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Homeless in Arizona
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38 FOUNTAIN SQUARE PLAZA, OHIO -- Fifth Third Bank placed me in a forbearance program to assist me with keeping my home in this failing economy. I found out about it by calling them one day to check on the status of my loan, at this time I was told that I was in the program and my payment was past due. I asked for information on the program and the gentleman assured me that he would mail and fax me the information needed to secure my position in the program and prevent me from becoming homeless. I waited 10 days and received nothing, so I called in and reached several rude and unfriendly customer service reps. each time, they assured me they would look into the problem and call me back, I never received any return calls from them. In late October 2010, I received a call from Fifth Third Bank and made the October payment which was supposed to prevent my home from sold and the person was going to assure that I received the needed paperwork. I NEVER RECEIVED IT! She called me again about 3 weeks later and denied our previous conversation. She was asking for another payment I refused the payment until she could get me the contract I needed, she promised to call me back in 15 to 20 minutes with information I needed. She never called. I received another phone call from Fifth Third Bank about 1 week later, I told the young man my situation and he told me that he knew nothing of any paperwork but If I did not make a payment he would enter into the computer that I was refusing to make my payments. So I hung up and placed over 20 calls to Fifth Third Bank leaving messages on voice mailboxes and speaking to anyone I could. On November 17,2010 I finally received a call back form the same young lady that was going to back in 15 to 20 minutes, she was seeking another payment again. I refused and again she was going to look into the problem and call me back with information I needed, she called me back on 11/19/10 and informed me that my home was sold on 11/15/2010 and there was nothing she could do to help me! To this day, I still have not received the paperwork needed to secure my position in the forbearance program. Remember my home was sold on 11/15/10? I received a total of 3 phone calls within 2 hours on 11/20/10 requesting that I make a payment on my home in order to prevent my home from being sold? I am amazed a bank can carry on this way and I have vowed to bring this practice to the attention of our US president whom initiated the making homes affordable program! I am facing homelessness and this bank thinks it is just going to move on with business as usual..........I DON'T THINK SO!
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Anonymous on 2010-11-22:
OP> Do you have a receipt of any kind that shows you made a payment in "late October"? The numerous calls that ensued could have been handled by simply giving them proof that you paid. A bank statement, money order receipt, etc...
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Credit Card Application Security
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I received a credit card application that offered a 0% APR on balance transfers and mailed it to 5th/3rd in the enclosed postage paid envelope on August 20, 2010. Having not heard anything from 5th/3rd, I became increasingly concerned, considering it has my social security number as well as other personal information and today is September 14, 2010.

I called today only to be treated as though I had done something wrong. The customer service person told me if the offer period expired, the application would be shredded and I would not receive any notification. I then told her I was extremely worried about my personal information being in the wrong hands and she told me, "You should have applied online if you are concerned".

I then explained that the website was down on the night before it was mailed (as it still is www.apply53.com) and I was of the impression that a postage paid preprinted envelope would make it to its destination.

She responded with "You should have called, we are open until 8PM Eastern Time". There was absolutely no concern as to the security of my personal information, contrary to what the website states. Furthermore, when I asked her advice as to what I should do next, I was told I could call back everyday until it comes in.

In twenty-five days I would think an envelope could make it to Australia and back. I am thoroughly displeased with 5th/3rd, will NEVER do business with them, and will ALWAYS recommend another financial institution over 5th/3rd.
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FlShopper on 2010-09-14:
It's not the bank's fault that the envelope hasn't arrived; take it up with the post office. Those postage paid envelopes are notoriously slow; they don't get treated like first class mail.
I agree you should've done the application online if you were concerned about sending your personal information through the mail. It could just have been bad timing that it was down every time you tried to log on(I just tried that website and there seemed to be no problem with it), but
if they did give you an option to do it over the phone, maybe that would've worked better for you.
rockfishing on 2010-09-15:
What shopper said, the credit card company has no control on how fast the mail moves. If it is going overseas than that is a longer delay.
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Fifth Third Bank Compliment
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Let me start off by saying, and I have seen this before, "No one gets on a computer to write about how wonderful a company really is." Everybody gets on and vents about what a terrible experience it has been for them.

