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Employee brought kids to work
Posted by on
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- My GF and I visited Fazoli's in Kenosha Wisconsin on Tuesday night around 8pm. As we were asked for our order, we both noticed a little girl with a 'drive-through' headset on walking out of the kitchen, seemed odd. We placed our order, then sat down. While waiting for our number to be called, another small child drinking out of a sippy cup came over to our table and stared at us, then set his sippy cup down on our table then walked away, Really? As my GF and I were discussing that the employee must have not had a babysitter, so she decided to bring her 2 children to work..and the manager ALLOWED it..we were brought out 3 breadstick by the little girl, she then walked away with the plate in her mouth. After being pestered by the 2-3 year old starring at us, and even climbing up into our booth, we decided to leave. We barely ate our meal. I took pictures of this ODD experience so I could forward them to Fazoli's. I have also passed this info on to the Fazoli's headquarters, and will not be visiting this Fazoli's ever again.
Resolution Update 07/02/2010:
Fazoli's Refunded the money. : )
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BEJ on 07/01/2010:
I am looking for the good in this--perhaps it was a last minute emergency that resulted in the kids coming to work with the employee and he or she had no other choice.. I do think that they should have not been out with the customers and interacting with them. Did you ask to speak to the manager about the situation and what did he or she say?
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
If the kids were working it's a violation of child labor laws.

Although states may have MORE restrictive laws, the federal regulations state "As a general rule, the FLSA sets 14 years of age as the minimum age for employment, and limits the number of hours worked by minors under the age of 16."


And more specifically, Fazoli's states a minimum age of 16 to work on their website.

Therefore... yes I understand sometimes Mommy or Daddy have to bring junior to work because of childcare issues, but that child is NOT an employee of the restaurant.

and if the kid is putting plates in his or her mouth, that's a health code violation on top of the labor law violations.
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
Where the heck did anybody say these kids were employees?
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
I have a friend that lets here kids roam around the restaurant while she is having her meal. I hate it.

Very poor judgment on the parent and management but I see no reason to cite state labor laws. It was supposed to be cutesy and it's not like they were in a sweatshop environment.
I would have left to.

purple_crayon on 07/01/2010:
Fazoli's is a franchised chain.Maybe the owner brought the kids in? Or was kind enough to let the kids come in. Otherwise,the employee would have missed work. Thus losing a person working that day.
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
That is no excuse to let them roam around bothering the customers.

The food isn't very good to me.
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
yeah, I totally understand that sometimes you have to do that

however... how the kids behaved is the real issue I think.
and the fact that one of them was apparently working
while the other was bothering customers

and more importantly... it sounds like the youngest isn't really being "watched" much. it wouldn't take long for someone to snatch him and head out before mom or dad noticed ...
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
So you think that the kid filled out a W-4 to drop off the breadsticks?
purple_crayon on 07/01/2010:
Kids staring wouldn't bother me,But I agree. They should be kept busy somewhere in back. Not to mention,someone taking off with the kids.
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
Purple are you serious? I would go crazy if a child or adult was staring at me while dining out.
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
OP, post the pics.
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
well no... not without blurring the kid's face I mean.
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
Kids stare. That's what they do. It usually doesn't last very long before they get bored and go away.

Maybe it was 'bring your daughter/son to work day'.
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
kids may stare but... kids also have parents who assume responsibility for their actions.

I have never head of a "take your kid to work" day that involves having your kid work (in violation of both federal and company policy) or having a 2 year old wander around unsupervised
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
I'm not saying those things are okay, Pepper. I just thought it might be the reason the kids were there. Not everyone watches their kids the way they should. In this case, the manager/owner should have stepped in.
Starlord on 07/01/2010:
Sounds to me like mama couldn't get a babysitter, but have been in a very close situation in my life. That does not excuse her letting the kids run rampant. My wife and I ate at a Fazoli's in Phoenix once, and have no desire to do so again. Fast Italian was almost as ridiculous as fast Chinese.
madconsumer on 07/01/2010:
it is better to allow an employee to bring their kids to work than to allow the employye to stay home. the employee needed the money I am sure.
jktshff1 on 07/01/2010:
Had that happen to me before, just tell the kid to scat, and leave you alone.
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
Before contacting Fazoli's HQ, why not speak to the manager of this location? It's possible the manager allowed an exception for an emergency situation for an employee, or it's possible the manager allows it all the time, or it's possible the employee is bringing their kids to work w/o the manager's knowledge, or... but, before alerting HQ, give the manager the opportunity to address it appropriately.
Anonymous on 07/01/2010:
The OP's concerns are completely valid. Why the kids were there is really not the issue; the fact that they were allowed to pester customers is. It's both a management and a parental issue. One or both should have intervened.

