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Here it is several days later and after receiving a confirmation email from "Nick" that my replacement battery was shipped that day, I've received an email from Kristen in customer service to verify that the battery they were sending me was correct, as it seemed they HAD sent me the correct replacement battery in the first place.
I sent a detailed letter in response that there was no way to verify from the picture and I said so, but from the link they sent it seemed to be OK. Then, I asked if it was a rechargeable one as that was part of the problem. Received ANOTHER email saying that the representative had tried to call me (I don't ever give out my real phone number to keep from it getting placed on caller lists) and was told to return my entire system as it was too hard to handle this by email and I would have to pay 15% restocking fee (this is in addition to my paying the shipping costs as I've learned from other complaints about this company)

All they have to do is tell me whether or not it's rechargeable?? This had to be handled over the phone? After Nick told me a few days ago that a new Uniden BT-446 was being shipped to me???

I called customer service and as it turned out, talking to KRISTEN who once again told me that they had sent me the correct replacement battery in the first place (OMG!)....guess Nick was wrong after I convinced HIM they had sent me the wrong battery. (I've spent many minutes researching these two different type batteries on the internet.) After a huge argument with her interrupting me over and over, and my interrupting her interruptions trying to explain my situation to her and asking to send me the new battery, she said that "You don't have to "cuss" (I wasn't. I was telling her that I would write a bad review about their company????...guess she was trying to impress those around her) and she hung up. During the conversation she told me that I would not have to pay the 15% restocking fee as stated in the email which was sent to me. I told her that I didn't believe her since I've read other reviews about this company and their lies they tell. BTW, she told me that I've already been sent TWO, TWO! replacement batteries, and "We can't keep sending you new batteries!" Wrong. I've been sent one.....the wrong one.

This is the customer service from FactoryOutlet. One guy tells you after a big argument (created by the rep) that a new battery is being sent and an email is received to verify this, and before it can be sent, another person in customer service creates a new whole chain of emails to confuse the whole thing and using this as a reason to NOT send the new battery. This is over a $10 to $21 (depending upon which website) battery. ??

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Exchange and Return Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK CITY, TEXAS -- I purchased a Lowrance Elite-5 GPS/fishfinder from these folks, but needed to return it because it was the wrong model. The initial interaction with the customer service department seemed to go well, and I even agreed to suck up the return shipping. However, when I received the requested model for the exchange in the mail it was a totally different model than what I had requested. This time the customer service to get the order straight took 4 phone calls and 45 min during business hours!

