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Voice automated customer service fiasco
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I just had to vent my recent experience with Fidelity. I needed to talk to someone about transferring some assets, so I called their 1-800 number. I was greeted by an automated system that gave me the standard set of questions to help narrow down where they needed to send me. This is where it got tricky, and I started to get annoyed. After providing my account number, they wanted me to provide my password as well from my online account. No problem, but they wanted me to "speak it" into the phone. No option to type it in.

So I said it out loud as a phrase first. Their system failed (of course) to recognize it. So they said try again, I spelled it out very clearly this time. Once again, the system could not recognized what I was saying. It now told me my account was locked and I needed to reset my password. Great. I just want to speak to someone about a question, and now my account is locked. Okay, fine, next it asks me some security question I must have put in years ago. I knew the answer, but this time it wanted me to type it using the phone pad. It was not a short answer, so I tried my best to type it in, not knowing what to type for spaces in the answer. Finally after 3 attempts I get past.

Now it wants me to reset my password, again using the phone keypad... Why is all this necessary for me to talk to a customer service rep? I just wanted to call and ask a simple question? So I change my password, update my files so I know what it is next time (not that it will help, since their voice automated system could not recognize it the first time around). At last I'm in!! Once talking to an actual live person I must say I was impressed with their level of customer service but getting there was an entertaining mess.

Notoriously Predictable
By -

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Wall oven in unit purchased in August found not working. Called Fidelity September 23rd; paid the $50.00 'co-pay,' scheduled a technician's service. Guy shows up, figures out what's wrong which is the computerized panel - which he orders. Schedule another service call, he shows up with the new computerized panel - which not only doesn't fit, but lacks a schematic. Guy's helpless. Fidelity then tells me they have to schedule a Whirlpool technician - who shows up, can't fix it, calls Fidelity while here, puts me on the phone, they then tell me I have to PROVE the oven worked when I purchased the unit.

I ask why I didn't need proof when they took the $312.00 to initialize the coverage; why didn't I need proof before they took my $50.00 co-pay; and, what exactly were they providing a warranty on if not the items indicated in the contract. The response was that they "assumed" everything covered - worked - to which I replied, I "assumed" when they accepted the $312.00, what they indicated in the contract as being covered - was covered. I called my realtor who called their VP, who apparently lit a fire under some butts, because now they're tripping over themselves to accommodate me.

Unfortunately, they've scheduled repair through SEARS, which has become another nightmare unto itself. So here I sit, it's now November, and I still don't have a working wall oven. Unless you've got good connections - AVOID FIDELITY HOME WARRANTY - (take a look at the BBB site - see what others have experienced) and, don't patronize Sears at any cost until they begin to feel it through lost revenues because that's what it'll take for them to change. This non-service is non-acceptable. (see my SEARS post - as well as a ton of others...)

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