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Customer Service
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On 5 Oct 2008 I ordered an in stock furnace part. The website stated that the part would be shipped in 1 to 3 days. On 13 Oct I had still not received my order so I called the parts and service. I was told that the part had not been shipped and they did not know why, other than my order must have "fallen between the cracks". My order was reordered.

On 14 Oct I again called the parts dept, and was told that order was sitting on the desk but would be processed. I sent an e-mail to the company president, expressing my concern over their poor business practice. On 17 Oct my credit card was billed for $164.01 for my part. On 20 Oct I called the parts dept to find out that my part had not been shipped yet and that I would receive an e-mail when it was.

I again sent an e-mail to the company president. On 21 Oct I received an e-mail stating that my part had been shipped. On 27 Oct I called the parts dept to find out were my part was at, I was told they had no tracking number on file for my order so they couldn't tell me why I didn't receive it. Them having no tracking number tells me that they had not sent it yet! On 29 Oct I went to a local plumbing company were they ordered my part from their supplier. On 30 Oct I cancelled my order with Expert Appliance, and told them I wanted a full refund to my credit card. They were very vague about my refund.

Anticipating that I would have as much trouble getting my refund, as I had trying to get a part, I called my credit card company and registered a complaint with them against the charge. They posted a credit to my account and said they would investigate my complaint. On 31 Oct the local plumbing company had my part at a charge of $72.20. Remember Expert Appliance charged $164.01 for the same part.

Terrible Customer Service
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I ordered a circuit board controller for my air conditioner compressor unit from Expert Appliance. Paid $351, which included $50 for next day shipping. The part arrived on time, but as soon as I opened it I could see it was not the correct part. I called customer service and gave them the number they sent me, and they told me the computer said it was a direct replacement for the part I ordered. No it wasn't. The circuit board they sent me was for an Air Handler unit, not a Compressor unit. Totally incompatible.

So, they said they would investigate and get back to me within the hour. Well, I didn't hear from them for a whole day. So in the meantime I took pictures of the part they sent me and the correct part, as well as descriptions from another website regarding each part. Finally they admitted it was the wrong part, but also that they didn't have the correct part by itself, only as part of a "kit", which cost another $100. So I told them I wanted to cancel the order. But first I needed an RMA number. It took me 3 weeks of constant calling and emailing with no reply from them before I finally got the number.

I shipped the part back and I also went ahead and filed a dispute with the credit card company, because I had a strong feeling they would not refund my money as promised within the 30 days they claim. As expected, they didn't return the money, but the credit card company did. So, make sure you always use your credit card for stuff like this.

Refuse to give refund
By -

CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA -- I ordered a hose for my apartment washer, they sent a plastic hose and it cost me 61.00. I filled out the return order form and waited for this RMA number that is required as well as the address in order to return the part. They never gave it to me.

After several emails and several phone calls that I made only to have them put me on hold from 30 to 45 minutes they acted like they were doing me a favor when they said they "found" the part and it would be 142.00. I was able to find another company that had it for half that amount. I told them this and also told them after all of the running around they gave me I expected a full refund and wanted that RMA number and return address. Still after several emails and phone calls I never got it.

They decided to send me an email saying the part is now NOT refundable without explanation. I had to ask in another email as to why, their reply was "you seem to think you are the only customer we have, that part will not be refunded because it is a special order". It was not a special order part. Now they won't answer any emails from me at all.

They ripped me off, had no intention of exchanging or doing anything else for me. Once they sent me this plastic hose that was overly priced and obviously wrong they figured it was a done deal no matter what. They also said that this hose was the factory original as if it were changed over. The one they sent me was plastic with ridges. The one I needed was a double, connected at one end and smooth rubber. A huge difference.

Don't deal with these people, they will only take your money, very unprofessional, rude, can't treat customers with respect. I never act like I am the only customer with any company. I was always nice on the phone and was willing to work with them. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

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