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Ruined Romantic Surprise Away From the Kids for Early Fathers Day Gift.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AURORA, COLORADO -- A couple of weeks ago I found out that I would only have one Saturday off of work during this summer on the 9th of June so I started to plan a very much needed weekend surprise for my husband as a Father's Day gift. I chose the new Fair field Marriott hotel in Southlands Mall because it isn't far from my parents house where we dropped off our young children but also because we could go to dinner, a movie, do some shopping and listen to the Friday night concert.

I called to make reservations and made it clear that this was supposed to be a romantic evening and that I wanted a room with a king size bed (My husband is 6'4" and we don't sleep at all if we are in a queen size bed together so if we are in a room with 2 queens we sleep in separate beds, who want to do that on a romantic get away). I was also told at that time that there was only 3 open king rooms for the 8th of June.

A while later because I was working so hard to make the plans for this weekend and to keep it a secret I started to worry that something would go wrong so I called to confirm that we had a reservation for the 8th of June and that we did indeed have a king size room . I was told yes you have a reservation and yes you have a reservation for a king size room. When we came to check in after dropping off the kids at my parents house (by the way my husband got a little teary eyed when he found out our plans. Life has been so busy and stressful for us and we really needed this date night.) When we checked in the person at the desk was very cold and rude, I've actually never checked into a hotel when the clerk was not cheerful and welcoming I would think that would be an important character trait for this kind of job.

Then when we walked into the room it was 2 queens. I was immediately frustrated because I had called less than a week before to confirm that we had a king. If I had not called a few days earlier I would not have been angry when I called the front desk. The girl yelled at me to calm down when I was explaining that I had called to confirm having a king room a few days earlier I wasn't even yelling at her I was just showing frustration at the situation then she told me to be quiet while she looked up my phone call. She then said, "You called on the 4th of June and on that day your room was changed from a King room to a queen room". I said "What! I never authorized this change, I was told not to worry because...." , she interrupted me and told me to be quiet again so she could see if they even had a king room to switch me to.

Of course they didn't so I told her I wanted to check out. When I came to the front desk to turn in the keys I was crying, all that work to plan an evening away from the kids was ruined and all the stress we have been going through was worse. I didn't want to talk to the mean girl so I asked for the Manager and nothing, not an apology, not a reason for the mistake, or even admitting that they made the mistake. Was it malicious? Was it an accident? Was it on purpose to give my king room to someone more important then me? The only thing he offered was to reserve a room in a hotel by the airport 30 minutes of gas and toll roads away without any of the date night that could go with it.

He didn't even say or do anything to try to get me to use them in the future or to try to keep my business with them. All he kept telling me was "well I'm not going to charge your card for the room, there won't be a charge on your card for anything so don't worry". WHAT! really? Well guess what? My dad is a senior scientist and manager at Orica, an international company in Watkins, CO that has many of it's employees stay at that hotel when they come from out of the country. I haven't talked to my dad about this experience yet but I'm planing on it. I do not believe Orica would want to take the chances with a hotel who would make mistakes this hotel made and treat their customers the way I was treated.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/10/2012:
Sounds like when you called on the 4th, there was some confusion on the part of the person who took the call as to your intent, and they switched it. I don't see why it would be "malicious".

I know you were terribly disappointed, but it sounds like a mistake. I can recall times in my life that when I arrived at a motel/hotel, the bed was not as reserved. As to how to make this up to you, I don't see how the two parties can meet in the middle. Management may feel there is a mistake, and you feel that your special day was ruined. They could apologize, but I don't think this rises to the level of giving you a free night's stay.
Suzy on 06/10/2012:
When life gives you lemons...or in this case make the best of a bad situation to at least salvage some of your special time together. The hotel messed up true, whether through misunderstanding or something else and I would definitely let them know my dissatisfaction over that and that I would most likely never be a customer of theirs again.

