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Denial of access to funds
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- On Monday November 19th 2012 I deposited a check into my account at First Convenience Bank, a division of First National Bank Texas. I called First Convenience Bank and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Else who told me that the funds where placed are hold by the loss prevention department for reasons she was not allowed to share with me, the account holder. I was also told to call Else back before 4pm on that day (Nov. 23rd 2012) to check for any new information. I called First Convenience Bank at 340pm on that same day, Friday (Nov. 23rd 2012). I was told Else was unavailable and was transferred to another customer service supervisor whose name I do not have recorded. I was told that the issue with the check was due to the loss prevention department not being able to contact the issuing company for verification. I asked why the loss prevention office could make a telephone call to company and ask them for whatever information was needed for the verification of the account and was told that she (the customer service supervisor) was unable to answer that question as the everyone was gone for the weekend.

I called First Convenience Bank at 830am on Monday (Nov. 26 2012) and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Misty. I ask Misty to contact the loss prevention department and to ask that they contact the company who check for verification of the account, after be placed on hold Misty returned and then stated that they had spoken with "someone" at the issuing company and was told that person could not verify the account on which the check was drawn and that First Convenience Bank would continue to refuse access to these funds. I contacted the manager of the Accounts Payable department at the company who issued the check and was told that no one from First Convenience Bank had contacted his department. The Accounts Payable manager also verified that the funds for the check where release from the companies account on Friday (Nov. 23rd 2012). It has now been ten business days I have still have no access to these funds and no attempt has been made to contact me by First Convenience Bank.
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User Replies:
CUontheFlipSide on 11/30/2012:
Below is an excerpt from the Federal Reg CC legislation, determining Funds Availability. It appears that they are not in compliance. I would call, point this out to them, and file with The Comptroller of the Currency.

" If you decide to hold funds beyond the period specified in your institution’s general availability policy, you must give the customer a notice at the time of the deposit explaining why the funds are being held and when they will be available. If the deposit is not made in person to an employee of your institution or if you decide to extend the time when deposited funds will be made available after the deposit has been made, you must mail or deliver the notice to the customer not later than the first business day after the banking day on which the deposit is made.

Deposits of cash and electronic payments are not eligible for exception holds. The six types of deposits that are eligible are

Large deposits (greater than $5,000) — Any amount exceeding $5,000 may be held. Your institution must make the first $5,000 of the deposit available for withdrawal according to your availability policy and the remainder within the “reasonable” time frames discussed above.

Redeposited checks — May be held unless the check was returned because an endorsement was missing or because the check was postdated. In such a case, if the deficiency has been corrected, the check may not be held as a redeposited check.

Deposits to accounts that are repeatedly overdrawn — An account may be considered repeatedly overdrawn and items may be held if
On six or more banking days during the previous six months the account had a negative balance, or would have had a negative balance had checks and charges been paid, or
On two or more banking days during the previous six months the account balance was negative in the amount of $5,000 or more, or would have been had checks and charges been paid.

Reasonable cause to doubt the collectibility of a check — Doubtful collectibility may exist for postdated checks, checks dated more than six months earlier, and checks that the paying institution has said it will not honor. The general criterion for doubting collectibility is “the existence of facts that would cause a well-grounded belief in the mind of a reasonable person” that the check is uncollectible. The reason for your belief that the check is uncollectible must be included in your notice to the customer.

Checks deposited during emergency conditions that are beyond the control of your institution — Such checks may be held until conditions permit you to provide availability of the funds. Examples of emergency conditions are natural disasters, communications malfunctions, and other situations that prevent your institution from processing checks as it normally does.

Deposits into accounts of new customers (open for less than 30 days) — Next-day availability applies only to cash, electronic payments, and the first $5,000 of any other next-day items; the remaining amount from next-day items must be available by the ninth business day. You may choose any availability schedule for deposits of local, nonlocal, and on-us checks into the accounts of these new customers. "
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They owe me money that they don't want to repay
Posted by on
BRYAN, TEXAS -- Hello.

I would like to file a complaint on the First Convenience Bank. I Have taken all the necessary steps too get my funds put back into my account. They are not cooperating with me and I don't appreciate their lacking and non caring efforts. All I want them do do is not to withhold my funds because I really need my money.

This has been going on for about six months and I'm really tired of them stalling. I really would like someone too assist me in this matter because I'm not getting anywhere trying to handle it own my own.

Please help me too solve this matter.

Thank you
Coy Robertson Jr.
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User Replies:
Principissa on 02/01/2008:
What exactly are they doing? Why are they holding your money? More details please.
spiderman2 on 02/01/2008:
Details are a good thing. Without them, your complaint is useless. Why are they holding your money?
tnchuck100 on 02/01/2008:
I agree. If your review is indicative of the communication you are having with the bank I understand the problem.

Otherwise you have not provided enough detail for an objective response.
Suusan B. on 02/01/2008:
If you would "like to file a complaint" against First Convenience Bank then file a complaint - - posting on a third party consumer review website isn't going to do anything for you. File a complaint, in writing, and send it registered/return receipt so you'll have proof they received it. However, you will need to provide specific details as to why they have withheld/are withholding funds from you account including dates and amounts.
mccoy7777 on 02/04/2008:
The reason they owe me money is because I took out a deposit for 18,500 dollars in a cashiers check.the check got out of my hands into a family member hand and it was cashed without my permission.The check was being held by my Mother and it got into my brother hand,he and my son cashed it and the bank doesn't feel like they are reliable.All I want for the bank too do is pay back the money they owe me and they don't have to worry about me wanting to ever do business with them again.
Thank You
Coy Robertson Jr.
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