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First American Home Warranty
P.O. Box 10180
Van Nuys, CA 91410-0180
800-992-3400 (ph)
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Won't Even Fix A Simple Pipe Leak!
By -

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- In our opinion: A very normal, simple pipe started a small leak, so we do the prudent thing and call FAHW. They set up a plumber appointment who did not arrive. We called and were told that plumber does not service our area (an issue we raised with FAHW at the beginning when we saw the plumber's "foreign" area code but FAHW assured us the plumber would be here and that they had "a satellite office serving our area". That was one day wasted with FAHW. (Is your time worth something to you?)

Second day, second plumber... came, saw pipe leak, had no problem with the job and started in to work... he removed the pipe, said he would be leaving to get (small) replacement parts after he telephoned FAHW from his truck -- and then they "denied the claim," why? The plumber would not wait for us to reach FAHW, saying that "the insurance company acts like the Mafia: they collect your money and refuse to fix your pipe leaks..." He indicated he'd had issues with FAHW before. We call FAHW they say, after much fumbling, that the claim was denied because "pipe or nut holding it together was found by plumber to be starting to loosen."

Comment: of course it was, that is why it started to leak (it does not take a rocket scientist OR a professional plumber to figure this out!)... Second day wasted with FAHW. Another call to FAHW and they agree that the denial made no sense... they sent a third plumber (third day) with the advisory that he would be prepared to fix the pipe. He arrives, inspects, indicates no problem fixing it after he buys the small parts to fit, sets up appointment to do the job later in the day. Time for appointment arrives and passes, we get call from third plumbing company that FAHW "denied the claim" again. Third day wasted with FAHW over a very simple two hundred buck (or less) job.

Call again to FAHW... nice lady says claim denied because "pipe was found to have been removed on arrival" by third plumber. Of course it was removed, that was where the second plumber left it after he Vamoosed (he really should have replaced it but he was upset having been sent on a non-paying call by FAHW and he left in a fast hurry). Result of three wasted days: a small leak which actually disabled nothing is now made worse: it is now a removed pipe, rendering the drain unusable.

And all we keep getting from FAHW is nice ladies on the phone attempting to make sense of garbled, illogical notes (that they even admit make no sense)... and more delays and wasted days... So, a very ordinary and very leak repair job indeed a remarkably simple and straightforward little plumbing problem that happens all the time ... and three days of the customer's time wasted by FAHW (plus the time of their contract plumbers also appears to have been wasted by FAHW, at least they surely were not happy with FAHW!)

We do NOT want to try to repair even this simple thing ourselves, we have been paying FAHW for the services of professionally-trained, real plumbers all along to have the work done right each time... and now... This, after customer paid for this insurance for nearly 10 years. We are very, very disappointed with First American Home Warranty and will definitely NOT be using them in future on any property we may own. Sincerely yours for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and some other, better home warranty firm)...

Denied on false premise
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- First American Complaint (Warranty not insurance = Not Regulated by your State Insurance Division). Sure, I have a story. A month into this claim and no oven repair. 1st Tech said, Parts no longer available, need to replace unit." They sent for a second opinion. Second tech said no parts available, but he could retrofit from other ovens. Next day, claim denied due to pre-existing problem. I sent them a copy of the home inspection that stated that the oven worked. I called first tech., he said oven could break at any time, through normal use. First tech offered to have First Am. call him to confirm. First Am. said, denied, denied, denied.

I have phone calls recorded, kind of funny when you listen and hear conflicting information from the representatives. If I get emails, I will post it on the net as a podcast or youtube for you listening pleasure. I got an attorney and also made a complaint with BBB as described below, currently the tech is waiting for parts First American promised to send him that Hotpint/GE said, do not exist anymore. First though and important NOTE!! First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation is not an insurance company. They are NOT REGULATED! They sell a warranty. You can sell a warranty too! No insurance license needed.

This means that your state's insurance division is powerless. Call them, they will tell you. Your State's Department of Justice has a little bite but mostly they can gnaw, but have no bite. Better Business Bureau. This will help to some degree. If you make a proper complaint, a First American representative will contact you. IMPORTANT: You must make a complaint with the BBB in their home town. Here is a link for Better Business Bureau that they belong to: First American Home Buyers Protection, P.O. Box 10180, Van Nuys, CA 91410-1980,**.

P.S. There are 1019 complaints in the last 36 months. That's over 306 a year, Better Business Bureau complaints. How many people have time for this?? Most will just replace or pay Sears to fix it out of their own pocket.

Terrible Service
By -

I am writing this review to warn others away from Alliance/First American Home Warranty. If you are buying home or getting a home warranty, DO NOT use this company. I have had many issues arise with my new home, and this company will do anything it can to find a way out of paying for repairs/replacement.

We recently found out that our toilet was leaking under the floor. After calling the home warranty company, they did not have a local plumber so they schedule one from over an hour away. This company could not come for two weeks, so they sent another plumber after a week. When the plumber arrived, he informed us that he could fix the seal and reset the toilet, but if there was floor damage they would not replace it. We paid a $55 service charge for that info- no work was done. After pulling the tile we tried to get a the warranty company to send the plumber back to fix the floor and toilet flange.

5 times we were told that they were sending someone and that they would call us back, and never once did it happen. After several weeks of calling I finally got a manager (I had to sit on hold for 32 minutes) and they told me that they were denying the claim because the original plumber was now saying that the floor caused the damage. In reality, the floor was damaged (minimally) because of the leak - the plumbers explanation was impossible. The toilet seal simply failed, and should have been covered. Finally, after being without a master bathroom toilet for almost 2 months, I had my own local plumber come do the work.

