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Fedders / Maytag AC repair & warranty a joke
Posted by Mikegrmi on 07/20/2006
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Maytag 10,000 BTU air conditioner that failed the start of the second season I used it. I took it to my local Maytag dealer that is very near my home. I was told that they could not service Maytag air conditioners because they are not made by Maytag and Maytag will not supply parts or reimbursement for the repairs. It seems that this is a Fedders unit that is labeled a Maytag. It shows the famous Maytag repairman on the box, so I think we could assume that it would be serviced by Maytag.
I called the 800 number for Maytag and it was answered by Fedders customer service, who arranged an appointment with the local repair center for Fedders. This unit has an in home service warranty that the repairman told me could not be done since he had no parts with him and Fedders usually took weeks to send. He took my one year old unit that was clean, dent and scratch free and tossed it on it's end in the front seat of his van and left for his shop. After several days I called to see how he was progressing and was told he still had no parts. Two weeks later it was returned to me. As he left I noticed that it was dirty, scratched up, dented and had paint missing. The rear protective grill was missing, the cooling fins were mashed from being thrown on his seat, screws were not replaced in the cabinet and the slide out curtain was broken. When I plugged it in, it started shaking bad and blowing pieces of foam out the vents. I called fedders and reported the problem and they wanted to have the same repairman pick it up again, I refused since he had damaged it so bad the first time. I found he was the only service center in my area (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and no one else could repair it.
I removed the cabinet to see why it was shaking so bad and found a large radiator clamp had been used to hold the fan on the motor shaft and the foam ducting had been broken up and not replaced. He had also torn out most of the cabinet insulation and had not replaced it and the new capacitor he had replaced was spliced in with the old one and was laying loose in the bottom of the unit where water collects, a real safety hazard.
I was getting nowhere with Fedders replacing my severely damaged unit until I sent a picture of the repairs. I was told they would be sending a replacement ASAP. I waited a total of six weeks, four weeks after being told it was shipped before it arrived. In waited so long that I had to purchase a new unit to cool my house while they took all that time jerking me around. This is what they call in home service. Do not buy a Maytag or Fedders air conditioner and think you will have an easy repair if it fails, and the Maytag repairman has nothing to do with these units.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-21:
Thanks for the info, I will never buy one now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-21:
Anymore, I believe most home appliances are just throw-away. If it goes bad, not worth repair - just buy a new one. (tr)
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-07-21:
Sweep the Coils!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-21:
DB... You sweep?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-07-21:
Yes, I sweep...when I'm not flying on my broom!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-21:
Who new?
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Unbelievable Poor Service
Posted by Curtcarol on 08/07/2006
LAKE WORTH, DELAWARE -- I have a Maytag (Fedders) air conditioner that is not working, it is still under the five year warranty. It broke less than its first year.I have emailed maytag six times and called them by phone numerous times the past two months. They keep telling me that they are trying to find someone to repair it and waiting for an email from the regional manager, and they told me once that they would send me a new one. Two of my emails states they will contact me, they have never contacted me until today and the person who called was so confused! They promise to call back with an answer, but the person called today had no idea. I bought this product a no good warranty. Any suggestions??? I will never, never, in my life buy a Maytag or Fedders products. This is so unbelievable poor service, really NO service!!!!!
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Posted by Frenchie on 2006-08-09:
I will tell you what I tell others -- get all of the facts together, dates, times, serial #, where purchased, etc. and send a regustered letter to the President of Fedders.
Forget the e-mails and phone calls, put it all in writing.
Now to your post as it doesn't make sense. Where did you purchase? Did you contact them to see if they could assist? Did it fail in its first year, or did you have it over a year and still under the 5 yr waranty. Is the five yr parts and labor, replacement or what? No sure what you mean by not working. Won't go on, the compressor wont kick in, etc. What about the outlet -- proper receptacle and voltage. You might not know all of this, but it helps pinpoint problems. I will chide you with this (and I know some take offense at it) when you post, make the post accurate so that we can understand and maybe be able to help. When did you buy, when did the problem start? Did you ever have any cooling?
Posted by Frenchie on 2006-08-09:
let me try and help a little more. Did your Fedders have Maytag as the contact company? That doesn't sound exactly right. Fedders did sell under or for Maytag name. However just recently Maytag was purchased by Whirlpool who also makes Air condidtioners, so there might be some conflict. I don't know what the relation is now between Fedder and Maytag. Maytag as a corporate company no longer exists. You can e-mail Fedders at --customer service@fedders.com ---you can call their corporate office at 908-604-8686 (they are in New Jersey) You can also try to get on their website --fedders.com/main/contact.htm --
let us know what develops. Good luck.
Posted by Frenchie on 2006-08-12:
I am curious --- did you do as I suggested??
Posted by curtcarol on 2006-08-14:
My original purchase on 01/31/05 was from Delta Air.
I have a full page sheet that states "Free in-home service for 5 years! The phone number is 866-MAYTAG or e-mail customerservice@fedders.com.
This is a Maytag 12,000 BTU HEAT/COOL UNIT
Model # MEY12F7E-D
SERIAL # JR147343-270Y
For your information this is the second time that this unit quit cooling. The compressor and fan is running loud and clear; the cord and outlet are good and the voltage is a 230 Volts!
This has been a Fedders A/C and it is service from Fedders service tech. They are just a little slow. Today is the second full month. They are still the same thing to me as they did the first, second, third, forth and so on phone calls. "They are trying to get hold of sevice person in my area. Please allow 24 to 48 hours response. Still nothing!
I would send the president of Fedders a email if I knew where to send it. Most of the people I have talked to can hardley speak English. They keep saying that they will resolve this problem in 24 to 48 hours. Then I ask them do you know what the word resolve means? Guess what? No answer!
Posted by Frenchie on 2006-08-15:
If you can go to their website, it will give you their address, you probably can find the President's name under Goodgleon Fedders. I would send him a registered letter explaining everything and see what happens. I am sure Fedders made this for Maytag. Tell Fedders it was the Maytag name, but you are tired of the run around. You would be surprised what happens when a CEO gets these letters -- years ago with a friend we did this on a new Chrysler that was "junk" the dealer would do nothing, a letter to the Pres of Chrysler got him a brand new car, at NO cost. Yes things might be a little different today. I also send registered letters, return receipt requested.
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Fedders Do Not Buy From Them
Posted by Elif9 on 07/19/2011
I bought a Fedders condenser unit and had it installed by Elite in Lakewood NJ. The unit was a lemon and never worked properly. I tried calling Fedders to have the condenser replaced but they told me that they will not honor any warranties. Stay away! for the following reasons.

