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REVISED!!! Do Not Buy This Door!!
Posted by Consumer Dan on 12/01/2010
After posting my original negative experience about Feather River doors, a company representative contacted me today to offer assistance. Evidently, they are willing to stand behind their product and have offered to replace my door!! Yahoo!

I am very hopeful that everything goes without a hitch and I will be sure to follow up with additional info once my claim has been honored.

I originally purchased my Feather River Door on the advice of Home Depot. I have had issues with all wood doors that required constant maintenance and wanted to simplify my life. I was told that with their lifetime warranty I could rest assured that I would never have to replace my door again. Well... after six months the stain started to fade. This was AFTER I applied a layer of marine grade poly to protect it from the elements. As time passed it only got worse.

When I finally called their customer service department to take advantage of their warranty, they informed me that their warranty had changed and that my finish was only warranted for two years. They were polite, but absolutely unwilling to stand behind their product. In fact, they even sent me a copy of their new warranty and informed me that the new warranty would pre-empt anything that may have been provided earlier - isn't that special?

Trust me on this. Don't waste your time spending $1500 on a door from a manufacturer that doesn't even believe in their own product.

Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/02/2010:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Our finish warranty has always been two years however, we would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.

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Door does not seal within it's frame lets light and air through
Posted by Dickey on 05/31/2010
Feather River door (Craftsman)
Feather River door (Craftsman)
TACOMA,, WASHINGTON -- Door was not assembled flush within the frame it was attached to. This is a prehung door that is junk. It is nice looking but whatever I do I cannot get it to seal because it is so skewed withing the frame it was built. The company did send out a service person who could not figure out the problem but said it was installed properly which I already knew.

He contacted Feather River door and they sent me out a new wider seal to install where the original thinner seal was installed. Now it is so tight in areas that I have more light coming through the the door and its frame on the top and side of the door. You need to look at this door very well before installation. You can see a lot of light (air) when the sun is directly on the door. Do yourself a favor and look real good if you decide on a Feather River door.

The door was installed in September 2008. I have been talking to them since early 2009. My last response from the company customer service manager (March 2010) was to call the installer to fix the problem. I will need to buy another door before I go through another winter.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-06-01:
Keep us updated on whether Trinity Glass International (the Korean based owners of Feather River Door Company) fixes this problem for you.
Posted by dickey on 2010-06-02:
Trinity Glass says the door was installed wrong. However their factory rep was out and said the install by the contractor is fine. When they (Trinity Glass) assembled the door within the frame it is not hinged flush with the frame it was built in. It is obvious that the door is skewed within it's frame. They sent me a wider seal to go inside the frame however the door is so skewed that it it still lets light through in areas along the doors perimeter.It is a defective door plain and simple.
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Paint on These Doors in Junk
Posted by Walton_cory on 03/05/2013
QUINCY, ILLINOIS -- Purchased a custom set of Double Entry Feather River Doors painted Blue from Home Depot. Took 3 weeks to build ( 1 week of Custom BAKED ON BLUE PAINT PROCESS Extra $300.00) When I went to pick up doors I noticed several places where the original white paint on door was showing through, as well as where Home Depot had gently set it up against counter. and they really did set it gently I watched them. I told and pointed out the white showing through. There answer "We will give you a discount on a matching touch-up paint". Ummmm No I paid to have a custom paint job done by feather river. So I told them I would like to have a new set or something. As we moved them off the counter, There was a dent/ scrap in the door where it just barely was leaned against the counter!! 1 Week baked on paint for $300.00. Ha Ha, so long story short, sent doors back. went to go pick up new doors yesterday. To realize Feather River used touch up paint on the doors and shipped them back to Home Depot/Me (Touch Up bottle was laying against the door in wrap and clearly had been opened and used! Couldn't even send me a new bottle. Not a bad thing except the dent where they leaned against counter prior pick up, was clearly visible and paint seemed not to match in that spot. My biggest complaint about this Door company is that They hype up there paint process so much only to send me a touch-up bottle because apparently they don't even believe in there craftsmanship!!! Story will have a part 2 as I am waiting to hear back from Feather River
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Poor Quality
Posted by Buc87 on 07/24/2010
Ordered what I thought was a quality door. Very poor quality, had staple sticking out of wood and the fiber glass coating had chips from factory that was touched up badly. Would not recommend to anyone.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-07-24:
Feather River Doors is owned by a Korean based company, Trinity Glass International, and they seem to be hard to contact and not particularly good at backing up their product.
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Toxic smell when sun hits door
Posted by Speedboat on 03/04/2010
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- This front door looks like wood grain style, as a installer I notice a few things wrong with this door, fist the hinges are not installed corectly they stick out at least a 1/8 inch each and won't close corect, second the stupid screw plug caps don't fit and probally never were meant to. or they would have put them at the factory. and most of all when the sun hits the door the tempature between the storm and the door it self heats up so much that this toxic plastic smell starts to fill the inside of the house so bad that it makes the kids sick. what the hell, they tell me to vent the storm door, and this fixes it. oh and to refer to the warenty. why would I have a storm in winter if I have to vent it. I think If this company wants to stay in buisnes they need to seriosly fix these many problens!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Plastic smell...did you remove the plastic coating over the glass part of the door? As to the size: is the door a special order by your measurements or did you buy it precut?
Posted by localgod on 2010-03-05:
Feather River Doors are made of fiberglass, which explains the smell...the hinges are set for the jamb the door comes with, if you used the previous jamb, they may not line up with the old holes...the screw plugs are installed after the installation (which is why they are not installed at the factory), they cover the holes after installation...as a self-professed installer, you don't have much luck with millworking, do 'ya?
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Made good on a problem
Posted by Rudoffmm on 03/29/2014
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- Yesterday I posted about a problem I was having with the Feather River front doors I purchased through Home Depot. At the time of the posting I had been told by the Feather River Warranty Department that the warranty on my doors had been voided because the one side was off by ¼”. After hearing this needless to say my blood began to boil.

