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Bad Customer Service
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44410, OHIO -- I would like to give my 3 cents on the bad customer service I received from First Place Bank. I have my checking account and my mortgage with this bank and have for the past three years. This is a small local bank and you would think they would have better customer service then I received. I had an over draft with them which was only one day old and wanted to work out some type of arrangement with them. I was willing to pay for my mistake but considering the amount was $200 that was owed to them I wanted to get half of that amount and get my account up to date with them. When I called the local manager I was treated like a second class citizen and was told that due to I had other such past overdrafts there was nothing she could do for me. So then I ask her was I charged for those? Her answer was "yes" then I asked did I pay for them? Her answer was "yes" so then I asked why am I know also being penalized for them again? Her answer to me was if you didn't write checks when you didn't have the money to pay for them you would not have this problem. Now what she does not know is I'm permanently disabled and I have problems in my ability to stay organized which is one of the problems I deal with with my disability. Also when purchase that are made on my debit card that sometimes do not get posted for 3-4 days might also have something to do with it! That aside I then asked why then does her company charge people who clearly do not have the founds in there account a fee of $35 for each transaction from people who clearly do not have the funds in the first place her answer "It is a service to our customers" WHAT!! That is bull!! It would be cheaper if they did send them back. I hate banks they have us all by the you know what!! I plan on calling her district manager but I know he will take her side but they will hear from me! If it was a customer service they would not charge for it at all. Banks are making big money off this game and the thing is the people who get hit the hardest are the people who have the lest in the first place. I would like to see this manager go through a week dealing with what I have to deal with! don't get me wrong it was my mistake that I don't deny I take my lumps but for as long as I have been a customer there I would think they could show a little more understanding. But considering all the complaints I see from other banks on this site it looks like this is something others are seeing with there banks also I see now why people put there money in the mattress!!
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dgisit on 08/10/2006:
Why I'm responding to JayD I'm not really sure as his remarks are clearly not helpful and very shallow. If you read the post and you had the knowledge and insight you think you have about me and my post then you would know I didn't use my disability as an excuse that was clearly stated. I have never used my disability as an excuse in fact I hardly ever let anyone know about it but I'm sure you would know that to right! And yes your right they are treating me like anyone that is the point I'm making!!! The point IS the banking industry is the problem. Based on your other reviews of your past post it seems not many people find anything you say as very valuable. You seem like the type that enjoys hearing himself talk makes you feel your important let me guess you also voted for BUSH right? Just to let you know what I'm sure you already know about me JayD. I have managed three different offices in my past working life worked with General Motors, ESPN, and on the Olympic games as well as most of the fortune 500 companies in this country. I also ran my own company which did very well. You don't get to have a resume like that using excuses for special treatment or blaming others!! So I really don't need your right wing lets follow Bush because he is our president bull. Or the guy who thinks that your more of an American then anyone cause so far Jay you have not needed any help! That's right Jay I forgot your just a real bad ass right and you will never need any help. I know your type all to well you set on your high horse and have all the answers for everything if the world was the way you want it everything would be fine but you know the truth is you have never really done anything that was important or endured any really challenges so I might as well be talking to a wall right? I think your picking a fight with the wrong disabled give me special treatment guy my friend. You see the point was not feel sorry for ME bone head the POINT was where has CUSTOMER service gone!!! Do you work for a BANK or something??;)
Hugh_Jorgen on 08/10/2006:
Jay hit the nail on the head. Banks are in business to make money - not as a public service. If you can't keep up with the balance in your checkbook, don't expect Jay and I to pay higher service fees so you can get a pass. You might have had a point about customer service (in general) not being as good as it used to be, but you completely shot any credibility you might have had with your pointless attack on Jay and his (alleged) political leanings.
dgisit on 08/10/2006:
Hey Hugh do you and Jay have a thing our what? I have no credibility issue when it comes to you due to I couldn't care less what you think! How do you figure your paying higher service charges when I have paid any past over draft charges with a very good interest added???? How do you figure the bank and you are paying for my mistake when I get charged $35 dollars for a $6.00 over draft who is getting the good end of that deal what no answer Hugh??Also do you have an account with my bank considering you say you an Jay are the poor victims of my financial issues??? THE POINT IS CLEAR ONCE AGAIN FOR THOSE WHO ARE SLOW IT"S ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! did you see it this time Hugh?? OK for those who have nothing better to do then to cast judgment on others or who can not add anything positive please go away!