1) the quality of the parts is low to terrible.

2) They will not replace faulty parts.

3) They are really not nice on the phone when you try to speak to someone.

Buy another brand for sure!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-20:
Thanks for the warning. From the looks of your review and some of the other write ups on Fedders, I'll stick with the cheap Goldstar and used Samsung units I have.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-07-20:
Alain, I have always been pleased with Goldstar products. Emerson, too. It looks like Fedders has gone the route of other major manufacturers. The Fedders name used to represent quality. Sometimes I wonder where all of this is headed and how it's going to end. I think consumers are reaching the breaking point.
Posted by Alain on 2011-07-20:
Venice, that's good news about the Goldstar products! That thing upstairs has been chugging along for 5 or 6 years now with no problems. No question about it, quality is getting worse. By the way, either you stayed up late or you got up early, but "Good Morning!" either way! Looks like our a/c will get a work out today. How's you weather?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-07-20:
Good morning, Alain! 3:00 a.m. seems to be my witching hour. I wake up and can't go back to sleep. That's how I end up here.

The weather is bad but it could be worse. At least the nights are cooling off a bit. It's supposed to reach 99 by the end of the week. We only have one a/c and it is definitely getting a workout. Can't wait until July is over. It's always the worst month.
Posted by Alain on 2011-07-20:
3 AM! Shoot, Spice at least lets me sleep in until 3:30 or so. Maybe he likes the office air conditioner better than the upstairs one. We're only due to hit 93 today (+ humidity), but I expect the a/c to be running constantly until September at this rate.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-07-20:
We're looking at 99+ today. Baby C and I are down on the farm and my mom and I were planning on taking Baby C and her cousin to the zoo. Don't know if that's going to happen.
Posted by MRM on 2011-07-20:
Clutzy, I dont think you'll be going to the zoo, because you'll spend of most of the time looking for shades in the zoo and little time looking at the animals. Wait till it cools down some, then you'll enjoy being outside at the zoo.
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Ice Shooting From My Air Conditioner
Posted by Vegasviv21 on 09/09/2008
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Fedders 2400 btu room air conditioner in 2005. Since using this air conditioner, it shoots ice from the grill. I called this company and they promise to have a technician call me about this problem. No one called the air conditioner has only been used 2 summers since I purchased it on Sept 19, 2005. It doesn't cool my house and continually shoots ice. This air conditioner is installed in my dining room and when company is there for dinner, they get hit with ice shooting from this air conditioner. The company does nothing and doesn't answer your inquiry.

Now I'm getting in touch with the better business bureau to report them. Don't ever buy anything from Fedders, their service stinks.