However I would not have let the mistakes and disappointment ruin all the plans. You say neither of you can sleep together in a queen size bed, but that doesn't mean you can't spend some quality romantic time together in one, then when the two of you are actually ready to sleep, do so in separate beds. I know it isn't ideal and not what you wanted but at least the whole special time you had planned wouldn't have been wasted. JMO if I had been in the same situation.
prince caesar on 06/10/2012:
I try to turn lemons into lemonade. I would have moved the 2 queen beds together and made a California king. lol.....and left it to them to move it back in place....even though I'm SURE they would have tried to charge me extra for it.
copper_works_ on 06/10/2012:
Sleep? Who sleeps on date night? Plus, you can sleep on a queen size bed if you are tall, you sleep kitty corner and snuggle.
trmn8r on 06/10/2012:
copper_works, the OP wanted a king size bed and reserved it. I don't see why she should be questioned about that.

I am also 6'4", but I am thin. A queen-sized bed is just adequate for me an a mate. If I were heavier, I'd probably want a larger bed (not a larger mate). Besides, if she gets the Jimmy legs, I need my own space!

My dad used to yell out when my mom would kick him during the night. I'd wake up to "J**** H ****T! WTH do you think you are doing?" Of course my mom was innocent of intent, having done it in her sleep (allegedly). This happened too often, I might add.
TLSmith on 06/10/2012:
I would have let the front desk staff know and then I would have pushed the two beds together. My 16 yr old son is slightly over 6'4 and he sleeps in a queen bed just fine.
trmn8r on 06/10/2012:
Does your 16 year old son sleep in the queen *with* someone else, TLSmith? We have no idea how much the OP or their significant other weigh, but this is besides the point - the OP BOOKED a king size bed, and obviously that is what they wanted.

In some places, the beds are attached to the wall. That may be the case where the OP was.
copper_works_ on 06/10/2012:
trmn8r, my thought was it was for one night only, a special night. It's not bed the OP wanted, and should definitely be brought up to the staff. But maybe if it ever happens again, instead of tears maybe at least try the queen.

trmn8r on 06/10/2012:
Yes, I see your points copper_works.
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Posted by on
My wife worked at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Lafayette, IN. She got injured one night at work. She slipped on some water that was on the floor coming from the pool area. She went to the ER and had X Rays done. Lucky NO broken bones, just a bad bruise. Told her to stay off her feet for 3 days. When she saw her family doctor 3 days later, he told her she needed to stay off her feet for a least 3 more days. Doctor wrote a release from work for her, and she turned it in. Only to find out after she turned it in, that they said she HAD work because the money that they were losing. The bruise she had would have gotten worse if she did not stay off her feet for the next 3 days, possibility that a blood clot could form, and possibly could travel to her heart and kill her. But did Fairfield Inn/Marriott care............NO!!!!!!!!!! So for my wife's safety, she had to quit her job...............THEY DON'T GIVE A SH**.................ONLY WANT TO SAVE THERE MONEY, WHO CARES ABOUT THE EMPLOYEES HEATLH AND SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wife got attack a week earlier at this same HEL*HOLE when a guest assaulted her and tried to force her into there room. People, stay away from Fairfield INN in Lafayette, IN, security there sucks 100% and they treat all there employees like sh**!! NO WONDER THIS HOTEL IN MARRIOTTS CHAIN IS RANKED THE 3RD WORST IN THE COUNTRY................STAY AWAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 08/13/2011:
Did your wife call the police after the attack?
Did she file a workers' compensation claim for her work related injury? She has right related to a work injury. The employers' insurance should be picking up the bill for that. Now, they would probably want her to see a doctor on their approved list and not just her family doctor.
Skye on 08/13/2011:
This really is a workmans comp issue. You're wife needs to file a claim with them, so she can have time off, and they will pay her a percentage of her salary, as well as pay for all her medical bills.