Well all of these bad reviews about Fifth Third, I just wanted to come in and say that I think Fifth Third is one of the best banks out there. Customer Service is great! I recently switched and I have to say that I am very satisfied. I sat down with a great financial advisor and he told me up front that "you know I am here for you! My job is to help YOU finance YOUR money properly and doing it the right way! I can remember being 19, in college and no one sat down with me to help me manage my money efficiently and I'm going to do that for YOU." He made me feel like I had nothing to worry about, like I was making the right decision and I DID. Every time I walk into the bank, everyone has made an effort to get to know me, kind of like walking into a small family owned business.

Every bank has their own set of rules, if you follow them you won't have to worry about being over charged. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your transactions, you don't pay the bank to look after your accounts so ABSOLUTELY there are over draft fees and late fees.

Its basically as simple as, We'll hold your money and make sure it's safe as long as you meet our deadlines. That seems fair to me!?

You know, there aren't many Fifth Third Branches everywhere but if your fortunate enough to have the opportunity, I would recommend them to ANYONE!!
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Alain on 2010-09-08:
It's always a nice thing to see someone happy with a company's service. Thanks!
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Nothing But GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!
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LITHIA, FLORIDA -- I switched from Chase (after they bought out Washington Mutual) to 5/3 Bank. I LOVE the personal service that they have given to my entire family, including my youngest daughter. I have seen all the negative reviews and think maybe those people should switch over to this bank. The employee's know how to treat customers. Also, I am a very bad spender (and we are not rich and don't have a collective amount together in the bank that exceeds more than $150.00), Even still, 5/3 Associates treat us as though we have a million dollars in their bank. They understand today's economy and try to suggest ways to cut cost, Phillip sat down with me for over an hour, we talked about my spending habits, and how some of them are causing our lack of money. I appreciated Phillip for being blunt and honest with me and what my poor choices in spending was doing to my family. He made me think "this bank really does care about us"-Thank you, you have changed the way I buy stuff now, as a result I am able to take that money I would have blown and stick it back into savings. 5/3 Bank set me up with saving plans that actually work for my family, like depositing even as little as $1 or $5 as long as it is being done every week, I know we will get ahead soon.
Had I not switched to 5/3 Bank I don't believe we would be getting the attention and help that we need. Hopefully in a year or two we will be able to apply for a home loan. All 4(one is a baby- and soon to be a 5/3 customer as well) of my family members are VERY satisfied with this branch here in Lithia. I have never walked into a more friendly, caring bank before. I highly recommend this bank to any family or person who is looking for a bank that truly cares. This page is not long enough to tell of how GREAT 5/3 Bank FishHawk, Lithia branch really is! You ought to go in- sit down and just "talk" to them. Get to know ALL of the associates- I've met Donna, Gina, Nick, & Phillip;they are all great. Soon I will be meeting with the investment gentleman about an IRA.
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Had 3 accounts for 24 hours what a nightmare!!!
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I opened 3 accounts checking, savings and a checking business account at 606 S Main St Kannopolis, NC a [snip] her title on her card was Assistant VP did the opening of the accounts. After checking my paperwork about 1230 I tried to call the branch because, I found errors. I let the phone ring for 25 times no answer. No voice mail nothing ! I switched to 5th 3rd because, of customer service and availability and I am getting neither. I emailed Ms Sargent at 1230 and I have not gotten a reply.

I called customer service and a person answers and did not even say 5th 3rd Bank I did not catch her name. She said what" Is the problem you are having ?" After that there was not a word but, I was transferred to another person I asked the next person "who" that was and they did not have a clue.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and was on hold for I am not sure how long and I hung up. I will be in the Branch this week I need a bank to give me service and Availability and I need to know who I am talking to when I call about banking matters not someone that " I have not idea " nor the person that the call was transferred to. I have not had these accounts for 24 hours.

And this seems not the Bank I need !!!!! AND I DO NOT SEE THE BUSINESS ACCOUNT I OPENED when I check online. I should have known something was wrong when I asked if she had completed the deposit and she said" no" then I changed the Deposit amount and it was off by $500.00 Dollars.

