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Sweat N Wait
Posted by Good4U on 09/16/2012
OLATHE, COLORADO -- As soon as you walk into the store the temp inside is very uncomfortable warm, actually hot! Then the one checker with one or two other employees bsing with each other. The 7 customers in line are hating life like me. The employees have all told me that the temp is controlled back at the main office. Which I'm sure is more desirable. I really can't stand this store. So I'm done with this so called store.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-09-16:
The Family Dollar stores in my area are junky looking and dirty. Stuff is everywhere. I don't know how this chain stays in business.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Caldwel57 on 09/06/2012
KAPLAN, LOUISIANA -- I purchased an AT&T calling card on August 28, 2012 at the Family Dollar Store in Kaplan and the debit machine was down. At the time the store clerk did not know that the machine was down and it took money from my account. The pin number would not show on the receipt and the cashier tried to get my refund. To make a long story short the cashier was directed to different people to call to no avail in returning my money.

Finally the cashier gave me a number to call. She stated that I would get my money within forty-eight hours. It was a week after and I did not hear anything. I went to the bank to make sure the money was not put back on my card and it wasn't. I went back to Family Dollar and I was still given all kind of grief about not knowing what to do or what to tell me. Finally the cashier called a her manager and he wanted me to get a bank statement.

I go back to the bank and get the statement. I returned to the store and the cashier was so rude to me because she had to take an extra step in me trying to receive my money. I am not trying to get anyone in trouble but I think she should not have that type of attitude in the work force.

Another thing when asked for a complaint form or the number to make a complaint, the cashier said the manager said "look on the other said of the wall they have it there." With me being in the workforce and someone would ask for help I would've have assisted them in anyway possible. I find that the cashier has a poor customer service.

Thanks for having a website so that I could voice my concerns because that is the only way I would've been heard.
Delcia Caldwell
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Customer Service On Waters And Armenia Family Dollar
Posted by SHAR8MR on 09/03/2012
Clerk Heather worked on 8/12/2012 and was the rudest person I have ever come accross. I will never visit another Family Dollar. No customer service professionalism. Treated me with attitude though my whole transaction.
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Posted by ticia232 on 2012-09-03:
May we have more details about what happened? I have been to many stores where I have encountered a very rude employee, but in the same store at the same time I encountered an employee who went over and above and redeemed the place.
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Posted by Seashellbeach on 08/30/2012
I was shopping in your store and found it to be a very pleasant experience. The assistant manager was very helpful to me and all around pleasant, very cheery attitude. The clerk was polite and courteous. I plan on shopping here again.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-08-30:
thank you for posting a compliment!!

very helpful review, and voted as such!
Posted by onlooker on 2012-08-30:
Nice to see some positive feedback
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Poor Eave/Hangover Over Front Door
Posted by Cjones1834 on 08/25/2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I visited the Family Dollar Store (#32) at 7302 Scott St., Houston, TX 77021 (713) 741-4046 on toady, 8/25/2012 around 1:50 pm in the afternoon.

When I went into the store it was not raining, although it looked as though it would at any minute. When I was coming out of the store, it was raining fiercely and water had begun to run under the door and was coming inside the building. The overhang truly needs to be repaired because the water is running directly down on the glass from the outside and running under the front door into the building. I was very careful because I did not want to slip and fall.

The building is not old so I was wondering why would Family Dollar approve a building with such poor maintenance. There is also a gap in the front door where the two doors are suppose to meet. You can visibly see that whomever is in charge has a chain that secures the doors and uses a lock
for the chain.