Or if worse comes to worse, contact a lawyer. There are many workman comp lawyers out there for issues such as this.
Nohandle on 08/13/2011:
I don't know about Indiana but in my state any worker injured on the job is fully covered by Workman's Compensation which is a requirement of any business. If a true emergency the employee is to be transported to the nearest hospital immediately. No questions asked. A *Report of Injury* has to be filed with the WC company and they in turn will advise as to which hospital/physician is used after that. In my company we have never docked anyone of pay if injured on the job. Gratefully we have had few.

I do know one of the first things asked after an accident in this area is "Did the accident happen on the job" and the Workman's Comp picks up there if the answer is *yes*. It used to be a joke at my office if anyone filed a Workman's Compensation claim that would be grounds for immediate dismissal due to the paperwork involved. Yes, it was a joke and they knew it. Their pay and medical bills were paid in full at no cost to them whatsoever.

It appears something went amiss with your wife. Did the Fairfield Inn not run her injury under Workman's Compensation? I've never heard of a business insisting an employee return to work after an on the job injury.
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A Horrible Night with NO Sleep and no Service from Staff
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MIDDLETOWN, OHIO -- We booked a last minute room at the Fairfield Inn and Suites located in Middletown, Ohio. After making the drive we checked into our room around 6:30 PM on Saturday, December 11, 2010. The arrival experience was perfect and the associate checking us in did an awesome job. She was not able to honor our request for a high floor despite the hotel being nearly empty for the evening but at this point that was not an issue.

We attended a small holiday party that evening and returned to our room around 11:30 PM and were in bed before midnight to get a night sleep planning to depart around 8 AM.

At about 12:30 we were awaken by what sounded like a basketball game being played in the room directly above us. There were lots of loud voices and an obvious party going on. I called the front desk and was told by the night clerk that she had lots of complaints and that there was a college basketball team on the floor above us.

The party up stairs lasted well past 5:30 AM that morning and the noise only continued to get worse. The clerk was unable to do anything including being able to move us to a room on an upper floor or away from the noise. The party upstairs was directly above our room.

As a Platinum Elite Marriott Rewards member I asked numerous times to speak to the Manager on Duty or the General Manager of the property with no success. The General Manager, Veronica Haheu refused to answer her phone or return messages left by her staff.

We finally were able to get to sleep after 6:00 AM and managed to get a little rest before having to get on the road. I again asked the desk clerk upon check out if the General Manager was available and was told that she had numerous complaints from other Hotel guests but that Mrs. Haheu was not reachable by phone and had not returned messages left for her.

Despite leaving messages for the General Manager to call me I have yet to hear anything from anybody about this. I was told that when staying at a hotel when there is a sports team that this is what happens and there is nothing the hotel can do.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the total lack of service that I received from both Mrs. Haheu as the General Manager of this property as well as from Marriott.
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User Replies:
Mrs. V on 12/13/2010:
Contest the charge with your credit card. Be sure to offer not only the explanation, but any proof (emails, etc) that you have been unable to get a return call from the manager.
trmn8r on 12/13/2010:
Good feedback. It may be that they closed a floor or two if the property was mostly empty, to avoid housekeeping from having to work another floor (all I can think of). With this kind of disturbance, it sucks they couldn't do more to help you.

There really isn't much compensation to make up for such a miserable experience, but I think they owe you a refund and maybe more.
b1ackm8tal on 12/13/2010:
It sounds like the desk clerk really did her job in trying to help you out. However, it's unfortunate that the manager was unreachable since she would have been able to move you away from the raucous. If they have a website with an option to leave feedback, I would definitely take advantage of that and let them know you weren't pleased with the lack of service on the manager's part.
yoke on 12/14/2010:
What is sad is that the coaches of the college team could not keep them under control. Sounds like the GM knew she had some unhappy customers and couldn't care less. Do you know what school it was making the noise. I would send an email to them and let them know what the college aged kids were up to. Schools don't like to get the negative reports.
bhskittykatt on 12/16/2010:
I think you deserve some compensation. At least a 50% refund, minimum, maybe even more. You paid for a good night's sleep, and you did not get that. You let the hotel know about the situation as it arose. The GM and Front Desk should have taken a greater control of the situation.