This is Customer Service?Attention to detail? Taking care of the customers needs? And when I listened to my voicemail that VP that opened my account said " Here is my number I will try and catch your call I have a Lobby full of people" You know I couldn't care less about your Staff issues!!!I can not believe this!!!!
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Anonymous on 2010-03-16:
Names of individuals are not allowed on this site. Sorry you're having problems. Close the accounts, tell all your friends and family not to do business there.
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Payment two days late? Expect Harassing Phone Calls
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Car loan from 2005 is almost paid off. We have NEVER missed a payment. NOT ONCE. This month's payment is late by about a week (due 2/2, with a 10 day "grace period", my husband usually sends it out that week). We had a HUGE snowstorm last week - 36 inches of snow in a five-day period - so mail is delayed. Our payment is late and there is no option to pay online. Started receiving phone calls on 2/12. Over the weekend (2/13-2/14) we received about 13 phone calls from Fifth Third Bank. I asked them twice not to call back. They did. I received another call from them this morning at 8:30. They call from another country and you can barely understand the representative due to poor English. I told them the check was sent and they still call. If this is not harassment, please tell me what is. My husband and I are professional people who pay our bills. We do not deserve this type of treatment. I will never, EVER again do business with them. I will tell everyone I know to avoid them.
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saj80 on 2010-02-15:
Do your loan documents specifically state you have a 10-day grace period? Your loan coupon will show a date that a late fee will be assessed, but it is not a grace period. Your payment is due each month on the date specified on your loan documents. Many creditors will now call if you are late one day; pay on time and the calls will stop.
Nicole on 2011-05-27:
My husband had lost his job and so we were behind on our car loan. We contacted fifth third on numerous occasions asking them to work with us and they refused and instead threatened repossession. So we borrowed the money to bring it up to current. Made arrangements with a worker at Fifth Third who noted on the account that we were going to pay the next morning when the bank opened. So what did they do? They came and repossessed our car THAT night. And they held it over the weekend, a holiday, and then had to hold it for two more days because they have a two day release procedure(!!!!!). So then to get it out, we had to bring our account to current and pay $400 worth of repossession and holding fees. Not to mention, driving almost two hours to a random impound lot to get the car. If all of that wasn't enough. They made us pay the $400 fees in the form of an automatic debit, which they took out twice! They refused to admit fault and refused to refund the money. They just said that it was all applied to our car loan so that next months bill wouldn't be very much. Well that's all dandy except what about the other bills we need to pay this month? Way to be helpful, understanding, and competent in this hard economic time Fifth Third. You disgust me and I will never use you again!
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Overdraft Fees & Lies Lies Lies
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SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- Just like many others here, I agree that 5/3 bank does everything they can to screw their customers. Our business got lured to 5/3 because of they had better credit card processing than we currently had and if it is deposited into a 5/3 account, its available the next day (vs the 3 days were were currently waiting). Well, first we were denied overdraft protections, after the representative said she could get it for us. We should have run away then. Since then, they have repeatedly send through the highest check before the smaller items and we've been hit with overdraft fees in excess of $300 per day. The lady at the bank said they pay the highest first because that's what they view as the most important. Well then why, if there are 5 items going through and all 5 are going to be paid by the bank, and the account is going to go negative regardless, WHY do you do the highest one first when it was the last charge I did. Oh wait, I know the answer... to screw over the customers that are the only reason you are in business. So rather than getting one overdraft charge (which would have been legitimate, I admit) I got 5!. Absolutely absurd.

The other problem I've been having on a regular basis is my card being declined when there is money in the account. The bank says it's user error, but I'm confident that the people who are running my card are doing it right. Anyway, it's happed WAY to much to be user error.

Thirdly, our cc processing is supposed to have the funds available the next day. Well imagine my humiliation when I was buying diapers & formula with a line behind me and my card was declined at 7pm when we had processed and batched a payment for over $1000 the day before. I came home and checked the account and it wasn't in there yet, but I guess sometime between then and the next morning it hit the account. I'm sorry, but that hardly qualifies as "available the next business day". It can't be considered available if I can't use it.
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JR in Orlando on 2009-09-17:
If you are supposed to have all this cash running through your account, why are you so close to nothing? If you are having credit card payments processed through this account, then isn't this accounnt for business? Why are you buying diapers out of a business account?

If you know the rules and continue to overdraft, why are you surprised. My financial life did not get better until I realized what the rules are, realized rules applied to me, and acknowledged my limitations, e.g. I have no debit card because I could not manage it.
Anonymous on 2009-09-17:
JR...I was wondering that too....
Skye on 2009-09-17:
Why do so many people think they are entitled to, and need overdraft protection?

