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Deceptive Practices & Consumer Fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST. CLOUD, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a 40" LED SAMSUNG, 3D Television from Fingerhut on November 15, 2013. Immediately the TV began turning on and off by itself. I was within the 30 Day Home Trial Period, so I called Fingerhut to return the television. I was told by an EXTREMELY RUDE phone representative "It is not Fingerhut's problem, you must contact the manufacturer", then hung up on me.

I called and emailed NUMEROUS times. I got absolutely nowhere with the Fingerhut representatives. They refused to let me speak with a supervisor, they hang up on me and they are completely unwilling to assist me. It is a total nightmare dealing with Fingerhut.
December 2013 - I spoke with Kyle ID # MADRILEJO - He stated I was no longer within the 30 Day Home Trial period and there was nothing he could do. Again, he refused to let me speak with a supervisor and claimed he was unable to transfer my call or provide me with additional phone numbers to contact Customer Service.

Again, I emailed several times and I left a negative product rating through the Fingerhut website. I received no response to the numerous emails, but Fingerhut removed my negative rating from their website. Fingerhut is misleading consumers by removing negative ratings and displaying only the positive.

I finally decided to contact Samsung, the manufacturer of the TV. Samsung arranged for a company to come to my home and repair the television. The repairman replaced the defective part twice (the first part blew as soon as it was inserted). The "band-aid" repair held for less than a week. Again, the TV was on and on, on and off.
I called Samsung and their ECR Representative told me "YOUR TV IS OLD & OUTDATED". I would have to go through another repair, but first, I must prove the TV is still under warranty.

At this point, I stopped making payments to Fingerhut. They sold me an OLD, OUTDATED, DEFECTIVE TV.

Well, It didn't take long for the harassing, collection phone calls from Fingerhut to start. They want their money, but still unwilling to take the TV back. They reported my account to the credit agencies as default, which brought my credit score down.
I started to threaten Fingerhut and Samsung with a lawsuit, BBB, Consumer Protection, anything I could rattle off to make someone listen. The TV came with a 1 year warranty that guaranteed against defect....I wanted it replaced.
Finally, 7 months into this ordeal, Samsung has agreed to exchange the TV. This should happen within the next 7 -10 business days.
BACK TO FINGERHUT - I called Fingerhut today (June 30, 2014). I explained that Samsung has agreed to exchange the TV and I would be willing to make my monthly payments, if Fingerhut removed the late fees and updated my credit report. I was told " you pay the late fees $260.00 now and Fingerhut will reimburse you and update your credit report" . REALLY? I asked him to send the information to me in an email, which he refused to do. I asked him to remove the late fees first, which he refused to do. After going several rounds with this blatantly deceptive person, he stated he was not authorized to remove the late fees or update the credit report. Why did he tell me he would????? OMG - SO INTERNATIONALLY DECEPTIVE!!!
Again, I asked for a supervisor and again I was not allowed to speak with one. I asked to be transferred to someone that could assist me and again, he refused.
I called Fingerhut back 6 times today, I have spoken with Sarah, Kerriann, Kim, Stephanie, Samuel and Ellis. All of these representatives were unwilling to assist, unable to help, unwilling to connect me with a supervisor, unable to provide me with additional phone numbers and so on.
This has caused me a great deal of anxiety & stress, it has ruined my credit, which has affected me financially.
I am more than happy to speak with any law firm or media regarding this issue with FINGERHUT.
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User Replies:
Jillian on 12/04/2014:
You need to file a complaint with the FTC and your states Attorney Generals office. Then file a complaint in small claims court.

If you had used your credit card, you'd have recourse through your bank. But I realize a lot of people are using Fingerhut credit so you aren't protected.