What level of discomfort do patrons have to be in before anyone at that establishment takes action? I'm with the OP; I wouldn't return. While irrelevant to the OP's experience, consider if instead of it being young children, the employee had to bring in her elderly mother with dementia, and the mother sometimes wandered around and stared at people. Would that have evoked the mother or the manager to intervene? Or what if it had been her 17-year-old son left to stare at customers and say odd things like "Is that your purse? That's a pretty purse." Would that have changed the scenario? Would that have evoked the mother or the manager to intervene?
PepperElf on 07/01/2010:
and I'm also wondering... if someone yelled at the kid to "leave me alone" would the employee have jumped in to berate the customer for yelling at their kid?

jktshff1 on 07/01/2010:
Then that would have been another discussion.
DebtorBasher on 07/01/2010:
No, it's not OK for the employee bring their kids to work instead of staying home. That is what sick days are for. And if the kids got hurt, the employer is responsible. It's an insurance risk, the child is at risk for getting hurt around the stoves/friers, they were annoying the customers because they were allowed in the dining area and the kid was obviously not being supervised. IF there was a good reason to have the child at work with them they should have made a place for her that was out of the way, and gave her a coloring book or something to play with. When they have 'take your kid to work' day, the company usually has activities planned for the kids. At least, they did where I worked. They were not allowed on the floor where the workers were and they were supervised at all times.
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
After looking at the picture and reading this review again, I can honestly say the only thing that would have really bothered me would have been the plate in the child's mouth. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to kids, but I understand that some people are less tolerant. Aside from all the legitimate reasons why it was wrong for these kids to be in the restaurant, I just think it's something that I would have overlooked. I might have said something to the manager about the plate, but that's it. If this happened frequently, I probably would not go back.
Racer X on 07/01/2010:
Right after we placed our order, the manager had asked the little girl if she had washed the tables that needed to be cleaned and the little girl replied Yeah. I have 2 pics, 1 of the little boy by us, and the 2nd of the little girl behind the cash register, I'll post that pic later, I think this website only allows 1 pic to be be added.
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
Racer, I understand why this could be annoying, but it also seems kind of cute. Just wondering, were they disrespectful to you in any way? I'm sure they didn't want to be there and were probably just making the best of it.
DebtorBasher on 07/02/2010:
I would be afraid the 2 or 3 year old would get out the door...either by themself or following others. Kids will just pick up with anyone that's friendly with them. I remember when I was walking down the street...a woman had a small child and the woman wasn't paying any attention to the kid and was walking in front of the kid. The kid, not paying attention, just reached up and took my hand, thinking I was her Mother walking next to her....it was cute though, the Mother turned around just as her kid reached up and took my hand, and the little girl then noticed her Mother was in front of her and not next to her....the look on the little girl's face was priceless!
Helpful on 07/02/2010:
I feel sorry that this was such a negative experience for the OP. Personally, I wouldn't have had a terrible problem with exactly the story as its outlined. With that said, I'm a big believer in children should be seen and not heard.

Ultimately Fazoli's did the right thing in refunding the customer's money.
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Fazoli's food not what it used to be
Posted on
ARIZONA -- What happened to Fazoli's? The food there used to be so good. I always order the duo plate with spaghetti and lasagna. I loved the lasagna because it was very tasteful for fast food. Last time I went to Fazoli's , the lasagna was horrible! I couldn't even get eat the whole thing. I wanted to throw up. Did Fazoli's change the menu? They need to use the old recipe for lasagna because the new one just isn't cutting it.

The breadsticks are still good though. They are the only worthy thing left on the menu.
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User Replies:
killerklown on 09/30/2007:
So, the problem here isn't with Fizoli's so much as it is your personal opinion? Good review, very helpful.
DigitalCommando on 09/30/2007:
If you have ever eaten in a REAL Italian restaurant, you would not consider that water they add some red food coloring to be "sauce", I have actually had a better Italian TV dinner. Not trying to be rude, it's just a reality. Maybe there are some Fazoli's in neighborhoods where mafia hit men live, and they make it right there, or else! But never at any ones that I visited.
Anonymous on 09/30/2007:
DC, I shouldn't think you'd be so provincial.
Anonymous on 09/30/2007:
Good review.

Is there any authority in the Constitution for the government to set up tax-exempt corporations or business operations to compete with tax-paying citizens?

The answer is no, unless the corporation or business is directly connected with an area of Federal responsibility enumerated in the Constitution. For example, an independent government corporation to provide mail service would be constitutional. However, a corporation set up to compete in the production of electricity, the manufacturing of clothes, or the operating of a chain of public restaurants, would not.
chris513 on 10/01/2007:
you know what? I have to agree w/ you on this one. about 5 months ago, I was out doing some running and I saw a fazolis in phoenix and decided to drop in. it had been about 10 years since I had eaten at one, and the last time I ate there, I was impressed, so I figured I would try it again. as you can already guess, I was not impressed w/ the decline in the quality of the food. haven't been back since. in phoenix, there is a small italian restaurant called mamma mias that delivers, though. 40th st and indian school area. I actually got calzones from there today for my family, and, as always, they were great. try them out next time instead of fazolis. I don't think you will be disappointed.
shelly16 on 10/01/2007:
Fazoli's is watered down fast-food Italian in my opinion...but you're right, the breadsticks are much better than the other fast food Italian restaurant, Olive Garden!
LarryDan on 10/01/2007:
I only eat at Fazolis when I want to smell disgusting for the rest of the day.
Anonymous on 10/01/2007:
Thank you Chris513. I will try that place next time I am in that area.
Anonymous on 10/17/2007:
LarryDan, I am sure there are other reasons as to why you smell disgusting.
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