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Mail fraud
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EDMONTON ALBERTA -- I received in the mail a check for 2996.04 and was informed that I had won 114,000.00 due to reviewing previou lottery tickets. I called the number and asked for Donald Rogers as the letter instructed me to do. He said that I should take the check to the bank and deposit it. When I saw that the funds were available, I should call him for further instructions. I did so, and I was instructed to moneygram 2840.00 to Meridith Jacobs in Ottawa Canada. I did that and called them back with the reference number. I was told that all I had to do was wait for the Federal Express truck to deliver me an envelope between noon and 4pm CST on Tuesday March 20. I waited until around 2pm and I saw a FedEx truck pull up at a neighbor's house. I thought that may be he had the wrong address and I waited for him to come to my house. He got in his truck and drove off. I called the people at this company in Edmonton, and was informed that due to a customs problem that my package had been sent to South Carolina. I asked for a tracking number and they never got back to me. We did get a call from the bank that I missed and didn't listen to until that evening. We looked on the internet at our bank account and saw that the account number wasn't listed. I called the 800 for my bank and found out that out account was 3000.00 in the hole. The check was conterfiet and we weren't going to get any other money.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/25/2007:
This is a common scam. Your first clue should have been you won a lottery that you did not enter. Second, if you did win a lottery - they give YOU money...not you give THEM money. Third, they have no way knowing what time of day FexEx will deliver in your area. Sorry for your loss. It was an expensive lesson.
MRM on 03/25/2007:
This setup is defintely a scam. The setup is that you were told that you won some million dollars and in order to get the million dollars, you would have to pay for the delivery and service fees. A similar story appeared on Dateline NBC just last Thursday night. It is very important that you watch investigative news reports, such as Dateline NBC, so you will be INFORMED of what's going on in this crazy world.

PS, I look forward to Dateline NBC this coming Tuesday, March 27th, as it reports on Identity Theft and how they catch the crooks in the act. Its a must see TV!
FloridaLizardQueen on 03/25/2007:
This has scam written all over it. I'm sorry you had to learn such a hard lesson, but you won't ever do that again . . .
Ponie on 03/25/2007:
This scam has been around, and consumers have been warned about it, as long as the Internet. Sorry you had to learn about it the hard way rather than listen to news programs, read newspapers, etc.
grandma005 on 03/25/2007:
Greed is what was your undoing. Common sense should have told you this was a scam. Nobody is going to send you a check to deposit and then have you send the money back to them. How does this make any sense. Next time listen to your inner self instead of listening to the voice of greed.
wachoviacustomer on 03/26/2007:
OUCH def a scam.... this almost happened to my father around 2 years ago... It was around income tax time and they told him that he had won some kind of prize and all he had to do was deposit that check and then do a money gram and forward it to them.... My father was very skeptic so he deposited the check in his account BUT he didn't take the money and do a money gram.... a couple of days later the money disappeared but it didn't hurt him, it was def a scam.... I can't believe that in the U.S. people get away with this type of activity....
rhondam718732 on 03/27/2007:
Honest to God you never once wondered why you would be asked to deposit a check then withdrawal and send money back??? I am sorry but how does this scam fool anyone? Silliness to fall for it.
sabrill2 on 04/04/2007:
I received this same letter. It is dated March 20, 2007. A check for the same amount was included. I called "my claim agent Jennifer Owens" at 1240 Dawson Blvd., Winnipeg, MB, 204-887-5547. She said for me to deposit the check and when it clears to send $2845.00 to a North American transfer agent and gave me her information. Once I send the moneygram she said to call her to let her know and she within 48 hours I will receive a cashiers check for $114k delivered by UPS.

So far I have just deposited this check on Friday 03-30-07. My letter says that the winnings must be claimed by April 6, 2007. I called this lady just yesterday and told her that my bank will not clear that check until April 16th. She said that was fine and that she was going to extend my winning date to the 16th. After hanging up I realized I only had given her my name but no spelling was asked for and that is a little unusual, my last name is hard for some to spell. So I called her back a few hours later and reminded her that I called and she was extending my winning date and asked her if she needed the reference number or winner code and she said no that she pulled it up and noted my file of the extension date. I said OK and I call you on the 16th and your going to send to me $114k. She said "yes, and that they were doing it this way so they wouldn't have to ask me for my bank account number. This meant that there were clearance fees to pay and they provided a check for them. No out of pocket expenses for me to complete her request and the account that I put the check in..had $0 to begin with.

I don't think GREED is the issue here......

When someone sends a letter to your address, with your name on it and gives you a $3000 check with could you not go through with it. If you wouldn't have spent the money up front then really you have nothing to loose by following through with the request. In my opinion it would be GREED not to do what was asked and try to keep the $3k.

Now, I am wondering what else I can do (if anything) to make sure the check clears and doesn't come back. Also, why does this lady confirm these winnings on a daily basis with me so far and how can I assure all this will happen!! Is there a way?

My question to you is how come you stopped contacting them when you didn't receive a check? You are $3k in the hole and I would be trying to get my money back. They are still answering the phone so there has to be a way. Also, was the date that your checked cleared passed the date that was given on the letter for the winnings to be claimed? Just curious.

I have nothing to loose and she can have her crooked money in the end. For me, at least I know that I did what I was instructed to when I could have taken the $3k and ran. Then I would be the one with the crooked money and nothing good ever comes from crooked money!!!
grandma005 on 05/23/2007:
Did you receive your cashier check?
amberdawn on 01/07/2008:
I spoke with someone via email saying they needed someone to cash a check in and send it to their clients via Western Union, then take 10% off for myself. I just received the 3,000.00 check today and decided to do some research regarding this. I'm a little fishy about it, especially after reading these posts.And I know, why would they need someone to cash the check and send the money back to them right? What should I do? if the check is legitimate do I continue to send the money via Western Union deducting the 300$ for myself, or like one person said on here, do I be greedy and keep the money? I would love some
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