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Scams Scams Scams!!!!!
Posted by on

I used to work for the auto warranty company in Plantation,Fl you are correct about the scam. They make about $250,000 a week in deals scaming elderly people. They purposely target older individuals because of vulnerability. I quit because the environment was completely unprofessional, there are no backround checks for employees, there are convicted felons who have disclosed to me that they steal credit card numbers and information from individuals.

I was absolutely shocked how they taught us in training how to treat customers. We were told to hang up if they ask for a supervisor, curse them out if they get upset, and lie to them saying we are going to take there name off the list.

I only stayed for a week. I'm an honest person and it was unbearable hearing people as old as 93 begging and pleading for the phone calls to stop. I'm going to inform my local TV station, this place needs to be shut down. We read from scripts, lying about how long we have been in business and that we are affilated with numerous manufactors and dealerships nationwide and in Canada. We even have to lie about what we cover for people's cars.

Its an auto dialer system, we don't have anyone's phone number, what they make us do is look at your telephone number when it comes through and look it up on white pages.com.

They tell us to sell urgency, to lie and tell the customer that your manufactor and dealer of your vehicle informed us that your warranty has expired and that this your last and final call(which it isn't). $50 bucks a deal. When people try to cancel
they still charge their credit cards.

They won't sell to anyone in Florida because they fear being found. Even the number is bogus, for Miami the only area code being used are 954, 305, 754, and 561.

The quality of people, services offered, and that sense of urgency is bogus!!! Please people be smart, if you want an extended warranty speak with your dealership first because I quit this job because of the obvious scam we were taught to do to innocent people. If you see this information on your phone RUN!!!!!

PHONE NUMBER: 313-692-7192



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MRM on 04/25/2008:
Say it aint so, Auto Warranty.
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Claim disallowed
Posted on
OHIO -- I purchased an extended auto warranty on my car from Extended Auto Warranty Corp located in Ohio in April 2002. It is now July 29,2002 and my car now needs rear wheel struts. My claim to replace the faulty struts was disallowed. Struts are not listed in the “Exclusions” paragraph of the contract. Since struts are part of the car’s suspension I felt that the repair work would be covered.

I would like Extended Auto Warranty Corp to pay for the cost of replacing my car’s real wheel struts.
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Anonymous on 07/29/2002:
WOW!!! Very Informative!!!
Anonymous on 07/30/2002:
I have been thinking of getting an extended warranty when my new car warranty expires. I will certainly stay away from this company. Do you have any other companies you would recommend?
Anonymous on 07/30/2002:
I picked Extended Auto Warranty because their price was lowest - big mistake. I suggest you look at Consumers Choice warranties - more expensive but covers much more. Their number is 800-616-5555. Good luck!
Anonymous on 07/30/2002:
Thanks for posting. Sorry about your situation but it will help others. I will defintely stay clear of that company. Thanks again.
Anonymous on 07/31/2002:
FYI - there are some other "complaint" type sites that reference this company as well. Try 'GotScammed.com', 'uSpeakOut.com', 'BadDealings.com', 'WebAssured.com', and 'ComplaintBook.com'. Also check the local Better Business Bureau
john_1 on 08/04/2002:
Not sure if you are the same person who posted on BadDealings.com as well. Sorry but I don't have too much sympathy for you. You should have read the contract better and you would have seen that very little is actually covered. Extended Auto Warranty Corp has the cheapest product on the market. Did you really think that buying the cheapest warranty would get you a quality company and product? Next time perform your due diligence and you will not be suckered into a situation like this.

Anonymous on 08/04/2002:
Yes I should have spent more time understanding what I was buying. I will in the future. However, I am in a bad situation and not quite sure how to recover all of my money for this purchase. If anyone has any suggestions please post. Thanks.
Anonymous on 08/05/2002:
I'm here to lodge a complaint about someone else, but saw the complaints against extended auto warranty. I have had 3 warranties over the past 4 yrs, and have no problem with them. They have taking care of me on 4 different occasions (replace transmission, new starter,brake calapiers, A/C comp). I'm sorry you all have problems, but I have a great relationship with EXTENDED AUTO WARRANTY CORP. and will keep on recommending them to everybody.
Anonymous on 08/05/2002:
To Jec/autorite: what's your secret on getting claims paid? I went through a Goodyear shop who called them. Would I have been better off going to a dealership to submit the claim? Glad to hear someone is getting what they paid for. Thanks.
Anonymous on 08/05/2002:
I have had a warranty with Extended Auto Warranty Corp. for 2 years. They were recommended to me by a couple friends of mine. I have never had a problem with there service, and I have had many claims that have been completed thoroughly. Before I had bought the warranty I made sure to aske what was covered and what wasn't, I also made sure to read the contract before I had signed it.
Anonymous on 08/05/2002:
When a customer is unhappy with a company's product or services, it would make sense for that customer to find as many complaint sites as possible to voice their concerns. I am a little curious why you posted the exact reply on www.gotscammed.com and uSpeakOut.com as you did on this site. Why would you go through all that trouble if you didn't have an ulterior movtive?

Now about reading the contract. Their (your) contract appears to cover everything. How does an average person know what specific automative parts to look for? I had never heard of the part name of my failing parts before they failed. How would I have known that it was excluded. How many other parts are excluded? You seem way to eager in your response to suggest that I should have made sure to understand what was covered and what was not.

This post is still way to suspicious for me ("and a couple friends of mine"). My only question to you is if your boss at EAWC asked you to post your response or if you decided to do it yourself?

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