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FedEx Corporation
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Very Surprised and Disappointed
By -

NY, NEW YORK -- I plan to ship over 35 boxes FedEx Ground. So far 8 reps have told me FedEx will NOT pick up from my residence, that I have to drop off the packages, and 6 reps have told me FedEx WILL pick up, all I need to do is "call FedEx" (and pay $2.30 per box according to one rep).

I was given an address to drop off the packages, 621 West 48th Street in NYC at 11th Avenue. I went to that location to check out the drop-off situation so I could advise my movers and there is no FedEx office there. An area businessman told me the office was around the corner on 49th Street, and yes there is one there.

There I was told me they didn't have a phone number, and before I could drop anything off I would have to call the main number ahead of time to let the office know the packages were arriving at the 49th Street location. They also told me a barcode had to be on all of the boxes when I dropped them off, even though it is a FedEx drop point and some might go differently than FedEx Ground.

Wondering what might be my next surprise I called the main number to ask about the requirement to call them and was told by the rep who answered that they didn't notify offices ahead of time about shipments, and just to drop them off. I didn't dare ask about the requirement to have the barcode or FedEx label already on the packages - just do it as requested and let them change it if necessary seems the safest route.

On this site I read about a Sony laptop being stolen and the advice to get a receipt for packages dropped off. Good idea. But I'd like to add that at least one rep has told me that unless you insure a package FedEx won't pay over $100 reimbursement, whether you have proof or not that it didn't arrive. Why don't I switch now to UPS and just redo all the labels? Because I'm not that sure UPS is any better.

How can FedEx Ground Screw You
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I have been tracking my package delivery on the web. As today was the estimated delivery date, I stayed home to accept and sign for the package. Later on in the afternoon, while I was still anxiously awaiting delivery, I checked the website--at 12:50 PM it showed "delivery exception", "customer not available." I have been home all day; no one rang my buzzer.

I checked my front entrance and no door tag was left. I called FedEx to verify they had the correct address; the address they had was error-free. Though it was only about 5:15 PM when I called, I was told the package could not be held for pick-up the next day. I will not be home tomorrow (Saturday) and, as FedEx Ground does not deliver on Sundays or Mondays, I will have to wait at least an additional four days for my package. I have had no issues with UPS, USPS or DHL. In the future I will not order products from merchants who use FedEx Ground.

THEFT of package by DRIVER!!!
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I paid almost $200 for an item and FedEx Ground never ever attempted delivery. They claim they attempted delivery on the 28th of November at 8:23 pm. My mother and brother were home with 2 large dogs that go nuts if someone even attempts to come near the house. I called FedEx Ground within 15 minutes of the supposed attempt and asked them to call the driver and let him know he made a mistake. They told me they had no way to contact the driver (yeah right) and they would notify them in the morning. I gave them my cell number for the driver, left a note on the door stating to KNOCK LOUD.

The next day they updated the tracking info as delivered, no signature requested. I again called within 10 minutes of the tracking update and informed them I never received it. Once again 2 people in the house with 2 dogs at time of supposed delivery. Not only that, my brother was actually in the driveway when they say they delivered. I know because I was on the phone with him. Since then I made multiple calls to FedEx Ground and was told they would call back which never came.

I called the police after 48 hours of customer No-Service and reported the package stolen by the driver. They tried to give the officer the run around at the local delivery office until she sternly informed them to get a manager asap or she would be in their office with an obstruction warrant. LOL. I have notified the Better Business Bureau as well. I notified the shipper of the problem and they filed a Shipper Claim over 2 weeks ago. To this day I am without my birthday present. My mother is out $200 for NOTHING!!!

The Shipper will end up having to either forfeit my future business with them or credit the purchase. Never use this company for shipping and notify your business contacts to ship with a different shipper or lose your business. Companies like this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and have their business licenses yanked when they act like this. I advise everyone to call your local police to file a report with their fraud department. They might try to talk you out of it. But I can assure you after they read all the complaints here they will be happy to go after them.

