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A very poor moving company
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- This move was bought from First Choice Moving was subcontracted to do this job and was the actual mover. The crew who picked up the items in Mesa, AZ, said that quite a few things needed to be packed and that the price would $300, they called back and said $450, then again and said the price ended up to be $700 to do that packing. I agreed that these things did need packing, that they should pack anything they thought required it, and I agreed to pay the money for that service. When the delivery driver arrived at this end there were a number of problems:

-Helpers to unload the truck never arrived, so the driver and a small woman companion (his wife perhaps) attempted to unload the truck and deliver to my house. This resulted in numerous items being dropped and dragged and damaged because they were too big or heavy for them to handle safely alone.

-I watched as a number of my boxes were accidentally dropped from the truck to the cement (off the edge of the ramp, breaking the boxes and spilling, in one case, a $1500 piece of electronic gear into the street. Also I watched the lady lose control of her dolly and bang my $1000 bed on the pavement, chipping a corner out of the leg. The driver dragged my couch across the cement and ripped the back of it.

-They failed to set up the items they were supposed to put back together. The beds, the TV stand, the end table, the coffee table, and the Kitchen table. I finally had to insist that they put the kitchen table together before they left. When I asked them about the coffee table the driver went and got a screw driver and handed it to me. -The driver did not arrive until after 6:00 pm to start unloading. That meant that they were unloading in the dark. I got up the next morning and looked outside to find they had left furniture outside in the front yard when they left.

-The packing job was the worst that I have ever seen. Even the driver commented that he had never seen anything quite like it. $300 lamps were thrown (unprotected) into a box with garden shovels and allowed to rattle around -- of course they were damaged (this was a 1st Choice packing box). Lamp shades were folded and crammed inside other pieces of furniture.

Numerous pieces of lamps and furniture that were taken apart - never arrived, making the items useless. A number of ceramic pots broken. Some pots did not arrive at all, the artificial plants that were in them arrived w/ no pots. Large framed pictures were placed into boxes with no dividers between- a number were broken. All of the above were items they supposedly packed, were in their labeled boxes, - and are therefore responsible for. These are not items I packed-- they are the things I paid $700 to have protected. A $500 rifle w/ a $300 case was stolen from the load and never arrived.

The list: rip in back of love seat, scuff marks across the front of sofa, scratched coffee table, scratched end table, scratched dresser, scratched night stand, 2 broken pots, 1 missing pot. All artificial plants damaged - many just ripped to shreds and had to be thrown away. Many pieces totally missing. $300 TV stand taken apart by movers and parts not delivered, making it unusable. Box spring/mattress stand for bed missing half the casters making it unusable.

Scratched stereo speaker and subwoofer. Damaged guitar case and amp. Dings in the television. Scratches in kitchen table. 2 lamps taken apart but the parts are missing. $300 lamp damaged as described above. 3 pictures with broken glass in the frames. Dining chairs show rub spots through the finish. One dining chair leg pulled off. Rifle is missing. All of the wires for the stereo system are missing so I there must be other boxes that did not arrive. Boxes of DVD's never arrived (stolen also I guess).

Should Be Your Last Choice
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- 1st Choice Movers should be your last if you want your items delivered undamaged and within a reasonable amount of time. We called and listed our items, they give you a quote over the phone. ** told us to just call back if anything changed (we told him we were trying to sell a couple of big items before the move) and he would make the adjustment. I had called/emailed ** twice the week before the movers arrived to try to get our inventory updated, and I received no response. I tried to explain that to the head of the mover crew and he said we had to deal with him now. ** had nothing to do with it.

We still had the items we hoped to sell and had not had our estimate adjusted. Every single item you plan to move has to be on their inventory to get the price they quote you (the estimate is binding for only items specifically identified in the estimate). Otherwise, they give you a new estimate on the spot. In hindsight, it is a bit sketchy. We did the "cubic footage" option. The company has a link to the Better Business Bureau on their site that didn't work. A clue we should have paid attention to.

We end up having limited options as we had set a moving date the day before we had to be out of our house and realized we might have made a mistake in hiring this company. It was stressful and we accepted the adjustment (additional $1294) and they packed our stuff. The moving crew at our home did a nice job packing and took good care of our items. We had packed some of our things in heavy-duty file boxes.

They will not guarantee any item you pack yourself, FYI. Then we found out that while they tell you it is 7-14 days for delivery, (from the first date available for delivery that you give them) it also says that it may be up to 21 days due to unexpected delays such as inclement weather, natural disaster, etc. Or in our case, it wasn't convenient.

Our delivery was delayed and when it was to be delivered. The first time they called and said it weighed too much so they would split the delivery. They did not end up sending it that time. They had a new load coming up to our area so we would be on that trip. They would let us know. Didn't hear back so I called them. They had tried again but there was not enough room. Then the "Experienced Moving Teams" were our next experience. That is where we decided to write the complaint. The crew who packed us, I would consider them as experienced movers. The ones the company sent with our delivery were not.

