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Express Store Coupons
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- I made a purchase in the Troy, Michigan Express store. I added several items to the pile to qualify for the coupon. At checkout I was informed that the coupon was not valid until tomorrow. No exceptions! Customer Service said my only option was to return the items tomorrow. I was told that I could not just bring the receipt back to the store. I have to physically take the merchandise back for a refund and repurchase. Seriously, if I need a magnifying glass and an attorney to use these coupons, what good are they? This has not created customer good will. The marketing department should be award of this.
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Express Clothing Store
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My daughter and I were shopping at Express store. We had 2 coupons-one for $30 off $70 and the other for $40 off $100. In trying to find the best combination to use for the coupons the salesgirl fist rang up 2 items for around $80 and used the $30 coupon where the total came to $49.60. We decided that the $40 off $100 was better so we returned the 2 items for $49.60 and bought everything else and after using the coupon the total came to $62.00.I remember it well that when the cashier rang up 4 items the total came to $94 and she directed my daughter to the clearance jewellery rack where she picked up a necklace, which she didn't need, for the total to reach $102.00. Then the $40 dollar coupon was applied and the total came to $62. When my bill came in the mail I saw that I had been charged for both $49.60 and $62.00. The return for $49.60 had not shown up in the bill. I went back to the store to try to resolve it there but they kept insisting that I was wrong. One of them kept rolling her eyes at me, looking and showing her exasperation. I know I am right and that the store has charged me twice for the same items. I wrote to corporate and spoke with 2 people. They were no help and kept insisting that the receipt total without the coupon adds up to $150 and I have been trying to tell them that if that was the case then why did the salesgirl tell us that we are short of $100 by 6 dollars. $100 was the total needed to get the $40 dollar discount.
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 08/14/2010:
Did you make the purchase towards the end of your billing cycle? Sometimes a return takes a few business days to post to your account, even if it's done the same day as the purchase. Could be that the return would appear on the next statement. Check the unbilled activity on your credit card and it could be that the return is there.
Also, don't you have the receipt for the return? Perhaps it was returned to a different card? Check for the CC # on that receipt.
Venice09 on 08/14/2010:
Good advice, FlS. I've had that happen to me. The OP should check the unbilled activity on her card.

I too was wondering if the OP has a receipt for the return. I hope she brought it with her when she returned to the store.
Helpful on 08/15/2010:
It sounds like the key to resolving this situation to your liking kukie, is to have the receipt for the return. This is going to be the only way of showing that there was an agreed upon return of the merchandise in question. Unfortunately, without this receipt, I believe you're on the hook for the entire amount showing on your statement.

If this is the case, make sure to not skip a payment or refuse to pay the amount. The amount isn't worth destroying your credit over.
kukie on 08/15/2010:
Yes, I did have the receipt. The return of the 2 items shows up on top but then, the store says,that it is all bundled up in the new transaction. I had been carefully looking at the cash register screen while the items were being rung up and the fact that we had to buy something useless for $8 to make the total add to $100 sticks in my mind...but the managers of the store were not willing to listen to all that. I had paid the bill when it first came and decided to fight it later as I felt cheated.
Venice09 on 08/15/2010:
If you have a receipt for the return/credit of $49.60 and a receipt for the items you actually bought, totaling $62.00 (after coupon), then I don't know how they can possibly justify the bill.

If you can check your statement online, look at the unbilled activity. As FlShopper mentioned, if this happened at the end of the billing cycle, the return might not be posted yet. You could also try contacting them by telephone and explaining the situation. You might have better luck that way.
kukie on 08/15/2010:
Thanks! Good advice....I will wait for the next billing cycle.
Anonymous on 08/15/2010:
Yeah, if you have the return receipt along with the new receipt, then there should be no discrepency.
Helpful on 08/15/2010:
Good Kukie, you have your sales receipts. If the return shows on the second sales receipt, along with the new purchase, you'll have a total at the bottom of the receipt. This should, roughly, be equivalent to the extra purchases made. Add this amount to the first receipt and you should have had the amount you were billed and paid for.

Did it turn out to be something different?
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