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RUDE service from Eyes First Vision Center, Middletown, NJ
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MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a customer of this eye care professional for seven years, but my relationship with them is now over. I was met with extremely rude service during my past visit, where the saleslady Colleen made personal threats after I disputed a bill. Her attacks left me feeling extremely scared and violated of my personal rights. Such vehement bullying is uncalled for in the realm of customer service. I would hate to have this happen to anyone else. Please, if you are in the Middletown, NJ area and need vision care, go to another eye care professional. And if you must go to Eyes First, please stay away from the Middletown location.
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Anonymous on 11/15/2001:
Have you tried speaking with the management? That usually helps.
Anonymous on 11/29/2003:
I, have witness, a lack on care, for the customer, and olso the lack on care for the company, that the employees at walmart work for, my must recent experience, at your store , is if nat the worst I have ever had, I went in and had my prescripcion glases ordered, at yout Vallejo CA branck store # 1651 on the 27th on October, and I was told that ill take 4 to 5 days, to get my glases, yet today is nobenber 29th and I have not gotten thame, according to the asistent manager MIke at the brach, my glases are lost, thay do not know, what happen to my glases. I called a week later requesting to ask, and I was told that my glases were at the Suisun branch, I call the Suisun branch and thay were to call me back, a week pass, and I never heard from thame, I call back, and requested to talk to the supervisor, he came to the phone, and he offered me to refund my money, but he was unable to locate my glases, at that time I had already, requested coverage my my insurance,soi desided to go to the Vallejo store, and tolk to the manager, that's how I got to see asistent Mike, he took my name and my cell phon, as well as home phone, and he sayed hell call me just as soon he finds out what happen, thise was one week ago today Saturday the 29th and I have not heard from him at all, so I decide to call today, well he sayed that he forgot, all about it, and ask me to come in, gime my money.
I have to say that I'm sorry I requested your servises in the first place, because the filling is, that there is no interest what so ever, I'm not engry, I'm desapointed, a grate deal, by your organisation, ticket # 2777 ordered 102703 store 1651 at 5180 sonoma blv Vallejo ca my name, is REynalldo Velasquez
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