How hard is it to spend money you have, and not spend money you do not have.

I have never had overdraft protection. What the heck for?
Anonymous on 2009-09-17:
I've never heard of anyone being actually denied overdraft protection. Most financial institutions push for it.
MaggieMcT on 2009-09-17:
bkk -- you & me both. I thought they liked it because it's a moneymaker.
Tabs, it won't matter how they order the debits if you don't overdraft in the first place. Do you keep a register, or are you relying on the online information?
skelly39 on 2009-09-17:
I totally agree that it's up to the individual account holder to make sure there is enough money in the account to cover their purchases. But I have to say, the OP makes a good point-banks always say they post largest to smallest so the "important" things get covered. Then they end up covering them anyway, so why do the big things go first?
Anyway, you don't have to pay the bank if you don't overdraft. Don't make it easy for them to take your money.
yoke on 2009-09-17:
I have never heard of a bank denying OD protection, but then after reading the post I can see why the bank denied it. The OP is a huge risk and seems to want to blame the bank on all of their problems. Take responsibility for your accounts and you will not need to ask for OD protection.
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Fifth Third, an appropriate metaphor concerning the imbalance of their malpractice
Posted by on
JENISON, MICHIGAN -- These humanoids/hemmorrhoids have mastered their kraft of legal Grand Theft and from what I can see from some of your entries, I am not the first of their victims. However; I would contend that I may be near - if not - on the top of the list of the most vulnerable and the most abused.

Didn't matter to them that I'm struggling to start a business after I became disabled. It doesn't matter to them that my daughter and I may lose our home as a result of their robbery. It doesn't matter to them that my ex - spouse didn't pay me on the right date in order to avoid a few days of Overdraft Fees of things that I needed to invest in on those few days.

It doesn't matter to them that I pleaded with them on every level of administration to help me keep my head above water

It doesn't matter to them that the amount accumulated quickly into $ 762.00 $ 762.00 !!!!!. It didn't even matter to them that, once I discovered that the money hadn't been deposited as it was supposed to and that it was merely a timing issue and that I struggled to fight and get that in the bank ASAP, that they even charged an extra $74 AFTER I deposited $2300.00 in to cover and beyond and to add insult to injury, was given a blackmail of a facial from the district manager who leaned in and warned me that if I discontinue with them, any auto pay that I miss will come into the bank and automatically reopen my account where he/they can charge me more OD of OD. is that either true or legal ? What a work of PR this man is.

If I do get a rebuttal on this {you know who you are, you leach !) , you can give them the analagy you verbally abused me with if you want or that you gave me other chances in the past but I only ask that you justify the extent of your Grand Larcency, especially given the particular circumstances of the timing issue and my disability plight. Good Luck with that...
I guess that's cathartic enough for right now...except one more of these ....$762.00!!!
What do you do with the stolen money ? Another good question, no ?
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madconsumer on 2009-07-15:
well then.
lessthanzero on 2009-07-15:
What, I'm shocked that you take no personal responsibility for your plight. Just make sure you pay your banking fee's, I'm a customer of fifth third, great bank..............
justgrounds on 2009-11-14:
I've always told my kids "timing is everything" but if I put more than enough funds in the night deposit to cover the expenses why do I pay OD fees the next day because they didn't count the deposit for up to two days? The cash (we still use it, right?) was physically in the bank. Common practice? Could there be a cap on OD fees to limit the suffering enough for the next days sales to cover them? I held up my end of the bargin.
msnanny on 2009-07-16:
The first thing is they didn't steal your money. They charged you fees for overdrawing your account. You agreed to these terms when you opened your account. Secondly it's your responsibility to make sure that there are available funds to cover your purchases, not the banks. And last, your disabilities have nothing to do with not having enough money in your account.
tnchuck100 on 2009-07-16:
One or two overdrafts can usually be laid at the feet of the customers. $720 in overdraft fees is legalized theft.

kestyboy, you have hit it dead on - they absolutely do not care about your problems and they don't care about you. They only care that you have provided them the opportunity (even if not directly your fault) to fleece you to the maximum extent possible.
Anonymous on 2009-07-16:
I suspect there was more than one or two, Chcuk. Read between the lines.
BokiBean on 2009-07-16:
ditto what chuck said. Doesn't take a genius to realize that they stacked the deck against this customer to eek out every penny they could for everdrafts. $720....come on!

