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Terrible Service
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I am writing this review to warn others away from Alliance/First American Home Warranty. If you are buying home or getting a home warranty, DO NOT use this company. I have had many issues arise with my new home, and this company will do anything it can to find a way out of paying for repairs/replacement.

We recently found out that our toilet was leaking under the floor. After calling the home warranty company, they did not have a local plumber so they schedule one from over an hour away. This company could not come for two weeks, so they sent another plumber after a week. When the plumber arrived, he informed us that he could fix the seal and reset the toilet, but if there was floor damage they would not replace it. We paid a $55 service charge for that info- no work was done. After pulling the tile we tried to get a the warranty company to send the plumber back to fix the floor and toilet flange. 5 times we were told that they were sending someone and that they would call us back, and never once did it happen. After several weeks of calling I finally got a manager (I had to sit on hold for 32 minutes) and they told me that they were denying the claim because the original plumber was now saying that the floor caused the damage. In reality, the floor was damaged (minimally) because of the leak- the plumbers explanation was impossible. The toilet seal simply failed, and should have been covered.
Finally, after being without a master bathroom toilet for almost 2 months, I had my own local plumber come do the work. When they went to reset the toilet, the discovered that the original toilet did not fit perfectly and that we needed a different toilet. All in all we ended up paying over $700 for everything, and this warranty company will not give us a single penny. They have now changed their tune and are saying it was an "improper installation" and is not covered. Its funny how they don't claim that the floor caused it like they said before??

Recently, the handle on our over-the-range microwave broke. We cannot open or use our microwave without prying it open with a butter knife. Each time we do this it damages the frame. When we called, Alliance assured us that it would be covered because it was built-in and couldn't be used without the handle. When the serviceman called the claim in, they denied it saying that they don't cover handles. We are now stuck with a broken microwave and had to pay the $55 service fee for nothing...again. When we called to protest both the non-coverage and the service fee issue, they did not care.

We have also had our dishwasher fail. They did reimburse us for the dishwasher, but not the damage to the hardwood floor. Our floor is now warped form the water that leaked, but these warranties do not cover "secondary damage". My suggestion to anyone thinking of buying a home warranty is DON'T BOTHER! Unless the seller is paying the money, save yours because these warranties and these companies are a FRAUD. There is very little that they cover, and teir policies are so full of loopholes that they will even try to find a way out of things that are supposed to be covered. Not only that, but they clearly to not care about customer service. I wrote a very professional letter to the company to express my displeasure with the customer service and warranty coverage that I was receiving, but it was clear by their response that the letter had no effect. They merely responded by reiterating the denial of the claims without apologizing or providing any restitution for the horrendous customer service.
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Johnc01 on 08/23/2007:
I am sorry that you had this experience with Alliance/First American Home Warranty. I am a sales manager for Alliance and have home warranties on all of my homes. I can’t comment on your specific situation because I just don’t know the facts but I can tell you we have a 98% satisfaction rate on our claims. That sounds great but that does leave 2% not satisfied. Everyday I hear realtors tell me how Alliance has help their clients and how partnering up with Alliance has made them stand out as realtors in an increasingly tough market. You are correct that no home warranty will cover secondary damage. This is because the home warranty industry was created to fill in the gaps where the home owner’s insurance left off. The home warranty industry was just not designed to cover secondary damage. An example would be a broken pipe in the wall that flooded the house. The home warranty company would fix the pipe and the home owner’s insurance company would take care of the secondary damage. I can tell you that your experienced was not the norm. The longest I have seen a contractor take to reach the home is a couple days. There is no doubt that a home warranty is worth the money. We have on average 2.3 claims for every home warranty in place. Usually, all it takes is one claim and the warranty has paid for itself. With all that said, none of that changes the fact that you are left unsatisfied with Alliance/First American. I am sorry for your experience and I hope you might give us another try. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me at
KWD on 03/11/2008:
These Home Warranty companies are really running loose with the way they handle claims and retain their profits - it seems to be an ALL SALES and NO SERVICE situation.

Contact an attorney with experience in insurance coverage litigation and bad faith actions - under most state's laws there are standards for which insurance claims must be handled (either statutory, or case law). If the claims handling constitutes bad faith you may be able to recover for your loss, as well as punitive damages against the insurer.

