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Rat Feces / Urine Damage
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COSTA MESA, CA. -- I brought my wife's GMC Yukon to Expert Smog & Tune inc on Superior Ave, Costa Mesa Ca. to have a routine brake job done. The next day when my wife and I went to pick up our car, we discovered the rear seat had been folded down, and the release lever handle was bent. When I up righted the seat, I saw small holes chewed in the leather. We also found rat poop and puddles of urine all over.

I brought this mess to the attention of the owner, Brian, and asked that it be cleaned up and the seat section with the chew holes, be replaced. At first he says that it didn't happen in his garage, but I convinced him that it wasn't in this condition when I brought it in. He said that he would check if his insurance would cover the repairs to the seat. The next day he calls me to say that his insurance deductible is $1000, so he can't do it!!! I said the vehicle is not acceptable in this condition, and that my wife refuses to even get near the car... And I don't blame her

There is a health issue here... Rat droppings can cause hantavirus. The vehicle isn't safe for anyone to ride in, and I wouldn't want to transfer the contamination to the inside of my home. I asked if Brian would discount the cost of the brake job, since I will now have to pay extra to get the seat repaired, and the interior sanitized. Brian's response was "That's your problem".

I had to pay an additional $427.00 to get my car repaired and cleaned up to where it was not a health issue to ride in. I gave Brian the opportunity to do the right thing, that is, to offer some consideration for the damage that was caused by his neglect to lock & secure my car. He chose to be rude and switched back to denying that the rat mess happen in his garage. I refused to pay him, and he threatened to sue. So I filed a defendants counter-suit in Small Claims Court.

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