Sometimes I think GMs let large groups like that get away with more, since its a nice big chunk of money for them, but it isn't worth alienating the rest of your customer base.

If this were my motel, I would have evicted the team if they didn't quiet down. (I have actually had to do that at my motel once before.) I most certainly would never welcome that group back again. There are plenty of other non-rowdy groups I'd rather attract to my business!
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Theft from FairField Inn by Marriott , The InnKeepers law
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DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- FairField Inn by Marriott , 1160 Hurffville Rd, Deptford NJ, 08096.

We have no proof that the hotel workers committed the crime but at the same time we have no proof they didn't do it.

On a recent stay at Deptford FairField Inn Marriott, 1160 Hurffville Rd, Deptford NJ, 08096 we were robbed during housekeeping. We were on day three of a four day stay and the theft occurred on the last day when housekeeping would be needed. We left the hotel at around 11:20 am on the day of the robbery to visit a local grocery store and we returned at approximately 1:15 pm just under 2 hours to find ONE of our laptops stolen from the room. The laptops (2) both Apple Ibooks where sitting on the desk when we left. The staff did a card key check and only two keys had been used, mine and housekeeping. The room had many other valuables including digital cameras and web-cams The Thief rummaged through drawers and a second laptop case taking the power supply from that case. In other words they had time to look around it was not a snatch and run crime. The Thief only took one laptop, one case and one power supply but the power supply they took they searched for and found in the second laptop bag in one of the inside Velcro pockets.

I ran into the hallway and the housekeeping crew was still there as I announced there was a missing computer from our room. A young cleaning lady called the manager for us. I asked the young cleaning lady who had cleaned our room and another older cleaning lady instantly announced from a few rooms away that she didn't take a computer and she looked so guilty she almost passed out. Her whole body was shaking and she remained at least 3 rooms away from us the entire time. The manager and another person from housekeeping arrived and they looked around in the rooms that our housekeeper had been in on our floor but didn't find the missing laptop.

The hotel had us file an insurance claim. We called the police and filled a report that would later be followed up by NJ police detectives 1-856-718-6877. The investigation slowed to a standstill after the detective was told he could no longer talk to our housekeepers. The housekeepers hired lawyers and refused to talk to or take any tests for the police. Without the help of a eyewitness or surveillance camera as evidence and without the housekeepers talking the tests for the police the investigation is at a standstill.

The insurance form they have you fill in is bogus since the hotels insurance company stands behind "The Innkeepers Law" to protect them from losses due to theft. The Law I believe is in all states. The innkeepers law says that if a hotel has a safe that you can use then you have the power to protect your belongings. The law does not say they have to provide the safe free so if your not inclined to pay to use the safe you have no protection. Yes we could have purchased the use of the safe so yes the insurance company is correct standing behind this law. Sounds like extortion, buy the safe or you will be sorry, as we have keys to your room. I replaced the laptop at my expense 1,299 dollars and the hotel stay of 270.

I asked for help in solving this issue from the hotel , insurance company and Tharaldson customer relations and only got "I'am sorry for your loss". The Tharaldson lodging company operates The Fairfield Inn by Marriott as well as many others. Their slogan is neat

"Impressing Employees...Impressing Guests...Impressive Results"

I am NOT impressed!

So travelers beware you have to protect yourself or become victims of crime and keep in mind the Inn Keepers law protects hotels not consumers.