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Posted by azspots on 2008-09-09:
Im sorry about your a/c acting up - but, you have to admit the visual of guests ducking flying ice from the a/c is classic. Hope it works out for you.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-09-09:
As I recall, Fedders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy about a year ago and was subsequently sold. That might be the basis of the problem - the warranty might have died with the company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-09:
Are you sure that's not an ice maker that you hung in the window?
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-09-09:
The BBB is a waste of time in this case. Unless it is a huge unit, it may not be worth the costs to have it repaired, especially with Fedders these days. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to do anything 3 years out. Live with it or sell it (cheap since it isn't perfect)are about you two only viable options.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-09:
I'll take that unit off your hands. I have a couple family members we could put in front of it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-09:
Was it installed correctly by a professional or by you? If it's leaning "downhill" towards your room, may result in shooting ice. Be your own hero here and check the installation. You can't expect a manufacturer to stand behind a homeowner installation.
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Room Air Conditoner - Poor Quailty - Fraudulent Warranty
Posted by Dluhn417 on 06/01/2008
Unfortunately for America, we live in an age where Government and Business can conduct fraud and theft without being held accountable. It is almost universal that manufacturers produces inferior products made with the cheapest materials and labor. This is then sold to the American public who then is at a total loss when trying to get the company to replace/repair the product. Consumer advocates and governmental agencies, who claim to be on the side of the consumer are impotent and incompetent at best. Companies, stores and businesses no longer care about the customer. You walk into Walmart, take an item to the register and you are confronted by a teenager who can not add, or he/she will inform you that they are closing their register because of a "break". Store employees count your change out, usually silently, to themselves and then just thrusts the money into your hand, where now you have to stand and recount the change. But it they are given a handful of change, they cry out "You expect me to count all that change?"

Recently we bought a Fedders room air conditioner (Model Number A3X05F2E-A / Serial No. CT 105216 085Y). Walmart (of Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland) did not have any in stock so we had to order it online through Walmart. We then had to go to the store and pick it up. This was an adventure all its own. Went to the back of the store where the item was to be picked up (at the counter where layaways used to be) and pushed the service button several times. Several employees came through and just kept on going until finally one of them was stopped and asked to help. We bought this at the end of March '08, but did not install it until the other night (May 27th). The little accordion style plastic curtain was to fit down through a series of metal tracks. It was so tight to start with and when trying to thread it through, the metal tracks just ripped the plastic curtain rendering it useless. We contacted Walmart and was kept on the phone for a half hour only to be told that they would not except it as a return since it was over 45 days since it was purchased. We bought it March 24, 2008 and called them about the problem on May 26 2008.

Next stop - placed a call to the number provided within the air conditioner, but was told that they no longer honor their warranty!!! But was told we could purchase the part for $18. 30 plus about $10.00 for shipping and handling. That is nearly $30.00 for a plastic part! The air conditioner itself was around $100.00. So we are paying nearly a third of the item's value (new).

This particular air conditioner is one of the most inferior designed products from a company that used to be proud of their name - Fedders. Of course, they don't care about you or me, they care only about how much they can steal from the economy. Unfortunately, craftsmanship, is a word that should be eliminated from our vocabulary, it certainly has been from practice! Customer satisfaction should also be done away with. Oh, yeah it already has - just visit your local Walmart!!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-01:
this is one reason i will not buy a fedder appliance. the quality is everything short of okay.

the replacement curtain can be found at any home depot. or use rigid foam to plug the hole. it will provide better insulation, as well as be easier to install.

Posted by Ponie on 2008-06-01:
'...products made with the cheapest materials and labor...' Isn't this just smart business sense? If I were a business owner, I certainly wouldn't pay more for component parts just to disprove your statement. If you want a cheap price, you get a cheaper product.

As far as not attempting a return prior to expiration of Wal*Mart's return policy, you're to blame for that mistake. OK--now you'll say who uses an a/c in March? All the 'experts' state that even in the dead of winter, you should occasionally run each a/c system you have..be it central, in your car, or in a window. I have two a/c's in my apartment--one in-wall, and one vertical in a window. I turn each one on for just a few minutes at least once a month, and also the one in my car.

Your political rant holds no credence. Take madconsumer's suggestion and buy a replacement part locally, but then you'd have nothing to complain about in a two page letter. It will keep your BP in check. BTW, I thought Fedder's went out of business. They closed their stores in my area a few years ago. Although it may be just local.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-01:
I have a GE window unit similar to this that I use to cool my little home workshop. The plastic accordian part on mine broke too. I simply cut some heavy plastic (as used for windows) and taped it up. I might not like it if it were in my den or dining room...but it got the job done. Total cost: about 25-cents.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-01:
You bought one of the cheapest air conditioners available from the leader in low-cost retailing. Then didn't check the item for function until almost two months later. This is not the government's fault. Don't buy bottom of the line merchandise, and don't expect excellent customer service from WalMart, and you'll be less frustrated.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-06-01:
The average cost of even a small air conditioner is twice what you paid for yours. Clearly this is an entry level model and at $100, practically disposable. I'm not justifying that the part should be expected to rip, but to make such a stand on American pride and quality, it would have more clout had you bought a real A/C in an average price range.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-01:
I agree, Slim. I also wonder if $100 is all the poster could afford for a/c. Then, to cough up another 1/3 of the purchase price to repair something they never got to use? I gotta give them credit for buying the thing in the 'off season' in an attempt to save a few bucks. Not sure what part the 'gubmint' played in this, though.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-06-01:
I agree, why are consumer advocates and the white house being blamed because the poster ripped the accordion filler panel? I remember when I sold A/C's years ago the low models, then about $300, came with 2 pieces of thin particle board the owner need to cut to fill the open sides. Like you said, the best advise here is just make your own filler and enjoy the fact the unit actually cools a room for a hundred bucks. Heck, upper end room fans cost more than that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-01:
I really don't have any adviCe on this one.
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