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I'm never filing late here again!
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I moved out of state, and the state I moved away from needs to see my 2006 income tax return to prove that I don't need to pay taxes to them. I lost this return in the move. I need this tax form right away since my mail was forwarded and took it took 2 weeks to receive the notice. I contacted the IRS like told me to so that I could get my Adjusted Gross Income for 2005. I paid a non-refundable fee of $39.97 and customer service is taking their time contacting me to resolve the issue. I need this tax form as soon as humanly possible, and it seems that the management of this site takes at least a week to even contact the customer. I regret ever filing my taxes on Now I can't get the money back that I already paid to retrieve the missing form. There is no phone number for customer service listed on the website, and I think that might get things done faster, but the only way is to do the so-called "live-person chat." If I have to pay penalties b/c they're taking forever, I will consult an attorney.

So I'd say if you need to file a previous year's tax return, make sure you do not lose your forms!
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BobJohn on 08/01/2008:
Work directly with the IRS. Call the IRS again and explain the situation. Look in and see what to do. Do not rely on these scam artists to take your money and do next to nothing you can't do. Good luck.
tnchuck100 on 08/01/2008:
"I contacted the IRS like ...." - I don't think FileLate is connected with the IRS in any way.

You would probably have better success contacting the IRS directly.
Anonymous on 08/01/2008:
I believe you can order a copy online at If you just need the numbers, it's free. If you need a photo copy, there is a charge involved.
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