The first delivery men put all of our boxes in the living room - we had to pay an extra $50 if we wanted them to go up/down the stairs. Our boxes were broken, some taped together because they could not hold together. It looked like they had been thrown and dropped. Broken boxes, boxes so beat up that they had holes in them with stuff coming out.

When we started unpacking these boxes, we threw away a lot of what was in them, broken pottery, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, messed up books. The two that were taped together, the items on the inside look like they had been picked up and thrown inside. Not how they had been packed. We figure this was the non-guarantee of how they treat boxes they did not pack. The second crew finally arrived.

Furniture was broken and we found pieces of it outside on the lawn. The man putting our bedroom set together did not read the instruction book we gave him for the furniture. He drilled multiple holes in our bed frame, broke a large piece of the headboard and broke off a part of the sideboard. Absolutely unbelievable. Problem is, the furniture was wood and some pressed board. They do not cover pressed board. It is something you sign off on so they can destroy it all they want. The dresser leg was outside on the lawn the next day, and we found the corner of the other dresser on the floor behind the dresser the next day.

Our gorgeous kitchen table had areas where the wood had been scraped off. The boxes had stickers on them when they were packed, but many of them did not have stickers when they arrived and between the two deliveries, it made it difficult to keep track. After completely unpacking, we realized we were missing boxes. I emailed the issues to our relocation specialist, **. No response.

I strongly suggest going with a company that is professional and accountable. Shop around, be a smarter consumer than we were. Make sure they come to your house and you meet your movers. We were treated so nicely in the beginning. Once we had paid we felt they had little accountability to us. As we unpacked I was just more and more angry as we discovered that they took such poor care of things that meant something to us. FIND ANOTHER COMPANY TO MOVE YOU. Don't believe the nice letters on their site about how wonderful they are as movers!

4 months and I still have not received my items
By -

CALIFORNIA -- First choice Moving and Storage had quoted me a $1200 move. They picked up my items in California and were supposed to deliver them to Tennessee. This was 4 months ago and I still have not received my furniture. I knew from the moment they arrived at the storage unit and called me telling me there was no way they could move my items. I was not there so I didn't know what was going on. My friend was there for me and said they were extremely mean and they were giving him a hard time. Finally after being there for 3 hours, they put my items in the truck and had my friend sign a contract. It said $1200 on it.

Later, they crossed out the amount and wrote in $3500 and said that there are more items than I had originally told them. When asked what items they spoke of, they couldn't tell me. They were supposed to do a detailed inventory of my items and they didn't, probably so they can steal my items and sell them for their own profit. They never delivered my items.

And now, 4 months later, they are still in California in a place where they stored them, and will not release them to me. They didn't even deliver them to TN. And they say I owe them $1150 just to get them out of the storage unit in CA. My lawyers have been back and forth and the company will not return any calls, will not send an invoice, nothing. SO I don't even know if they still have my items. DO NOT have this company move your items. It has been living hell from them for the past 4 months and I am sure once, if ever, I receive my items, they will not be in the shape I left them in.

If I would have known more about this company I would have never gone with them in the first place. They quote a low price, but change it once they have your items in their hands. Also they have had their license revoked on numerous occasions and have been kicked out of the BBB a few times as well. You can always buy your way back in. They are a JOKE. PLEASE, do not use this company if you value your items, or your money at all. Don't help keep them in business. Find another company.

Worst Moving Company
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- This was the worst moving experience I have ever had. From the very beginning, they were rude, unprofessional, and dishonest. They quoted me for my move from Florida to New Jersey with full packing at $2800. To make a very long story short. On the contracted day of the move, nobody showed up. When I called the office, nobody answered. When I called the driver, he was in Jacksonville and had no idea about my move. He said he could be there 2 days later. This caused me to miss 2 days of work at my new job in New York.

When they finally came, they were completely unprepared for a full packing job. The office did not tell the movers that we requested full packing with materials. The foreman came with two untrained movers who had never done a move. When they finally started moving out things, things were thrown around, jammed into boxes and treated very poorly. I witnessed the foreman first hand throwing very valuable books into boxes carelessly. Everything was finally packed 11 hours later which is inexcusable. The total bill was $4500!

Even though we had a written estimate that was binding could not be overpriced, they did so anyway and I had no option but to sign the paper because they had everything we own in a truck. When our things arrived 1 month later in New Jersey, a contracted company hired by First Choice moved our things in. They made me pay up front even though I wanted to make sure everything was there first.

