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Good Experience, So Far So Good, Lots Of Compliments
Posted by Lowerb on 07/17/2013
TRUSSVILLE, ALABAMA -- My contractor recommended the Feather River brand door. We chose the Chocolate Mahogany Woodgrain Home Depot SKU#0000-806-449, Slab Only. No frame as it was a replacement for our old wood door. My entry way gets lots of rain, and lots of sun from the West. The only surprise I had was Home Depot did not carry any of the doors in stock or any color samples. They only carried Masonite doors. Feather River was Special Order only. My contractor contacted Feather River and they sent samples to him. I did not like the looks nor finish of the Masonite doors compared to the fiberglass samples from Feather River.

After two weeks as promised the door arrived for pick up. I removed the door from the carton in the store and inspected it. The finish was truly amazing. It looks like real Mahogany. Heavy like a wood door. The contractor asked me to order it not pre drilled for entry handle or lock. It came pre milled for hinges. It also came with weather strip on the bottom of the door.

My contractor said he had installed Feather River doors before but this particular door was really striking and the finish amazed him. He did have to router for new hinges as he had suspected due to a long shot of matching up to the 18 year old wood door.

The door has been up for a few months now and still appears to be excellent. We have had many compliments on the door and no one can believe it is fiberglass.

My warranty states "Lifetime". I am not sure why some people that has rated the doors indicate the warranty has changed to one year. If you have a paper in your possession, and receipt of purchase they can't change the warranty on you. Keep pressing if they try! I have had this experience with other products. Having my warranty paper that came with the unit and the sales receipt has made me a winner every time.

It is my opinion part of the issues we.... consumers have is not having a product installed and checked by a professional. Someone that is experienced as my installer was and someone that has a relationship with the seller, in my case Home Depot. I believe if there is a problem going forward my contractor will be able to help me get it resolved as he has a personal relationship with the seller he buys a lot of remodeling material from on a annual basis and has personal relationships with the manager and store specialists.

I would order another Feather River door for another entryway if I need one. I know folks typically only write a review if they have a problem but I like to do both, report bad and good experiences.
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Expensive Door, Poor Quality and Customer Service Doesn't Stand Behind Their Product.
Posted by Dancinboots1 on 05/07/2013
LACEY TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY -- My $4000.00 Fiberglass front door from Feather River and bought at Home Depot has been problem since I have had it installed. The first year the glass and sidelights leaked water with rains. The covers for inside screws didn't fit into the holes either. Had a horrible fix it man come out, very unprofessional, sent by the company. Another couple of rains and water still coming in all over my kitchen floor. Had to put down towels around the door whenever it rained hard. I sent pictures in to company of the door leaking. They sent out another repairman. he replaced frames and showed me that the last repairman never caulked the windows under the frames and that is why water was coming in.

We also discovered that the wood jam is now rotting in places and mold is growing on the bottom of the jam where it had been getting wet forever( over two years now) I have a claim in again but the manager says my door isn't under warranty due to the jam not having been caulked on the outside. The door has been caulked with clear seal from the time it was installed. They don't think that the previous problems caused the damage to the door? Seriously? I have many general contractor clients and construction workers to tell about my complaints on this companies way of handling product defects.