Additionally I now have to pay ANOTHER shipping fee to return the 2nd package, so I am out $40 already for shipping cost for a company that advertises "free shipping" !
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Bait-and-Switch Tactics
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Before purchasing a Garmin GPS, I called the Factory Outlet Store (FOS) to verify that the unit I would be purchasing was a new, not a reconditioned unit. I was assured that the unit was new and proceeded with the purchase. When the unit arrived, the warranty card indicated that the unit was reconditioned. I called FOS, and was told that I should have received a new unit. The FOS representative told me to return the unit, at my cost, and a new unit would be sent to me. I indicated that since they made the mistake, return shipping arrangements and payment should by made by them. They refused, and I filed a complaint with my credit card card company, American Express. American Express and I spent much time trying to resolve this matter, and were stonewalled by FOS. I finally received a full credit for the unit from AMEX, and they are still pursuing the matter with FOS. The Factory Outlet Store is extremely disreputable, engages in bait-and-switch tactics, and knows how to work the system to cheat customers. Avoid this company at any cost. If you are planning to purchase consumer electronics, consider Amazon.com or Costco.com. Both companies provide excellent customer service. Also, the AMEX customer service assistance proved has made me a committed American Express customer. Check several related "Complaint" websites to fully determine the extent of the Factory Outlet Store's deceptive and dishonest sales practices.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/05/2011:
This isn't bait and switch. They sent you the wrong unit
Huck_Hoshimoto on 11/05/2011:
Uhhhhhh....isn't that the same thing?
Anonymous on 11/05/2011:
Bait and switch is when a company promises you one thing, then tries to upsell you to something more expensive. In this case, a mistake was made and the wrong product was sent
Tuco on 11/05/2011:
Good question Huck!
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Return & Shipping Fee
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I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 50 from this site. Free shipping. I was concerned if it would show me distance run if it didn't have GPS. My receipt from the store says "Brand New GPS". I also called to verify that it would show me distance run and the employee who was clearly just reading off the same website I am looking at said yes, it will show you distance run. He clearly knew nothing about the product. The Forerunner 50 will show you distance run if you buy the foot pod separately and calibrate. So, after talking to another runner, I decided to cancel my order and order the 205. But, when I called they said I would have to wait until I got it and then exchange it. At this point I was thinking I would return it b/c I didn't like dealing with the company with uninformed employees. But, I discovered there would be a 15% restocking fee. Now, I'm annoyed further. So, I suck it up and decide I will exchange it for a more the more expensive 205. I call again and am told for an exchange there is no fee and they will include a shipping label to mail it back. I confirm the shipping label is coming in the email with the exchange form. NOPE! So I call again and they transfer me to processing who says no, I have to pay to ship it back. Basically the people working the phones are uninformed and will tell you what you want to hear to get you off the phone. I will not order from this company again!
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User Replies:
Frank G. Messina on 10/28/2013:
I would like to cancel my $16.95 per month
subscription. I was told that I had 30 days to cancel by Maria, Phone #1-877-893-8733.
Each time I call to cancel, I get a recording that "sorry unable to service my area at this time" My 30 days are running out and I would like to cancel my monthly account.
Thank You,
Frank G. Messina
310 Willrich Circle, Unit H
Forest Hill, Maryland 2105
E-mail address above.
Thanks and have a great day.
Flora Holmes on 03/12/2014:
I received 2 boost samsung 11 replacement batteries order # FOS3791743E after trying each one out found that they are defefective. I am retuning both.
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Ordered NEW phone set shipped Refurbished phone set
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I ordered a New Uniden phoneset from FactoryOutletStore.com on Set. 13th and was shipped Refurbished set. When I called to get the right phones that I had paid for, they told me I would be charged again for the phones and be reimbursed when I received the New phones. I then told them to just credit my card. They said fine and they would give me up to $10 back on shipping. My card was finally credited on Oct. 5th the purchase price less $30.49 for shipping and handling. I called back today and they finally credited the balance. It still cost me $15.00 to ship the phones back, they refused to reimburse me for any shipping. This entire order was handled poorly and would not recommend do business with them.
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User Replies:
DigitalCommando on 10/06/2009:
You live in a city with 90 million electronic stores and you buy sight unseen on the internet?
LaFlier on 10/09/2009:
My town (not) city has 5000 people, tops. Excuse me for thinking a man's word should mean something anymore. I was trying to prevent anyone else from being taken advantage of. I don't know you, but I guess I should trust you? Have a blessed day!
PepperElf on 10/09/2009:
I've never heard of that site before

But for future purchases here's a list of sites I recommend - places I've personally used

Resellerratings.com - they search other sites for you (including searching the other sites I'm going to mention)




I'd recommend... even if you don't use those sites I listed... only go to sites where you know the web company has a good reputation, and is known for fixing issues without much hassle
anna34 on 10/13/2010:
I've had very similar responses from FactorOutletStore. It's a rip-off as far as I'm concerned. If their customer service can't be trusted, I'm not buying from them again. If they can't send workable products, I'm not buying from them again. Apparenlty, those with good experiences received their NEW products and had no need to contact customer service for satisfaction.
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Factoryoutletstore.com Beware Overcharge!
Posted by on
First ordered a wireless fence the salesperson was not correct in how it worked. I had a hard time resolving it and finally a manager agreed to an exchange.
They sent me two wire roles I did not order and could not use. No receipt with new shipment. No credit to my card for difference. I had to call two times to get a receipt and got put on hold, then disconnected.
Finally was sent to a manager but had to leave a voicemail. It has been over a week with no callback. Poor service and what looks like lost money.

