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Employee Treatment
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ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- I RECENTLY NOTICED SOMEONE HAD DELETED THIS POSTING AND SHAME SHAME ON YOU. The public needs to know when employers put the screws to their employees and the customers. This goes on in all walks of life and the people that should be terminated get promoted, it's like the Peter Principal. Again if you want to buy appliances go to an appliance store, tile go to a tile store, etc. If you need a Designer look in the yellow pages cause if the designers at stores like Expo, Home Depot, etc were any good they would be working on their own making more money than working in a big box store.

I worked at the EXPO DESIGN CENTER, Laguna Niguel, CA. 4 years. When I started the store had excellent managers, but over the years that has changed. Customer traffic declined, sales went down, managers changed, staffing was reduced. New hires have no experience for the departments they are put in. The few good ones have to multi-task and that is difficult when several customers are asking questions and require service. Being passionate about my job and wanting to help customers when they were in the store, I made made a BIG mistake. I went to my Dept. Head to complain about an associate who was giving a customer a bad time.

I was now being pegged as being disrespectful to my co-workers. He took this opportunity to use against me and used it several more times to have me terminated. There have been several co-workers call me at home as they were surprised to hear this person had me terminated. I had several letters from customers sent to Management praising my work efforts and in store awards for excellent customer service given by past managers and associates.

Since this has happened, customers I had been working with are now going elsewhere to purchase product and services. With the weekly decline of sales, this store has terminated several associates on trumped up charges. In closing I would recommend if you want to buy appliances, go to an appliance store where you will not have to pay for delivery, get free installation, and immediate delivery, over priced tile, kitchen cabinets overpriced and poor design service.

By -

Unreliable, unorganized, over-priced, poor selection... etc. We used EXPO as we needed bathroom tile for our six bathrooms in a timely fashion. We were promised a 2 week lead time if we purchased a high-end line. Six weeks later, we still haven't received the tile, an order was delivered of the WRONG tile, we have been charged 2,000 too much, the "designer" we paid $700 has yet to produce a single schematic for any bathroom.

My husband has had to go down personally to meet with the manager to complain, most messages have gone unanswered for DAYS. It is truly a wonder that have stayed in business. I have never been driven to write an online review, but these guys take the cake. Other than good hours (they're open on Sundays) I see NO reason to use EXPO.

Refused Return of Defective/Sold Used Faucet
By -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- On December 3, 2006 I purchased new a Delta Faucet 470-ss from Expo Design Center for a kitchen that was going to be remodeled. When the plumber came to install this faucet he discovered that it was missing parts and that the hose was broken. I rushed to Expo to purchase another one and double checked it so the plumber could return and install one that was in good order. When I went to return the obviously used one they refused to provide credit to my charge card. Their reason was that the 90-day window had passed. I had had this damaged one in the box the entire time until it was to be installed. Even with all my explanations the "manager" refused to take it back.

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