I would be happy to review any situation involving poor/unfair claims service.
PeteB on 03/23/2008:
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Happy with my Home Warranty
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I just bought my home warranty with FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY company this month,
May 12, 2010 my ac stop cooling enough, I call customer service to make a claim around 4:00 pm, the lady told me the service provider will contact me within 24 hours to set up a visit,
the next 2 hours I got the phone call (around 6:00 pm) the provider told me he have an opening the very next day at 10:00 am, he was next day checking my ac, he said they have to come back to get it fix, because one of the pipes was frozen and they can not perform the job due to this pipe...
the very next day May 14, 2010 the technician was again in my house, and I was told the coil was dirty and it need to be clean for $165.00 plus the $55.00 service call... they fix my ac with no problem, and I have no complaint with it..
also I got a second opinion from a local ac company, I was told to do this job they will charge between $400.00 to $500.00 dollars, and they will not recommend this job to be done, this other company want to change the coil for the amount of $1,700.00
I'm not an ac technician but my ac unit seems to need to be cleaned and recharged because is not cool enough only...
I'M SO GLAD I BOUGTH MY HOME WARRANTY WITH FIRST AMERICAN, they save me a lot of money and headache,
I paid the total of $220.00 and my ac is cooling like new again

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Never Fixed My Problem, Never Responded To Emails
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TEXAS -- Beware of this warranty company! Here is a copy of an email I sent repeatedly after the warranty company failed to respond in 24 hours (as their website promises) to my call for help getting repairs completed. (The repair has been incomplete for 30+ days!)

"Your service has been terrible so far! I had a plumbing claim about a month ago. All-Pro came out and removed a Jacuzzi tub pump, which they said would be rebuilt and reinstalled. I never heard from them again, despite several voice mails left when their voice mailbox wasn't full. I emailed you guys about it and never heard back, Then I called and someone said they'd take care of it, but nothing became of that. So this is my third time contacting you. I will save this email because it will probably go to online forums if nothing gets done. GET ME A PUMP INSTALLED!"

Watch out for these guys, they don't deliver as promised.
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Item Covered Under Home Warranty Not Upheld
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RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation sent THEIR contractor (J&Y Appliance - 626-358-3537) out to check our telephone wiring and he said it was the wiring and not the phone jacks, which is covered in the warranty. Insurance said it was the phone company's responsibility. Phone company said they are only responsible for outside wiring line to point of entry and since we have one line that works, it's not their wiring or property. Ive called daily to get a copy of the contractors report. Insurance refuses to give me a logical answer or a copy of the report and so does the contractor, Alex, who wont even call me back.

First American Home Buyers Protection Corporations warranty clearly states in writing that they cover Telephone Wiring, but not phone jacks or wiring which is the property of the phone company. The phone company states that they are only responsible for outside wiring line to the point of entry and since we have one line that works its not their wiring, because its not their property.
Their running a scam - you pay into them for coverage and get nothing in return except a fee to have the contractor come out. They said they would send another of THEIR contractors to come out for yet another service fee - but how can we possibly trust the contractors they send?
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Do Not Buy This Home Warranty
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Do not buy this home warranty. We have not had heat in our house for weeks and we can't get any contractors in the area to work with them because they make it so difficult.

The look for any technicality not to fulfill their obligations, even when it contradicts the official diagnosis.
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Subpar Contractors
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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- This is a company with significant assets and services and their home warranty is nearly fraudlant. We have been without heating and air conditioning for 30 days and 3 poorly qualified and service companies have come to our home and we have paid over $1000 OUT OF POCKET and the unit is still not fixed. I would be very interested in seeking collective damages against the company for misrepresentation and the filing of formal complaints to the Arizona Department of Insurance or the Atty General for relief.