BTW Fingerhut has a 30% or higher markup over retail. Find another way to build your credit without getting ripped off. Fingerhut has adopted a bullying business practice. They don't deserve anyone's business. They deserve to be out of business.
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Horrible Customer Service! Fraudulent Payment Methods!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST CLOUD, MINNESOTA -- 7-11-2013
To Whom It May Concern,
On 7-8-2013, I received a call from customer service regarding my July payment. I explained that I never received the statement, but I will go online to process a payment. Customer service representative did inform me that there was a late fee of $13.99; she said that she could waive the late fee as a one-time courtesy IF I made the payment with her. I told her that I prefer to enter the payment online to avoid any mistakes. She said if I made the payment online, she would not waive the late fee.
I gave her my credit card information and authorized a payment of $13.99. As I waited for the payment conformation number, I logged into my FingerHut account. I checked the FingerHut payment history, noticed a charge of $26.98. I told her she charged the wrong amount. She said the correct amount will reflect in about 2-4 hours. Four hours later, I checked my account and the dollar amount did not change.

I called customer service again, explained the problem to customer service representative, she said she will reverse the $26.98 charge and charge the correct amount of $13.99. I was fine with that. I gave her my credit card number, as she was about the process the payment she informed me that there is a $5.00 processing fee. I told her to stop. I was never told about a processing fee. She said she will waive the $5.00 fee. I thanked her for waiving the fee. She said the $26.98 will be credit back to my US Bank credit card within a couple of days.

On 7-11-13, I checked my US Bank account; I saw the $26.98 charge had not been reversed. I called customer service.
1st call at 10:06 am spoke to Pamela G – After explaining the problem and requesting to speak to a supervisor - Customer service representative hung up.
2nd call at 10:09 am spoke to Marsha – Told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor, she refused to transfer the call and customer service representative hung up on me.
3rd call at 12:13 pm - Spoke to customer service representative (didn’t get her name), explained the issue and told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor. Waited for about 5 min, spoke to Even (Supervisor), told him the problem, he checked the account and didn’t understand why the $26.98 charge was not reversed. He transferred me to another supervisor.

Waited about 10 min, Kimberly (Supervisor) told me that FingerHut does not credit bank cards and will not credit my US Bank card BUT she will gladly apply the $26.98 payment towards my August’s payment. I asked her, if this is the policy why didn’t the other customer service representatives tell me? I spoke to 3 customer service representatives and 1 supervisor and I was never told. I told her that I am not satisfied with that. I was told by the customer service representative on the 8th that the $26.98 payment will be reversed and my US Bank credit card will be credited. She told me to call my bank, that there is nothing she will do. At this point I told her she has very poor customer service skills, unprofessional and her attitude is awful.
I called my bank, told them the problem, they were very professional, understanding and they reversed the charges.

Because of FingerHut’s horrible customer service and straight out lies, I called to request a return packing slip. Since I never used the items I ordered, I will return them and happily close my account.

I doubt that anything will come of this complaint letter, but I very happy that I will NEVER do business with a company that treats its customers this way.
For me to take time out of my busy schedule to write a complaint letter should say enough! I’m sure most people would just blow it off and continue on, but not me!
I call it like I see it.

For the most part, FingerHut has horrible customer service representatives and atrocious supervisors who don’t know what they are doing.
I strongly suggest re-train your representatives.

Unhappy, never to shop at FingerHut again customer!

Monica R
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Openly Rip People Off and They Give You the Run Around.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST. CLOUD, MN -- I have sent all my info to my Attorney General but Fingerhut continues to rip me off. I sent all items back due to boxes looking like they had been not properly packaged. I kept one item that was on sale but was charged full price. State they give you 30 day free trial but I was not credited for return postage or for the items until weeks later. I occurred interest. Called and called to see nothing done but runaround talk and half of the reps had problems with English. Then before this all hit me and I sent the first items back I ordered a cell phone. Days later received a small part for an iPad. Called and told to send it back and they would sent correct item. Didn't get credit for over a month on that. But the worst thing is days later I receive the same part for an iPad instead of a cell phone. I sent it back priority mail and called. Claim they didn't receive it until weeks later. Didn't get credit until another billing cycle went by. Two payments later I owe way over the price of the one item I kept. I was charged shipping charges and then late charges because I paid late waiting on them to correct billing.

