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Magazine Sales
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NAPLES,, FLORIDA -- I feel I have to do the world a favor and let them know that Fidelity Readers service, a door to door magazine sales, is rip off. The pricing list is wrong. I chose a Magazine that was listed at $30.00 and I was charged 60.00 to cover their commission. A man came to my door and I gave him the check for $60.00. Something felt wrong when the man selling them gave me two phone numbers to reach him to cancel and both numbers were unlisted. They give you 3 business days to cancel. I canceled within 24 hours and I never got my money back. The company gives you a bunch of bull crap about how the post office won't let them have their mail (which is illegal).

The people that work there were as helpful and friendly as vipers! They'll scam you by telling you that they are trying to help get through school, but the only thing they can help do is rip you off of your money! The staff is rude, liars, thieves and a pain in the ass! The man in charge hung up on me! That's some way to treat a customer. One thing I know all too well is karma, and their stealing will eventually end up making the company close down and lose all their stolen money.

My heart bleeds for these idiots. BEWARE OF THE LYING THIEVES who are out to take your money and dignity. Don't make the same mistake the rest of us innocently did buy magazines by trusting thieves. They'll get theirs and I live for the moment!

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CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- I have paid this tax relief service $5,000 in 2005 to take care of my deceased husband's tax liabilities. Nothing was done on it other than they told me that it was still being reviewed. I was tired of hearing that it was reviewed. So I called the IRS myself to find out that my case was dropped 6 months after we submitted it. We are talking at least 18 months to find out that there was not an OIC with the government.

When I found this out I called the service. Their answer was "the attorney working on your case was let go over a year ago". I asked "Why I was not contacted?" No answer to that but they did say for another $1,200 they would get me a better attorney and have it settled in 90 days. Well the 90 days passed and when I called to see if anything was done they transferred to me to the person taking care of my account **. When I heard her voice I realized that it was the same woman I talked to in 2004. My husband hired a tax relief service in 2004, paid $5,000 and didn't get any results. This was the same woman under a different service name.

At that time, their name was American Tax Relief. As you see they do nothing to help people. They change their company/service name and go after other needy people. With my husband's $5,000, my $6,200, we are out a lot for absolutely no results.

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