And Eloise, your calling the OP a fckwit was inappropriate and I marked it as NH. Sorry, but that is just way outta line.
Eloise on 2009-07-16:
No problem Boki, I'm just so sick and tired of people refusing to take responsibility for their actions. Why does this reviewer feel like the rules don't apply to her/him? Sorry if I went to far in your opinion. But I still feel that s/he is just as I called it.
BokiBean on 2009-07-16:
That's extremely cool of you, I appreciate it. I've had my own comments removed.

Personally, I think you're coming from a customer service oriented point of view, and I can totally understand some of your opinions...dealing with John Q. Public is extremely difficult.
old fart on 2009-07-16:
Is Fifth Third Bank actually 5/3 of bank? or one and 2/3 's of a bank..?
Anonymous on 2009-09-17:
I am also sick of people blaming everybody else for their own mistakes. No, the bank does not care. And neither would I if I owned the bank. YOU owe the fees. YOU spent money that was NOT in your account. It does not matter WHY you did not make the deposit. It matters ONLY that you didn't. The bank is not at fault for YOUR negligence.
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Bank Delays Repayment Of $2,527.18 Car Loan Overpayment 3 Weeks And Counting
Posted by on
BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- This bank is possibly intentionally using archaic methods that result in additional late fees. This could be financially advantageous to them so they have little motivation to improve.

When I got this impression dealing with their car loan to me, I decided simply to pay off the remaining $2,445.00 balance on the loan. I sent in the check but after 8 days they called to say I hadn't made a payment and claimed I was past due. At this point I became alarmed and eager to be done with their poor service and aggravation over possibly trumped up late fees. I ended up making a payoff by a ACH funds transfer over the phone, and of course, had to pay a penalty and funds transfer charge. The resulting payment was $2,527.18 which posted to my checking account at my regular bank on 2/12/2009. The next day (2/13/2009), the check I mailed in posted to my account for the original payoff amount of $2,445.83

I noticed the overpayment two days later when I checked online my regular checking account statement. I called 5th 3rd Bank promptly and let them know they had debited my account twice for a sizable sum. It took a long time over the phone even to get them to agree there might be a problem and they asked me to provide documentation. I offered to send it and they then referred the matter to a supervisor who said that the first payment may have closed the account so the second payment had no place to go. I was told the matter would clear up if I was just patient and that within 10 working days, I should receive the overpaid money back in my account. So far this has not happened 14 working days after I notified them and they said the solution was in progress. So I asked, at what point should I become concerned.

I am also planning to write a complaint but am only now learning who, what agencies to address. I still haven't received my overpayment money, although I received the title to the car a few days ago.
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Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-06:
I suggest that you have your bank that issued the check reverse the charges on the check, if it is possible.

Otherwise sue Fifth Third Bank. Inquire about the statutory interest rate and request it to be added to your judgment (as I doubt you don't want to involuntarily give them an interest-free loan).
Anonymous on 2009-03-06:
You have to take a lot of the blame here. If you had already sent payment, you had no reason to jump the gun and send another payment electronically. Certainly not without taking the time to locate the first payment.

You are entirely within your rights to file a complaint, but they are going to ask the same question: why did you send a second payment?
spiderman2 on 2009-03-06:
Why didn't you stop payment on the check when you made the second payment? You paid them twice, how is that their fault. Now they have to track the money down and issue you a check back. Sooner or later the check was (hopefully) going to arrive at their processing center and it was going to get deposited. You can't be sure that 5/3 was holding onto your check, the USPS is pretty good at being slow and losing stuff too.
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Beware, Merchants!
Posted by on
Please, if you’re a merchant, do yourself a favor and NEVER use Fifth Third for your credit card processing. It cost us thousands when their Merchant Services gave us voice authorization and pre-approved some sales that later proved fraudulent.

They will lie and deny that they gave you the six-digit approvals and then take back the money!

Stay well away from their processing!
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spiderman2 on 2011-04-04:
Did you have a signed credit card receipt for those transactions? If they approved the transaction and you have a signed slip, they cannot reverse the transaction.
nadia on 2013-12-26:
We are going through the same thing they are holding 14k of our moneys what did you do about it. Please reply thank you ,and, God Bless.
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