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REVISED!!! Do Not Buy This Door!!
By -

After posting my original negative experience about Feather River doors, a company representative contacted me today to offer assistance. Evidently, they are willing to stand behind their product and have offered to replace my door!! Yahoo!

I am very hopeful that everything goes without a hitch and I will be sure to follow up with additional info once my claim has been honored.

I originally purchased my Feather River Door on the advice of Home Depot. I have had issues with all wood doors that required constant maintenance and wanted to simplify my life. I was told that with their lifetime warranty I could rest assured that I would never have to replace my door again. Well... after six months the stain started to fade. This was AFTER I applied a layer of marine grade poly to protect it from the elements. As time passed it only got worse.

When I finally called their customer service department to take advantage of their warranty, they informed me that their warranty had changed and that my finish was only warranted for two years. They were polite, but absolutely unwilling to stand behind their product. In fact, they even sent me a copy of their new warranty and informed me that the new warranty would pre-empt anything that may have been provided earlier - isn't that special?

Trust me on this. Don't waste your time spending $1500 on a door from a manufacturer that doesn't even believe in their own product.

Company Response 12/02/2010:


This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Our finish warranty has always been two years however, we would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.

Toxic smell when sun hits door
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- This front door looks like wood grain style, as a installer I notice a few things wrong with this door, fist the hinges are not installed corectly they stick out at least a 1/8 inch each and won't close corect, second the stupid screw plug caps don't fit and probally never were meant to. or they would have put them at the factory. and most of all when the sun hits the door the tempature between the storm and the door itself heats up so much that this toxic plastic smell starts to fill the inside of the house so bad that it makes the kids sick. what the hell, they tell me to vent the storm door, and this fixes it. oh and to refer to the warranty. why would I have a storm in winter if I have to vent it. I think If this company wants to stay in buisnes they need to seriosly fix these many problens!!!!!!!!

Feather River Doors
By -

We just installed a Feather River, full glass entry door. It was ordered on Nov 11, 2009 and charged to our charge card for $1750. It is a full glass door, and two side lites. The special order was delivered to HD at the end of November, and it was DAMAGED. They sent it back, and ordered another one. It came in 3 weeks later, and it was DAMAGED, they ordered it again, and it came in before Christmas, and it was DAMAGED. It finally came in on Jan 27, and it appeared OK when we looked at it at the store.
We had it delivered, and upon installation, discovered a few things that really made us question the quality of this door.
#1. The screw cap covers are not manufactured propery. There is an extreme amount of flashing left on the plastic from the moulding process.
#2. Why do we have to install these anyway? They should have been installed at the factory.
#3. We paid extra to have the door primed. There is BARE pine visible on the outside of the door
#4 The weather strip at the top of the door is torn
#5 We paid extra to have the deadbolt holes drilled, and they were 1/8" off. It made it extremely difficult to install the deadbolt and lock.
Overall.....................NOT happy with this door.

Feather River Door
By -

Three Feather River Doors were bought from Home Depot. The double doors had the following discrepancies:
1) Sill plates - screws were high, sill plate not level.
2)Astral strip locks: one missing grommets. Unable to move top and bottom locks without using a screwdriver and plenty of force.
3) corner seal pads not installed.
4) Sill squeaked when walked on
5) a 3/8 x3/8 hole in the bottom area where the doors met.
6) movable door - bowed, did not seal at the weatherstrip.
7) Sealant not removed from picture frame at glass.
8) movable door - bottom weatherstrip came off.
9) Astral strip not finished by manufacturer. Does not match door finish.
10) Routing of hinges in door and door frame inadequate to allow hinge to seat completely.
11) The Home Depot installation resulted in: Unit was not square, unit was not plumb, not properly shimmed,
Single door:
1)mini blind does not retract when it is < 32 degree F.
2) Three hinges had four of the 12 screws missing.
3)Picture frame was white, but door is off white.
4)1/4 to 3/8" gap at top of door.
5) Installation was not square. Adjustable rail and sweep not installed properly.

Home Depot and Feather River replaced the double doors and realigned the single door. The single door miniblind failure to retract just started - time to talk to Feather River again-argh.

Overall poor quality from FR and sloppy installation from Home Depot.

I would never recommend Feather River to anyone...a considerable amount of time and effort was spent with FR and Home Depot to get the doors replaced, reinstalled and fixed properly. Spend a few more dollars and buy elsewhere. Feather River warranty claim # 563301.

Fiberglass Entry Doors
By -

BADA BING, NEW JERSEY -- Being in the door business for many years, few companies come along and change things for the better. Having the opportunity to order and install many doors, I have found that the Feather River Door Company is one of the best door manufacturers to deal with. Every door I purchase has the quality you look for in a fiberglass door. Some of my customers ask for Thermatru doors but when I show them the price and the fact that they would need to stain that companies door, it is an easy sell to Feather River. I am told that every one of their pre-finished exterior doors are all stained by hand. All I can say is, WOW!!!. I have to pay my painter $600 to stain a door and don't get the consistency that Feather River offers for a lot less money. The finish is warranteed too.

Out of the 30+ Feather River orders I make per year, I have to say every single door except for one came in on time. The one I waited for was that new Mahogany grain door. It turns out, the lead time was 28 days but the store guy told me 14 days like the OAK grain doors so it was not Feather Rivers fault. I had to hear it from the homeowner though. Home Depot now stocks these mahogany grain doors too. Once, I needed to get a replacement part for a damaged sill (probably hit by Home Depot fork lift guy) and I spoke to a sweetheart in customer service that sent me the part free of charge in just a of couple days.

Easy installs too.

I would recommend this company any day of the week and I would even put one in my mothers house.


Fiberglass Entry Door.
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a $2200 fiberglass entry door in 2010. Painted every two years. This year, I found "jamrot". I contacted the warranty department, and was told that it wasn't covered in the 10 year warranty. What a waste of money. I only wish that I would have read some of these poor reviews before I bought this piece of junk. Steer clear of these doors and this company.

Leaks around insert when it rains
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- Purchased this door and when it rains the water leaks in the door insert. I called the manufacturer Feather River and unless I return the door they cannot do anything. I cannot easily uninstall the door since I obviously did not keep the old door and it would be quite difficult to leave my front entry open!!! Not at all happy with this purchase.

Featheriver Door, Quality Poor, Don't Stand Behind Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- Purchased door from Home Depot 4 years ago @$4000, and $1000 installation cost.

Door started to fade and crack within 2 years. Now 4 years later...pine wood jams splitting and rotting..as well as center jam loose. After repeated attempts to get the Featheriver warranty dept to honor the warranty...they refuse.

[Can't] reach any of authority and the refuse to identify who the President or CEO to escalate my concerns and get the matter resolved.

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Rating: 1/51

INDIAN HEAD, MARYLAND -- Purchased the door in 2004-2005 from Home Depot and have had issues since. Of late, a Home Depot installer came out to investigate the issues, informed me that the door was not originally installed properly and showed why. Eventually the same door was reinstalled but I was informed that the oval glass, which had already slipped in the opening, would continue & I was told by Feather River it is "NOT" covered.

BEWARE of Feather River!

Poor Quality and Lack of Company Response
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Rating: 1/51

DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- We ordered a new Feather River front door from Home Depot. There have been several manufacturing and quality defects in the door and Home Depot and Feather River refuse to make the issues right or correct them. I would never buy another door from Feather River or Home Depot. There are lots of other good doors out there to put up with bad warranty and poor quality.

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