Unimpressed Guest

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User Replies:
moneybags on 09/13/2007:
File an insurance claim with your own homeowners insurance company.
spiderman2 on 09/13/2007:
You can't prove or disprove they took it. They can't prove or disprove that you actually had it. Of course the maid was shaking, she had just been accused of stealing. Never leave your valuables in your room. It is a tough lesson to learn.
jktshff1 on 09/14/2007:
take it from a road warrior....never, ever leave anything of any value in you room in any hotel unless you are willing to part with it.
Timboss on 09/14/2007:
"The room had many other valuables including digital cameras and web-cams ". This is just plain dumb. That is the reason I cannot believe people who MUST have their laptop with them on vacation - you have to leave it someplace without you being there. I have put things in the hotel safe, not the room safe, but the safe the hotel uses for their valuables. It is somewhat inconvenient but I've never had anything stolen either. Call your insurance company. Also, just putting something out of sight is next to impossible in a small hotel room. There are only so many places you can put something - put it in the hotel's safe. Or at least for laptops get a security chain and chain it to a desk or bed.
Anonymous on 09/14/2007:
Unimpressed Guest, I know exactly what you are saying the same thing happened to me in AZ at a best western and the shame is even know the cops and I new who did it thanks to the hotel staff nothing was ever done about it. Have a read if you like: http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=12605

Even know I see by your statement, “So travelers beware you have to protect yourself or become victims of crime and keep in mind the Inn Keepers law protects hotels not consumers” that you also learned as I did still all you can get from trying to warn people is how its all your fault and how dumb you are. That is because people don’t get it that when you stay at a hotel they should be responsible for at least their employees and push to find out who the theft is but alas, that would be promoting good will to customers.

So as you stated, we must be careful and hide everything we own because we have no right to think that any hotel is going to check out there employees or try an make it safe for us.

Good review.
jenjenn on 09/14/2007:
I don't know how leaving valuables OUT of plain site would deter the thief from stealing. The post says, "...Thief rummaged through drawers..." Where would you hide stuff? Under the bed???
Anonymous on 09/14/2007:
There a few important things to remember about innkeepers laws:

They vary from state to state. Just because hoteliers in Louisiana must give you an hour’s notice to vacate doesn’t mean that Oregon hoteliers must do the same. So don’t go into a situation assuming you know your rights just because you know how it’s done where you live.

It’s easy to find out your rights. Do an Internet search for the state’s name and “innkeepers law,” and you will find links to most every state’s statutes. Also, read the fine print on hotel documents, especially your registration card (that’s the paperwork you sign at check-in). The provisions of many laws are covered in this document, and while the print may be tiny, the language is usually easy to understand. Also check out the framed notice on the back of your room’s door. You may need a magnifying glass to read it, but it contains legal information about things like maximum room rates and the hotel’s liability for theft. (These notices also show you your nearest emergency escape routes, so make a habit of looking at them.)
Anonymous on 09/14/2007:
Jenjenn, there are safes in most hotel rooms now a day and if it is a real valuable thing the hotel has a safe where you can store them. It is a dam shame that this is what it has come to but the hotels don't really care and the law does lean more to their side.
Timboss on 09/14/2007:
One more thing. Many times we check out while the cleaning staff is busy - they open many rooms at one time. We have walked into other rooms to see if they are the same or different - different views, etc. (Never anything nefarious). The staff could not care less than we are in somebody else's room. So, just getting at, that things can disappear and it is not the cleaners.
jenjenn on 09/14/2007:
Ya, they'll never find it under the bed! *sarcasm*

Thanks for the info Lidman. I've been fortunate enough to NOT have to stay in a hotel for a while, and I had never seen a safe in a room before! That is sad.
Innkeeper on 09/14/2007:
Thanks everyone, I wrote about this to warn other trustworthy travlers and because of legal reasons I made it as brief as I could and its still long. I know all the could have's and should have's. I have stayed in many hotels in the last 10 years. I do usually hide things under beds and in the bottom of drawers. This hotel has the beds on platforms that have no ease of getting under them. I was able to pry the bed from the frame to look and see if the thief stashed it in our room to get later but it was not an easy task. Travelers need to put their things in a safe every time they want coffee or to swim in the pool means that hotels need to address theft issues better. The thought that hotel workers can hide behind laws and steal at will is just wrong. I being a honest person would have cooperated with police and turned that hotel upside down trying to help the guests that are paying for my employment.