I used to deal with Fingerhut years ago but they sold out. I may be dead over a item that was advertised online for $129.99. My bill after $30 payment is close to $200. I'm having chest pains writing about it. I sent a money order by priority mail and the received it Friday morning and I get constant phone calls since Friday. I don't answer because there is no talking to them. They want your bank info extremely bad. Said money order takes 7-10 days to process?? Just don't deal with them period. Just ruin your credit not help.
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Ashley Kitchen Table
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51

I ordered the 5 piece oak kitchen table set by ASHLEY. When I first received it. The table top was completely damaged in the center so I called to complain to a Fingerhut representative. So they sent me another table top which was completely damaged on the corner. At this point I was extremely upset its ridiculous. So I know its not that hard to care for one item. So when I called the third time. I asked to speak to someone hire up. They transferred me to a supervisor who said he was sorry again for this mishap.

I presumed to express my feelings about the situation. But there was nothing he could do for me but send another table top which I would receive within 7 to 10 business days. 10 days later I called back because I still didn't receive my third table top. So the Fingerhut represenative I spoke with this time said that it showed the request for a table top in the system but for some reason it hadn't been sent out. So now after 1 month an a half of trying to be a completely satisfied customer. I am still waiting on my third table top.

(ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS) I worked in shipping and receiving as well as retail. There are way to many U.S. citizens in this world in need of a good job. For these excuse me IGNORANT people that can't handle one order to take those job placements. What has this world come to?
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User Replies:
virginia perry on 12/10/2014:
4240. 20th ave vero beach Fla .
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Posted by on
I need a mailing address to mail my payment.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/24/2011:
From their website:

I lost my statement envelope - where should I mail my payment?
Be sure to write your 16 digit account number or 10 digit customer number on your check or money order and mail your payment here:

P.O. Box 166
Newark, NJ 07101-0166

You're welcome!
Venice09 on 09/25/2011:
Thanks!.. haha
Joe Shaw on 01/15/2013:
Thank I needed that address to.:-) :-)
sally on 05/23/2013:
must appreciated, needed the address.
so much help, thank you!(:
Alonda on 12/28/2013:
Thank you for the blog. Makes Everything so much easier to find.
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Rip off artists
Posted by on
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- I have been dealing with Fingerhut for several years. I have purchased items and paid off my account at least twice.
Just recently I have been having problems with them. First of all my billing due date is the 25th of the month. They have recently been calling on the 2nd demanding payment and charging a "late fee". Nothing I say makes any difference in this.
After my latest conversation with them they took it upon themselves to set up an automatic payment transfer without my permission. I called my bank and cancelled this transfer and put a block on any electronic payments to them.
I will continue to pay my bill by check.
I wish I had the money to pay them off right now...but I don't.
So, now, I am getting these harassing phone calls.
You can bet I will never do business with Fingerhut again.
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User Replies:
Skye on 08/14/2010:
Are they calling on the 2nd day of the following month? If your payment is due say on July 25, are they calling you on August 2nd? If that's the case, then the payment is late.
Ben There on 08/14/2010:
When are you mailing your checks to them?
Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
I cannot believe people actually still mail checks. I normally write one check a month, to my partner for my half of the bills. That's it.
Skye on 08/14/2010:
Why Prince? There are lots of people who prefer to pay by check, then charge things on credit cards. My parents fall into the category. The thing is, now many places that do accept checks, automatically deposit them as electronic withdrawls, so the money comes out immediately, from checking accounts.
Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
well its not that I use a credit card, but theres online bill pay that most all companies are signed up for, debit cards, etc. Theres just such a variety of easier ways to pay your bills now than mailing out a check and spending 44 cents per stamp.
Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
then you know they have the money, and don't have to worry about the snail mail and how long it will take to deliver, and hopefully not lose it, and then how long it will take for the company to open it up and input your payment into their system before its late.
Skye on 08/14/2010:
But some people do not like change, and that's why they pay by check. Whatever the OPs reason, I'm just curious if the day they are calling them for payment, is the 2nd day of the following month, which would make their payment late.

