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Cars that shouldn't be able to resell!-Family Auto Mart
Posted by Poprocks26 on 07/02/2007
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I bought a 98 pontiac grand prix at family auto mart in melbourne fl. The total price was 11,900 and the cars only worth 2500. We'll I wasn't informed on the problems it had until after I bought it..First its a total rust bucket I m praying that it will at least last until I'm done paying it off..2900 left. I already had to replace the brake lines and have been seriously worn to get rid of car cause anytime something else can rust off. Its a sad thing I try not to cry when I think about it. I did buy my other car from them a 99 chevy lumina but it got wrecked when I got rear-ended and the remaining balance had to go on this one that I have now which is why I'm in this jam. The finance company are aware of my dilemma and they said the I have 2 choices 1. I can drop off at the dealership and walk away clean no credit problems 2. Trade in and add the remaining balance on to another car of theirs. My response to number 1 is heck no what will I drive??? ha after paying all that money I think I should get refunded back some. and 2 heck no how do I trust another car?

Paying way too much money for a used car that is in very unsafe shape is totally ridiculous! There should be a law to protect the consumer against the sleaze balls at the dealerships and the resale of cars. Don't go to family auto mart take my advice they only have high mileage cars with hidden defects! Oh my back windows never worked but yet the back window on driver side passengers window is held up by duck tape I swore to myself that I would never put duck tape on my car and what the heck I cant fix it its a 300 dollar part not for my rust bucket!

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Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-07-03:
I am a little suspicious of your statement that the finance company said "I can drop off at the dealership and walk away clean no credit problems". The finance company could not care less about the car, you owe them money, that is what they want. The dealership is out of this equation. The only possible explanation is if the dealership is financing your car. I can only say, before you drop it off make sure it won't affect your credit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-03:
Pontiac are the worst. When I was younger, I had 2 of them. Pontiac are cars for short-term ownership like leases. They tend to have lots problems after warranty expired. I perfer foreign cars like Honda and Toyota. They have better built-quality. I drive a BMW'06 3 series now. The car handle like a dream. Average Bimmer engine life is rated around 350,000.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-07-03:
How did you not know the car was a rust bucket before you bought it? How long have you had this car?
Posted by runaway on 2007-07-03:
This is another case of not carefully loooking into what you are throwing money at. You should have known how much you were paying for the car when signing the paperwork; ask for the total payoff and the interest rate or use a financial calculator. Check in Kelly's Blue Book or online for the car's value based on the condition it's in, and for reviews on how well they hold up and common problems. Take a used vehicle to a reputable mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection.
ANY used car is going to have to be repaired at some point, some more than others. Things wear out over time, and the previuos owner's care has alot to do with it.
I have a '97 Grand Prix (work car) and you can look forward to alot more repairs and problems (I pray you don't have the turbo - it took three NEW replacements before they found one that worked!)
Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-03:
If I'm understanding this complaint, you purchased a car without doing any research, on the value and history (Carfax, etc.), and it's the dealer's fault because they sold it to you? I believe it's in a car dealer's best interest to sell vehicles, and it's in the consumer's best interest to do some research before purchasing. Others may have sympathy for you, but I don't.
Posted by bill on 2007-07-05:
You definately need to do more research before you buy your next used car. You paid almost $12k for a 9 year old car that originally sold for $19k.
Posted by gprimr1 on 2007-08-05:
Did you not look at the car? Not to be an ass but know what your getting into.
Posted by Pissed Off Lizard on 2007-08-20:
The whole point of this is to warn other users not to take the actions that he took, and not to trust that particular dealership.

It does look like he did not exercise good judgment in the sale and made the error of purchasing a vehicle from one of the worst dealerships in the state of Florida.

However, swindling a person out his hard earned money is never right and my sympathies are squarely on the side of this poor gentleman and not on the side of the ex-cons who run Family Auto.
Posted by nolesfan00 on 2008-05-16:
I have to agree with him. I bought a 2003 neon that was only blue book 6000 and i paid over 12k for it.I only had the car for 11 days and it was braking down. something about the sensor. i got it fixed. they paid. then about 2 weeks went by and it happened again. i tried to get help towing to were it was being fixed after countless calls and promises i had to have my boyfriend tow it. i waited 3-4 days and finally i got it back. My boyfriend paid for the fix even though the cars problem was orginally from the fixing of it. i am now carless. the repoed the car because i suspended the ins. i think that they are crooks!! no one buy from them!!!
Posted by jr68 on 2008-07-26:
wow...could things get any worse...I know that there are individuals out there that take advantage of people by selling them cars that should not be in the road and for WAY too much money...however, if u gots no common sense, u needs to be on a bicycle....
Posted by ManFromUncle on 2009-02-27:
They did same thing to my Nephew, paid twice what car book value was, That is criminal to take advantage of someone, young, old, it's just wrong and they should be punished.
Posted by Wrenchman on 2009-04-02:
sounds like you were upside down in your old car and the 12000.00 is what you financced. what was the price of the rusty car?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-04-02:
You bought from the Fat Family Man? I used to love his commercials when I was living in Orlando for a bit. Him doing flips and cartwheels was funny.
Posted by jasonx on 2010-08-31:
i bought cars from there, and i got a reaaly good price, i bought an 06 nissan altima for $6,500. i have sent my sisters and cousins there in the past 2 mths.
Posted by soilo11099 on 2012-01-01:
Posted by Doughlas on 2012-10-05:

Very great people to do with. When questions were asked I had the answers provided for me on spot. Will definitily come back when it is time to look for another vehicle.
Posted by kevin on 2012-10-05:
Very great people to do with. When questions were asked I had the answers provided for me on spot. Will definitily come back when it is time to look for another vehicle.
Posted by Lisa on 2013-02-03:
DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!! After seeing several SUV's at great prices, I decided it would be worth taking the 2 hour drive to buy one.Being it was a long way to drive, I called ahead of time and was told the SUV I wanted was there. Once I got there, with 3 pages of print outs of 16 cars under 4000. There wasn't one!! Every car I had on the list were supposedly sold!! I had just spoken with them 2 hours earlier. I had My ex-husband call to ask about the same truck for me and he was told they were selling it right now. Lie!!! I was there and the SUV wasn't!! The other SUV's(same year and mileage as cheaper ones on website) were much higher. All the manager talk about is financing..Don't believe any price you see on their site!! The prey on people driving from all over because they figure if you drive that far you won't leave their lot without something. Even if it's overpriced!!
Posted by Anonimus ex-buyer on 2013-05-26:
Don't trust none of their positive comments here or on Google.....its done by their own employees....look at the comments above...Doughlas? and Kevin? posted the same comments....the same on google....bunch of cons.
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The Services That I Received From Family Auto Mart Were Excellent.
Posted by Kutgo on 04/27/2013
The services that I received from Family Auto Mart were excellent. All my accommodations were met and Rockin Reggie made sure I found the right vehicle that suited me. I would gladly recommend more people to them.
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Bought the Vehicle Less Than a Week Ago and I'm Experiencing Major Problems
Posted by Mspeaches500 on 03/08/2014
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a Honda Accord from Family Auto Mart Feb. 2014. A week after purchasing the vehicle I experienced problems. The door was getting caught into the fender. I reported the problem to the company and they tried to deny responsibilities for the damage. They wanted me to do an insurance claim which I refused. They stated the car wasn't like that when I purchased it. It was clear that previously the car was involved in a accident. Which I didn't complain because there weren't any noticeable damages.

I had to drive the vehicle back to Melbourne to allow their mechanic to inspect the car. The following day they verbally refused to fix the vehicle. After disputing with the company they finally agreed to fix the vehicle. My payments are still rolling and they've had car for a week. They're a total rip off and I wish that I didn't have any involvement with the company! You view their website and those vehicles aren't on their car lot. They company isn't honest at all! If you're from another city I wouldn't recommend anyone to drive there.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-11:
It sounds like they really took you for a ride. Sorry this happened to you.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-03-11:
Did you purchase the car "as is" or "With all faults"? Because that's a really important piece of information.
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Don't Buy From Family Auto Mart
Posted by Deanna.smith92 on 12/04/2013
1900 AURORA ROAD, FLORIDA -- Family Auto Mart pick up my SUV to go to the repair shop and I told them when they call me what there shop was charging was to much tried to get it towed back to me home they gave it to the gold Card Finance Company because I was two weeks behind in my payment no we are in court. To everyone Family Auto Mart is not a good company to mess with also I made a payment arrangements and they still took the vehicle.

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Very Nice
Posted by Yolw950 on 06/14/2013
I had a great experience and didn't have any problems. Everyone was great. I got the car I wanted, the price I can pay, and an easy financing. What else you can ask for??????

Thank you very much
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Edwin Is the Best Ever!
Posted by on 04/13/2013
Edwin is the best ever. Highly recommend family auto and if you are here please ask for Edwin!
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This Dealer Selling Wrecked Cars
Posted by Mcandelaria on 04/07/2013
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- We got a car on Family Auto Mart, March 17 and 2 weeks after we had to run to a mechanic and the car is wrecked and cannot be fixed.

I paid $1000 down payment and making payments for $80 per week and also payments were one week ahead.

Had to took the car to the dealer, now I have no car, lost my money and they didn't do anything. How the law can protect from those dealer that play and used people in need?
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Posted by Critical_level2 on 2013-04-08:
Form what it sounds like, the vehicle was wrecked 2 weeks after you bought it. It also sounds like the mechanic wrecked the vehicle, but it is not very clear whether they wrecked it or you wrecked it yourself.If the mechanic wrecked your vehicle while it was in their shop for repair, then the are responsible to fix the damage, that is why most shops have insurance. If you wrecked it and totaled it, then your insurance should cover it, unless you only had liability, then you rare out of luck. Either way, you are still responsible for paying for the vehicle.
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Happy Manny & Wolfman Dave @ Family Auto Mart
Posted by Soilo11099 on 01/01/2012
My first car was 2008 in from Wolf-Man Dave. My second and my third car from Happy-Manny. He has a nice easy going style and makes you feel like family at home. I recommend this place to all my friends and family. I still love the family Man YouTube commercials. I will be back for another car in the near future. Thank you Manny and Wolf man Dave.

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Nice People
Posted by Alicutia on 09/08/2011
Bought a car at Family Auto Mart few weeks ago. A/C went out and even though I bought the car as is they helped me get the car fixed at their cost. Cheap fix and works great now. Thank you Family Auto Mart. They are very nice people and good place to buy a car.
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I am happy with my car
Posted by Bellavida on 08/31/2010
I am very happy with my car, I got what I was looking for. I don't know why people complaint about this dealership. they are willing to work with you always, and they tried you with respect.
i was help and I am very happy with my car. I will tell all my friend and family to buy a car from there.
don't listen to all those negative reviews, so go and see for your self, I know I did.
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Posted by Tonya Barnhill on 2014-03-19:
Today March 19th, I came to Family Auto mart loooking for a SUV, and Johnny was very helpful with showing me some vehicles, gave me a nice discount, even though the vehicle I came to see was no longer available,but the vehicle I chose
was a good pic for me
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