In summary, the overhang on the building needs to be repaired because there is definitely a hazard when it rains. Customers' safety is in jeopardy.
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Posted by onlooker on 2012-09-04:
Have you contacted the store manager directly? This is a very local issue and probably needs to be presented to the local store manager. A known danger for slip and fall should be rectified.
Keep a record of your notice to the store, and when someone falls and is permanently injured or handicapped help that person sue.
Falls can result in a healthy senior citizen becoming bedridden, a woman to miscarry, a musician to lose use of a hand......
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Posted by Yulis_guanajuato on 06/01/2012
The store supposedly opened at 9:00 am.. its 9:20 am they are inside and I still have to wait for 5 min.. that turned to 10 min
that is a big problem they just lost 5 customers that came by.
they are not responsible enough.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-01:
It sounds like you waited/are waiting for it to open. Have a chat with the manager, and obtain an explanation. Post back if you get a chance. I don't know why they didn't open on time, which I assume is posted on the store front.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-01:
When I worked retail, we sometimes opened the store a little late. There were numerous reasons for this: the manager came in late, our morning meeting ran late, the store was really messy and took a long time to clean, etc.
Posted by BiigAl on 2012-06-01:
LS> The reasons you wrote for late openings are probably correct but that does not make it appropiate. The manager should not come in late, the meetings should be conducted and over before opening time and the store should be properly cleaned before opening time.
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Greetings as I Enter the Store
Posted by Rbragg4 on 05/17/2012
I come into a store and hear good afternoon. I turn towards the employee only to find them now speaking to some other person. So I hear a greeting and then see the back of their head!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-05-17:
At least there was a greeting...
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-17:
Our Dollar Store is the same...I hear, 'Hello' but see no one around....I don't mind, I just say, 'Hello' back into the air....
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-17:
I'm inclined to think that this is some sort of corporate policy, since the Family Dollar stores in our town all do the exact same thing.
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Rude manager long lines with 4 employees standing around
Posted by Bmackey1960 on 04/23/2012
I go to Family Dollar on pearl and state almost every day. I spend at least a hundred dollars a week there. The manager Dominic is rude and could care less if there are 10 people in line with 1 cashier. I won't be going there again.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-24:
Let the Family Dollar corporate office (10401 Monroe Rd., Matthews, NC 28105) know about this (704) 847-6961.
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Cashier calling my daughter spoiled due to being only child.
Posted by Ameliadela on 02/19/2012
PORTAGE, INDIANA -- Hello everyone!

I love these little bargain stores, but when you get rude, ignorant, un called for remarks about your kids you don't want to return to this specific store! As I was checking out this rude big woman w red hair decided to ask if my daughter was my only child. I replied yes!! Thinking she would of been more kinder in her words, she looked at me and said she must be spoiled. I was startled and turned to my husband and said I don't know why everyone thinks my daughter is spoiled! My daughter whom is the step daughter to my husband, her. Sperm donor don't support her, I lost my job and really landed in some what of a poverty state!! But thanks Family Dollar I will never ever give this particular store my own business again. The manager even has a attitude problem as well. I will take this in my hands as harassment, and will continue to write to corporate about my un pleasant, disturbing situation. Beware everyone if you like to be put in a bad mood or be harassed with kids don't go here!! Shop at Family Dollar else were...
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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-19:
Not that it makes it ok for the cashier to say that, but was your daughter misbehaving in the store? Did you bring the situation to the attention of the management?
Posted by Water on a ducks back... on 2012-02-19:
Should of said yes, spoild with love and left it at that. Our children watch every move we make, you get upset, they will be upset.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-19:
Unless it was said in a mean spirited way, I don't see anything wrong with saying an only child must be spoiled because an only child often is. Maybe the cashier was just trying to make conversation. However, without being there and actually hearing and seeing what happened, there is no way of knowing exactly what the cashier meant.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2012-02-19:
I would've asked the cashier what business it was of hers.
Posted by Exterminator by night on 2012-02-19:
"I...turned to my husband and said I don't know why everyone thinks my daughter is spoiled!"

Do you experience this comment often, or were you just being kind in light of the situation?

It is pretty hard for a reader to assess the comment without being there and not hearing the tone and how it was said, but obviously you felt offended.

Posted by ok4now on 2012-02-19:
This is a stereotype and most inappropriate. Many people when hearing only child equate that with being spoiled. I'm an only child because my mother for medical reasons wasn't able to have more. My father always worked two jobs to support the family. While in school I started working at age 15. I bought my own clothes and later when my income increased gladly paid board. My parents instilled a strong work ethic in me and told me there was no free ride in life. If I wanted something expensive I had to save for it, they just didn't give it to me. I never expected them to just give me money. This taught me a valuable lesson.