If you call them and tell them you want to complain to a manager I think you will see what I mean.
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Horrible Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The biggest scammers in the world, I made a purchase that in 5 days they had not shipped so I went ahead and canceled and even after canceling they days went by and no refund so I had to do a charge back thru PayPal to get my money back after all this, the scammers sent me the item and want me to pay a restocking fee!!!!
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Posted by on
I have nothing bad to say about this company. I found the site online on Monday 1/17/2011. I called the customer service line to find out if I ordered something if I would get it by Friday 1/21/2011. Customer service was very polite. I received the product just like it said it would be. Also received the product by Friday. I do not know about the other products sold on this site. I do recommend the dog products from this company.
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User Replies:
Skye on 01/21/2011:
Anyone who is a first timer with a training collar needs to know how to use it with the dog. It doesn't come with any instruction so make sure you know how to train the dog properly otherwise it's very cruel to the animal. I personally avoid anything that would shock my dog. It's best to first try it on your own neck, so you can get an exact feel of what your dog will be feeling.

I always found being kind,loving consistent. persistent and PATIENT is the best way to teach a dog.
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Dishonest and Incompetent
Posted by on
Received TRU 9488-3-R last Friday (corded phone with 3 handsets). Two of the three handsets don't charge and one of the three batteries I was sent was broken. I emailed the problem and was sent the wrong battery. Called customer service talking, to Nick, who was unable to comprehend that the replacement green fully charged battery that "replaces CPH-488B" was not the same battery that came with the phone (white rechargeable Model BT-446). He tried to tell me it was the same battery. It's not. One cost $21 (per their website).....the cost of my reordering a replacement; the other costs $2.93 (the replacement). I explained that the battery that was provided with the handsets took 20 hours of charging before use, and that once the "already fully-charged" battery ran down months down the road (and beyond the 30day warranty), I wasn't sure it would be able to be recharged as that was one of the problems I was having with the handsets and thought that perhaps the battery may be the problem, but need to attempt to recharge it before that can be determined.
He seemed too intelligent to NOT comprehend the problem and raised his voice while telling me he "couldn't understand" my problem. I told him to just send me a new and correct battery.

He ended the conversation saying this would be the last replacement battery they could send me as if it's MY FAULT they sent me one with the wires broken and the wrong one to replace it!

I will not be doing business with this company again.
I also get a "fax" sound when answering from either the base or the handsets.

I think I've been sent faulty products they don't want to back up. Don't do business with this company!
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/14/2010:
I'm wary of 'outlet' stores of any type.
anna34 on 10/15/2010:
I've added another complaint which I thought would be shown with this one, but it's not.
The new replacement battery was not sent after a dustup with customer service.
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Return policy
Posted by on
NY, NEW YORK -- Be careful dealing with Factory Outlet Store. I failed to read the FAQs. I returned a GPS ($320 item) and they charged me $59 return fee. I feel ripped off.

Please do not buy from them.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 08/15/2007:
Why did you return it?
Justusryan on 08/15/2007:
He used it for vacation.
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
heaven17 on 08/16/2007:
"I failed to read the FAQs."

Thank you for pointing out your own raging ignorance.
Shouldn't this be a complaint about yourself?
dogav8r on 08/16/2007:
I returned it cuz I wanted a different model. It was never taken out of the box. I had it less than 24 hours.
P.S. I found the same unit for 60 dollars less at Tri City Camera.
jktshff1 on 08/16/2007:
so now you are $1.00 ahead
austinLisa on 12/06/2007:
I have a huge complaint about factory outlet store. I bought the Nuvi 250 there because it said it came with an AC charger. If I'd known it didn't, I would have gotten the 200. I didn't need the Canadian maps. Well, not only did it not include that charger, they have 2 mistakes on their website about this unit - the charger is one, and it says it comes with the V.7 maps. When I asked them if Garmin would upgrade my maps for free, they told me to call Garmin. As it turns out, the Nuvi 250 was never even made with the old maps. It includes the new 2008. So now I've informed them about 2 mistakes on their website, and asked them to send me the AC charger anyway because that's what they advertise. They refused. Bad Bad customer service! I'm returning the unit (and THEY are paying for the shipping!)
nora on 01/27/2014:
Garmin customer service is out of INDIA. They will not return my Garmin update for life for $89.95. It over powered my new windows 8 computer. It took over my computer as a Browser and slowed my new computer down to nothing. then told me I needed a 4G card. I had to uninstall it to get my computer to work, FACTORY OUTLET NEVER PICKS UP THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALLS. I am sick and tired of getting scammed when I shop on the enternet. NEVER AGAIN
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