I systematically went through all of the issues trying to be just factual an unemotional. I also sent a copy of the posting to the manufacturer. I am happy to report that yesterday evening I received a call from a manager at Feather River who informed me that not only will they honor the warranty but they are going to send a complete new replacement unit.

I know this will still cost me a few hundred dollars to have them installed. To be assured that they will be installed per the factory recommendations I am going to pay Home Depot to do the installation.

I am extremely pleased that this American manufacturer has stood behind their product and is trying to rectify what was a bad situation.
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Failure To Stand Behind Their Products
Posted by Rudoffmm on 03/27/2014
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- I purchased Feather River Exterior Doors through Home Depot in BenSalem, PA based on the recommendation of the sales person in May 2011. Since I was having a great deal of renovations done on my home at the time rather than pay Home Depot to install them I had my contractor do the installation. When he unwrapped the doors that were delivered he noticed that the brick molding on one side was broken. Then he noticed that the doors were scratched and the finish was not even. But at this point they had already removed the existing doors so we had no alternative but to install them.

I contacted Home Depot and Feather River and sent in pictures. They offered to credit me 10% or replace the slaps. I unfortunately chose to have them replaced. The replacement was done by Home Depot, I thought, but now I am told that it was done by a company that handles the warranty inspections UTS. I noticed that my doors wouldn't stay locked and thinking nothing of it I adjusted the keeper on the lock and got it to stay locked. This was my second error. Because I kept looking and I could see the outside between my doors and they never seemed fully closed.

After suffering through this horrible winter and feeling the air just flowing in from the outside I put a request into the Customer Service Department to have someone check the doors. A representative from UTS came out and told us that the installation was out by 1/4" on the side of the stationary door and there was a bump in the threshold of the operating door which is why my sweepers kept having to be replaced. And he also said the operating door was bowed by 1/8".

Feather River now says that there is an installation problem so the warranty on the doors is voided. When I asked why the person that installed the new slabs, by the way he dropped the operating door during the installation, I was told he was there to install them not inspect them.

I have now hired an independent contractor to inspect the doors and correct them if needed. I am also going to post this on every blog site I can to warn other unsuspecting consumers of this shoddy product. It looks good but is not good quality.
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Posted by Deewarder on 10/24/2013
INDIAN HEAD, MARYLAND -- Purchased the door in 2004-2005 from Home Depot and have had issues since. Of late, a Home Depot installer came out to investigate the issues, informed me that the door was not originally installed properly and showed why. Eventually the same door was reinstalled but I was informed that the oval glass, which had already slipped in the opening, would continue & I was told by Feather River it is "NOT" covered.

BEWARE of Feather River!
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The Bitterness of Poor Quality
Posted by Samlliw on 10/21/2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I have a Fiberglass Feather River French Entry door. These are full glass doors with the blinds inside the glass panels. It is no more than 5 years old. First thing we noticed was the finish peeling off. We called Feather River to see if there was any warranty against this. We were told there is not, and they offered instructions on how to refinish them ourselves. This past weekend we installed a storm door with low E glass hoping to protect the doors after we refinished them. During this process we discovered that the fiberglass panel on one of the doors was coming loose. This was the working door. Upon further inspection we discovered that the same thing was happening on the stationary door. And not only that, but the trim that holds the glass in place was also loose. The screw holes on the opposite side are rotted and there is no way to fix this. We talked to Home Depot about this and they offered their sincere apologies and nothing more. Our only choice is to replace the doors, jambs and everything.

These doors face east so they are somewhat exposed to the sun in the morning but not all day. We also live at high altitude, around 7000 ft. so the sun is a bit more intense. But this kind of thing should not happen to any door in any location. There is another steel entry door on the same side of the house that is over 10 years old and no problem with it, We are replacing these Feather Rivers with the same type of steel door.

Bottom line is that if you have to replace a door with any sun exposure, don't buy Feather River.
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Posted by r_jablonski on 2013-12-03:
Thanks for the review...I wouldn't buy Masonite doors either. They don't honor warranty and they are poor quality.
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Expensive Door, Poor Quality and Customer Service Doesn't Stand Behind Their Product.
Posted by Dancinboots1 on 05/07/2013
LACEY TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY -- My $4000.00 Fiberglass front door from Feather River and bought at Home Depot has been problem since I have had it installed. The first year the glass and sidelights leaked water with rains. The covers for inside screws didn't fit into the holes either. Had a horrible fix it man come out, very unprofessional, sent by the company. Another couple of rains and water still coming in all over my kitchen floor. Had to put down towels around the door whenever it rained hard. I sent pictures in to company of the door leaking. They sent out another repairman. he replaced frames and showed me that the last repairman never caulked the windows under the frames and that is why water was coming in.

We also discovered that the wood jam is now rotting in places and mold is growing on the bottom of the jam where it had been getting wet forever( over two years now) I have a claim in again but the manager says my door isn't under warranty due to the jam not having been caulked on the outside. The door has been caulked with clear seal from the time it was installed. They don't think that the previous problems caused the damage to the door? Seriously? I have many general contractor clients and construction workers to tell about my complaints on this companies way of handling product defects.

If its not taken care of then I will pass on my experience to them.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-08:
The timing of your review could not have been better. Just this week I went to H.D. and priced a Feather River Door and almost bought it. After your horrible experience I won't be buying it.
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