I have two grandchildren (age 3 & 5) that are spoiled rotten by my step daughter. Financially they are barely making it but money is no object when it comes to these children. Example: You literally cannot walk in their rec room because of all the toys, peddle cars, sliding boards, basketball hoops, train sets, Play Station, Video Games etc. They play with their "new toy" for 5 minutes then want a new one. But the "only child" is spoiled. Plezzzze!!!
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-20:
True, only child doesn't automatically mean spoiled. I've seen families with many kids, all brats. And I've seen lonely onlies that are the sweetest, and vice versatile.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-02-20:
Great comment, ok4now! My daughter (now almost 22) was raised an only child, and it was not medically possible for me to have another. She was not spoiled, either.

But, I would not be offended by somebody making that comment to me, nor feel it was harassment. Personally, I would just blow it off.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-02-20:
I admit i spoil my son. I lost my first son to his father so i dont get to see him as often, he has custody. But its kind of like my second son is spoiled because i dont think his father is going to have any other kids, and we broke up. So his family spoils him, and my family spoils him. But, i am going to teach him how not to take anything for granted and if done using a toy or something, to donate it. He is only almost 2 so, i have time. Its easy to spoil a child with love and gifts...its exciting to celebrate a first christmas, first birthday. However, there will be limits and a lot of times i buy cheap toys. Because like this poster, i am not rich. And i would be hurt if anyone called my son spoiled, Even if he does have a lot of toys. Sometimes hes just content with 1 toy. He doesn't act spoiled, and hes pretty content with anything he eats (i dont buy him the best foods, i buy him what i can afford.)
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Team Members REFUSING to honor company's advertisements? Poor Management
Posted by SHJ23 on 02/09/2012
ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY -- This is a complaint against the Family Dollar Store: #6826. A current coupon circular (with "1/29 Page 1 Instore HSP AB#745 C" printed on the bottom right hand corner)that is valid from Jan. 29-Feb. 5th 2012 lists the following coupon: "Lay's Chips 10-10.5 oz $1.88 EACH with coupon LIMIT 2. Value of coupon cannot be greater than the value of item purchased. Selection varies by store. Limit TWO items per coupon visit."

I attempted to use this coupon as I purchased TWO bags of Lay's Potato Chips, currently sold at $3.50 a piece, on Tuesday evening, January 31st 2012. The cashier -named Carlos- only scanned the coupon once, and the computer deducted $1.88 from my purchase. I told Carlos that the coupon was good for TWO bags at $1.88 EACH, but he did not understand what I meant, as he told me that the discount was only good for ONE bag. I repeated myself and showed him the coupon again for clarity; Carlos did not understand, so he called upon the night manager -Raul Rodriguez- for assistance. After Carlos and I both explained what the issue was, Raul insisted that the coupon was only good for ONE bag. I asked Raul to read the coupon, so he would understand exactly what was printed. Raul then told me that Carlos was correct, because "they" had to go by what the 'computer' said. I told Raul that as a company employee -especially as a manager- he has to abide by Family Dollar's advertisement, which states “$1.88 EACH with coupon, LIMIT 2”, and I suggested that he override the computer (as surely he has done before, being a ‘manager’ and all) and deduct the coupon cost once more. Raul kept insisting that I was wrong, when clearly I was not. I have a feeling that Raul did not fully comprehend what the coupon stated, because he brushed me off as if I was trying to pull a fast one over he and Carlos. I asked Raul to do the math in his head, and he walked away (to tend to other customers), and told me that I would have to come back tomorrow morning to speak to the day manager.

Now, the price is so minute that it is really not worth having a fit over, but I am concerned about the principle of this matter. I did not like the way that Raul brushed me off, as if I could not read and comprehend English (the coupon was also printed in Spanish). I was offended that he would suggest that I come back "tomorrow morning", to have the matter settled by a different manager; I knew that he could solve the problem for me at that moment, but he chose not to. At this point I am laughing. I explain that I am not stupid, and I am not trying to cause problems over $3.24 in discounts, but I am surprised that they will ignore a store's printed coupon because of a simple computer error that could be OVERRIDDEN. I used to work in retail, and I was a manager once upon a time. I told Carlos and Raul that all they had to do was to stop and 'think'; I suggested that we all should use our brains, do the math in our heads, see what we come up with, THEN figure out how to honor the COMPANY'S PRINTED coupons, by way of an override. Carlos said he could not perform an override, that only a manager could, but remember, Raul would not do this for me. Then something miraculous happened; Carlos decided to pick up another store circular and scan the coupon from it! So Carlos finally ‘thought’ about this ’problem’ and gave me my rightful discount...something that the night manager Raul refused to do.