If its not taken care of then I will pass on my experience to them.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-08:
The timing of your review could not have been better. Just this week I went to H.D. and priced a Feather River Door and almost bought it. After your horrible experience I won't be buying it.
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Paint on These Doors in Junk
Posted by Walton_cory on 03/05/2013
QUINCY, ILLINOIS -- Purchased a custom set of Double Entry Feather River Doors painted Blue from Home Depot. Took 3 weeks to build ( 1 week of Custom BAKED ON BLUE PAINT PROCESS Extra $300.00) When I went to pick up doors I noticed several places where the original white paint on door was showing through, as well as where Home Depot had gently set it up against counter. and they really did set it gently I watched them. I told and pointed out the white showing through. There answer "We will give you a discount on a matching touch-up paint". Ummmm No I paid to have a custom paint job done by feather river. So I told them I would like to have a new set or something. As we moved them off the counter, There was a dent/ scrap in the door where it just barely was leaned against the counter!! 1 Week baked on paint for $300.00. Ha Ha, so long story short, sent doors back. went to go pick up new doors yesterday. To realize Feather River used touch up paint on the doors and shipped them back to Home Depot/Me (Touch Up bottle was laying against the door in wrap and clearly had been opened and used! Couldn't even send me a new bottle. Not a bad thing except the dent where they leaned against counter prior pick up, was clearly visible and paint seemed not to match in that spot. My biggest complaint about this Door company is that They hype up there paint process so much only to send me a touch-up bottle because apparently they don't even believe in there craftsmanship!!! Story will have a part 2 as I am waiting to hear back from Feather River
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Poor Quality and Lack of Company Response
Posted by Davehenricks on 02/14/2013
We ordered a new Feather River front door from Home Depot. There have been several manufacturing and quality defects in the door and Home Depot and Feather River refuse to make the issues right or correct them. I would never buy another door from Feather River or Home Depot. There are lots of other good doors out there to put up with bad warranty and poor quality.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-15:
Can you be specific about the defects, and the failure of the warranty to cover some or all of them?
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-15:
H.D. mostly sells builder quality doors. They're "good enough" for a cheap replacement but they don't last. Case in point. The previous owner of my home had Larsen storm doors installed by H.D. Pure junk. Cheap hardware, shifting door dragging on the frame, no structural integrity, junk locks, badly faded paint... the list goes on and on. I had them all removed and replaced costing $700 a door. This price may seem high but it's not. You get what you pay for. Very high quality that will probably out live me.
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No Quality Control!
Posted by Oldmomsmailbox on 01/20/2013
I ordered two exterior doors through Home Depot, with whom I had just had an excellent experience with a kitchen renovation. I read the mixed reviews, but all brands seemed to have them.

The doors came in and one was just fine. The other had a deep gouge in it. The second door that came to replace it also had scratches. Finally, 5 months later, the third door had only a minor painting lapse on the inside edge, so I accepted it.

I would NEVER buy this door again, although I like the doors a lot now that they are installed.
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No quality control!
Posted by Oldmomsmailbox on 11/15/2012
I read the varying reviews before buying, but I wanted to buy doors at Home Deport after an excellent experience purchasing kitchen cabinets and countertop there.
Big mistake. I bought 2 Feather River exterior fiberglass doors and an Andersen storm door. Two of the three doors were OK. One of the Feather River doors came with a gouge. I agreed to its installation while new "slab" was ordered. This took over a month, and the replacement came with more gouges than the first.
Obviously there is no inspection of the final product.
I am still waiting for the next replacement.
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Never Buy Feather River Doors
Posted by Thomas32828 on 10/17/2012
We bought our Feather River Door through Home Depot and the warranty said it was manufactured by Trinty International. They tell us they don't sell doors in Florida. We called Home Depot who contacted Masonite who sells the door, so I am assuming it is a Home Depot product made by various manufacturers.

The two supposed warranties don't match. Masonite warranty that the customer service doesn't match what came with the door. They told the Home Depot customer service people here in Orlando that they would honor the warranty and repair the door, and they tell us they won't.
They don't honor their warranty. Their customer service people are rude.
It has taken over three weeks to resolve the problem that still isn't fixed.

I asked the customer service person for parts number to repair the door, and they have never given me the parts number to order or how to order the parts after three attempts. They just tell to go to the store.

Moral of the story is go with Anderson or another brand name company but stay away from Masonite and Feather River Doors.

