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Federal Express Home Delivery - Do You Really Want To Use Them???
By -

, ILLINOIS -- I was getting an important package which requires a delivery signature being shipped to my home address. Shipper provided me with a tracking number on Thursday December 18. I looked the status and noticed that the city name was miss-spelled. I called Fed Express customer service and was assured that this is not an issue, because they use zip codes. I also asked them to read the street address and it did match my home address.

After looking at the tracking data Saturday, on December 20 package showed being on truck for scheduled delivery... I spent the whole Saturday at home waiting for the package to be delivered. FedEx truck never showed up and when I checked tracking log Saturday evening I found a new log entry at 8:45 PM "Customer not available or business closed."

I was angry!!! Called Fed Express Customer Service and told the representative that whoever entered the log was a liar and I need to talk to a manager in Carol Stream... After being put on hold and waiting few minutes was told that the Carol Stream location was closed and that they could not get in touch with anyone... I asked for Carol Stream phone number but was refused.

Monday Morning I did not see any status updates so I called Fed Express Customer service and insisted that I need to talk to Carol Stream manager. I was told that Home Delivery is closed on Mondays and that they will transfer me to someone who can help me. I was transferred to Customer Advocate Team member and she explained that no one was at Carol Stream location and I would have to wait until Tuesday for center to open up. So I went to work.

Around 9:30 am I looked at the Fed Express tracking log and noticed that there was a new entry at 8:33 AM stating that the package was on a truck for delivery! I took off from work and drove quickly home. I was at home at 10 AM. No missed delivery ticked on the door. GREAT!!!

About noon I checked status again and there was another entry at 10:40 AM stating "¬úLocal weather delay, delivery attempted"; looked outside with disbelief. It was sunny and skies were clear!!! Another log LIE from Fed Express Home Delivery!!! I called Fed Express customer service and talked again tot the representative from Customer Advocate Team. They could not get a hold of anyone in Carol Stream again and have no means to track the driver.

I am faced now losing another day from work on Tuesday and even not sure if the driver will even show up on my street tomorrow. I feel sad that DHL is no longer doing business here... This leaves me with the only logical decision... to give all my shipping business to UPS!!!

Resolution Update 12/26/2008:

I finally got the package delivered on Tuesday. It seems that Fed Ex was trying to deliver to an address in Medinah, IL. I am located in Roselle, IL. Address label on the package had the correct address and city name, I guess this was not sufficient for Fed Ex.

Product Shipped to wrong customer even when stop shipment enter to return back to Shipper
By -

I sent a laptop computer to a customer and had FedEx to stop shipment of the item 10 days prior to the delivery date. The package was not returned back to the shipper (me) but deliver to the person not authorized to receive the package. Then, FedEx claim representative stated that they do not do stop shipments and this fellows name was ** who works in the claim department. The package had extra insurance placed on it to cover the lost, damage, wrongful delivery or etc. Now, they want to give me the big run around through different departments without paying for the claim. So, Fed Ex wants me to accept not getting my product back or insurance money from the claim to recover my loss.

Made a Mistake With Putting Ground Box in Express Box
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Rating: 1/51

NEWBURGH, NEW YORK -- I had a bunch of textbook rentals to return. Every one was going UPS except for one. I received return labels, placed them on the boxes and was happy to find out that there were drop boxes right down the street from my office at 41 Dolson Ave Middletown, NY. Dropped everything off and all of the UPS boxes arrived without a problem within days. I then looked at the FedEx and found out that FedEx boxes are for express only!

I have the tracking number that was on it but since they don't scan when pick up ground in express there is no record of this package. Called customer service and was told it should show up, the express guys take it back and the ground guys pick it up etc.

Well it is over a week and a half and nothing! I went to the ground terminal and they sent me to the express terminal where a nice man (manager) looked for my package but could not find it. He also spoke to the driver of the route who said he gets 4-5 boxes per day in that box for ground. Maybe they should mark the box better?! Anyway, they didn't have it so I went back to ground and they were closed for the day.

I am beginning to think that this FedEx driver just dumped my box somewhere. How else could it just vanish into thin air? It is clearly marked with the college bookstore as well as my return address (which one of the customer service reps on the phone said that the zip code for Poughkeepsie 12603 wasn't a valid zip code!! That's scary. I just want my package and I will pay extra for their inconvenience - I will have to pay 130.00 to replace this book that I didn't even use - thanks Professor :( Is there anything I can do?