I would like an address for Family Dollar’s Customer Service Department, because I would like to forward my complaint, along with a copy of my receipt AND the copy of the circular that was offering this discount. I would like for someone in management to see what Family Dollar advertised, and I would especially like to know why Family Dollar’s employees are choosing NOT to honor the company’s printed advertisements, which are CLEARLY stated in both English AND Espanol. Or, if I am incorrect, someone could point it out for me. But IF I AM correct, which I believe that I am, I would suggest that someone - a REAL manager perhaps- retrain the employees on their basic math skills, and how to honor company printed coupons.

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Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-02-09:
This is a tricky situation since the coupon can be read two different ways. One way it can be read is the way you read it. The other way is that each coupon is good for one bag of chips, but only two bags of chips can be purchased and discounted using coupons (so two of the same coupon would be used).

Unless this was a coupon that you had to pay to get, they should have used the coupon twice. All you would have had to do is get that same coupon (or make a copy). Instead of making you go through the hassel of that, I think it would have been good for them to scan it twice (or have them get a copy from somewhere).
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-02-09:
I agree with Steve. The coupon does say "Lay's Chips 10-10.5 oz $1.88 EACH with coupon," which infers a coupon is need for each.

The following "limit 2" does not mean that is per coupon, only what the total limit is. Also the following statement "Limit TWO items per coupon visit" appears directed to couponers who would bring multiple coupons. It does not say "two items PER COUPON" but "two items per COUPON VIST," which I take to mean that during any single visit to the store, the most items one can buy using coupons is 2. Again not a reference to number of items per coupon.

This coupon is not well written.
Posted by Molly on 2012-02-09:
$1.88 EACH with coupon, LIMIT 2... I read this as two items per coupon also. Limit of two bags of chips per coupon. Not limit of two "coupons" plural per visit.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-02-09:
I have to agree with Steve on this one, sorry. while the wording may not be crystal clear, it can be argued that the discount requires one coupon per bag of chips. The OP puts on a very good argument, but in the end, I have to go wioth the manager's decision. Just because teh manager does not agree with you does not make him/her a bad manager.
Posted by Molly on 2012-02-09:
Here is a coupon for candy, what does this mean?

6 Pack Nestle, Hershey's or Mars Candy
88¢ EACH
with Coupon * LIMIT 4 * Value of coupon can not be greater than the value of item purchased. Selection varies by store. Limit four items per coupon per visit. Coupon Valid February 9-18, 2012
Posted by Molly on 2012-02-09:
Opps, forgot this.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-02-09:
I went there last week and used the 88 cent coupon for coke products which stated limit 4. I bought 3 bottles and the lady scanned the coupon once and it took off the discount for all three bottles. You do not need a separate coupon for each item.
Posted by andbran on 2012-02-09:
you could get the address from their website. IMO i dont think a bag of chips is worth it. you did get the discount(finally)
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-10:
Unhappy, that's exactly how it should work. There was something wrong with the OP's coupon. It was not working properly. The discount should have automatically been applied to both bags, and the manager should have known that. Two coupons were not needed, but quick thinking Carlos was smart enough to just scan another one.

Good review. I'd be annoyed, too. Not about the money, but that the manager refused to come up with a solution. Kudos to Carlos!
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-02-10:
Molly - the language is different on the candy. There it says "limit four items PER coupon PER visit." The added word makes clear it is 4 items "per coupon." The OP's coupon says "Limit two PER COUPON VISIT." There is a difference between "per coupon" and "per coupon visit." The latter refers to a single visit to the store, while the former says that the limit is 4 on each coupon: "per coupon." The candy can be bought 4 items per coupon, the OP's coupon requires a coupon for each bag.
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