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What Happened To Integrity?

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- €œWhat happened to integrity?€ It is so easy to see a humanitarian need and try to reach out and make a difference in a community. Many times it starts out with great concern mixed with diligence, and sometimes it results with a different story in the end. There is a major homeless facility located in Colorado Springs, Colorado that is located at 725 W. Cimarron Street, known as The Express Inn€“ - CCBH Annex. The owners of the homeless program is listed as: **.

I am writing as an advocate for the homeless. I saw and read the news media coverage on March 25, 2011 concerning a foreclosure case and I started researching this organization, collecting articles, and as a result from that date until now, I was in total shock after much of what was discovered as facts concerning this organization. I had the opportunity to personally sponsor and assist some of the homeless in that area and I decided to watch the outcome of this foreclosure case.

These owners were given notice on March 25, 2011 from the judge that they must vacate the premise along with tenants by May 15, 2011 by 12 noon and why did they wait until May 3, 2011 to inform the residents and employees about the actual closure of this organization? The employees were told that the doors would remain open and don't be concerned otherwise.

Why did they wait until Tuesday, May 03, 2011 in the afternoon to give notice in this manner? Quote: "€œWe have tried all that we can and the bank will not work with us, so all of you have until Monday, May 8, 2011 to vacate the premise because we don'€™t want to create a new utility bill." What happened to integrity? This is one of the most inhumane actions that took place. These homeless people don't stay there for free.

Some of them pay as follow: nightly, weekly, and monthly. Some of these residents have been living there for a very long time. This was home to many and to receive just a 5-day notice to vacate the premise is a sign of RUTHLESSNESS, GREED, and INCONSIDERATION. Did they even consider that the residents and employees would need time for moving arrangements, mail change etc.?

Week€™s in advance notice would have been much more respectable instead of just a 5-day notice. The delay of notice was for their personal gain. They can'€™t blame the former owner like they did to the media, neither can they blame the bank or the judge. This is the accountability of ** because it was their responsibility to properly inform the people. How would these people feel if this situation was reversed? I hope that those with no place to stay will find shelter with such short notice and limited income.

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