When they went to reset the toilet, the discovered that the original toilet did not fit perfectly and that we needed a different toilet. All in all we ended up paying over $700 for everything, and this warranty company will not give us a single penny. They have now changed their tune and are saying it was an "improper installation" and is not covered. Its funny how they don't claim that the floor caused it like they said before??

Recently, the handle on our over-the-range microwave broke. We cannot open or use our microwave without prying it open with a butter knife. Each time we do this it damages the frame. When we called, Alliance assured us that it would be covered because it was built-in and couldn't be used without the handle. When the serviceman called the claim in, they denied it saying that they don't cover handles. We are now stuck with a broken microwave and had to pay the $55 service fee for nothing...again. When we called to protest both the non-coverage and the service fee issue, they did not care.

We have also had our dishwasher fail. They did reimburse us for the dishwasher, but not the damage to the hardwood floor. Our floor is now warped form the water that leaked, but these warranties do not cover "secondary damage". My suggestion to anyone thinking of buying a home warranty is DON'T BOTHER! Unless the seller is paying the money, save yours because these warranties and these companies are a FRAUD. There is very little that they cover, and their policies are so full of loopholes that they will even try to find a way out of things that are supposed to be covered. Not only that, but they clearly to not care about customer service.

I wrote a very professional letter to the company to express my displeasure with the customer service and warranty coverage that I was receiving, but it was clear by their response that the letter had no effect. They merely responded by reiterating the denial of the claims without apologizing or providing any restitution for the horrendous customer service.

Happy with my Home Warranty
By -

I just bought my home warranty with FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY company this month, May 12, 2010. My ac stop cooling enough, I call customer service to make a claim around 4:00 pm, the lady told me the service provider will contact me within 24 hours to set up a visit. The next 2 hours I got the phone call (around 6:00 pm), the provider told me he have an opening the very next day at 10:00 am. He was next day checking my ac, he said they have to come back to get it fix, because one of the pipes was frozen and they cannot perform the job due to this pipe...

The very next day May 14, 2010 the technician was again in my house, and I was told the coil was dirty and it need to be clean for $165.00 plus the $55.00 service call... they fix my ac with no problem, and I have no complaint with it.. Also I got a second opinion from a local ac company, I was told to do this job they will charge between $400.00 to $500.00 dollars, and they will not recommend this job to be done. This other company want to change the coil for the amount of $1,700.00 .

I'm not an ac technician but my ac unit seems to need to be cleaned and recharged because is not cool enough only... I'M SO GLAD I BOUGHT MY HOME WARRANTY WITH FIRST AMERICAN, they save me a lot of money and headache. I paid the total of $220.00 and my ac is cooling like new again.

Item Covered Under Home Warranty Not Upheld

RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation sent THEIR contractor (J&Y Appliance - 626-358-3537) out to check our telephone wiring and he said it was the wiring and not the phone jacks, which is covered in the warranty. Insurance said it was the phone company's responsibility. Phone company said they are only responsible for outside wiring line to point of entry and since we have one line that works, it's not their wiring or property. I've called daily to get a copy of the contractor's report. Insurance refuses to give me a logical answer or a copy of the report and so does the contractor, **, who won't even call me back.

First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation's warranty clearly states in writing that they cover Telephone Wiring, but not phone jacks or wiring which is the property of the phone company. The phone company states that they are only responsible for outside wiring line to the point of entry and since we have one line that works it's not their wiring, because it's not their property.

Their running a scam - you pay into them for coverage and get nothing in return except a fee to have the contractor come out. They said they would send another of THEIR contractors to come out for yet another service fee - but how can we possibly trust the contractors they send?

Never Fixed My Problem, Never Responded To Emails
By -

TEXAS -- Beware of this warranty company! Here is a copy of an email I sent repeatedly after the warranty company failed to respond in 24 hours (as their website promises) to my call for help getting repairs completed. (The repair has been incomplete for 30+ days!).

"Your service has been terrible so far! I had a plumbing claim about a month ago. All-Pro came out and removed a Jacuzzi tub pump, which they said would be rebuilt and reinstalled. I never heard from them again, despite several voice mails left when their voice mailbox wasn't full. I emailed you guys about it and never heard back, Then I called and someone said they'd take care of it, but nothing became of that. So this is my third time contacting you. I will save this email because it will probably go to online forums if nothing gets done. GET ME A PUMP INSTALLED!"
Watch out for these guys, they don't deliver as promised.

Subpar Contractors
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- This is a company with significant assets and services and their home warranty is nearly fraudulent. We have been without heating and air conditioning for 30 days and 3 poorly qualified and service companies have come to our home and we have paid over $1000 OUT OF POCKET and the unit is still not fixed. I would be very interested in seeking collective damages against the company for misrepresentation and the filing of formal complaints to the Arizona Department of Insurance or the Atty General for relief. It is a crime for consumers to be subject to scam artists in an area where many retirees reside.

Do Not Buy This Home Warranty
By -

Do not buy this home warranty. We have not had heat in our house for weeks and we can't get any contractors in the area to work with them because they make it so difficult. The look for any technicality not to fulfill their obligations, even when it contradicts the official diagnosis.

Failure to provide service
By -

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- The plumber under contract with First American Home Warranty is worthless and we keep going around in circles with the company. The plumber came out twice and did not fix the problem. I call, they say the plumber will call or show up, he does neither, and it's off to the next day when I call again. I'm giving them another week before I contact the AG of AZ.

Resolution Update 08/16/2007:

Problem has been resolved. No complaints except that it took them a while to get it done and I did have to escalate.

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