Skye on 08/14/2010:
By the way Prince, I wasn't implying anything about you, when I mentioned credit cards.
Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
No problem Skye. youre right though some people are CC happy.
Weedwhacked on 08/14/2010:
I make my auto payment online but every time I need to transfer money to my wife's account for our mortgage I withdraw the cash from Bank of America and deposit it to Chase. I don't trust any of these banks with having to write personal checks and having to wait until they decide to clear it.

I also settled an account with two large payments that they wanted by electronic check. Yeah sure, they got two monthly payments in the form of money orders. I was not about to disclose my account information to them.
spiderman2 on 08/14/2010:
I have 3 bills I pay by check -- two of them (my mortgage and my water bill) want me to pay a service fee for the convenience of paying online and Verizon because every time I pay them online they screw it up. I just make sure to put the check in the mail a few days before its due.Everything else gets paid online.
lilydarling on 08/15/2010:
If your payment is due on the 25th, do you mail your check by the 18th of each month at the latest? Because anything after that will probably end up getting there late.
biomajor on 08/15/2010:
I pay my trash service and my water bill by check. Trash isn't available online and it's quarterly, anyway and water wants to charge $1.95 a month to pay my $15.00 bill if I pay online and that's just crazy.
LizzieD on 08/16/2010:
The invoice arrives on the first of August, the payment is due the 25th of August. They call demanding money on the second of August. I was paying online, as I do all of my bills, until these people took it upon themselves to take money from my account without authorazation.
And, just as a note, I will pay this account with a money order from now on. A check is just inviting bad behavior.
Skye on 08/16/2010:

Thanks for coming back and letting us know how you are making payments to them. Did they give you a reason, why they are calling to be paid on the 2nd, if the bill is not due for another 23 days? It would be interesting to know what their reason is.
Sam on 04/26/2013:
Paying bills by money order is the best and only way to avoid this. Send it with confirmation. Anyone paying repeat anyone paying with an echeck here is just not right
smitty on 08/04/2013:
I have never had a problem with them so far
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Outrageous Finance Charge
Posted by on
I have been with Fingerhut for less than a year now. I hope by publishing this info about Fingerhut I am able to help others before they get nabbed....mafia style by Fingerhut.

Their products are way below average in quality
and their interest rate is outrageous but you don't find any of this out in the beginning as it is not apparent.

Most of their products, in my opinion, must be made in 3rd world countries-- the quality is not evident.

Plus the point I want to make here is the most important:

I have a few other credit cards and the one that charges the least amount with the highest quality is Dillard's at 18%. You get what you pay for and the interest rate is not going to break you and they don't make a point of hiding the rate like Fingerhut does. Shame on Fingerhut.

Fingerhut, how dare they. They do not make you aware in any of their info that their interest rate is 25%. This is criminal, mafia style.

As soon as I get rid of this bill, which is about 3 more payments, I don't want any more to do with them..ever! You would be wise to heed my advice.

Most of what I bought has worn out or broken before I am even able to pay it off. Pure junk of which the Fingerhut members pay 25% for. Guys that is. 25 cents on a I said it is Mafia Style.....think about it
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 11/02/2009:
Getting away from Fingerhut is a good move. They are a high interest junk dealer. Their primary customers are those who have poor credit.

But, just for the record, a 25% APR does not directly translate to 25 cents on the dollar of what is purchased.

The way the interest is applied is 25% / 12 = 2.08% per month and is used to calculate that months interest on the unpaid balance. Say, $200. That would be $4.16. The new balance before your payment would be $204.16. Now, say you make a $10 payment. Your new balance is $194.16. Your $10 payment only gained you $5.14 toward your balance.

