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CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- I have paid this tax relief service $5,000 in 2005 to take care of my deceased husband's tax liabilities. Nothing was done on it other than they told me that it was still being reviewed. I was tired of hearing that it was reviewed. So I called the IRS myself to find out that my case was dropped 6 months after we submitted it. We are talking at least 18 months to find out that there was not an OIC with the government.

When I found this out I called the service. Their answer was "the attorney working on your case was let go over a year ago". I asked "Why I was not contacted?" No answer to that but they did say for another $1,200 they would get me a better attorney and have it settled in 90 days. Well the 90 days passed and when I called to see if anything was done they transferred to me to the person taking care of my account **. When I heard her voice I realized that it was the same woman I talked to in 2004. My husband hired a tax relief service in 2004, paid $5,000 and didn't get any results. This was the same woman under a different service name.

At that time, their name was American Tax Relief. As you see they do nothing to help people. They change their company/service name and go after other needy people. With my husband's $5,000, my $6,200, we are out a lot for absolutely no results.

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