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FIA Card Services
PO Box 982235
El Paso, TX 79998-2235
1-800-655-1491 (ph)
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Awful product
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I've been reading the reviews on FIA Card Services and I have to say that I agree with all. Their service is terrible. They jump to ratchet the prices as quickly as possible and they have little regard for the customer whatsoever.

I used the card for travel and general business. They continued to change rates and reduce the grace periods. I canceled and, because the payoff amount given was greater than actually owed, I will have to call in for a refund.

It is amazing that on Credit Balances, they will not provide any interest and yet on debit balances, the rates are as high as 29%.

Also, they will continue to reference their agreements that are sent almost quarterly, it seems. Reading those is impossible and, because the former agreement is probably not available, it is impossible to tell what is being changed anyway. One just knows that it is a change in their favor.

With declining markets, one would be wise to be very cautious.

Customer Service
By -

Unbeknownst to me, my bank (SunTrust) sold their credit card services to FIA. Over a year ago, I called FIA and asked them to match an offer from Capital One. The person with whom I spoke was quite rude and informed me that the company was in business to make money. I have had this card since 1997. I transferred my balance to Capital One and paid off FIA. I have not charged anything on the card in over a year. I received a bill from this company in the mail yesterday indicating that I owed them money. I was horrified to realize that they had billed me for an annual fee on a card I had not used, and that the bill was now 60 days in arrears. I have spent twenty-five years trying to keep my credit perfect. When I called SunTrust to complain about this, the manager of the branch informed me that they had no control over FIA Card Services and were suing FIA to force them to remove the SunTrust logo from the card. She stated that FIA had refused to comply. She advised me to contact FIA and request that they remove the delinquency from my credit report in light of my payment record.

The "account manager" for FIA was typically arrogant and informed me that "that isn't the way credit works." I have paid the balance and closed the account. I would never have any dealings with this company in the future. It is evident that SunTrust has been very dissatisfied with FIA since they have instituted a lawsuit against them.

Predatory Lender
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Two years after opening a 9.9% APR credit card through Edward Jones, my husband and I found ourselves in financial difficulty due to severe illness. I thought that canceling most of our credit cards was a prudent thing to do given the circumstances. Immediately after canceling this card the interest rate shot up to over 25%. It was then that I discovered that MBNA was the actual lender and since they had nothing to lose, they upped the rate. I have been paying $150.00 per month on a 6,000 balance for two years now and have not reduced the balance at all.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to get this rate lowered or some institution that can intercede on my behalf, please post it here. There is simply no way to pay this down, given our situation.

Bad Service
By -

I have had a credit card with FIA card services for 3 yrs. I have never been late on a payment. I was 2 days late on a payment this months only because I thought I scheduled the payment, I double checked and found I did not. I realized
my mistake and Immediately rescheduled the payment. I called them and asked if they could waive the late fee because I had never been late and they refused.

Most other company will do this I am looking to transfer my balance of of that card. Not Happy.

Scam - They Say I Own $23,000
By -

I received a letter from FIA Card Services saying that a owe $23,000 meanwhile I never heard of them of opened an account with this company which aka Bank of America. Their customer service is horrible. I've been just given the run around. And I'm concerned because they have all my info including social security number.

Has anyone else been through the same thing?

Keep Away From This Credit Card Company
By -

POTSDAM, NEW YORK -- Had this account less than 3 months. Never made a late payement, paid in full every month and had to fight charges posted to my account. Couldn't pay the bill at my local bank. Very impersonal company. Thought they would be better than VISA. WRONG... much worse!!!!

Wouldn't recommend this credit company to my worst enemy!

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