Most use "average daily balance" to calculate interest. That does gain them a couple of cents more from you.
CrazyRedHead on 11/03/2009:
We occasionally get a Fingerhut catalog and it explains the finance charge and the shipping charge in it. I was with them a long time ago and agree with you, they are cheap. My husband wouldn't listen to me and ordered something from them, he now agrees with me.
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Continuous Unwanted Calls
Posted by on
Representantives of Fingerhut have called me on my cell phone a total of 6 times now looking for someone named Ms. Atkins, whom I am not. The first call on Dec.19th of 07 at 10:49am, I simply told Fingerhut they had a wrong number. The second call on Dec.20th of 07 at 8:25am, I made sure to tell the rep. that I am not Ms.Atkins, they have a wrong number, please remove my cell phone number from your system. I was told it would be removed. The third call on Dec.21st of 07 at 2:14pm, I asked for a supervisor. The rep. hung up on me. The fourth call on Dec. 22nd of 07 at 8:59am when I asked for a name, the line "suddenly" went dead. The fifth time, on Dec. 26th of 07 at 11:53am, the caller never responded to my hello when I answered, and today, Dec.27th at 12:07pm, more joy. I re-explained for the umpteenth time that I am not Ms.Atkins and then simply asked for a supervisor. Of course, I was told by the rep. that the supervisor was in a meeting and that they would call me back. The rep. didn't want to provide me a call back number for the supervisor, nor would she find another supervisor, and or manager to speak with me. The rep. much to my dismay didn't have any customer service inclinations at all. She/ the company she works for is in error, and she didn't have any qualms showing how annoyed she was at my questions. I asked if anywhere in their system is there a note or anything at all stating that my cell phone number should be removed. According to her, there isn't, but that was all. The rep. basically said goodbye and hung up. No resolution or gasp! dare I hope for an apology? They are basically harassing me with these calls, using up my minutes, and I can't find a corporate address anywhere on the web for a complaint/ help. The only info available is the customer service number, which hasn't helped. I've never done business with Fingerhut, and now I know never to do so.
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User Replies:
MRM on 12/27/2007:
Wheres your caller ID feature to avoid the calls?
Ponie on 12/27/2007:
I'm with MRM. Why do you even bother answering these calls?
Principissa on 12/27/2007:
I would just stop answering if it is the same number calling you all the time. If they are using different numbers each call I can see why you would still answer. Go look on their website to see if you can find a contact number for them, and demand to speak to someone higher up and demand they take your number off the list.
Anonymous on 12/27/2007:
I like your NIC.Frankiefurt,
it reminds me of Frankie goes to Hollywood.Relax!
JustLady on 12/27/2007:
Here is the address I found on their website, hope it helps:

Fingerhut Direct Customer Service
6250 Ridgewood Rd
St. Cloud, MN 56303

Anonymous on 12/27/2007:
Here is some contact information from their website:

Fingerhut Customer Service:
Monday - Friday,
8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Central Time

Fingerhut Direct Customer Service
6250 Ridgewood Rd
St. Cloud, MN 56303

SilverWngs71 on 12/27/2007:
Fingerhut Customer Service is located in India. At least the ones are that I have spoken to. Yes, they will keep calling, and the reason no supervisor is they will keep calling unless there is a written letter to the company, asking to have the # removed.
Anonymous on 12/27/2007:
Can you add the number to your call blocking on your cell phone?
SilverWngs71 on 12/27/2007:
Not really because they use many different 1-800 #'s to call from and it sounds like a recording till they hear the person pick up and say "hello." Believe me, I've tried!!!
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Unhappy Customer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BRONX, NEW YORK -- They closed my account without my permission stating I asked them to, poor customer service, corporate never responds to voicemail
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Shipping Charges
Posted by on
I just placed an order, and I have never seen such high shipping charges/taxes on any one ordering company; this is why I did not finish with my order; I could not believe the total on my order.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/30/2009:
I am amazed Fingerhut is still around. Poor quality, high prices and super high S&H fee's. They are making a profit but I can't believe people are willing to pay the prices.
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