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Crash and Burn
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Fairpoint is total trash. I had static on my phone too and they kept telling me it was a problem with MY house wires. I called for months before they even came out to look and it and guess what? The problem was on THEIR end with THEIR equipment!!! And how long did it take to fix? 20 minutes tops. No joke. I spent months yelling and arguing with them before they would even consider coming out to even look at it. I made them send me a huge refund check for wasting my time, and then the best part of all? I switched to cable internet and got a VOIP phone provider called (ITP). They are really cheap. $25\month after taxes and I can call 60 countries included in the price, 30 features included like voice mail, etc and I LOVE it.

I wish I had done that sooner instead of fighting with FairCRAP to fix my phone line and my bills that they were messing up all the time. Even after they fixed my phone line, they messed up my bills and overcharged me for stuff I haven't used on my bill like number screening, $20 worth of extra charges I would have to have taken off.

I called them 5 months in a row about that too. VOIP phone is incredibly clear, cable internet is really stable connection so no problems there. I am NEVER going back to another regular phone company ever again.
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JDSmith on 09/27/2009:
This sounds more like an ad than a complaint.
ARIJANA on 09/28/2009:
Its not meant to be an ad, but I definitely do NOT mind telling other people how to get alternative, cheaper, better working service. :-) Oh, yeah and the address and phone number on the top goes directly to fairpoint headquarters too in case anyone else actually wants to write or call them and complain. More useful information.....

jktshff1 on 09/28/2009:
Looks to me like a well written complaint with a solution to the problem. VH
ARIJANA on 09/28/2009:
Yep. I wrote them a letter at the address listed and told them that because I spent months on the phone calling and having them give me the run-around that I wanted a healthy refund check for wasting my time, NOT a credit on my account, an actual refund check. I detailed in the letter exactly everything that was wrong and what I was told by reps when I called each time. I made sure I left nothing to the imagination. They did send it too after much ado and hassle. I also sent a copy of the same letter to the PUC to show them but PUC acted like they didn't care. Does that surprise anyone?! Also AFTER I got the refund check the bill that came immediately after that from Fairpoint was messed up and had about $20 worth of number screening charges on it at over $5 apiece, I had to call to get those taken off! That was after someone "promised" me that my next bill would NOT be screwed up. So when I decided to leave them and go with cable+voip, I told them that I wanted my last month's bill waived because my bills were still being messed up with charges that I didn't make. At that time after talked to 2 supervisors to get this done, they admitted that their software was screwing up accounts and billing for number screening and 3-way calling. They also finally told me that they would back the bill up to when I made my last payment and consider it paid in full. I haven't gotten a copy of that final bill yet, but I don't expect to owe them anything now. AND I have voip phone which I am totally enjoying. I can log in online and see exactly who I called, when I called, how long I talked, turn on\off anonymous incoming call rejection, voice mail, etc. Its great. I'm just sad I didn't realize to do it months ago instead of fighting constantly with Faircrap!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/28/2009:
Thanks for the information.
ARIJANA on 02/28/2010:
No problem. I've had ITPvoip.com (phone service) for months now, ever since the end of Sept 2009 and no issues at all. High speed cable internet is working great too. I'm so glad I dumped Faircrap.
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Terrible Service Hum and Static on line
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PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Fairpoint is the worst landline provider that NH has ever had! Shortly after they took over Verizon's landlines several months ago the service has gone downhill.

I had a intermittent problem with Humming and static on their lines. Internet is useless. Techs have been out and determined that it was on their end. Problem would get fixed only to reoccur a week later.
This has gone on since February.

the last tech visit on 6/30/09 told me that there were facility problems that they inhereted from Verizon and couldn't give a time frame when this would be resolved.

So on 7/1/09 one day before my billing cycle ends I call to cancel.
They want to charge me a $200 disconnect fee. That is retarded!!
I can't use my phone because is so noisy they want to Drag their feet on this issue.

After arguing with not 1 but 2 supervisors I got the line shut off without penalty.

No wonder why they lost over 200,000 customers in NH/vt & ME over the last several months.
And to top it off Fairpoint may be filing for bankruptcy.

So from now on I will be using my cell phone only for calls and hello COMCAST FOR INTERNET.

Now before any of you comment there is nothing wrong with the inside wiring or the modem. There is a fibre problem and a facility problem that was inherited by Fairpoint.

Additionally a few of my friends recently told Fairpoint to STICK IT! Also one of them was a big business account!

Good Bye Fairpoint communications
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