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FIA Card Services for Wachovia
By -

FIA Card Services - These guys are the lowest of the low for credit card companies. They are doing whatever they can to ramp the rates up to the highest and get you to default. Here is the story - I have a great relationship with my bank, Wachovia. I was offered a prime for life card which I accepted. Then Wachovia handed over credit card servicing to FIA. It was downhill from there.

First, they changed the rate and could not give me any other reason other than they have the right to do so. I was so frustrated, we paid off the cards and opened up cards at another bank. That was a year or two ago. About two months ago, we received a promotion for a 1.49% promotional rate good through next year on transfer amounts. I am all for cheap rates so I moved some charges over. On the FIRST bill, they moved the due date up 5 days. I handle everything electronically so missed this and they racked the rate from 1.49 to 22.49 %. I called the day after the statement closed and the original payment would have been due.

They changed the rate back to the original promotional rate after I spoke to 3 people, a supervisor, and called back 3 days later so they could ensure my electronic pmt cleared. When speaking with them today, they mentioned that my original 7% rate that had moved with the times to 12.49% was now going to be 22.49% next year when the promotional rate goes off. Again no reason since I have had not change in credit at all. They also told me they had not only changed my payment date but shortened my grace cycle from 30 to 20 days. DO NOT GO WITH FIA. THEY DO NOT WORK WITH INTEGRITY.

Disinheriting FIA Card Services
By -

My credit card company was sold to MBNA, so my card inherited FIA Card Services. Recently, I was penalized for not making a payment, even though I had sent a check and my bank had deducted the money from my account within the deadline. When I called to straighten it out--and I have given information to at least 13 different people now--everyone has asked that I provide different information, including information that they should know is not possible.

For instance, almost half have asked for copies of the cancelled check, even though at least one customer representative stated that they are aware that the company does not process checks, but requests electronic transfers from the banks the check are written on.

One requested information that was specific to MasterCard even though I had a Visa. They have no case numbers, so that the inevitable new customer representative cannot pick up the thread of the problem. You must start fresh with each. When people in the research department sends you letters requesting information, they represent themselves as customer representatives, with the customer representative department 800 number and PO Box.

When you call, you get a fresh customer representative. When the rep calls up your account, they can see that someone in the research department has sent a letter, but they cannot access it, so they cannot answer questions about the letter. I was told by a supervisor, after numerous unsuccessful attempts by multiple customer representatives to forward me to one of the letter writers, that company policy prohibited direct contact.

Apparently none of the front-line representatives knew that. The customer representatives also do not stay on the line long enough to make sure the forwarded call has gone through, which has meant a lot of call backs. One manager told me that it was against company policy for her to email me anything without having it cleared by a lawyer first (and I was just asking her to email me what she had requested over the phone that I send her). That have repeatedly asked me to obtain more and more new information, as they dig down deeper into the problem, that they know I must go to my bank to get, rather than directly contact my bank themselves.

Remember, my bank says that it took the money out of my account sent it to FIA, so the presumption is that it's in FIA somewhere. Bottom line, I have obtained another credit card with another company--at a very low rate, I might add. In my opinion, FIA has significant internal system problems. It would do well to buy a Mac and dial up Apple support to see how well customer support can be done.

Worst Credit Card Company
By -

Had a horrible experience with this company - this is definitely the worst credit card company I have ever used. Of course I didn't know that I was using it, since I signed up for SunTrust and not FIA card services. I never received my statement, so I tried to track down SunTrust to get my statement. After trying numerous times to try to sign up online and to call, I was told I did not exist in the system anymore.

I finally found out a week later that I was possibly sold to FIA card. I wasn't happy that no one made me aware of this, since my brand new credit card says SunTrust on it, and I never received a letter informing of the change. Also, I find it weird that SunTrust told me my new credit card and statements should not say SunTrust on it.

I then called and told FIA card services of what happened, and after incredibly bad customer service, or if you can even call it customer service, I was told I had a week to pay my credit card bill. I was finally happy they gave me a week to pay it, since it wasn't even my fault in the first place. However, that didn't seem to be the case. Now my credit card has a late fee on it, when I paid it 3 days earlier of the date I was told I had to pay it. I called them again, arguing the late fee, and he almost hung up on me, saying well I had to pay it by a certain date. I told him of the representative I talked to and how she said I had another week to pay it.

He then realized I had been flagged and that the late fee should be waived. I asked when it would be fixed. He told me "I don't know." I asked again, if he could at least give me a ballpark time, so that I know it will really actually happen, since I am not even getting my statements in the mail. He repeated condescendingly to me, "I... DON'T... KNOW." I am going to talk to a manager next to see if I am ever going to get this fixed. If there was ever a shady credit card company, this is it. I have had many other credit cards, and all I can say, is run far away from this company! And if you get sold into it, get out!

Customer Service
By -

Unbeknownst to me, my bank (SunTrust) sold their credit card services to FIA. Over a year ago, I called FIA and asked them to match an offer from Capital One. The person with whom I spoke was quite rude and informed me that the company was in business to make money. I have had this card since 1997. I transferred my balance to Capital One and paid off FIA. I have not charged anything on the card in over a year. I received a bill from this company in the mail yesterday indicating that I owed them money. I was horrified to realize that they had billed me for an annual fee on a card I had not used, and that the bill was now 60 days in arrears.

I have spent twenty-five years trying to keep my credit perfect. When I called SunTrust to complain about this, the manager of the branch informed me that they had no control over FIA Card Services and were suing FIA to force them to remove the SunTrust logo from the card. She stated that FIA had refused to comply. She advised me to contact FIA and request that they remove the delinquency from my credit report in light of my payment record.

The "account manager" for FIA was typically arrogant and informed me that "that isn't the way credit works." I have paid the balance and closed the account. I would never have any dealings with this company in the future. It is evident that SunTrust has been very dissatisfied with FIA since they have instituted a lawsuit against them.

Predatory Lender
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Two years after opening a 9.9% APR credit card through Edward Jones, my husband and I found ourselves in financial difficulty due to severe illness. I thought that canceling most of our credit cards was a prudent thing to do given the circumstances. Immediately after canceling this card the interest rate shot up to over 25%. It was then that I discovered that MBNA was the actual lender and since they had nothing to lose, they upped the rate. I have been paying $150.00 per month on a 6,000 balance for two years now and have not reduced the balance at all.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to get this rate lowered or some institution that can intercede on my behalf, please post it here. There is simply no way to pay this down, given our situation.

Keep Away From This Credit Card Company
By -

POTSDAM, NEW YORK -- Had this account less than 3 months. Never made a late payment, paid in full every month and had to fight charges posted to my account. Couldn't pay the bill at my local bank. Very impersonal company. Thought they would be better than VISA. WRONG... Much worse!!!! Wouldn't recommend this credit company to my worst enemy!

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