotel reservation and re-book it again for a later date to be eligible for this offer.”

“You have to book this offer at the same time you make your hotel reservation – it cannot be booked separately.” “You can get this offer by visiting the ‘Activities' tab, it does not have to be booked in conjunction with a hotel.” “You have to visit Legoland on the same date as your hotel check-in date.”

“This offer is only available with a two-day advance purchase.” “This offer is only available with a five-day advance purchase.” “There is no reason why you should not be eligible for this offer, and I will transfer you to customer service.” (I was then disconnected after a 20-minute hold). “You are not eligible for this offer because it only applies to children ages two and under.” (Two different agents told me this, even though the page says ages 0-12.)

The only reason I was finally able to get the promised offer was through the combined efforts of the hotel management and the Legoland Guest Services office – because both knew that Expedia's incompetence might reflect poorly on them. Ironically, the only party that never came through was Expedia – and it was their offer that created this problem in the first place.

Worst Customer Service.
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Worst customer service. I purchased a flight and hotel "Package" for a Fri to Sun. Didn't notice that only 1 hotel night was on the itinerary until a few days before our trip. I called Expedia and kept getting the run around. Was on the phone for almost 2 hours. Wanted to see why there was only 1 night booked when I purchased a package for the full time I was there. All the people I talked to on the phone said this was a glitch but they couldn't do anything about it. Finally got sent to someone who is supposedly upper management with a name of Mallory (Probably isn't even her real name). Very rude and kept saying it was my fault and that I must have clicked different dates. I got a damn package deal!!! Why would I only get a room for 1 of the nights that I'm there. She said they would not do any type of compensation because it wasn't their fault. She really didn't seem to care about how bad her customer service was and how she was representing her company. I recommend to stay away from them, but if you do use them and have to call to have something fixed, do not deal with Mallory . You will not get anywhere because she has no power to do anything to help you. Hang up and hope that you get someone else on the line.

Rewards Program Would Rather Lose a Customer Than Help
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Rating: 2/51

Expedia Customer Service is anything but. I have been trying for 3 weeks to work with them about correcting a mistake I made on their rewards program. I redeemed points for a coupon for a VIP access hotel and they will not help me in anyway to correct the problem. I asked for a switch to their "regular" hotel coupon which is the same points value. It took me YEARS to get enough points for any kind of reward since the minimum is 3500 points to get even a $25 hotel coupon. I can't believe they would rather lose a customer than help make the exchange. I will be finding some other booking system from here on out.

Charged My Credit Cards for Rooms Not Available
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Rating: 1/51

Called Expedia to book two rooms at a hotel in Florence, Italy. After taking all my information and charging my credit card, I was informed only one room was available. I told the representative we needed two rooms and to cancel my order. She transferred me to a representative who would take care of it. After being on hold for 30 min, I was told that my "refundable' room would be refunded, but that it could take weeks.

If the rooms were not available, the order should not have been processed. Any online retailer will let you know if merchandise is available prior to placing an order. Does Expedia not have the capability to do this? Never use Expedia I learned my lesson.

False Price Match
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Rating: 1/51

After being guaranteed a price match over the phone with two separate reps, I decided to move forward with the booking. My company uses Egencia, so I thought Expedia (same umbrella) would be reputable. I did exactly as the sales agent told me and took a screen shot of the ORBITZ lower price and added that into my submission for the price match guarantee and then confirmed my nonrefundable booking over the phone with a nice gentlemen.

Later that day I received an email stating my "price match" was denied because that rate was no longer on ORBITZ. Never was I told that price had to stay up for a prolonged period of time... I was just told it needed to be that lower price when I booked and guaranteed I would get the lower price along with $50 GC. So as you might imagine I was a bit shocked to see DENIED to something I thought was a done deal.

I tried calling and was passed around to numerous people who couldn't help me for over an hour. Then finally I received a manager, who advised he couldn't assist and the price match team wasn't able to be reached by phone. I would have to submit an email to them and just wait for them to get back to me.

What a bait and switch tactic... get you to confirm a nonrefundable ticket with promises and then make it impossible to get in touch with anyone in regards to your refund. Needless to say I will never use this company again.

Pay Insurance Covering Nothing
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Rating: 1/51

We bought a ticket through Expedia, we were prompt to buy the Total Insurance and I did it
Key Benefits:
Coverage for trip cancellation or interruption
Reimbursement for lost luggage

We had one stop at London
Due to the airplane delay in Huston, we missed our airplane and therefore we had to wait around 9 hours in London Airport. When we arrived to our final destination, the bag was delayed to the next day (total delay of 2 days), we went back to the airport and they gave us the bag but it was broken and the airline refused to file a claim even though we were at the airport.
So in summary we had:
Travel delay
Baggage delay
Baggage damage

Surprisingly, we called Aon Insurance and after a 45 international call (they refused to get the info by Mail! they asked us to give them :
Full names
Phone number
Letter by letter ( g like georges, e like earth … !!!!!!!!)
After submitting the claim with the necessary documents (claim ref: Travel Protection Plan 15EXC08784),
They said:
Travel delay :Not covered by Policy !
Baggage delay : Not covered by Policy !
Baggage damage : Not Covered since we are a secondary insurance !

What kind of Total Protection insurance tell you that you are covered for :
trip cancellation or interruption
Reimbursement for lost luggage
And doesn't cover my Travel delay, Baggage delay, Baggage damage !
This is an insurance that Cover Nothing !

I will be sure that I will get my right by :
Media, Law
Any help is highly appreciated TO FIGHT THIS FRAUD
MY EMAIL IS GEORGES_TOUMA@HOTMAIL.COM and I am ready for any clarification

Expedia Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

I had a return ticket from Norway to Angola and I needed to change the return date. I had paid $500 extra for the ticket so that it was changeable for a fee. After calling Expedia for 4 days in a row being on the phone with them for 1 hour at the time to try to change the ticket they told me "sorry" it can not be done even though it was written on the ticket that it was changeable. In the end I had to buy a new ticket costing me $2000. The "we are so sorry" from Expedia is really offensive since in the end it was I as a customer that took a huge loss and the cost for Expedia was zero. I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

Buyer Beware - Your Seats Are Not Guaranteed
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Rating: 2/51

Your seat assignments are a "request" only that Expedia takes no responsibility for and now tells me they were never more than a request that the airline could ignore or honor at their whim. The seat assignments I selected when I booked flights 6 months in advance through Expedia disappeared when the airline changed the flight times (but not the flight number or itinerary).

I'm writing this the day I was notified of the time change after spending one hour and twenty minutes on the phone with Expedia. Now the seats I selected and that appeared to be assigned to me are no longer available and similar seats come with an additional $60 per seat up-charge. The only thing Expedia offered me were seats in the center section of the middle of the plane for the 5 hour flight, and even those are now understood to be only a "request." This may not seem like such a big deal, but to me it is.

I want others to know they are much better off booking directly with the airline because the airline is more obliged to honor their booking details than booking with Expedia which claims to be only able to accept my money and mask my "requests" as the real deal, but with no obligation to try to work with the airline on my behalf. I have been a frequent flier for the past 25 years, and have almost always booked directly with the airlines. Lesson learned: I will not book through Expedia again.

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