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Mail fraud
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EDMONTON ALBERTA -- I received in the mail a check for 2996.04 and was informed that I had won 114,000.00 due to reviewing previou lottery tickets. I called the number and asked for Donald Rogers as the letter instructed me to do. He said that I should take the check to the bank and deposit it. When I saw that the funds were available, I should call him for further instructions. I did so, and I was instructed to moneygram 2840.00 to Meridith Jacobs in Ottawa Canada. I did that and called them back with the reference number. I was told that all I had to do was wait for the Federal Express truck to deliver me an envelope between noon and 4pm CST on Tuesday March 20. I waited until around 2pm and I saw a FedEx truck pull up at a neighbor's house. I thought that may be he had the wrong address and I waited for him to come to my house. He got in his truck and drove off. I called the people at this company in Edmonton, and was informed that due to a customs problem that my package had been sent to South Carolina. I asked for a tracking number and they never got back to me. We did get a call from the bank that I missed and didn't listen to until that evening. We looked on the internet at our bank account and saw that the account number wasn't listed. I called the 800 for my bank and found out that out account was 3000.00 in the hole. The check was conterfiet and we weren't going to get any other money.
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