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Credit and Quality of Products
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Rating: 5/51

My experiences with Fingerhut have been positive. I use my Fingerhut charge account to purchase various small appliances, linens and other small items. So far, no problems with any of the items. I made weekly payments instead of monthly because of how they calculate interest. I am ordering a bed next, my first big item. I will post my experience. I never purchase large or expensive items from a catalog but choose to purchase in the traditional manner.

Unhappy Customer
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Rating: 1/51

BRONX, NEW YORK -- They closed my account without my permission stating I asked them to. Poor customer service, corporate never responds to voicemail.

Continuous Unwanted Calls
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Representatives of Fingerhut have called me on my cell phone a total of 6 times now looking for someone named Ms. **, whom I am not. The first call on Dec.19th of 07 at 10:49am, I simply told Fingerhut they had a wrong number. The second call on Dec.20th of 07 at 8:25am, I made sure to tell the rep. that I am not Ms.**, they have a wrong number, "please remove my cell phone number from your system." I was told it would be removed. The third call on Dec.21st of 07 at 2:14pm, I asked for a supervisor. The rep. hung up on me. The fourth call on Dec. 22nd of 07 at 8:59 am when I asked for a name, the line "suddenly" went dead.

The fifth time, on Dec. 26th of 07 at 11:53 am, the caller never responded to my hello when I answered, and today, Dec.27th at 12:07pm, more joy. I re-explained for the umpteenth time that I am not Ms.** and then simply asked for a supervisor. Of course, I was told by the rep. that the supervisor was in a meeting and that they would call me back. The rep. didn't want to provide me a call back number for the supervisor, nor would she find another supervisor, and or manager to speak with me. The rep. much to my dismay didn't have any customer service inclinations at all.

She/ the company she works for is in error, and she didn't have any qualms showing how annoyed she was at my questions. I asked "if anywhere in their system is there a note or anything at all stating that my cell phone number should be removed?" According to her, "there isn't", but that was all. The rep. basically said goodbye and hung up. No resolution or gasp! Dare I hope for an apology?

They are basically harassing me with these calls, using up my minutes, and I can't find a corporate address anywhere on the web for a complaint/ help. The only info available is the customer service number, which hasn't helped. I've never done business with Fingerhut, and now I know never to do so.

Ashley Kitchen Table
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Rating: 2/51

SAINT CLOUD MN, KENTUCKY -- (OVERALL VERY UNSATISFIED.) I ordered the 5 piece oak kitchen table set by ASHLEY. When I first received it. The table top was completely damaged in the center so I called to complain to a Fingerhut representative. So they sent me another table top which was completely damaged on the corner. At this point I was extremely upset it's ridiculous. So I know it's not that hard to care for one item. So when I called the third time. I asked to speak to someone higher up. They transferred me to a supervisor who said he was sorry again for this mishap.

I presumed to express my feelings about the situation. But there was nothing he could do for me but send another table top which I would receive within 7 to 10 business days. 10 days later I called back because I still didn't receive my third table top. So the Fingerhut representative I spoke with this time said that it showed the request for a table top in the system but for some reason it hadn't been sent out. So now after 1 month and a half of trying to be a completely satisfied customer. I am still waiting on my third table top.

(ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS) I worked in shipping and receiving as well as retail. There are way too many U.S. citizens in this world in need of a good job. For these excuse me IGNORANT people that can't handle one order to take those job placements. What has this world come to?

Rip off artists
By -

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- I have been dealing with Fingerhut for several years. I have purchased items and paid off my account at least twice.
Just recently I have been having problems with them. First of all my billing due date is the 25th of the month. They have recently been calling on the 2nd demanding payment and charging a "late fee". Nothing I say makes any difference in this.

After my latest conversation with them they took it upon themselves to set up an automatic payment transfer without my permission. I called my bank and cancelled this transfer and put a block on any electronic payments to them. I will continue to pay my bill by check. I wish I had the money to pay them off right now... but I don't. So, now, I am getting these harassing phone calls. You can bet I will never do business with Fingerhut again.

Outrageous Finance Charge
By -

I have been with Fingerhut for less than a year now. I hope by publishing this info about Fingerhut I am able to help others before they get nabbed....mafia style by Fingerhut. Their products are way below average in quality and their interest rate is outrageous but you don't find any of this out in the beginning as it is not apparent. Most of their products, in my opinion, must be made in 3rd world countries-- the quality is not evident.

Plus the point I want to make here is the most important: I have a few other credit cards and the one that charges the least amount with the highest quality is Dillard's at 18%. You get what you pay for and the interest rate is not going to break you and they don't make a point of hiding the rate like Fingerhut does. Shame on Fingerhut.

Fingerhut, how dare they. They do not make you aware in any of their info that their interest rate is 25%. This is criminal, mafia style. As soon as I get rid of this bill, which is about 3 more payments, I don't want any more to do with them..ever! You would be wise to heed my advice. Most of what I bought has worn out or broken before I am even able to pay it off. Pure junk of which the Fingerhut members pay 25% for. Guys that is 25 cents on a dollar.... like I said it is Mafia Style..... think about it.

Defective Product
By -

VANCLEAVE, MISSISSIPPI -- I ordered this for my wife as a birthday present. Not only did it take 3 weeks, but when we received it, we followed the instructions to a tee, it started smoking and smelled like wires burning. Now we get the privilege of getting the runaround to try to get this matter fixed, try and go online to talk to customer service, you can't find a way. It says "contact us" but when you click on it it sends you everywhere but where you need to go. Any suggestions of how to get hold of these people?

The way I work by phone is no good. They are not open before I go to work and closed when I get off, I had thought of getting a Fingerhut credit card but having 2nd thoughts, if it's this hard to get hold on anyone, kind of regret using them to start with.

Truth In Lending Laws-Violations
By -

SAINT CLOUD, MICHIGAN -- This company been and has been in Violation of the Federal Truth in Lending Act. Which states that any company who lends on time payments and charges interest, must state on the product the interest rate, the full price, the amount of payments, which they do not, they only state it on the finance page. Which is now over 24%, and CIT banking is financing them. The F.D.I.C enforces this law.

Basically it comes down to this if you bought anything from them on time, you can cancel the contract, because of illegal violation of not reporting the full interest rates. The interest rate must be printed under each item they sell advertising time payments. Every and all contracts on time is voidable, due to illegality, with the Fingerhut Operation.

Place an order
By -

They need to hire people that clearly speak and understand the English language as it is spoken in the USA. I had to go through several calls to finally place an order. Now I remember why I don't order very often. If I have to repeat myself several times this is ludicrous and unnecessary I speak often in public so I do think I'm plainly understood.
Why must this company hire people unfamiliar with the English language. We have several unemployed in this country that would to have work at Christmas time.

Crooked and badly sewed Curtains
By -

I purchased curtains along with bedding from them. The curtains were so crooked that there was a foot gap between panels and the top ran downhill. I made a mistake and hemmed them before I actually hung them up. The company refuses to refund any money but will return the curtains. I politely refused and told them "it was my fault I hemmed them but no one could ever use them anyway." But they still refuse. So I guess this is a $50 lesson. I will never purchase anything from them again.

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