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Consumer-Watch Out!
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RIVERSIDE,CA -- I am very disappointed with the service of that branch. When I went for an oil change for my car, they shorten me almost ¾ of a quart of oil. When I went back to bring the matter to their attention, the store manager, claimed that my car is low on oil because the engine is burning oil, when the receipt shows that they only put 3.2 quarts of oil, instead of the required 4 quarts. Another thing I found out that even though my receipt shows that Mobile oil is used, what they actually use is a cheap quality Exxon oil, they get away with that because Exxon is owned by Mobile corp.

What is more disappointing is when I wrote a letter to the corporate office, they never responded. When I called their toll free number, I was directed to a recorder to leave a message; I left a message, no one returned back my message. When I asked the receptionist who refused to give out her name to talk to a live person, she hung up on me! I do not like to write bad reviews about businesses, but EZ lube has earned that bad review. As a consumer, when I take my car to a service shop, I am putting the trust in them to do the job, and to do it in an honest way. EZ lube failed to do that.

When I looked at the receipt there was no reference to their corporate office address, even on their site there is no reference to their physical corporate address. I had to “Google” their address to find it. It is sad that a company like that is simply taking advantage of consumers seeking “fast, reliable,honest service”. They are instead delivering a “fast, unreliable, not trust worthy service”. Thank you for reading my review.

Stay Away! From EE Lube 4365 Genesee Ave
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Stay away from these crooks at EZ Lube on 4365 Genesee Ave, San Diego, CA. They cheat, they lie, and some of their workers seem to know very little about cars. First of all, they put the wrong oil filter on my car, then they overcharged me for some work (differential fluid change) that they didn't even do. When I was paying my bill and brought it to their attention that they had told me another price, I was told "We would never offer that price". Not wanting to argue I left and decided I'd call a manager in the morning.

The next day, before I called, I realized that they put the wrong oil filter on my car, and also that they didn't even touch my differential to change it's fluid. So, I called the main office to get a refund for the work they didn't do. I was even wiling to eat the cost of the oil change, since they did put new oil in, and just put on the correct oil filter myself. They were absolutely unwilling to refund my money. All they wanted to do was bring my car back into them so they could re-do the work.

I explained to them that I would NEVER trust them to touch my car again, and that having them re-do the work was not acceptable. I wanted my $80 back for the diff. fluid change that was not done. Well, after a week of phone calls I have never got my money back. On the co. behalf they did return my calls. However, they were unwilling to just refund my money for work they didn't do. If you care about your car, and if you care about your $$ stay FAR FAR away from this oil change shop.

Stay Away From Ez LUBE!!!
By -

I went in to the Ez Lube #074 in Orange, CA located on 3232 East Chapman to get an oil change with the special offer for $18.99. They refused to honor it because I showed it to them on my phone with the coupon code easily identifiable instead of printing it out. So I came back a little bit later with the coupon printed out and just dropped my car off there. About an hour later, I came back to pick up my car only to find that they did not service it at all and didn't even bother to give me a call.

The assistant manager made up the excuse that the screw (i.e. oil plug) was "over torque" by whoever the last mechanic was and they don't want to assume the liability of trying to open it and risk anything. I went to a different auto shop, told them what happened and asked them to allow me to take a picture of the oil plug before doing anything to the car so I can have it as prove whether or not the claim from EZ Lube was true. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the screw at all.

The older gentleman easily unscrewed it with one hand and just looked at me and said "There is absolutely nothing wrong with your car, they just didn't want to service it." If you have a coupon, your service is not wanted at EZ Lube!!! This is the kind of ethics that the people here have. They will lie so they don't have to work on your car. These people cannot be trusted.

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