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Worst Credit Card Company
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Had a horrible experience with this company- this is definitely the worst credit card company I have ever used. Of coarse I didn't know that I was using it, since I signed up for Suntrust and not FIA card services. I never received my statement, so I tried to track down Suntrust to get my statement. After trying numerous times to try to sign up online and to call, I was told I did not exist in the system anymore. I finally found out a week later that I was possibly sold to FIA card. I wasn't happy that no one made me aware of this, since my brand new credit card says Suntrust on it, and I never received a letter informing of the change. Also, I find it weird that Suntrust told me my new credit card and statements should not say Suntrust on it.

I then called and told FIA card services of what happened, and after incredibly bad customer service, or if you can even call it customer service, I was told I had a week to pay my credit card bill. I was finally happy they gave me a week to pay it, since it wasn't even my fault in the first place.

However, that didn't seem to be the case. Now my credit card has a late fee on it, when I paid it 3 days earlier of the date I was told I had to pay it. I called them again, arguing the late fee, and he almost hung up on me, saying well I had to pay it by a certain date. I told him of the representative I talked to and how she said I had another week to pay it. He then realized I had been flagged and that the late fee should be waived. I asked when it would be fixed. He told me I don't know. I asked again, if he could at least give me a ballpark time, so that I know it will really actually happen, since I am not even getting my statements in the mail. He repeated condescendingly to me, "I..... DON'T.....KNOW". I am going to talk to a manager next to see if I am ever going to get this fixed.

If there was ever a shady credit card company, this is it. I have had many other credit cards, and all I can say, is run far away from this company! And if you get sold into it, get out!
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Ponie on 10/15/2007:
Does this make sense to anyone? Even the two 'responses'--what's the government got to do with it?
Railer on 01/31/2008:
Very "questionable" company. We decided to take advantage of FIA's (Bank of America?) Direct Mail "Pre-Approved Application" (with Bank of America printed on the mailer) with the idea of consolidating credit cards at a lower rate.

During the process, we decided to cancel the application. The representative convinced us into continuing the application stating that, at the end of the "short" application process, FIA would be able to discuss 1) the APR and 2) the loan amount we were approved for. We again decided to complete the process.

At the end of the process the representative advised that the "lender's lines were busy due to overwhelming response" and that "a letter would be sent to us within 7-10 days instructing [us] how to complete the [process]. After asking the FIA representative several probing questions about the content of the letter, she FINALLY acknowledged that it would contain the 1) APR and the 2) loan amt we qualified for (recall that she stated that FIA would be able to discuss the APR and Loan amount we qualified for at AFTER COMPLETION of the application). We requested a supervisor, instructing this supervisor to cancel the whole process. She would not comply.

If you are considering this company for a credit line, I would strongly recommend going directly through Bank of America (or whatever the finance company that they may be representing). If there are positive postings about this company - FIA - consider them suspect. They may in all likelihood be from an FIA representative.

Bottomline: this company comes across as very devious and evasive when answering simple questions that are part of any credit application process.

BTW, someone asked, "what does the government have to do with it [FIA practices?]". When it comes to devisive, abusive or even QUESTIONABLE credit practices, the government (FTC, Attorney Generals, USPS - if solicited by mail) has EVERYTHING to do with "it."

Our recommendation: steer clear of this company unless you are genuinely desperate for funds.

In closing, and a final BTW, we immediately phoned Bank of America, requested and received 1) a much lower APR and, 2) additional funds to consolidate our other credit obligations.

The shame is on us for this one: for NOT READING THE "FINE PRINT" at the bottom of backside of the direct mail piece we received.
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Unfair Credit Practices
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Please do no business with this company. They hike rates at no warning and, delay responses, tell you one thing and do another. I am in a situation with them for several months and they will not document anything except what they make up after telling you something else. Amazingly awful customer service.

Please do file a complaint against them @ ftc. Gov.
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Bad Service
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I have had a credit card with FIA card services for 3 yrs. I have never been late on a payment. I was 2 days late on a payment this months only because I thought I scheduled the payment, I double checked and found I did not. I realized
my mistake and Immediately rescheduled the payment. I called them and asked if they could waive the late fee because I had never been late and they refused.

Most other company will do this I am looking to transfer my balance of of that card. Not Happy.
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Scam - They Say I Own $23,000
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I received a letter from FIA Card Services saying that a owe $23,000 meanwhile I never heard of them of opened an account with this company which aka Bank of America. Their customer service is horrible. I've been just given the run around. And I'm concerned because they have all my info including social security number.

Has anyone else been through the same thing?
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Anonymous on 09/23/2008:
They are part of BofA. "On October 20, 2006, Bank of America, National Association (USA) ("BANA(USA)"), a subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation, merged with and into FIA. Coinciding with the merger of BANA(USA) with and into FIA, BA Credit Card Funding, LLC ("Funding"), a recently-formed Delaware limited liability company and an affiliate of FIA, succeeded FIA as the depositor of the BA Master Credit Card Trust II ("Master Trust II") and the BA Credit Card Trust ("BACCT"), effective on October 20, 2006 (the "Substitution Date")."
Anonymous on 09/23/2008:
Check your credit reports, you may be a victim of identity fraud?
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Keep Away From This Credit Card Company
Posted by on
POTSDAM, NEW YORK -- Had this account less than 3 months. Never made a late payement, paid in full every month and had to fight charges posted to my account. Couldn't pay the bill at my local bank. Very impersonal company. Thought they would be better than VISA. WRONG... much worse!!!!

Wouldn't recommend this credit company to my worst enemy!
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/17/2008:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/17/2008:
So, what are your issues? Can you please provide more details so that someone may try to help you?
Tracer24cal on 03/20/2008:
Every two weeks I get paid...I made a payment on my bill so that the bill would be paid off PRIOR to the statement arriving. Well, I guess not....the moment I made a purchase interest started immediately. Then to top it off. I couldn't make payments at the bank that carried the card... they didn't issue the card...they only utilized it so payments ALWAYS had to be mailed in. So I mailed my payment for $2.24 worth of INTEREST that had been billed since last months statement. We here in the east were in the midst of a snow the payment arrived late. Then I was charged $30.30 interest and late fees on purchases made after the previous payment due date and on the $2.24! The card was not convenient and it soaked you for interest from the time of purchase. So the card got SHREDDED and the account closed. So much for MBNA Master Card. Stay away from it at all costs. The low interest rate is not all that they say it is.
Tracer24cal on 03/24/2008:
This is how MBNA...DBA....FIA Card services calculates your finance charges. From the moment of purchase you are acruing finance charges. It to compounds interest daily, and continuously, meaning that your balance grows by a small amount every instant.

To get the formula we'll start out with interest compounded n times per year:

FVn = P(1 + r/n)Yn
where P is the starting principal and FV is the future value after Y years.

To get to the continuous case we take the limit as the time slices get tiny:

FV =
limit P(1 + r/n)Yn

We can simplify the right side by introducing a new variable, defining m = n/r

FV =
limit P(1 + 1/m)Ymr

[limit (1 + 1/m)m]Yr

The limit in the square brackets converges to the number e = 2.71828....

FV = PeYr
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