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First American Payment Systems Takes Advantage Of Small Business's
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FT. WORTH, TEXAS -- I am the owner of a computer repair shop in Veneta, Oregon. A little over a month ago, a representative of this company came into my office and promised me a positive experience with this company in helping me to process credit cards in my shop. Since that time, I have had nothing but headaches, and unanswered questions. I was told that I would only be charged around $50 per month, and I would be told ahead of time, what date I would be charged, so that I knew to have the funds available. That failed to happen. I was hit with charges right away into my account, resulting in several overdraft and insufficient funds fees.

I made only one transaction into the account, using the machine, which funds I never got to use, because it was never available because of all the charges made by the processor, and all the subsequent overdraft fees that were generated as a result of these charges. Then the account continued to be hit by further charges that were unexplained to me. The representative refunded me $100 in cash out of his pocket to offset this issue, but that did not even come close to reversing the large negative balance, nor put it into the positive close to $200 where it should have been.

I have called and left messages with this guy, and most of the other companies involved with this company that I no longer wish to try to work with any of these institutions in order to process credit cards. As of yet, no one has returned any of my calls. I want this policy canceled and I feel that they have breached the contract, not me. On top of everything else, our account was just hit again today for the ridiculous amount of $667.15, putting us into the negative -$404, before further overdraft charges and insufficient funds fees!

This is after receiving a letter that they are going to charge me $769.25 with absolutely no explanation as to why I am being charged! We have gone to our Bank, and challenged all of the charges and instructed them not to allow any more charges to go through. Please tell me how to return the equipment and end this nightmare. If someone does not make this right, I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau, and any other authoritative agencies that I can find, as well as take legal action.

Deceptive Sales Tactics
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Two young representatives of First American Payment Systems just walked into my small business without prior warning. They first identified themselves as working "with the credit card companies" and implied that they were checking compliance with "Durbin's Law." They asked to see a recent statement from my current credit card processor. I told them that I would not allow that based on the information they provided me. They seemed a little annoyed at that, and one of them started searching through a disorganized stack of paperwork. He handed me a card of their Atlanta director of operations, who was not even present at the time.

I told them that I would check my statement on my own and possibly contact them at another time. When I looked at the card and asked about First American Payment Systems, they replied that they are a credit card processing company. It quickly occurred to me that they were simply trying to gain my business. I told them that I have a good relationship with my current credit card processor and sent these two reps away.

They were deceptive in how they presented themselves. They asked to see sensitive documents with private information, including bank account information and my sales numbers. They never gave their own names throughout the entire exchange. This is not how you do business.

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