It is a crime for consumers to be subject to scam artists in an area where many retirees reside.
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calamity on 12/07/2007:
Don't you love our immigrant workforce? Cross the border one day, the next you are a contractor! There are entire housing developments in Phoenix that are virtually falling down around their owners ears. Channel 10 or 12 out of Phoenix did a huge story on it about 7 months ago, and they found entire worksites where no one spoke a word of English, sub-contractors that didn't have licenses, and many whom admitted that they hadn't ever worked in construction prior to coming to AZ. Quality work costs money. I paid a premium for a crew of all American workers to come do the remodel on my home. I had 2 Navaho, 4 typical Anglos, and 2 Mexican-Americans that spoke better English than most people I know, they were all professional carpenters and they took great pride in their work, and 5 years down the road, I am yet to have any issues. You have to stipulate in your contract when you build a home, what kind of workers you want. I put it in my contract, and yeah, I got some raised eyebrows when I said,"American citizens only", and I also stipulated that I had final approval of all sub-contractors as well. Its not illegal to do, and in fact, I am curious to find out what is going to happen when the employment laws go into effect, will people who hire illegals to work on their homes be held criminally liable?
Anonymous on 12/07/2007:
calamity, very good post!!
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Failure to provide service
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FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- The plumber under contract with First American Home Warranty is worthless and we keep going around in circles with the company. The plumber came out twice and did not fix the problem. I call, they say the plumber will call or show up, he does neither, and it's off to the next day when I call again.

I'm giving them another week before I contact the AG of AZ.
Resolution Update 08/16/2007:
Problem has been resolved. No complaints except that it took them a while to get it done and I did have to escalate.
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User Replies:
One-Eyed Willie on 08/10/2007:
What are you trying to get fixed?
disgustedinFlagstaff on 08/10/2007:
A toilet.
old fart on 08/10/2007:
What is the problem with the toilet... Only so many things can go wrong. Describe what it is or is not doing for example, is it leaking around a fill pipe joint, is it constantly running, does it shut off prematurely, does it leak around the base or some other symptom?
Perhaps one of our members who has some do it yourself experience or is in the plumbing business can suggest some simple cure and then you'll have no need to rely on someone through Fisrt American Home.
Anonymous on 08/10/2007:
Does it leak?
Is it clogged?
Is it dirty?

More info!
disgustedinFlagstaff on 08/10/2007:
After many calls and threats, I finally got some action. A "close" on this comment may be pending. They've agreed to send out another plumber. The flapper doesn't mate properly with the whatever and water slowly seeps out of the tank. If we shut the water off to the tank, it eventually empties itself. If we leave the water on, the toilet periodically flushes itself. If two visits from a plumber, neither of which fixed the problem, weren't sufficient, I doubt there's anything we could do. Flapper mechanism has been replaced and problem persists.
old fart on 08/11/2007:
Try shutting the water off at the valve and flush the toilet to empty the remaining water. lift the flapper valve and clean and gently scrape the edge of the drain hole with something made of plastic (not metal) to remove mineral deposit buildup. then let the tank refill. it doesn't take much to allow a leak of this type. for what it's worth changing a flapper doesn't require a plumber's knowledge and you probably could do this yourself by getting a replacement valve at your nearest Home depot or Lowe's with advice on how to install it. These are pretty much universal and fit almost any toilet.
Another thing to consider is the length of the chain that connects to the flapper from the flush lever, bending the flush rod that attaches to the chain in a slight downward diection might put a little more slack in the chain, thus allowing the ball to properly reseat in the drain hole when the toilet is flushed
old fart on 08/11/2007:
Give me a heads up on how this works if you decide to try it or if your plumber gives you another answer. I am really curious now as to the outcome.!
disgustedinFlagstaff on 08/11/2007:
We've already paid a plumber $55 and also paid for the warranty. Now, it's up to them. The chain is plenty long enough. We've got two pooh-bahs working on our claim now and I feel fairly confident we'll get some good action. I'll let you know if and when (and how) this problem is resolved. And I just tried scraping (with my fingernail) the thing the flapper sits in/on. It felt pretty smooth to me but I tried just in case. Stay tuned...
disgustedinFlagstaff on 08/13/2007:
FINALLY... another plumber came out, replaced every conceivable part in the tank. Problem was the crummy plumber who came out first. Time will tell if the repairs hold, but this plumber spent time, showed us what the problem was and seemed to fix everything. I'll see if all stays well and close this complaint in a few days.
old fart on 08/13/2007:
I'm dying here... What was the problem?? Don't leave me in limbo! LOL
disgustedinFlagstaff on 08/14/2007:
Everything in the tank - flapper, what flapper goes in, bolts, handle - was kaput and had to be replaced. The whole flapper assembly had been improperly installed by plumber #1. I don't know how much clearer I can be.
old fart on 08/14/2007:
Good for you! I hope you enjoy your toilet for many years to come LOL
Anonymous on 08/14/2007:
May you fill it with many good memories.
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