Read Company Response
Company Response on 10/25/2012:
Hi, This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. We’re sorry to hear about your experience and would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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Posted by Katie Shuford on 2012-10-23:
Hey - Just curious, which Home Depot did you buy from?
Posted by Masonite.Doors on 2012-10-23:
Thomas - My name is JoAnna and I am with Masonite Doors at our corporate office in Tampa, FL. I would like to help resolve your situation and clear up any confusion on your warranty. Masonite does sell doors in the Florida Home Depots through the Special Order program. If you bought a stock door (off the shelf), then it is either a Feather River door (Fiberglass) or Jeld-Wen door (Steel). If you could email me your purchase information at MasoniteDoors@masonite.com, then I would be happy to look up your order to see if it is a Masonite door and make sure that the right people follow up with you. Thank you, JoAnna
Posted by Rebecca on 2013-12-03:
In my experience, I would never ever buy a Masonite door. They look good, but they don't last. I'm a single professional woman and I bought a outdoor Masonite front door and the bottom fell out within 2 years and Masonite would not honor their warranty even though the door was in immaculate condition. The warranty states 15 years and I even wrote the company and they didn't cover it. They have horrible customer service and I will never buy another Masonite door. You know why they said they wouldn't cover my door? Because it wasn't painted and the door is white fiberglass what has nothing to do with the bottom falling out and exposing the insulation.
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Do Not Buy Feather River Doors They Are Junk!!!
Posted by EECMEC on 09/19/2012
Feather rivers doors are junk and their company provides poor poor customer service. Do not buy one of these doors!!
Read Company Response
Company Response on 10/25/2012:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. We’re sorry to hear about your experience and would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you. Thank you.
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Etched Glass Shattered - Spontaneously
Posted by RemodelBob on 03/30/2011
Recieved three doors from Home Depot, all in good condition, and I must emphasize, apparently good workmanship, at least from an esthetic standpoint. I installed 2 of them as pocket doors and all was fine for about 2 years. The door was never opened or closed for 6 months, when I began hearing a "tinkling" noise in the wall, on and off, for a couple weeks (I thought it was a cricket trapped in the wall). Pulled door out one day afterward, and YIKES! the glass was shattered - all crackly like a windshield in a car accident (see photo). No obstruction or catching inside the wall (door moved perfectly smooth); nobody anywhere near that door for months (it was fine last time I looked). Unfortunately, this occurred 2 years after the door was installed/purchased. There appeared to be an "origin" to this process emanating from the surrounding the frame. The remainder of the glass just shattered uniformly throughout, but fortunately, stayed in place. Big mystery to me is how did this happen??? Heck, here's a 300 dollar door that only lasted two years. Far as I can tell...this occurred spontaneously, and (for lack of any other explanation) probably related to the way the glass panel was installed - (maybe a stress point, heretofore not stressed enough to initiate the break)..??? Whole point of this, is just to see if anybody else has had this problem. I'm (reluctantly) going to eat the cost of a replacement - and the hassle of finishing a new one - hopefully it'll match - this is one of a pair!). But a neighbor with experience with glass doors and windows said it probably was due to stress created in installation of the door glass and the surrounding moulding....but, who knows? Question is: Has anybody else had this problem (this glass was the etched cube design)?? FYI: Home Depot guys didn't want to be bothered with this issue - (bet if I had 42 double EE's and wearing Daisy Dukes, they'd a bent over backwards - but that's another issue).
Read Company Response
Company Response on 03/30/2011:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. We're sorry to hear about this and would like to assist in some resolution. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-03-30:
if the door has never been used, how can it shatter like this? are the kids in the home? was anything nailed/hammered into the wall this door is in?
Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-30:
Glass doors, and windows can "spontaneously" break or shatter with no visible cause. There is a good article on this here:

Posted by RemodelBob on 2011-04-01:
No kids, in fact nobody anywhere near this door - door was never pulled out from recess during the time this happened; and nothing nailed or screwed into the recess where this door sits. That's what makes it such a mystery.
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REVISED!!! Do Not Buy This Door!!
Posted by Consumer Dan on 12/01/2010
After posting my original negative experience about Feather River doors, a company representative contacted me today to offer assistance. Evidently, they are willing to stand behind their product and have offered to replace my door!! Yahoo!

I am very hopeful that everything goes without a hitch and I will be sure to follow up with additional info once my claim has been honored.

I originally purchased my Feather River Door on the advice of Home Depot. I have had issues with all wood doors that required constant maintenance and wanted to simplify my life. I was told that with their lifetime warranty I could rest assured that I would never have to replace my door again. Well... after six months the stain started to fade. This was AFTER I applied a layer of marine grade poly to protect it from the elements. As time passed it only got worse.

When I finally called their customer service department to take advantage of their warranty, they informed me that their warranty had changed and that my finish was only warranted for two years. They were polite, but absolutely unwilling to stand behind their product. In fact, they even sent me a copy of their new warranty and informed me that the new warranty would pre-empt anything that may have been provided earlier - isn't that special?

Trust me on this. Don't waste your time spending $1500 on a door from a manufacturer that doesn't even believe in their own product.

Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/02/2010:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Our finish warranty has always been two years however, we would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.

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