FedEx holding my packages hostage?
By -

BARTLESVILLE, OKLAHOMA -- FedEx has had my package at the local delivery center for over 5 days. It has been 10 days since shipped, but the status keeps showing it is "loaded truck but no attempt made to deliver, scheduled for next day". I have called and called customer service and written emails trying to get this package plus the one they have had for 3 days on the same truck. Customer Service said "don't use Ground...only Express" if you want delivery on time.

When they finally attempted to deliver today status shows "incorrect address". Didn't seem to be a problem from the same people to me 3 weeks ago when FedEx delivered to me! Maybe I moved and didn't know it!! Now they say I have to wait for US mail for a letter from FedEx with a phone # to call them about directions to my house. Of course, they can't give you that number any other way! I'm sure the people who ship with FedEx don't have a clue what is happening on the other end. Give me UPS any day!!!

Federal Express Ground
By -

KEY WEST, FLORIDA -- I have a complaint against Federal Express Ground and its local agent, the “Key West Mail Room.” On March 7, 2005 at the end of my vacation I gave a package containing my exercise shoes and clothes to the “Key West Mail Room” at 1075 Duval Square, Suite C 21, Key West, Florida, 33040-3188 for them to send to my home.

I paid them about $17.16 for Federal Express. Even though my exercise shoes, clothes, and carrying bag are worth about $175 new, I told them that because they were used the value was about $100. When I arrived home the package had not arrived. I used the Fed Ex tracking service to learn that as of Mar 11, 2005 4:42 AM the package was on a FedEx vehicle for delivery.

After a few more days I contacted FedEx and asked them to check to see if my package was still on the truck. Instead of finding my package, they told me to file a claim with the “Key West Mail Room.” After a few phone calls to Key West, I was then told by them to file a claim on-line with FedEx.

FedEx assigned me a case number. Since then they have insisted that I produce the original invoices, for my clothes, shoes and bags. This must be a joke. I don't think the FedEx corporate big shots have original invoices for their $3,000 suits and $300 neckties. I am sure that they do not have original invoices for their $2 boxer shorts. If this is not a joke, it is a scam to keep people from filing legitimate claims. I wonder how many consumers have been discouraged from filing a claim by this tactic. Are there enough to support a class action suit?

Delivery plus music
By -

FedEx Ground just dropped off a package. We heard him coming a block away because of the blaring Mariachi music. Not very professional. Then he sat in the driveway figuring out where he was going next, music still blaring.

Bad Service
By -

I am very unhappy with the service I received from this company.

Don't Ever use FedEx Ground
By -

Don't ever use FedEx ground for any service. They are unreliable and they have the meanest customer service representatives. Although I told the customer service several times that the delivery address is business, they allegedly tried to deliver the package at 9:30 P.M. twice. In fact, the other day I received a phone call from a woman named ** from FedEx and she told me that I will receive the package before 5 P.M. Guess what, the driver never showed up. I waited for the package for 7 seven days. Finally I gave up. Don't ever use FedEx ground.

Misleading advertising
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- It appears that FedEx Ground uses independent agents that are licensed to use the FedEx name, but have no affiliation with FedEx Air. I agreed to use their Ground Service because of the excellent service I have experienced in the past with FedEx Air. Anyone thinking of using their Ground Service FORGET IT! FedEx Air on its worst day is better than Ground Service ever could be. It is almost 14 days and I have not received my shipment and the carrier will not deliver when I am home. In order to pick up my package I would have to drive 80 miles round trip to their warehouse.

Lost package--refusal to honor the insurance
By -

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- I shipped a projector from our office in MD to our office in NJ and insured it. It never arrived. I contact FedEx who said they would search for the package but of course it was never found. It made it as far as their warehouse in NJ. I put in a claim and stated that it was insured (although they can see that for themselves) and they denied the claim. The projector was only a few months old and cost us over $1800.00 and now we have nothing.

To add fuel to the fire, I just got an invoice charging me for shipping the package and the invoice shows no delivery date! I've contacted FedEx since receiving the letter that states that they can't honor the claim but of course I get nothing but a voicemail and no returns calls.

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