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American Cash Awards-Scammers!!!
Posted by on
If you get these people knocking at your door - send them away. They will talk you into a magazine subscription for twice the price you can get it at, then add shipping and handling (which magazines do not do). They will sweet talk you as they earn 'points' towards a prize for themselves.

I fell into there trap and realized when they left they had got all of my information wrong (these girls are not bright), so I will never see a magazine. I have faxed a cancellation through to the company several times and have left about 10 messages for them to call, and have emailed nearly everyday for the past 2 weeks. DO YOU THINK I HAVE HEARD FROM THEM??? Of course not, and they cashed my check. I will never be so stupid again to even let someone like this at my door get past 'hello'.
This company also has several other names under American Cash Awards.

So, if someone comes to your door selling magazine subsciptions tell them where to go or you will get screwed also.
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Soaring Consumer on 03/14/2009:
Talk to your banker, explain the situation, and see if they can reverse payment on the check.
Nohandle on 03/14/2009:
Soaring, I was not aware a bank could reverse payment on a check once the funds had been paid. Jaxon, good warning. I don't buy anything from individuals knocking on my door with the exception of Girl Scout cookies or a kid in the neighborhood selling something on behalf of his school/church.
Ben There on 03/14/2009:
I am 99% sure you can't stop payment on a check that has already been deposited or cashed. If the company deposited the check into a bank account, that bank might be able to put a hold on the funds. However, if you signed the check then you are probably out of luck. Checks do not have the same "chargeback" tactic as a form of dispute resolution like credit cards do.
Badgers2005 on 12/06/2009:
I suggest if you see this the day this happens to you to go ahead and call your bank and put a stop payment on your check. They just came today about an hour ago and were of course sweet talking me. I completely was feeling off from the beginning of the conversation because I never trust a soul. I was thinking the whole time how I wanted a nice quiet day at home where I'm not spending any of my money would be great then I see they are talking about charity and of course I am too generous at times. Well regardless the minute after they left I decided to call the number on the back. It did not work. Long story short I felt odd about it, called my bank like 15 minutes ago and paid 30 per check to have it stopped in those amounts. Please for your own piece of mind if you don't want to lose your money stop a payment on it immediately before they are even cashed. I'm lucky it is a Sunday because nothing can be done until tomorrow. They said it is effective from tomorrow (since it is a business day) until 6 months from now and you can renew the stop payment. Every bank is different but if you have Bank of America it will cost $30 per check. A lot better to me then losing up to 200 dollars.
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Rip Off Scheme
Posted by on
RUNNING SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- I was just wanting to add that this company should be ashamed of itself! Preying on people who want to help out these teens. Never again will I purchase from anyone who comes to my door because of this company. Do not write a check to any company, your bank can not protect you if you do. They can only protect you if you use a credit/debit card.

I was taken for $46.00. I really could careless about the money it's the principal of making sure that this company can no longer rip people off that has made me pursue them. I have contacted the BBB. I will also be taking other steps to try to stop them. If you were a victim of their scheme I encourage you to do the same.
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Anonymous on 04/14/2009:
The rip-off charities are going to come out of the woodwork with the current economy. Rather than wasting ink on a BBB complaint, make a complaint to the consumer fraud division of your state Attorney General. If some fraud was committed using your check, make a police report. In many localities, door-to-door charities must register with the police, if there are complaints about them, they won't get a license and can be ticketed if they solicit without one. (VH)
Slimjim on 04/14/2009:
Agree with Doc. These outfits rely on instant close techniques. Nobody says come back tomorrow after I check your BBB record. Economic Crimes within the AG office need to be alerted and may possibly open an investigation.
Anonymous on 04/14/2009:
These fraudulent charities are hurting the real charities out there and it is a shame. I've not been taken by one of these frauds, but just knowing they are out there means I'll never give money to someone who comes to my door. I wish the police took these cases more seriously.
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