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Defective upon delivery/No Title
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FLORIDA -- My son who is 14 has wanted a dirtbike for sometime. Unfortunely we were not able to purchase one for him. He decided to get a job so he could save money for one. He found one on the internet sold by Express Powersports, that he thought he would be able to save up enough money to buy. At the end of June he had enough to buy it. We ordered it, never received a confirmation, just a sales order number, stating we would get a confirmation. The only way I knew for sure the order was received was that my credit card was charged immediately. I did contact the company at that point to verify everything. On July 19th the DirtBike arrived. It was packed very securely with no visible damage to the crate it came in. My husband immediately began unpacking it as were leaving for vacation in a couple of days. As he unpacked it we noticed things that were broke on it. I immediately contacted the company and they told me all I needed to do was complete the warranty on it and let them know the parts and they would replace them. I did not complete the warranty until July 29th as the DirtBike needed some assembly and my husband did not get it together until after our vacation. When I called the company back on either the 28th or 29th, the person I spoke to really gave me a hard time, they insisted that it was a shipping problem and not theirs, after some time on the phone the man said he would get the parts and I would hear from them in the next week or two, he also stated at that time that he would have the title sent out. Two weeks later I once again called, I spoke to the guy in parts and he stated the parts were not in yet but would be in a couple of days, that was over 2 weeks ago and we still have not received the parts as of yet and it has been a month and we have not received the title. Not only that but before we ordered the dirtbike, I had an online chat with someone from Express Powersports and they informed me parts would be available for at least 5 years and I also checked on the warranty. Well in my opinion they do not back the products they sell nor are their warranties any good. They have not sent me the title.
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death on 08/29/2004:
sounds like a dirty scam, how lame, stupid company should be out of business big time. hopefully you'll get your title soon and a new bike. you could call the Better Business Bureuo(sp?) they can tell you if that company is a scam for sure or just a piece of sh*t place. if you have one of those places where you live...
heywoodya1 on 07/04/2008:
I had the exact same problem. The registration will never come, and soon they will not answer your calls and say that they have never done buisiness with you. I tried getting satisfaction from the Florida DMV, FL state attourney's office and the DOT. All could not or would not help. Luckily my credit card's fraud protection got my money back.... P.S. This company was run out of buisiness before...known as express motorspotrs.
Ricktoxxx on 12/31/2010:
This was obviously another one of those online 'so-called' powersports retailers! Use your can't buy anything motorized online and expect to have a good experience!
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