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Employee Brought Kids to Work
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KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- My GF and I visited Fazoli's in Kenosha Wisconsin on Tuesday night around 8 pm. As we were asked for our order, we both noticed a little girl with a 'drive-through' headset on walking out of the kitchen, seemed odd. We placed our order, then sat down. While waiting for our number to be called, another small child drinking out of a sippy cup came over to our table and stared at us, then set his sippy cup down on our table then walked away, Really? As my GF and I were discussing that the employee must have not had a babysitter, so she decided to bring her 2 children to work... And the manager ALLOWED it...

We were brought out 3 breadstick by the little girl, she then walked away with the plate in her mouth. After being pestered by the 2-3 year old staring at us, and even climbing up into our booth, we decided to leave. We barely ate our meal. I took pictures of this ODD experience so I could forward them to Fazoli's. I have also passed this info on to the Fazoli's headquarters, and will not be visiting this Fazoli's ever again.

Resolution Update 07/02/2010:

Fazoli's Refunded the money. : )

Fazoli's food not what it used to be

ARIZONA -- What happened to Fazoli's? The food there used to be so good. I always order the duo plate with spaghetti and lasagna. I loved the lasagna because it was very tasteful for fast food. Last time I went to Fazoli's, the lasagna was horrible! I couldn't even get eat the whole thing. I wanted to throw up. Did Fazoli's change the menu? They need to use the old recipe for lasagna because the new one just isn't cutting it. The breadsticks are still good though. They are the only worthy thing left on the menu.

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