Forgery, Fraud And Breach Of Contract
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- FedEx has a pretty high wall separating them from their customers. I caught their driver forging a signature, inventing a name and breaching our delivery contract not to mention losing a simple envelope that required direct signature. The folks at the 800 ground customer service number are friendly and of no help doing anything more than what the internet offers except placing a call tag and later a trace agent on a letter they claim was delivered and signed for that was magically retrieved two days later from the same ghost that signed for it originally.

The driver must have been so shocked at seeing a ghost twice that he/she placed the envelope back on the FedEx truck and since disappeared. (The ghost could not write - only make a 1/4 inch pen stroke on the FedEx pad and the ghost has a new first name no-one since great grand dad in 1860 used it 900 miles away). Since FedEx ground customer service is no help and insisted the package was delivered I resorted to other means to locate it.

Finally I was able to guess which terminal the driver worked out of (terminal 381). I called so many times I finally penetrated their armor by eventually guessing an extension number (even the receptionist only uses voice mail) and I got a nice lady in H.R. who is digging in to help me.

We'll see but it has been 8 days and many, many hours on my part not to mention the $45 I spent to get the letter hopefully delivered. When FedEx loses your package, you'll need a private investigator to find it and don't use more than one call to the 1-800 line. If they can't help you'll only annoy both parties. Find the last terminal that touched it and bug the daylights out of every person there every hour, every day until somebody takes personal ownership.

Lying delivery driver
By -

I ordered a large package which I could not purchase locally because I have no way of hauling it. I took the day off of work, today, to ensure that I do not miss delivery. I heard a vehicle coming up the road, looked out the window and watched the delivery driver drive up my road, turn around in the circle and drive right past me, no stopping. I called customer service concerned that this may have been the driver with my package, the agent said not to worry it should arrive shortly. I checked the tracking online multiple times and ended up seeing the driver said I was not home.

So I called back. The customer service agent was polite and did everything she could. She ended up transferring me to the local office where I spoke with another woman who said she knows the driver and he is not that kind of a person. So I guess that makes me a liar. Apparently the driver called in saying that he stopped and has a door tag number and cannot come back. A door tag number says nothing about the driver's activity, only that he scanned a piece of paper. So basically I paid FedEx to deliver a package to me, I lost an entire day's pay (and wasted hours watching for him), and ended up just being frustrated and upset.

FedEx dishes rural customers
By -

FedEx has been carrying around 2 packages for 4 days. I called to speak with a customer representative and was flat-out lied to not once but three times. I was told that ground would deliver on Sunday and on Monday (even though Monday was President's Day) "because they are so behind in deliveries". On Tuesday called twice. Was told at 6:30 P.M. that they were making deliveries till 9:00 P.M. and I called at 8:50 P.M. Was told that they would deliver my 2 packages as late as 9:30 P.M. I keep getting "Delivery Exempt" & "Delivery was attempted".

I live on a main road and there was no snow or ice to keep this driver from delivering. The driver made a delivery to the local school and I only live 1 1/2 mile from the school on the same road. I know I live in a rural area but I should get the same service as a person who lives in a town. I always get better service from UPS. From now on I will request and pay more for UPS when I know the company will be using FedEx.

Never Use FedEx Ground
By -

PITTSTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was an independent contractor for FedEx ground. I have recently sold the route. Reason for post is I saw firsthand. How FEDEX management's only concern is to get the packages out of the building. What I mean is as soon as the packages are on the outbound trucks they become the sole responsibility of that contractor. That means your "package" is being handled by a driver who is working for a contractor making $75-$100 a day working in excess of 10 hrs a day.

Here is an example of the service you might receive. Sanofi - Pasteur is a shipper who uses FedEx ground (Pittston PA Armstrong rd.) a "driver" did not want to return to the terminal in Pittston PA with packages that he did not deliver. For fear of being reprimanded by management. So this driver scanned all of the packages as delivered, placed them in a bag, and hid them outside behind a rock near the terminal. These packages were later found and it was brought to the attention of management. Oddly this driver is still employed with FEDEX. They preach "integrity" is there #1 priority. Really?

Delivery plus music
By -

FedEx Ground just dropped off a package. We heard him coming a block away because of the blaring Mariachi music. Not very professional. Then he sat in the driveway figuring out where he was going next, music still blaring.

Bad Service
By -

I am very unhappy with the service I received from this company.

Don't Ever use FedEx Ground
By -

Don't ever use FedEx ground for any service. They are unreliable and they have the meanest customer service representatives. Although I told the customer service several times that the delivery address is business, they allegedly tried to deliver the package at 9:30 P.M. twice. In fact, the other day I received a phone call from a woman named ** from FedEx and she told me that I will receive the package before 5 P.M. Guess what, the driver never showed up. I waited for the package for 7 seven days. Finally I gave up. Don't ever use FedEx ground.

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