I posted a 400 dollar reward for the return of the laptop and not with any strings such as criminal prosecution. I think will be my last stay at a hotel, it was supposed to be a relaxing get away and it was anything but that. Staying home or visiting relatives and friends at their house is much better. The rising cost of hotel stays coupled with having to protect your belongings beyond reason has just taken its toll. The maids didn't leave a mess as in trashing the place. The drawers where rifled through and cameras unearthed from the clothing that covered them but not stolen. The second lap top was so in the open it would have been easier to take and run with.

Lidman is very right about the innkeepers law and how it varies but not many people know of the law in the first place. I have asked people I work with, family, friends and neighbors and no one knew of the law but now they do.

Thanks again to everyone who posted.

The best way to stop crime is to be aware of it.
jktshff1 on 09/15/2007:
Well thanks for coming back and commenting. It's always appreciated
Innkeeper on 09/26/2007:
Today September 26 I got a call from the hotel and they are going to refund the money I paid to stay there 271 dollars. This is something since until this point they refused to compensate in any way. Now if they find the laptop I will be a happy camper.
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I felt insulted and belittled.
Posted by on
BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I am a resident of the Beltsville/Calverton, Maryland 20705 for the past 22 years. I regularly would go over to the Ramada Inn which is located in the Calverton Shopping Center located off of Powdermill Road and Beltsville Drive. For the past, I guess, almost 10 years now, I think, it has been changed to the Fairfield Inn. It is a nice place, and I often go there, talk with the employees I know, have coffee and watch t.v. in their lounging area. Sometimes, I get coffee or tea and take it out the door with me, when I am heading off to work or on my way home, which is usually a seven block walk. I am 54, and sometime I need a break off my legs before I go home, so when I get off the bus, I stop by the Fairfield Inn. I call it my second home. I help a lot of the desk clerks with information the guests may need about the area outside of the hotel such as stores or restaurants, or how to get to public transportation sites. I have even, twice, provided the hotel with a manual that I made up with information that they can readily used to help their guests with any information that they need. I provided maps, yellow and white page information about restaurants and stores, and directions to different locations. I did this because this is the type of person I am. No one else would have ever done this for the hotel, and that I know for sure. I am a very friendly individual and am not shy about talking to anyone. I try to be nice to people and I try not to cause trouble. Apparently now, as of January, 2007, I guess I hit the unwelcomed mat by an employee who works behind the front desks. I was off to work, and had my boss stop at the Fairfield Inn to get us some coffee before we headed out of the city. We usually do this whenever he came into Maryland and picked me up. The employees are forever changing at the Fairfield Inn, so I guess each time you deal with new staff members, you will have to accept new rules. I don't know if the employee is a manager or not, but she approached me as I was leaving, and told me not to take anymore coffee from the hotel, that it is for their guests. I responded, nicely, OK, and left with my two cups of coffee in hand. It wasn't until I was in the car, that I started to feel bad about her approachment. She is new to the Fairfield Inn, trying to gain brownie points and sticking her nose in positions that don't really concern her. They have management people for their front desk, their lounge/catering area, and cleaning areas. I know the manager of the lounge area and he has never stopped me from getting coffee before. I have never been approached in the past 22 years until now that I was not able to get coffee and sit down and watch what was on their t.v. set. They have meetings at the Fairfield Inn, and they have engagements there for church and other events all the time. The people that attend these engagements aren't paying the hotel for their use of it, yet they get coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever, and no one stops them and said that these items are for the guests of the hotel. Where is my activity really different? Does she have the right to tell me that I can't have a cup of coffee there when I go there, which is usually like 3 or 4 times a week. There is not much to do in Calverton, when you are on foot, so the Fairfield Inn is a nice, quiet place, that I felt real comfortable visiting. If you have any input on this, please let me have that. Sincerely, A. C. Smith