Hugh_Jorgen on 08/10/2006:
For someone that doesn't care what Jay or I think you sure get riled up in a hurry! If you had read my posting you would see that I agree with you that customer service in general has fallen by the wayside these days. What I was also pointing out is the you want them to "work out some type of arrangement" with you on these charges - then later you mention if they were interested in customer service they wouldn't charge these fees at all. There are costs involved in writing bad checks - if the bank's don't charge these fees to those writing the rubber checks, then we would all pay for this with higher fees.
Coalcat on 08/10/2006:
While I agree the OP was a bit rude to Jay and I don't really care for the reasons of their exchange with each other, I do see two points the original poster has. I bank with a large statewide bank here in South Carolina and I expect indifferent treatment, but many times with smaller local banks long-time customers do get slightly nicer treatment than this person received. We have a very small bank with a branch at a shopping plaza near here and while yes, they will still charge you for NSF, the folks I know who bank there have gotten slightly more sympathetic treatment when and if they made a boo boo on their checkbook. Personally I don't think any teller or bank rep should be telling anyone "Well if you'd keep your checks right blah blah blah." It's not their job to get personal with customers.
I also think that the ridiculous NSF fees banks are charging are a ripoff and a huge cash cow for the banks, nothing more. I had a direct deposit paycheck that didn't go through on time once and ended up getting banged $36 for a $10.95 check to Pizza Hut. A huge ripoff.
dgisit on 08/10/2006:
Finally some good dialog. Thanks Coalcat I appreciate your views and the respectful tone. And your right I was rude to Jay as his attack on my ability or in ability to keep track of my records due to I'm using my disability as some type of excuse was also very rude and Jay needed a wake up call! Sometimes we all need one even me. I agree when the Bank makes a mistake on my records and they have many times where is Jay and Hugh then are they rounding up those funds then to help me make payments on things that become late with my bills or does the bank say hey considering we missed up we would like to help you take care of any bills of yours you might have been late due to OUR mistake 'No" they don't do that Jay now do they?? And I sure as hell don't see you there picking up the tab. No the problem is Banks use this tool not to help you but to make money for them and no Jay the banks are not there to just make money they are there to server there customers if you want to discuss morels and values lets start there! Now If they do that well they will not have to worry about making a buck people still like service from people they like and will even pay higher fees if needed to get that type of service. I have a friend who not long ago had the same problem and his bank refunded the money to him so it can be done.
dgisit on 08/11/2006:
No I don't expect everyone to AGREE with me not my point what I do expect is a respectful reply and so far the only people that have been getting called on any of this is you guys not real points have been made by any of you so far you sound like bank managers! Oh and JAY/Hugh no you don't have me worked up you see I know your type that is what gets you off no I'm just putting you in your place that's what they call it. So if you expect everyone to agree with YOU then get out of the kitchen your self;)
Coalcat on 08/11/2006:
I would agree that banks aren't just there to make money, they ARE responsible for customer service. It doesn't matter how huge a company is or how much money it pulls in...the key to having business AT ALL is how the employees relate to their customers. If enough people are treated badly by a bank no matter how big or small, they will take their business elsewhere. And eventually that bank will notice if customers are leaving in droves. The reason I stay with my very large state bank here in South Carolina is that even though they ARE huge and indifference is the type of thing I could expect from something that big, instead I've received very polite and personal service from every single one of their tellers and employees I have ever dealt with. And in turn I have recommended this bank to new folks who have moved in to the area. So good customer service in the end will BRING new business and money to a bank.
Dgisit, two suggestions: you might want to try a computer program like Quicken or another budgeting program to help you with your finances if you have organization problems. One of my friends has a learning disability and this type of program has helped her immensely. Also take a look around and see if there isn't a good small community bank or credit union near you. Credit unions in general are more customer-oriented and more willing to work with customers who have tough financial considerations. I know from experience. Good luck!
Tony on 06/07/2012:
This bank is the worst bank I have ever encountered in my life. Do yourself a favor, do not get involved with them, it will only cause heartache and misery. Period!
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