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From skeptical to satisfied!
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I read all these reviews before calling Expo, and even brought them up when I called. Tri (pronounced like 'tree', as I was informed by him) was extremely polite and professional. He assured me that the car I was inquiring about was exactly as it was pictured online: pristine. I told him it seemed too good to be true. A 2008 Lexus IS 250 with only 17k miles on it with ALL the bells and whistles (including navigation, back up camera, clear paint protection films, sound system, etc) for only $26k? I wasn't buying it! I live in Dallas and told him I was going to be very disgruntled if I made the trip all the way down to Houston only to find some semblance of a '76 El Camino. He gave me his word that if, when I arrived, the car was not EXACTLY as he said it was, and up to my standards, he would personally pay for all my travel expenses. So I did like any normal person would, and booked a plane ride for the next morning. In the mean time, Tri had the car taken to a nearby Lexus dealership (at my insistence, like any responsible used car shopper would) for a non-biased opinion on the vehicle. I was assured by their master technician that I should grab this car before someone else did!
When I arrived the next morning at the airport, I was picked up by one of the Expo employees (Tri had arranged all of this) in the car, which I drove back to the dealership. It was perfect. Exactly like the pictures, only better. Once back at the dealership, Tri was as incredible as he had been throughout. He had me out the door in my amazing new car within about 30 minutes. I can not say enough good things about my experience with Expo. I was terrified I was going to be ripped off or it would all be a waste of my time, but everything was phenomenal. If you had a bad experience at Expo (or ANY used car dealership, for that matter) you have no one to blame but yourself. If you do not thoroughly check the vehicle's history and have it inspected by a 3rd party, you are setting yourself up for trouble.
Only half the story.
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Rating: 5/51
TEXAS -- Everyone knows the consumer needs to do there homework. I have read the negative comments on Expo motorcars but you only hear when someone is not satisfied. All dealers do their best to sell good cars but stuff happens. You should always have your car checked out completely, if you don't you have no one to blame but yourself. I am a professional car dealer and go to EXPO to buy the best and twice got just what I wanted. First a $65000 997s which I have had for 3 years and its still great. Next I bought a SL500 which outside of balancing the tires was also great. You can't say a dealership is corrupt when things go sour and sometimes its difficult to deal with a pissed off customer you just can't Win with all people all the time. Remember we only hear of the bad experiences. I have had two great cars from EXPO and am buying another a SL550 which I will ck out and expect it to meet my expectations. Its great to have a dealership with a wide variety of highline cars in one place. These guys sell hundreds of cars a year, take it with a grain of salt, but most deals are good and you don't hear about them un less something goes wrong. satified car buyer from Austin.
Did My Homework And Was Taken For A Ride. Vehicle Was Wrecked.
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HOUSTON, TX -- I purchased a vehicle from EXPO and had a company check it out first since this was my first used car. He said all was well. I should have known better than to take a recommendation of whom to check it out from, by EXPO. The SUV had a clear title, but the dealer told me it had been wrecked. This vehicle has been in the dealer more times than I can bear. The steering wheel had to be changed, the drive shaft, seat belts, which were broken (never reported by the company that looked over it). It has had the power steering pump replaced, the ignition replaced, and next week goes in again for another steering wheel issue. The phone charger kept blowing fuses and they said it appeared that water must had gotten in there. EXPO told me they changed the brake pads which they did, but they were not VW parts and didn't connect the warning wires to them since they didn't fit. I had to call for two months to get the title. No manuals or CD for the navigation were available. I did get books from a vehicle that was two years older. I would NEVER recommend this dealer to anybody.

My representative called me back about 8 months later to see if I wanted to trade my vehicle in for another. I guess he knew that the vehicle was a piece of junk and I might fall for another one. I did due diligence and was still had. Stay away from this place.
Beware Of Expo Motorcars In Houston!
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have been gathering up people, who, like myself, have been fooled by Expo Motorcars in Houston. They specialize in high end, used cars, and, as I am discovering, ones that have some serious problems.

This year, March 2007, I bought a BMW M3 from them. I took it, not seeing it, but after having an independent review conducted on my car. Upon delivery, there were huge issues with the car. No maintenance records (I was assured they were there and would be sent). I have now found out why. My local dealership here in Tampa, has told me that car has been in an accident. I had the car checked using an online service to see if it had been in an accident, and it was clean (CarFax). However, the dealership told me that you can repair a car without Carfax ever knowing. This is the second car from Expo that they have worked on...both having troubles.

Now to the meat and potatoes. Expo sold me a car with a bent frame, out of alignment (obviously), and serious gearbox problems. I encourage all of you to stay away from Expo. Apparently they do a lot of business overseas, selling these cars there since they can't do anything once its delivered. They are located in Houston for a reason (near one of North America's largest international shipping port).

These guys are very dishonest and I would NOT buy a car from them or trust them in any way!
False Advertising on Automobile
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I called Expo Motorcars told them we were looking for a Mercedes Benz 430. Saw they had one advertised on Ebay. Their Ad said it was in excellent condition. Called the salesman told him to go outside and look at the car to inspect it. He called me back said it was excellent. We rented a car, had to stay in a motel, Son took a day off work drove 5 hrs. one way. The Mercedes was not what was advertised. The ceiling from the front of the car to the back was unglued, falling. Scratches all around the car. The car smelled, seat belts were filthy. The car had a bad smell maybe flooded. Manager told the Better Business Bureau that only a portion of the ceiling was falling,,,WRONG. The Manager said he tried to offer us another car. WRONG. We only wanted a Mercedes Benz. He walked around the parking lot and did not have another Mercedes Benz. His cars on the lot were dirty, nasty. Only the cars in the show room was nice.


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