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 02/03/2007:
You sound like a very nice person. The things you have done for their guests over the years were probably appreciated by many. This new manager, if that is who she was, may not see it that way. But, in any event, she does have the right to say 'no' to the free coffee.
Anonymous on 02/03/2007:
I agree with Chuck. The coffee really isn't free. The guests are paying for it. I do understand that you may have provided an (unpaid) service for this hotel in the past. Church and other events are also not free, therefore, the people attending them can also get coffee, etc.
spiderman2 on 02/03/2007:
My thoughts on this -- The Fairfield Inn is not your personal coffee shop. You are not a paying guest there. It is very nice that you have helped other guests out and made them a manual, but they did not ask you to do this for them and that doesn't entitle you to anything. The manager is well within her rights to tell you not to take coffee for you and your boss. Also remember that the employees are not for you to visit with, but to work. You don't say that the woman was rude, except that she told you to stop taking their stuff.
Skye on 02/04/2007:
I have to agree with all the above comments. I was truly shocked to see that you have been helping yourself to their coffee. It's not free to the public, if you aren't a guest staying there, that is exactly what you are, the public. The manager was totally correct in what she did, and she, from how you explained it, was civil. I have a feeling, if you continue to take coffee, because you feel insulted, she will have you banned from the place all together.
Anonymous on 02/04/2007:
I agree with everyone! But hang in there it will get better.
Skye on 02/04/2007:
Mr. Smith, you sound like a very nice man. You say there isn't much to do in your town, so you like to hang around the Inn and chat with the employees and guests. Well maybe you might want to consider doing volunteer work at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, food pantry or meals on wheels. They surely could use someone as nice and helpful as you. It may be something to think about.
topher63076 on 02/04/2007:
How do you that this person is not a new manager hired to replace the manager you said you know
DORCAS on 02/04/2007:
I was kind of surprised at all the time you spend there drinking coffee and watching TV. Seems kind of strange but I know small towns do things different so that's cool. But how far did the manuels and services to offered have to stretch? I see folks, nice as you seem to be, come into a dentist or doctors waiting area and just start chatting it up with the employees. I watch and wonder how on earth are these employees going to get there work done. Maybe the coffee train for you and your boss has run dry. If your not ready to find a new hangout you may try apologizing to this woman and explain why you helped yourself. I'm sure at that point you'll get an idea of the changes if any. And God Bless you for the kind services you have offered. Like Skye advised, find a new place that would appriciate your services. Good Luck.
SherryH on 02/04/2007:
He sounds lonely...and it sounds like he was rather depending on this place so he would not be lonely. Yes, he took coffee he wasn't technically entitled to (and coffee IS an expense for any establishment), but he felt like they (him and the hotel) had a relationship of sorts. I feel sorry for him. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do.
Anonymous on 02/04/2007:
What if you offered to throw some money "in the pot" every week for coffee? Maybe $5.00 or so? It might make everyone relax and you wouldn't have to stop going because it sounds like you like being there and that is nice.
tander on 02/04/2007:
Sorry but I think he sounds like a pest, and maybe the hotel employees started getting tired of him hanging around and drinking coffee and bothering people.
keyjockey on 06/20/2007:
are you that cheap you can't go into a convenient store and buy coffee every morning establishing friendships with the staff like every other normal person? You have to pay to enjoy the things offered in the hotel. I guess by your logic if you hang out at a hospital long enough bringing your own mop and helping out then you can treat a patient too right or be covered by health care. Most managers know in the long run after they gave you all these hand outs you'd find a way to slip and fall and show your true kindness by sueing them for a pretty penny.
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