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I recently had a very disappointing interaction with the Farting Hippo website. I ordered a Farting Hippo as advertised as a product used on the CBS show NCIS for my husband's birthday of April 2. Their website indicated that the product would be received within 5-7 business days. After waiting for two weeks with no hippo delivery, I emailed the company asking when I could anticipate delivery. I emailed them again three days later, and again three days after that. I finally got a response indicating that my Hippo had been delivered; sadly, Farting Hippo sent my order to the wrong address.

I sent them 3 more emails. One giving them my correct address, another showing the shipping and billing address for the order (both addresses were the same) and a third time with the Paypal billing information showing the correct shipping address. I received an email a few days later that they would "look into it." I waited 10 more days and finally asked that they deliver the product in a timely fashion or refund my order. Their smug reply was that they had many satisfied customers and that they would refund my money. They did not provide any details as to when the refund would occur.

I found the casual attitude of the Farting Hippo to be disrespectful and disappointed. In today's global economy, I would think that businesses would be anxious to provide superior customer service instead of ignoring their customers.

Farting Hippo failed to live up to their agreement to deliver my order within the 5-7 day deadline, they were very unconcerned about my order for an in stock item, they were discourteous enough to initially ignore my emails requesting information and they were indifferent about not living up to their shipping agreement. I would strongly discourage any consumer from ordering from this website.

A response weeks after the order should have been received is, in my opinion a very poor way to do business and informing me that their customers are satisfied is only a further irritant, especially when they are communicating with a dissatisfied customer.

Company Response 04/20/2009:

Hi, I am from
The comments by saramj are no surprise to us as this customer was hostile from the start.
We held our hands up and admitted the error, we offered a replacement or a refund.
The customer requested a replacement next day and from the UK to the US this was obviously not possible, as we were unable to meet this unrealistic deadline we gave her a full refund.
We continue to offer exceptional customer service and have learned from our mistake.

Thanks for reading - Graham @

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