They refused to work until I paid the balance. When the move was done, I wanted to go line by line to make sure everything was there, but the mover refused and said he already did that. How am I to believe him? Overall, this was a horrible experience and I need to be repaid for overcharging me and for the days I missed at work because they were late from the contracted move date. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Last Choice Movers
By -

I'm always suspicious of people that vent about bad moving companies online as with something so complex, there's bound to be one or two horror stories. However, this company is so unprofessional and unreliable that I felt compelled to add to the list of bad reports. Throughout the process, they were a bit sketchy, didn't return phone calls, couldn't tell me how they'd adjust the quote, etc. Two days before my move, they called at 9:30 at night to say they were double booked. And then to ask if they were supposed to come the next day. "No, two days." I told them. "OK, we'll be there and we'll call in the morning with the exact time."

After I didn't hear from them the next day, I left several messaged to no avail. When I got through to someone at 4 pm, he transferred me to dispatch who said they wouldn't be able to send a truck my way for 5 more days! They gave me the runaround of reasons, transferred me through several departments, called the woman who had called the night before, all to no avail. My move had been on the books for months, and 18 hours before they tell me they don't have a truck, and only because I called them!

I eventually got it out of them that they didn't have enough business to route a truck my way, I guess. However, the way the situation was handled was hugely unprofessional. I had to be out the next day, so rented the closest U-haul and loaded my stuff and drove it myself. Please choose a different moving company. The more one looks into First Choice, the clearer it becomes that they are unreliable. After reading more reviews, I'm almost relieved that they didn't move my things given how other people's belongings were treated.

Do Not Use This Company
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Moving is difficult no matter what. Across town or across the country. The employees of First Choice Moving in Phoenix, AZ made my cross country move a total nightmare.

My complaint list starting with the pick up. I was misquoted over the phone. The moving costs ended up being double the quote. It took 4 men 4 hours to load an already packed 10 x 10 storage unit. I was asked when I wanted my items delivered. I told the foreman July 22nd. He said it would arrive then. 7 days later, after no sign of my stuff, I received a phone call informing me that the driver would be arriving sometime between August 4th and 6th. Two weeks!! I had none of my things. Had it not been for my boyfriend I would be sleeping in a motel I wouldn't be able to afford.

Saturday, August 3rd, the driver called me to tell me he would be arriving with my things the next day. My complex does not allow commercial vehicles on property on Sundays for the residents peace of mind. I kindly asked him if the delivery could be made on Monday. He was curt and gave me so much attitude. I am now being charged $250 dollars by the property managers.

After waiting patiently until 1 PM on Sunday I finally received the drivers call, telling me he won't be arriving until 7PM!!! Again, I kindly asked him to consider an early morning delivery on Monday. It is pouring in my new town and I will be alone with a number of strange men in my new home. My boyfriend works nights and I don't know anyone in this town. I am in no way comfortable with any part of this situation.

God only knows what condition my antique furniture will be returned to me in. No matter how nice they seem over the phone, this company is crap. As difficult and expensive as it would have been, I wish I had rented a U-haul and done it myself.

I am not using this company ever again.
By -

ARIZONA -- Stay away from this company!!! They came to pick up our stuff on the 31st of July and today is the 20th of August and they told us the truck has not even left AZ. We are moving to Boston. They told us it was going to be about 2 weeks so we planned our trip to be there a little before that. First of all, they have really bad customer service they tell you they are going to call you back and you wait and wait and nothing. Last week they told us the truck was leaving on Monday 16th from AZ and they would give us a call. We heard nothing from them and Monday we called and they said the truck was not leaving until the weekend and that they would call us on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Again we did not heard from them, so today Friday we decided to call and they said the truck will not leave on the weekend. Now they said it would leave either Monday or Tuesday. They don't even have a reasonable statement why they keep changing the date, and they are not even apologizing or anything.

By -

PHOENIX, AZ -- My name is ** and I chose First Choice Moving and Storage to handle my relocation from Tempe, AZ to Brooklyn, NY. I was very impressed with the level of service throughout my move. The relocation specialist that setup my move was very professional and was able to address all my questions and concerns. I felt like the individual was very knowledgeable on moving details and seemed genuinely interested in my move. The movers that came out to my residence were great! These guys took their time wrapping my possessions and handled my items with extreme care.

There was never an instance where I saw them tossing my goods around or rough housing my possessions. My items arrived in a timely manner and the movers took their time to reassemble all my items that required that process. Throughout my move, I never felt like I was just another customer. Everyone I talked with was informative and assisted me whenever I needed the help. I highly recommend this company for relocating out of state or locally because of their stability and professionalism. Thanks again First Choice Moving and Storage!

Worst Experience Ever
By -

If enjoying having all your stuff packed into a truck alongside 3 other homes inventory and then mixed up and given to someone else this is the company for you! I moved only up the coast and they couldn't even keep my inventory right. They gave me someone's old dirty vacuum and lost all my paintings and wall photos. Not to mention they gave me $55 in claims and that took over 7 months! This is the worst moving company I have ever had. Your call... I'm just being honest, and trying to save anyone what I went though.

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